Healing Elaine pop-up space session *scheduling for this Saturday 11/4/17*

photo by Pia Oyarzun

as an extension and follow-up from my last blog post/update, here is the latest in my next offering of my services:

my efforts to combine my work with the initiatives of respected holistic doctors and medicine, as well as non-profit initiatives, has landed this coming Saturday’s unique pop-up. this pop-up will feature my personal healing modality and intuitive services, in addition to and alongside state of the art vibroacoustic sound healing therapy beds.

if you have not read my blog before, please read the other sections besides the home page (bio, about and workshops) to understand how I generally work. there is no required reading for scheduling a healing session for this Saturday’s pop-up, but it is highly recommended that you order and read, at some point, power versus force by Hawkins and dancing the dream by Sams. those are my general session and workshop pre requisite (required) readings. if you are a former patient, then you’re all good!

this Saturday I am excited to schedule a few 90-minute sessions at a unique wellness center that is HIPPA protected. each session will require a standard NDA to be signed and you can feel as free as possible to discuss any ailments/concerns. a sizeable portion of the session fee will be donated to the non-profit associated with the wellness center that caters to kids.

to reiterate, I am offering a pop-up service, this is not my regular office or program. I am doing this to mix things up, contribute to the space and the initiative of such, and offer an alternative to my very long and intense one-on-one program. if you have contacted me in the past and could not work with me, this is an opportunity to do so. I thought this to be a great way to potentially cater to some of the many number of calls and requests that I could not accommodate all year.

to book: please call 646 470 1178 and leave a voicemail about your interest in this Saturday, November 4th, 2017, specifically.


Healing Elaine® general updates: my recent workshop, collaborations with MDs/pediatricians, & more

photo by Pia Oyarzun, Nassau, Bahamas

this past weekend I held my first public workshop (I say public, because in the past I have done a few small private group things, intent on staying beneath the radar for anything group). the entire group was — amazing. my initial concern with doing a larger public workshop was the same as it has always been: how do I quantify, and how do I help others quantify, what exactly they are receiving? — in terms of both information, and “energy”. well, this group needed no follow-up explanation at all. here is why.

first of all, everyone was familiar with my writings. this was important, firstly, because I articulate that which is mostly intangible. I do my best to explain the intangible THROUGH MY EXPERIENCE and my experience with others, versus reading about it and then summing up 3rd party thoughts. I am as real as possible about the unexplainable realms that we live in, because I am acutely aware of the skeptical mindset that accompanies them. nevermind many of my earlier experiences on this planet that were “other”, the experiences that I have with others in my sessions that ARE other are shared by two conscious parties, and that adds credibility. so, going back to the workshop, it was my first time at the rodeo where it was not an intense one-on-one that I would then measure specifically and know what could be placebo or affected by another party. but, what is as close to fact as can be measured in this group setting, is that the same “symptoms” were reported before, during and after the event by each and every person, at some stage in the 24-48 hours accompanying it before and after. right in line with what I always interpret and then hear from folks I work with. basically, my work across the board, as experienced by another person, follows a particular model no matter who, when, or how many of the “who” there are working with me. the familiarity that each person had with my writings did assist them in understanding what it was they were feeling, might be feeling or would be feeling, which was palpable in feeling regardless of my explanation. but the context for such did help and does help. it’s like an equation. at the end of the day, the intangible realms and intangible “energy” work has little context for fact, proof or science — and I would like for that to change. I am contributing to that change, actively, every chance I have.

we dialogued about many different things during the workshop. as I usually am during my one-on-one sessions, I was blown away by the individual power, love, openness, intelligence and honor of each person who attended. and as usual, no one was a tree-hugging hippy or drifter without a “normal” or somewhat conventional life by way of education, pursuit of a goal, and a sound mind. we got specific about many of the topics I cover in my blog and eBooklets. there was a natural course and flow to the 7-8 hour conversation. and, I am not a “prep” person. I struggle with outlining some kind of speech and dropping it onto a group of people without an organic calling for such (conversely, this is where my upcoming book will become important for those who have never even heard the phrase “energy work” before). I have personally lived and witnessed every topic that was discussed at the event, so what kind of “prep” could I really do except be present and channel for each question and theme that came through? the space that we were in was incredible, and they happen to have state of the art equipment for vibroacoustic therapies that is used by holistic doctors. this was an excellent addition to the long event, because people could pop into a sound healing bed for 15minute attunements whenever they felt like it.

