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*BURIAL WEEK* – so according to astrology in general, last week ending Sunday 6.26.16 was the most lower chakra clearing week of the YEAR – root and, in particular, SACRAL CHAKRA. It was also dominated by URANUS which ruled ASCENSION all week. what does this mean? it means that much of the shit in our lives began to float. perhaps some of us experienced tornadoes that produced clarity and healing, or tornadoes that produced even more confusion (and unacknowledged healing). know for certain, that it was all designed to produce a CLEARING. a clearing of all that doesn’t match the old versions of ourselves. if we were/are in alignment, it would have been a difficult but somehow satisfying week. if we were/are not in alignment, it would have been a difficult and torturous week. we have had the opportunity to decide whether we are in alignment or not, and all that really means is that we practice words = feelings = thoughts = actions. last week was burial week. I sure felt it. did you bring your shovels and do the digging?


the truth will ALWAYS surface; and how jealousy, gossip, worm-tongue and other cancerous energy returns directly to sender

THE NOTION OF TRUTH – I would like to briefly address a major notion that is surfacing without any effort this year. just like shit, the truth floats. sooner, later, or right now. the best thing about the truth, is that no one can control when it actually floats. when we have been manipulated energetically or otherwise, or even worse – when we have manipulated another person energetically or otherwise, we don’t get to know “when” the truth will float like shit. it just DOES. it just floats. and it often shocks and saddens everyone involved. that’s the funny thing about truth. if we are not aligned with our own truth, we suffer. madly. painfully. without recourse. without remedy. being in touch with our own personal truth and not going against our own moral, spiritual, emotional and human code is the most important thing we can do. or we will pay dearly. 2016 = judgement day for so much truth. read between the lines/lies. the mind and ego lie, but the heart does not. can you find your heart as the compass of truth in a sea of lies? and, if so, will you decide to cower with passivity or stand up with morality?

like many people, at various times in my life I have been the recipient or target of untrue, false, fake, jealous gossip – otherwise known as worm-tongue or cancer. now, as most of us know, the ONLY reason someone would willfully spread this kind of hate is because they hate themselves. the difficulty with their attempts to project it onto another person, though, is that all that ever is and all that ever will be will – at some point – return to its original form. THIS IS THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACING. it’s physics. this is the key piece that many narcissistic, fearful or miserable people miss when they attempt to damage or manipulate another person via covert control.

in my personal life experience, I have often – totally unwittingly – played the role of someone who people mistake as being kind and therefore weak. because I don’t have a facade, don’t need a facade and honestly wouldn’t know how to create a facade, I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am totally cool with that. the reason that I am cool with that is because I have the gift of knowing my strength – of knowing that no matter who tries to mess with me or how badly I fall down in life, I will not only get back up but I will get back up stronger than before. being the subject of wonder, suspicion, gossip or fear DOES actually come with its benefits. I talk in another eBooklet about “why we are attacked” – it is a shitty compliment, but a compliment nonetheless.

I want to talk about how jealousy, gossip, worm-tongue and other cancerous energy returns directly to sender. it is important to talk about, because many of us just assume that we have suffered an unfair or unjust injury because of someone else’s desire to feel better about themselves and that is the end of it. rarely do we get to see that no, that is not the end of it. perhaps if we KNEW that was not the end of it, and we witnessed evidence of the fact that these intentional injuries had returned to sender, we would also feel like we were more able or more thorough in letting GO of the injury. most people want to believe that karma is real, and I am saying that YES it absolutely is. karma is not real from a witchy, spiteful or emotional place — it is real from a place of PHYSICS, my friends.

along with some of the unfortunate experiences I have had in the above territory, I have also had the great satisfaction of understanding the circle of life – by personally witnessing the intentions returned directly to sender. I am quite empathic, so I don’t like to see anyone hurt. but when it comes to letting go of what is NOT mine, I will not be sorry about the source of the damage owning it. it has made many of my experiences easier to let go of, as a result of witnessing the physics behind ugly shit making its way back to where it came from.

