how to recognize a fraud in the “spiritual” community


first off, I dislike the word “spiritual”. it carries so many different interpretations. the interpretation that I like to subscribe to relates to the 5th dimensional self, which is the self that is absent from ego. this is the unseen dimension, and so “spiritual” to me can also relate to physics and the like. I am not suggesting you adhere to one of the nuances of my interpretation as I describe here, I am just putting it out there for like-minded consideration.

many people use the word “spiritual” as a means for suggesting human hierarchy, or that they are better than others because they are “spiritual”. many people also use the word “spiritual” to denote dark, witchy or bended Universal will at the hands of someone who can not handle or accept the truth (aka witchcraft). other people use the word “spiritual” to describe religion in particular. given the many different connotations and interpretations, it is a word that I often cringe at when I use casually or formally or in writing or in any other way – because I never know exactly what that word means to another person.

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