when someone reflects back your value and gives you “permission” to experience it…this one goes out to all the patients I have worked with who “met” themselves for the first time in a session

when someone reflects back your value and gives you “permission” to experience it…this one goes out to all the patients I have worked with who “met” themselves for the first time in a session


I can not begin to tell you how rampant the notion of intrinsically diminished, psychologically manipulated and emotionally devalued parent-to-child abuse is with many of the people I see in my healing practice. the most disturbing aspect of this notion to me is this: most of them have NEVER SEEN THEIR VALUE. not because it isn’t there. but because it has been ripped out of them. robbed. STOLEN. not borrowed, but STOLEN. the thing about intrinsic value, though, is that NOTHING TRUE CAN EVER BE PERMANENTLY LOST. whilst others walk around with pieces of us, those pieces will inevitably return one day. for different reasons. through seeking. through tragedy. through healing. etc. so, when I see someone who has been ROBBED of their most incredible qualities – robbed of self-love, robbed of self-worth, robbed of self-esteem and robbed of their overall ENERGY – and I am in a position to REFLECT BACK THEIR INHERENT TRUTH, one thing is certain to occur: truth can not be unseen and therefore they will REMEMBER IT. it may take some time to recover, to discover, to uncover and to re-integrate. it may take effort psychologically and otherwise. but that one certainty about truth is that WE CAN NOT UNSEE TRUTH. truth is louder than the lies and manipulations that many suffer as a result of those close by from birth who want to ROB those special qualities from a place of fear and lack and greed.

the people I speak of relative to this subject often exist totally undetected. they may be a C suite executive; they may be a beautiful famous person; they may be a smart therapist or doctor…but appearances are deceptive and irrelevant to what takes place beneath the surface of a human shell.

the VERY best part of a session for me is the look in someone’s eyes when I “reach” them…because I SEE them. I see the parts that have been lost. I see where they have been buried. I see whom they are buried WITH. I see who has robbed them blind from the day they entered this world. and it doesn’t matter if they are 20 or 60. even if they have been missing their intrinsic power and beauty and love and gifts for all of these years, those gifts are TRUE and belong to them – all that ever is and all that ever was is all that ever will be…and by the law of physics, those inherent qualities ultimately have no choice but to return directly to owner. when I see someone “get it” that their value, confidence, knowing, self-love and esteem is not ABSENT, but rather actually being hidden in the basement of someone elses metaphoric house, my heart bleeds. with joy. because I know that feeling. I know what it is to get “permission”! I know what it is to start “meeting” yourself for the first time since birth. to meet all of the qualities that somehow went missing for years.

to all of my people who have been robbed blind…by a person…by society (still, by a person first)…I will fight for you. I will not let you suffer blindly while your essence is being used and abused by someone else who is too weak, too lazy and too selfish to do their own inner work. I will fight for you with love and with intention for your personal revelation. I will fight in the collective realms, through the people I have the gift of seeing transform, even if we never meet in person. to all of my people who have been robbed of that which I speak of, know that there is another way to live. a different way to experience life. if you are wondering why you have always felt sad, why you always feel a dark cloud over your head, why you always attract unfortunate circumstances or people…know that there IS another way to live. you just have to figure out who robbed you, and where your gifts are being hidden. therein lies the road to recovery from an experience that opposes your very core. when you know better, you WILL do better. you will move out of blame and self-blame. you will thrive for possibly the first time ever. you can and will retrieve all pieces and parts of you. I give you permission to meet and retrieve yourself.