an example. gosh there are so many, starting really early in life. but I will skip way ahead in time. once upon a time, I booked an acting job. back in the day, I could never just have something for ME – I always had to “share” it with other people. so, a certain girl came to mind who I could also help get hired for this particular job. it took plenty of effort on my part, but at that time it was so natural to me and I felt anyone in my shoes would do the same. I did her a huge favor and brought her on to this production. a couple of weeks into it, I noticed that the group of people that we were working with were acting differently toward me. then a bit later, I noticed that half of them would not speak to me. all the while, the girl I brought on to the job was more and more neutral with me, but I was even giving her rides and helping her get to work. one work day, in the middle of production, she full-on tampered with my scene. tangibly tampered with it. there was nothing I could do about it, and she did it in a way that would have made me look crazy if I had addressed it. suddenly I realized why no one was talking to me. I guess I forgot about it and moved on. after the production had ended months later, I was working a part time job as a bartender. one of the people from the production who had stopped talking to me came to see me at the bar. I could tell by their face that they felt ashamed, guilty, and sensitive about something. this person ended up profusely apologizing to me because they had recently found out that the girl was a complete hot mess, had hurt other people, and that they had believed a number of insane lies she made up about me during our project. not only that, the girl lost her job and her apartment, lost aspects of her health, and was at an all-time low. this was the byproduct that matched the physics of her intentions. clearly, this former coworker of mine was embarrassed while explaining themselves, but when I heard the details and the extent to which this girl went to defame me it was pretty unreal and I kind of shrugged it off with relief. I understood how covertly manipulative and brilliant she had been in becoming the Hitler of our project while I was the only target. but…WHY?

the obvious needs no stating: jealousy, envy, self-hatred, etc. the person I helped became the person who tried to assassinate me because I represented everything they felt they could not be – even whilst I layed bleeding on the floor with stab wounds.

the unfolding of events which exposed this girl for who and what she was, and ultimately allowed my truth to be clear again for the people who were acting as sheeple (most of whom as a result made ugly beds of their own by BEING sheeple in this situation and ignoring their internal compass — following fear instead of love!) and could not see it for themselves, was pretty outrageous. I attribute much of this unfolding to the fact that I was at a point in my life where I refused to hold onto other people’s energy. I KNEW that her ugliness didn’t belong to me, and I knew how to purge it from my conscious mind, subconscious mind, body, and overall ethereal field. when we do this, by the laws of PHYSICS, energy returns to sender. nothing that belongs to another person can sit in our field for long, provided we are CONSCIOUS (again, another writing exists on that topic). I have noticed very specific bulleted periods of time in my life during which someone’s particular bad deeds are exposed or “sent back” to them: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. I don’t have a science behind that yet – it is like clockwork in my life, though. perhaps it is the amount of time that it takes to get somebody else’s ugly energy out of our entire field and psyche, or perhaps it is something else. the fact of the matter remains, however: two energies must MATCH in order to co-exist. when there is an outlier energy that just can not be supported by our field or vice versa, it will return to its original form. energy has to either change (and this is only possible for a temporary period of time) to match another energy, or it has to PHYSICALLY LEAVE its environment in order to return to its true, original state.

I often think about people who move into apartment complexes and end up next door to a very low energy person (by low energy here I mean fear, addiction, internal ugly). one of two things will happen; the low energy person will move out, or they will somehow target and attack the other energy/person to the point where it becomes much lower functioning than it should be and almost feels DEPENDENT upon the innately lower energy. ultimately, what will happen is that there will be such a discord between the original state of the higher energy individual and the state that it has encountered on repeat, that a “disaster” of sorts will finally strike and move that person out/away. this can take months or years at times, depending on many personal variables. but you get the idea.