I am excited to do more events, larger events, such as this one. everyone received a summary of notes from the event, despite the fact that it was a conglomeration of everything I have already written about — because the fact of the matter is, topics expand and new legs of information or refining information arises when new and additional people are involved in the experience and conversation. as per today, I think we are all processing the bottom lines from the event — physiologically across the board! I enjoyed writing the event notes as they pertained to the specific group I had.

it has long been my desire to collaborate with medical professionals and respected and achieved persons in traditional medicine and science, because society accepts what they have to say far easier than they will even consider what I have to say. a piece of paper still means a lot these days. and, the experience that a medical doctor or scientist has after a decade or more of clinical schooling is surely to be respected and admired! when I have worked with these professionals because they have come to me for help, I find that the only thing left to do is “turn on” their left side — their intuitive side, the side that their strict schooling and professional environment has worked to shut down because it does not provide substantial evidence. well, right now, across the board, we are seeing a bridge due to our tiny planet’s position through time and space (in the universe, in the galaxy) and how THAT position is changing. this bridge is my tagline: bridging the gap between medical & spiritual ™. my desire to blend these two worlds began when I dropped my psych degree many years ago. now, I am actively blending the two. so when I pair with a talented individual in science or medicine, it is like the left side of a body and right side of a body coming together to create something completely cohesive. we can fill gaps that have never been filled before, both logistically and tangibly.

I am excited to announce my beginning collaborations (such as PE – Pediatric Energy™ – website under construction) with traditional, clinical doctors, pediatricians and practitioners whom I have known now for a very special period of time through my own work in healing and bridging the gap. there have been a range of individuals over the years, who have approached me for collaborations — some in medicine, some in other fields. but the thing with that is, everything has to be in line and feel in line to move forward with such a huge initiative and investment of time between people. timing is key. same page is key. and while technically this merging of my practice with traditional medicine could have taken place 5 years ago, the gestation period that has landed that merger where it is now and with who it is now was super important. also, people were super not ready! I saw and felt across the board with the many industries I work with that they were not ready. most people I work with are still afraid or timid about telling their peers or coworkers of their experience with me. and on that note, every month that ticks by, I see more and more people ready. in a nutshell my collaborations with medical persons will support and cater to hypersensitive and often misdiagnosed young people on our planet. it will cater to our future. it will cater to what is ready to hear and feel and integrate something beyond traditional medicine, but taking into account the studies and confines of traditional medicine as well. oh boy!

on the note of people finally being “ready” to accept the formerly unacceptable or “unseeable” in life until very recently, other imminent game-changing partnerships that have come my way as they relate to integrating my healing modality and “facts” about the unseen (as they relate to each of us physically, emotionally and psychologically) are ready for lift-off. I will again be somewhat elusive about the particulars until they are publicly announced (being careful with legality, basically), but I’m so excited about this that I had to include it as an update. what this looks like is my idea and platform for incorporating the woo-woo in the most linear and conservative environments on our planet to maximize output and, by default, increase awareness and measure of “other” in a way that would have been impossible to do 10 years ago in a particular industry because — we simply were not ready. just like we were not ready to put a man on the moon until a certain time, and we were not ready to discover other continents until a certain time, and we were not ready to accept certain technology until a certain time. it. is. all. changing. now.

as for my personal offerings to others, I have considered something new and random — doing 90min pop-up healings at different locations which I feel support my longer-term initiatives. again, I could have been the “reiki” person at xyz hotel or xyz business years ago, but I could not see the value as it would relate to my specific way of working and measuring. since my traditional general one-one-one sessions (which are about 6-8 hours in person, and encompass at least a month of remote healing sessions, written correspondence and conversations) are extremely few and far between now, I will be offering a less in-depth pop up day here and there. perhaps as early as this week. I will book as best I can, on a limited basis due to how many hours there are in one day. these pop-up sessions will mimic my traditional style of working with someone, but will not include the time or follow-up associated with what has been as of late in my sessions. I will pop my next pop-up on this blog, and include specific booking instructions. please follow the specific instructions included in my blog for an appointment (as referenced here) or workshop. I will do more events/talks, too. at this time, I want to engage in as many new ways as possible, with communities that are on par with my modality and understanding of eastern meets western integrative healing and psychology as it relates to the body, mind and spirit. I will still offer super luxury sessions on a very limited basis, and my timing with those is specific because there are still foundations I am building and do not want to lose focus with (taking on a super luxury session would be all-consuming) in terms of bridging conventional medicine and linear environments that are desperate for “other” whether they realize it or not.

thank you for reading this stream of consciousness update! the momentum has kept me up with excitement very late at night, nearly all nights for the past week.




Kalpana’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine®

Kalpana is a talented lawyer with a huge heart and purpose. like many whom I have the pleasure of meeting and working with, even if I don’t get to see them after our work together, it felt like friends at first sight upon meeting Kalpana. this has been my favorite part of my work with others — the feeling of kinship that comes with it, just about always. thank you Kalpana for sharing this with me!



new and exciting snazzy details for this weekend’s event!

I have rented a private NYC townhouse, fit for holistic treatments and beyond, for this event. in addition to the special and private feel (and as previously unreported in my initial post as this is a very recent and fun update!), we will be offering two private treatment rooms with specialized vibroacoustic liquid sound tables (snazzy!) for 15-minute interval chakra healings that will be optional for each event guest (I would say, for me, they will be mandatory! lol). these tables are used by holistic doctors (the space is HIPPA protected) and are quite magical. sound, smell and sensory across the board will be the focus of this event in addition, of course, to the long and intense conversations/Q&A we will have. in short: a very healing afternoon. please feel free to arrive as early as 2pm (though not to worry — they will be available ALL DAY, so if you want an intermittent break or two, this can happen) to take advantage of one of the rooms before we begin the event.

I can’t tell you how excited I am! actually, I can — I’m super excited!

please read my previous post about the 10.28.17 event if you aren’t sure what I am referring to here in this post or if you are interested in booking this event. it is almost sold out as of this evening and additional phone calls will be made tomorrow to confirm some last-minute guests. after that, an email will go out to each guest with more specific details (address, etc).


Healing Elaine Event: Saturday October 28th, 3pm-10pm NYC

Please call 646 470 1178 and leave a message indicating that you would like to book this particular event for Saturday October 28th at 3pm in NYC, and please also note your familiarity with my blog or eBooklets and the concepts in such. Space will be limited, and there may be a wait list as early as tomorrow (I have nearly a dozen people in queue already). This event will not be booked via email or online. In the event you can not make this event because it is sold out or the date does not work, there will be future events.

The “format” for this event will be Q&A, following the themes in my blog, eBooklets and upcoming book. We will cover big picture themes as well as the nuances of such. There will be a group healing. We are doing this on a Saturday, so that you can spend Sunday “integrating” our conversation and beyond from this event. There will be no recording of this event permitted, and personal devices will not be allowed into the room (they can be left outside the room in a safe space).

I am beyond excited to see familiar faces, as well as some new ones. One bright light can illuminate an entire city block, and many bright lights can illuminate an entire city — this is important as people struggle to feel their own power. The point of this event is to illuminate the power that resides within each of us, purging that which does not belong to us, that which is not true.

Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine / Elaine is a Reiki Practitioner and Ordained Minister, but is not a doctor, dietitian, or psychotherapist. Her advice, workshops and healing sessions are considered supplementary in nature and should not be a replacement for conventional medicine. Please consult your doctor or other licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailments you may be suffering or think you may have. By attending any seminar, class or session provided by Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine / Elaine, you acknowledge that in no event will Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine / Elaine be liable in any way directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information, data, classes or healing sessions provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, negligence or other actions.



no kidding we are living in higher dimensions

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

no kidding we are living in higher dimensions. we do not need to wait for CNN and Fox News to report on it. our health, our daily well-being and beyond, is being impacted. we are all being asked to “level up” in ALL WAYS. and if this were not true, I would never have been as overwhelmingly busy as I have been the past 5 years of my life with my “alternative” work — which beckons the likes of top executives and linear professionals of all kinds including science and medicine.

have a listen and enjoy what Neil deGrasse Tyson has to say about living in higher dimensions, in the below video:



how to handle internet trolls


don’t ever.

not even with kid gloves.

trolls are hungry, sad, angry, thirsty, all of the above and then some. they want for you to return the same feelings. and when you do, you might as well send them money too. it’s the same thing.

block, spam, delete. but don’t ever handle or engage them.

and, if you are someone who is strong or courageous enough to put your truth on the line just by living it, and your “friends” or “supporters” decide to renege their support of you due to their perceived threat of possibly not fitting in for a moment as a result of another person’s negative comment about you, let them go. they don’t know you to begin with. this is also a mental note not to include them at your best-selling book’s party, or whatever it is you will continue to achieve in life once they want to be part of the good times again, obviously for purely personal gain. for more on that note, feel free to read my post on how to be grateful for your haters. they usually all end up on the same side of the street, some how, some way, whether they know each other or not.


Healing Elaine: researching cool space where we can burn stuff for upcoming general events

photo by Pia Oyarzun

I tend to be an all-or-nothing person. this can make planning the simpler things, not so simple. in terms of planning a workshop or event, I tend to stand in my own way because I care so much about each person who may attend, and what they expect/want/need. therefore the workshops that I have been focused upon organizing thus far are intimate, I have specific feelings about the space they should be in, and I have been very concerned about giving my “all” to each person who attends — hence making them small in terms of attendance. I also realize lately, that so many people are hungry for an event, any event of mine, right now, and it doesn’t have to be so deep and cultivated in the way that I have been organizing my fertility events. therefore, we are researching space that is still cool and intimate, but will hold 20-30 people. I want to do this soon as the burning requests for such reach me daily and I go to sleep every night thinking about each one of them. I know what people want. most of the requests are coming from people whom I have already worked with! they are ready for more, they are also ready to meet others like them. and I want to deliver this asap.

I want to burn stuff (sage, particular incenses) and have the flexibility for such while still in a positive, ionized space. if I go and do this at some midtown mainstream hotel, the vibes are going to be all. over. the. place. so, with a little more planning, a little more money, and with enough water (no food), we will work this. I realize I don’t have to go so “all in” like I am with some of the other more intimate gatherings, but I still want to honor you and myself in terms of what I am capable of giving energetically and logistically.

for these cool space sage and incense burning general events, we will have some general itinerary that will follow the guidelines of the outlines of my upcoming books — and basically, all that my blog discusses. that’s what you can expect — a lot of info, and all the feels. I’m not going to put together advance “selling points” as to what else the event offers. there will be a big fat general q&a, a group meditation and a group healing no doubt. feelers have been put out all day today for the right type of space that is awesome but uncomplicated. once we put up the event invite (both here in blog post format, as well as social media), there will be a link with either direct payment and confirmation instructions, or contact info for sign-up. I have not yet flushed out how we will manage the booking process but my assistant and event planner will handle it. I hope for this to happen in the next week or two. stay tuned both here as well as my Facebook page.


when victims ruin the cause

photo by Pia Oyarzun

I am always a fan of the truth. I’ve said for years that the truth is on the rise, we are in the age of Aquarius, and it will only continue to get more blinding (the truth).

I also notice, alongside the good old truth, the rise of trolls who use such high tides for their own misdirected (and compltely unhealed) platforms which only end up diluting the cause. for example. this morning, a poor little dear who claims to support women’s rights and shares open disdain for abusive men thought it OK to comment on one of my photographs and let me know how sexual it was, and “how am I supposed to feel safe” etc. puh-leeze. this is an example of a human troll, using the internet for personal psychological issues that they should be confronting in therapy. the reason that what this person and others like her do is dangerous, is that it misdirects the cause — which is supposedly supporting the very fabric of other women and holding them in a space free from exactly what this troll did with her comment (I am sure I’m not the only one, the world wide web is a feeding frenzy for people who can’t focus on themselves. I also don’t discount base-level human jealousy which used a “stance” as an excuse to express such). it convolutes any message around supporting victims of sexual assault and rather directs the attention at the skin and bones (superficial appearance) of a woman or human being. as if my image needed any defense whatsoever (it doesn’t), I am one of the more conservative people I know in terms of expressing my divine feminine. I don’t post bikini pics or selfies. and actually, I could care less about those who do. you do you, girl! since I know who I am, I am not “triggered” by the shit that women carrying unresolved (dangerous) issues are provoked by. the irony (or not) when I quickly looked at the troll’s personal page, is that they work for a holistic company which features a half-naked woman getting a massage for their cover photo.

anyhow, I digress, because I am giving the troll too much energy that will never serve her or anyone like her. these are lost causes that thrive more on being an actual troll than embodying powerful and newsworthy initiatives. I won’t even bother comparing my body of work that I endeavor to be completely game-changing and empowering to others to the life of a troll. my point is, it is important to pay attention to the fact that many people will use their “position” or experience as their actual personality — because they have nothing else or nothing left of themselves to be — some people BECOME their experience and it absolutely dilutes the message. they become their experience because they are too lazy to do the work in working through it, so it is easier for them to dilute the message by means of temporary personal relief of some sort, like a tantrum (online, hiding behind a computer). and when the message is diluted in this way, it opens the door for the very sins of the abuse or cause itself to expand. it’s just plain dangerous. for example. someone without a core, someone with no authentic voice, will easily bandwagon a rise of truth around sexual assault or harassment (which is an important truth to rise) and ruin it/dilute it with personal motivation such as trying to soothe via attention (they have to rock a negative vibe because they have nothing else to say, or they are suffering from unrelated psych issues or something). sometimes, these people are celebrities, and that makes everything even worse (why, oh why, do we value the opinions of famous people — other than the fact that in which case we probably don’t have a voice of our own and we want to “fit” somewhere, anywhere!). and suddenly, with little to no responsibility for their words, they have ruined an entire cause just because we have something called the internet. and also, just because it’s on the internet, or someone said it, does not mean it is true…

the main way that victims ruin the cause is by way of the fact that they are not healed enough in the first place to speak objectively and intelligently about it. when there is tremendous pain and emotion involved in someone’s “stance”, and they have not done the personal emotional work necessary to actually CONTRIBUTE to the cause, the energy of the cause gets tainted. for example; I went through a LOT before doing the work that I do publicly. it was also (among other things) on par with current topics. and on a soul and psychological level, I KNEW that I needed to clear that debris before I helped others or became vocal. otherwise, my unresolved personal issues would somehow take center and convolute important messages. I wanted to be in a position of power, not weakness, and in order to do that, I had to resolve (on my own, not THROUGH others) any leftover conflict I had around my own history of abuse of all kinds. otherwise, important lines get blurred.

there is a difference between a toddler in the middle of a tantrum and a toddler post tantrum; the emotion, the outrage, has been processed and they are in a place where they are easier to communicate with. the mess of hysterics caused by xyz has faded and there is clarity. it is the same with victims of any cause. we no doubt need to kick and scream and process everything that has caused us pain — but we need to do all of it before we can become CONSTRUCTIVE with that and actually create change instead of NOISE. if we are creating noise, we are diluting/ruining said cause. if we are able to stand in our power, and our motivations are clear and not obstructed by our deep need to go to quality therapy and/or sort through what is what, we can actually make a contribution to truth. if we are kicking and screaming and pointing a finger and defaming random people whom we have never even met, while trying to “rock a cause”, we have only contributed to ruining that VERY IMPORTANT cause/truth.

the age of truth that we are in right now is calling for each of us to KNOW THYSELF. those who ruin valuable causes do not know themselves. they look at the world from the outside in, not from the inside out. and there is no power in that, only an addition to the very thing one is speaking out against: injustice. injustice occurs when we use force, versus power. force is fear, power is love. if I am too distracted by the outside world to look at my own life, I will never heal. and me never healing ruins the cause. I might as well be the problem itself. in fact, that is kind of the point, I suppose: my peace is the barometer of my power. without peace, I have no power. it is up to ME to find that peace. and when I have peace, I am able to constructively destroy that which needs to be destroyed, that which attempted to ruin me: force. but becoming one with force, on any level, is a total fail. it is in this way that victims ruin the cause.


we fail in life because we want to be liked

photo by Anita Saini

when I say “we want to be liked”, I am not talking about the honorable motivation that says something like “I want to be good to this person/people because it’s the right thing to do, and naturally I will be liked”, I am talking about “I will be two-faced or three-faced or twelve-faced in order to fit in or please this person/people, even if it is wrong, because the pain of possibly not being liked is too great for me to handle — and I am also afraid that xyz (aka be left all alone) will happen if I am not liked”. wanting to be liked can translate to “I will exercise no personal honor, integrity or will”.

before I get into the theme of “we fail because we want to be liked”, a little background music:

our current and collective moral compass has dropped so far beneath anything I recognize as livable, personally (this is why my practice has been such a BLESSING — it all feels so, so insulated from what is “out there”). our disgusting mainstream social/media and pop culture of superficial shit (basically, “liking” and valuing things because of what they look like versus who and what they actually are) have given human beings the weakest possible barometer for living not just honorably, but even with just the most basic truth. and this lack of truth has seeped in like a silent but deadly cancer. look around — so many people are dying or dead, even while physically walking around, and what is left of them is an empty container of a corpse or a robot, because of our current epidemic. their higher selves have left their bodies. of course, when a collective moral compass like this breaks, it does so to rebuild itself, and that is beautiful. so I don’t see this as a negative. that said, in the process of having our collective moral compass remain pretty much non-functional, part of the exacerbation of this new low has been individual failure to stand in personal truth.

personal truth is important now more than ever. personal truth supersedes “facts”, or believing something just because it appears so, or adhering to something we concluded from the internet. what I see a whole lot of, especially in the disturbing chambers of cancerous social media, is the influence of such on otherwise healthy people who simply don’t dig deeper than “I’ll just take this at face value and make it part of my belief” because they do not know any better. there is no moral compass educational sort of manual that we each get before logging onto the world-wide web. as a result of our broken compass, there is a culture of malignant narcissism that is floating to the surface right now in staggering denomination and it is shocking to me (and probably to many). this is a whole other layer on the cake of convoluted “truth” we each decide upon. but again, like a puss-filled wound that has been thrown a band-aid, the band-aid must be ripped off so that the puss can spill out and the wound can be cleaned. during this cleaning, it is important more than ever to question what we believe and WHY. what drives us to conclude xyz, and then take our “position”? because some insulated Hollywood person said so? because our group of friends say so and we have to agree so we aren’t all alone in our “truth”? there are a lot of dangerous “facts” out there, and just because we sickly value fame and “following”, our sheep-like syndrome will be the death of us individually (because on a positive note, I do not see our moral compass staying broken — what I see is ultimate truth rising so high that eventually hardly any one of us can miss it, “facts” or no facts. like my eBooklet on the physics of karma, this is where we are headed — to repair via imminent hard truth).

so here is the thing: the truth ALWAYS comes out. whether it is in a family that is hiding its pedophile father or grandfather or another person to save its collective “reputation”, or whether it is in a large corporate or institutional system hiding corruption in order to keep making money. so, the question is, at what point do we want to get off the train that we are possibly on, the one that is heading to ultimate and imminent destruction? we can either get off now, later, or never because we have crashed along with that train. it’s easier to get off early, and do the “hard” work, because the work required after we have been dragged to realization is just so much harder.

background music fading out, and on to my original point: we fail in life because we want to be liked. what this looks like is supported by all of the above background music, in the form of laziness. it takes a lot of work to think for ourselves. no, really. it does! if it did not, our moral compass would be very different! for example. earlier this year I was extremely disappointed by a particular situation. I entered it with a degree of intuition, and then I questioned that intuition (because I had to learn something, and I learned the hard way indeed). I should know, not to ever question my intuition. but, it was a unique situation and I am always willing to take risks. this risk cost me everything I had, at least monetarily. in that particular situation, the spore of the cancer of it was individuals who wanted to be liked. they were the “blah blah blahs” that I refer to in a recent post, meaning people who will say one thing to one person and a different thing to eleven other people, simply to suit their momentary endeavor aka be liked for fleeting purposes. as I already know, that is one of the deadliest conditions to bring into my life. anyone who wants to be liked. but I didn’t see it until after of course I had questioned my own intuition. I am fortunate in that there are enough people in my life who do not want to be liked. therefore, those people do not make decisions out of weakness. therefore, there is no weakness in their business or close personal relationships. there are few to no cracks in the ship. what happens when we want to be liked?

what happens when we want to be liked is always something short-term and completely unsustainable, as we are gearing our “decisions” or “truth” to a pointed moment in time — not a personally collective perspective. when we want to be liked, we shape-shift constantly to accommodate whatever is popular at that second. that is a LOT of shape-shifting required to sustain being liked. we become fragmented. we become more unconscious than we already were. and we lose all possibility to create long-term and sustainable contributions to our lives or the lives of others that resemble or show up in tangible form of our desires or life’s purposes. how exhausting! so, why do we want to be liked?

we want to be liked because we are lazy. period. standing in our own power requires disapproval of others — there is no other way to slice it. if we are all agreeing upon the same thing, there is something very wrong. we are each made like snowflakes — adding unique perspectives and personal truths to a larger sculpture. experiencing disapproval of others goes against our ego adrenaline nature, which ultimately and most intensely fears “being alone” or abandoned. and in order to stand in our personal power and truth, aka be authentically liked by the right people and for the right causes, we must absolutely die a million deaths of ego. we must risk our ultimate human fear: being all alone. with no one. and most of us are too lazy to risk this death of self (which, by the way, is an illusion). that is really the core of it all: we want to be liked because we are lazy, because we do not want to risk feeling all alone.

so based on the above bottom line alone, rarely do we dig ANY deeper than “I saw it on the news it must be true” or “but they have so many followers, so many people like them, I think I’ll stay with the group” or “I wonder WHY xyx person in my family does not talk to certain/other family members? oh well, they must just be crazy” or “I have always admired the work of this celebrity, it feels so good to be part of their energy because social media offers me that, so I am going to be a parrot and share their truth without any questioning of it” or “their kids are so cute, and they all went to ivy league schools, it’s obvious that they must be good parents!” or “I hate the way this friend treats me, but all of my other friends seem to like them so I will just look at the positives” or “every single person in this room is seeing blue and I am seeing red, but I must be wrong since everyone else is seeing blue”. you get the picture. we fear isolation and persecution. unfortunately, we are in a time and space where fearing isolation and persecution and being lazy about going near that fear will cost us our soul. when we give up our soul, we are not alive. we might be talking, we might be eating, we might be engaging, but we are not living. you can’t avoid your personal truth and be alive at the same time.

standing in personal truth requires trusting oneself enough to hear our own intuition without using a whole lot of logic. for example: early last year, I just “knew” on a gut level the outcome of the big election. it had nothing to do with logic (obviously, as we were lied to by the media repeatedly!), and it had nothing to do with personal desire (I bought all of my Bernie T-shirts and gadgets) — rather it had to do with something deeper. it was intuition based on removing myself from “facts” on TV or collective discussions where desperation was the currency, where opinions came from force and not power. and so I was one of the very few people I know who was not only not shocked at the outcome of the election, but fully accepted it because I saw it coming in advance and understood why it would “happen” that way. many of my friends could not understand my “prediction”, and I was flooded with messages the day following the election results. “how did you know!?” I was asked. I knew because I can hear mySELF. I am not immersed in collective opinion or “facts”. it doesn’t matter how it happened or why, I knew the outcome. a lot of my friends also did not understand my peace with the outcome. I was at peace simply because I understood it. this is different from agreeing with it. and when we can truly understand things, there is a peace and allowing that comes with that understanding, no matter what it is or what it looks like. again, this is all separate from opinion or “judgement”. and those of us who suffer the most over what we do not like, do so because we fail to hear our personal truth and therefore we do not understand xyz. the pain of not understanding things stems from the inability to hear personal truth, separate from the herd. and it is also in this way that we fail in life, because we can not hear ourselves, because we want to be liked.

we fail in life because we want to be liked. we ultimately fail, because being liked requires absolutely no source energy, whereas standing in our individual personal power requires the resurrection of our core aka source energy. and when we resurrect our core source energy, even if one person “likes” us for it, it does energetically outnumber thousands and thousands of people who would have otherwise liked us because they also wanted to be liked. yes — we each resonate with an energy frequency based on truth.

as we step into this new age of Aquarius (ok so even if you don’t adhere to astrology, I’m sure you can still note the truth bombs currently surfacing at unprecedented speeds, and Aquarius represents truth), the truth of the matter is that the truth will rise. and no matter where you are on the spectrum of standing in your personal power or truth, your personal power or truth is where we are headed collectively ANYHOW. wouldn’t it be much easier and more efficient to get off of the train now, and risk standing “all alone” in your truth, truly living, knowing that the end result will match where you are anyhow? because one way or another, we will be dragged to this realization.

finally, how we fail in life because we want to be liked: the tangible consequences of not standing in our personal power or truth, simply because we want to be liked/not “all alone”, include ventures that NEVER get off of the ground. they include dreams we have to launch xyz company that seem to go nowhere and we can’t figure out “why” (well, try questioning the truth — or all truths — around you for starters). they include authentic and sustainable romantic or deeply intimate (not necessarily sexual) partnerships that never get forged, due to an absence of core self. the consequences include stagnation, stuckness, and ultimately blame and then the cycle repeats itself. there is a reason that a number of people “make it to the top” of their field: they live in their OWN personal truth. they have risked “EVERYTHING” aka disapproval from others, even collective hate or resentment. they have questioned everything along the way, and rejected anything that was easy just for the sake of being easy. they have disassociated from others who have no sense of personal truth because they are too lazy to do the emotional work and have twelve faces at all times. they have been willing to be disliked. and the fact is, once we land in our personal power and give up wanting to be liked, we find all of the people who truly, powerfully and authentically not only like us but love us. this is when the foundation for our building of choice — romantic, business or otherwise — can be built. none of us will ever be perfect, that is never the goal, but we can be in perfect alignment with our truth and that requires risking standing all alone. we can not fail when we risk standing all alone, as in standing alone we will — for the first time ever — be standing next to actual people. until then, it is all a big illusion.