here is another once upon a time. once upon a time, I REALLY liked a young man. things were moving swimmingly, lightly, sweetly, like an unchartered dance and it appeared that either one of us was open to seeing what would happen next. one day, out of the clear blue sky, without any concrete evidence, I felt something sucker punch me in the stomach. being as intuitive as I am, I knew that a truck had just crashed right into our connection. I had nothing to back it up with, and it was nothing that I ever would have addressed because it would have truly sounded crazy. it wasn’t tangible yet. but I just…knew. several days later, I saw some really minor evidence of this truck crashing into the connection. still, I was hopeful that I was imagining it because it just didn’t make any sense. a few days after that, it was loud to the point that I could not ignore that a fatal accident in the realm of human connection had occurred. I had no resources to explain why/who/what/when. fast-forward…the truck that crashed didn’t look that much different from the girl who was the truck that crashed my production job. only this time, I had no contact at all with the truck. I didn’t even have access to the truck. I didn’t even know for certain that this truck existed. but I could feel this truck. covertly, energetically, and really detrimentally at play was the intention of an energy that felt threatened by mine. tied to that were actually other energies that at one time had felt threatened by mine. and so on. and I was not even in direct contact with any of these energies. it is hard to explain here the spiderweb of obviousness that presented itself to me, but it was pretty uncanny. and soon became fact-based. and it just kept unfolding. as it did, all participants in the accident, including myself, began to return to their original energetic state. it was a little bit messy. it was sad. opportunity had been lost. people had to heal. valuable human experience had been stolen. but the evidence that began to appear was…just too good to turn away from. and without too many details, the ugliness definitely returned to all senders. the hateful, spiteful and covert jealousy that was occurring on multiple dimensions and realities was sorting itself back to original forms. there were some casualties along the way, too (not human casualties – energetic casualties). it still amazes me to sit back and look at.

I recognize that not everyone gets the kind of “evidence” that I ALWAYS get in instances such as the above. but I want you to know it is real. intentions, words and actions are real THINGS. it makes me truly wonder HOW ON EARTH would anyone ever believe that they could successfully steal rental space for their gossip, worm-tongue or self-hate? it is just not possible. and not only is it not possible, but the back-rent they will owe for their projections and actions only grows…to the point that they are always forced into personal bankruptcy. the intention behind control and manipulation at the expense of another person, for any reason, resonates at the frequency of a cancer. I just don’t recommend it.


Samantha’s video testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

what is there to say about Sam? when we met, I knew she was a future leader. many of the people I have the honor of seeing either are or will be publicly known for their soul’s purpose – and therein often lies the conundrum they find themselves internally facing. when our purpose is broad and our voice is supposed to be heard, there is often an initiation that takes place before, during and even after such purpose is actualized. there is no getting around this. everyone in history has been forced to walk their walk before talking about it. I am excited about Sam’s future and I am so grateful to know her.


there is no such thing as competition. I repeat: there is no such thing as competition.

photo by Babita Patel

now, I know I came out of the womb a bit different. but I didn’t always think that was a good thing. for years in my youth, I was just hoping to feel like (even to look like) “everyone else”. it was years later when I started to see that maybe my “imperfections” were my selling points and my “curses” might be my blessings.

the first thing is, that there is no such thing as “everyone else”. we see ourselves as different or separate than or less than when we can NOT face our gifts. what appears to separate us makes us special, but there truly is no separation to begin with. and though we are all connected (what we do to others we do to ourselves, and what we do for ourselves we do for others), NO TWO SNOWFLAKES ARE THE SAME. if they were, and if two people were the same, we would fail to have a world in the first place. each of us makes up a piece of the helix of a DNA strand. if only some of us are shining because we are focused on what makes OTHERS shine, we affect ourselves and the group at large.

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Juliet’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® NYC

if you are looking for an Akashic records specialist and wonderful healer, seek out Juliet…

this shining star I had the pleasure of meeting through my work. she is kind, deep and talented. if you are unable to book an appointment with me or if you are interested in the Akashic records, seek out Juliet. the name of her practice is Juliet Tang: https://www.juliettang.com/

here is her beautiful face and soul in her gracious testimonial of our work together: