Desire is the manifestation of Power

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

desire is proof of power.

we often equate desire to lofty dreams. or “if only”. desire is not an “if only” thing or a lofty dream. rather desire is the very evidence of our power to see manifest that “lofty dream” or “if only” reality. I’ll also put it like this: is seeing believing, or is believing seeing? it is both. it just depends upon which side you choose to stand. both are reality. except one is force and one is power. one is fear and one is love.

if we were not capable of fulfilling our desire, the desire itself would cease to exist. let me also point out what desire is NOT — desire is not envy, jealousy or coveting. envy, jealousy or coveting is the observation of and committment to lack, and the experience of a void within us that we refuse to look at and so rather we make another person the convenient option of focus. desire, on the other hand, is an internal life force which we may confuse though with the latter. here is how to tell the difference.

it is similar to my post about “competition”. first of all, there is no such thing. just read the post. but the difference between desire and envy or jealousy is the very fact that one surge emanates from our core, and the other surge emanates from someone else’s core and we experience or try to wear that as our own because we are too afraid to feel the actual desire and act upon it. for the weak and or lazy, feeling desire but not acknowledging it and therefore instead focusing upon someone else’s life or status is the very fact of spiritually bypassing our own power (desire). but either way, we each DO have access to desire. each and every one of us. those of us who say that we do not have desire live in a comparative state, not because we do NOT have desire, but because we have chosen already not to act upon that desire and therefore claiming not to have it is our excuse to avoid defeat (or perceived defeat). take a look around, take a listen around and see what your “friends”, colleagues or family members have to say about others’ success/posts in life — they will immediately reveal to you whether they have chosen to acknowledge their desire or not, and often why, without even knowing how transparent they are.

which reminds me. earlier this week I had a reading with someone. I have enjoyed reading with her because she keeps it blunt. we joked around briefly about how we laugh / don’t get it when someone asks us “so who did you train under?” LOL! as if you can “train” to be a healer or an intuitive. well, you can’t. by the way. you can, however, flex that muscle more and more. but no, internal power is not “learned” rather it is cultivated — FROM WITHIN (don’t ever ask me “who taught me” how to do xyz because it doesn’t exist! also one of the reasons that I do not “teach” healing. ok end rant.). anyhow, she had commented (again) today on certain people wanting what I have, and I had to laugh because I truly do not get it — since I see each of us with our divine power and desire, if we so choose to look at it (lots of unconscious reasons why we might not choose to look at it). it got me thinking about my “there is no such thing as competition” post from a couple of years ago, and the fact that for me, life has always been me against myself. not me against what others are doing. if I had time to compare myself, I would never be where I am. one of the reasons I suppose patients find me relatable during/after sessions, is that I don’t understand or see a hierarchy (except for one that is determined based on how we treat others — when we treat others poorly, we suffer and there is certainly a hierarchy of power versus force involved there). when I see an individual, in person or remotely in general in life, I see their highest potential. we each have our own thing going on, but what I am really trying to say is that we each have our own DESIRE going on. again, if we were to dare to look.

desire can also feel like a longing — this is good. this means that you already have your finger on the pulse, and you are just suffering through some kind of imminent initiation before you begin to take the steps of your desire and actualize it. the Universe doesn’t just hand things out, fyi. we go through hell, often, to actualize desires. but the hell of actualizing them versus the hell of pretending that we don’t have them — well, I don’t know, you decide. I know which one I prefer.

the very presence of desire as it might relate to “there must be something more” or “I feel like I am in the wrong place” or “I should be doing something else” is healthy when we are focused upon ourselves versus what others are doing. that is healthy desire. and that, is the very evidence of a future that has actually already happened, yet just not been experienced in a linear 3d cognitive fashion. the very presence of desire suggests a knowing that the soul already has of the many great things it has accomplished. for me, recognizing my current and ongoing desires as fuel and fodder for building the life of my dreams is very helpful versus viewing them as a lack or a void and turning my attention to another person/s for comparison. and the truth is, that there would be no truth in that comparison anyhow.

Desire is the manifestation of Power. power comes from life force. life force comes from a place beyond logic — life force comes from the spore of creation itself. the opposite of desire is comparison, and that comes from fear. fear comes from lack. lack comes from a place of logic. logic comes from the absence of consciousness and present tense being — the opposite of desire.

don’t be afraid of your desires. well, be afraid of your desires — because the fear will actually never go away in order for you to act upon them (it’s not supposed to!). but do not be afraid of the fear around your desires. they are leading you straight into manifestation if you are willing to leap so that the net can appear.



we are slated for magical times (and other updates, + my holiday party)

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

we are. we are slated for magical times. if you have been reading my blog post by post up until this point, it may be clear why. the earth’s energy is changing and hence has rattled and will continue rattling all of the people on it. for many of us, there will be relief in what the rattling is bringing to the surface: truth. for others of us, there will be despair in what the rattling is bringing to the surface: truth.

as I was listening to The Leo King recently, I learned that we have not been in this astrological space since 1284. here is his dissertation on that topic. the fact that our planet has not seen the kind of alignment that we are about to step into since the dark ages makes so much sense to me on many levels. on just a weirdo base human level, it makes sense to me style-wise. I have always been, but way more so as of late, drawn to dark ages and Renaissance styles. clothing, churches, music and art. this, of course, bleeds into the past life topic arena. my sensory memory of other lifetimes during / around the dark ages is high. with all of this in mind, there is a knowing within me at the most rooted level that the current timeline we are about to step into (the one that mimics the alignment around 1284) is representing some of my most powerful, happy and accomplished lifetimes on this planet. and as our experiences of time and space collapse (see the movie Arrival starring Amy Adams for more on this concept), and such is more palpable to me than ever, my purpose/joy/power condense into a linear awareness of what magical times are to come for me/us (those of us in truth). the difference between the “then” timeline with said planetary alignment and the “now” timeline of planetary alignment is simply dimensional in nature (I highly suggest Neil deGrasse Tyson for more on dimensions) as obviously we have left 3d (which is only what we can see touch and hear) and are moving into truth, love and conscious manifestation or 5d (what we may not see touch and hear but what we either intuit or interact with in an unseen realm i.e. internet signals). ok that is all pretty complicated I suppose and not the point of this post, but I had to throw that in there as a means for SOME kind of explanation. for more on that, check out my eBooklets because I go into greater detail in those as to the 3d and 5d variances.

but think about it. we are entering (for this lifetime) completely unchartered territory (and at the very least proven astrologically), coupled with some primal unconscious awareness that we have already “been here” before, long ago, and the OPENNESS around that time period, combined with the fact that we are in the most expansive dimensional 3d<5d (and therefore technological) space ever. HOW EXCITING. this is magic. love is magic. we are entering a love space. not because of the revelation of human detriment and behavior, but because physics. physics reveals all. human detriment and behavior are simply physics and evolutionary driven. 3d = ego and fear. 3d is where our planet was. 5d = love. 5d is where we are going. where our little spaceship is landing. as we all freak out and think the world is turning to shit when really it is NOT turning to shit. rather it is shedding. do some digging on the facts that I am not presenting in this post, if you want to get more excited about it.

as we see old concepts and detriments drop like flies, there is something replacing that void. for all that has been contrived and forced, it is now being replaced with power and sustainability. psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, physically and beyond. interesting things to watch change and “lose power” (p.s. true power never fades) are things like instagram models (honestly, I thought it was a joke the first time I heard that reference “instagram model” OMG. it literally did not register. it will never register for me. no matter how far we advance technologically. because it’s unsustainable. also I was way late to the instagram party. but to think that there are people who live their life via an electronic in pure 3d form and that’s it? with no tangible mission? — I feel very old saying all of this but it is true), fake companies built upon 3d physical appearance and suggestion only while missing actual substance and messaging (Hollywood, anyone??), unsustainable (aka unkind or unhelpful) ideas, and so forth. we might think that this is all changing or dying (and trust me, it is) because humans are “waking up” — but it is because of our position on this planet in terms of physics. forcing us to expand. into love. into magic. RIGHT AT THIS TIME.

we are starting to crave goodness. at least those of us who are making it to our planet’s next destination physically alive. because the only thing that will support physical life at our upcoming destination point through time and space is goodness. we are starting to become less comparative (i.e. wanting what others have, wanting “fame” for nothing at all, etc). we are starting to become hopeful and craving about life and ways of being that we have never experienced before because they are joyful. it’s going to actually become cool to be kind. lol. but yes, seriously. and the thing with kindness is that it can’t be faked. kindness is typically an inherent quality that one either has or does not have that can either be dulled or fostered. we are fostering it. and it will be hard to tell which came first: the acceptance of kindness (not to be mistaken with weakness) or kindness itself. but I will say kindness itself comes first. not bullshit veiled in kindness which has been everywhere. but actual kindness. because it’s what is sustainable. acceptance and excitement over kindness are the byproducts.

we’ve realized that we are no better than the person standing next to us in terms of our “success”, money, job title, heritage or otherwise. even if we aren’t acting upon that realization, we do realize it. it’s what the compression of social change and upheaval over the past decade has represented. we’ve also realized that not all energies are created equal — and it’s ok. contrast is what keeps us growing and expanding. so if we come from an environment of evil, and we are not that, it is ok because we have expanded as a result. everything is relative. we know ourselves now, and we don’t need to match other energies — while knowing that each is equally entitled to its sovereign experience, with or without us, and for better or for worse.

I say all of this because it represents my streamlined endeavors next year. this is the forecast for those endeavors. and as I have been writing about, I’ve met my tribe already. this group of people could not be any better, and per alignment with Dr. Hawkins’ book power versus force, one light of goodness is worth more than a million lights of the opposite — this is what will make my/our mission possible. somewhat strong in numbers, but strongest in love and truth and hence the power of those qualities. no bots needed for this mission.

next Friday on 12.22, I am doing something that people have been asking me to do for years. and now just happens to be the right time to do it. I will be entertaining a large gathering of my tribe slash holiday party slash coming out party that someone is throwing/hosting for me (and this tribe). I met this person via my work and we will introduce our coming together at a later time. I realize that not all one or two thousand people I’ve worked with over the last decade will be there in person, but they will be there in spirit. some folks don’t live in the city. some folks will be away for the holidays. I also did not send out a mass email blast for this gathering. and I invited a handful of outliers who are not former patients but whom I feel are part of this tribe and the bigger picture. and on account of the fact that the physical space for the party will probably hold 200 max, it’s worked out perfectly! if you have not followed my social media pages regarding this event and want to come, please send me an email (only if we have worked together, please). I want everyone I have worked with to feel included. and there will be more (many more) events to come in 2018. I am currently assembling things like my board of directors, industry champions and many prongs and legs to a business which our human condition is ready to receive — a ministry of sorts, without the church, and with the sustainability to match it. by attraction not promotion. but we will make our presence known. here I go again with my cryptic descriptions. if you’re on board, you get the point and it needs no explaining. I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU ALL.

tomorrow (or tonight, depending on how you want to look at it!), we have a new moon on 12.18.17 at 1:30am EST. on Tuesday, 12.19.17, Saturn moves into my sign of Capricorn (YAHOOOOO!!!) for the next 2.5 years. on Thursday 12.21.17 at 11:28am EST, we have our winter solstice. and on Friday 12.22.17, Mercury leaves retrograde — and my coming out party slash holiday party happens! that’s a lot of stuff this week. for me, this week is a personal turning point and transition into a brand new way of life. this very weekend, I quit the yoga studio that I have been going to for nearly a decade (still 100% a hot yoga fanatic though! just a matter of geographical logistics now). I’ll leave out the details as to why (some of you will laugh because you already know), but this is part of the imminent change ahead. with great change also includes a total shift in meridian lines — this might include or be as simple as the physical way that we travel to work or travel home from work. or it can mean an actual move of residence. but meridian lines must be changed to accompany great change. sometimes things are just supposed to end. if we want to foster or encourage change, we might end something “just because” we want to switch things up. and, it’s like a workout — the body will adapt to a workout to the point where it no longer changes or improves because the meridian lines of said workout are so ingrained. it’s that way with all physical activity, flow, and relationships with people. we might ask ourselves where we are too ingrained, where we might switch things up so as to see clearer opportunities for growth and purpose. and if we don’t like where we are, in any sense, we are not a tree — we can MOVE. I’ve found myself at times like the elephant chained to the tree during its first year of life only to have the chain removed but still acting like the chain is there. it’s important to realize there is no chain anywhere.

for those of you with businesses that you are happy with, and mean something to you on a soul level, but which maybe have not done so well in the past (back when we valued bullshit like fake products and people in the press), know that that is changing and maybe it’s time to give your business another shot. a new look. a new release. because it is YOUR time. it is time for all that is REAL. all that is TRUTH. even if you sell fucking pens but you believe in those pens because they mean something very specific to you that resonates on a sustainable or loving level. go out and sell those pens and I bet you do GREAT now. I know I keep repeating myself, but it is so important that we realize what kind of a time we are stepping into right now — the cusp of magic, because love = magic. if you come from love, if you are love, and if love is your true core spore of origin, I promise that you will not fail now.


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your hard times are the best thing that can happen to you and here is why

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

everyone wants to be part of our good times. everyone — good, bad and ugly. but because the good times are so sunny, it can be hard to know who is who, and what is what — i.e. who is the good, bad and ugly? and that can be a problem — because it is during our cloudy days/hard times that we most want or need the right people by our side.

for example, before I came out of the closet with my healing practice, I was in a (yet another) hardest time of my life. I had no money for my phone bill, I ate bread for week clips at a time, and I exhausted myself walking around different neighborhoods dropping my resume and photo off at every residence begging for work. I felt shameful and humiliated that a privileged person like me was in that position. this went on, on and off, for about 2 years. clearly, the Universe wanted me doing one thing and one thing only. and that is a long, true, and fact-driven reality with an amusing array of documents of supporting evidence that some people find hard to believe. anyhow, I was at yet another rock bottom. another low. I remember thinking “I am being forced so low so that when I rebound, I can tell my story and it will help others”. even in the lowly lows of my then-state, I knew I was going to come out of it. I just didn’t know how or when. it was for sure, an initiation. but it was super hard times. and if there is one thing I have learned about hard times in my life, it is that the people who are NOT supposed to be in your life will reveal themselves loud and clear — during hard times. this is a great thing. here is why.

the first great thing about having hard times is that you then see who you are carrying aroundthe dead weightduring the sunny days of your life. the sunny days of your life are important, because those are the refueling days. those are the days in which your plants grow and things blossom and bloom and you gather enough energy to make it through (imminent — let’s face it!) hard times. but if we are carrying around dead weight during the sunny days (and we don’t realize it), we have less reserve for the cloudy and stormy days (when the cockroaches scatter anyhow).

when shit hit the fan for me years back, almost every single person in my life who was supposed to support or love me not only abandoned me, but actually went in for the kill. by “went in for the kill”, I mean they saw their opportunity to crush me while I was down. at the time I did not understand it, and now I do. it’s what weak people do (either consciously OR unconsciously) when they see an opportunity to draw blood/energy that they want, can’t get and won’t ever have. I already wrote about this in my eBooklet 1. for example, a “best friend” told me on one of my lowest days of all time that I was a horrible friend because I wouldn’t make time to visit her out of state (I couldn’t even afford to take the metro, mind you). and to boot while she knew exactly of my dire logistical, emotional and spiritual situation and sat back with her million dollar bank account, never once offered to help. she wasn’t the only one, but she was definitely the meanest and most selfish. one of the ones who “went in for the kill”. meanwhile, I had a brand new friend. her name is Jennifer Santaniello and she is credited with taking my photos on much of this blog. Jennifer is someone who I actually met via my healing practice around 2011 when I “came out”, right in the midst of said hardest time. this brand new friend, without even knowing me for more than a day, and someone who came to ME for help, surprised me during my hard time not only with covering my phone bill etc but sending groceries to my house. we are friends to this day and she never once asked me for anything. she has seen my practice and life sky-rocket to where they are now, and I hold her dear to my heart because she not only always believed in me, but she supported me when it was super cloudy out. she was there rain or shine. my value was still the same to her. it was during that one particular hard time that I got to see what true friendship (and, frankly, love) looks like. Jennifer helped show me the duality of friendship and love that was in my life during that time, and never once did she turn around and make it conditional (which can often be the case when someone “offers” us something — a lesson which I later learned two final hard times). it wasn’t even her monetary offering, but rather her emotional support that I needed more than anything in the world. emotional support can change EVERYTHING for us. then there were others who either sat idly by during the above time, simultaneously shaming me to the point of hysterical tears over the phone as I literally entered New York City Housing Court, or turning their heads as if I should have my shit together. I’m actually understating the “went in for the kill” details on the latter others because quite frankly they are a bit too negative for this post. but you get the point.

there have been countless other good times, and countless other bad times in my life before then and since then. and in each case, it is revealed specifically, who is true and who is dead weight. for example, everyone wants to be part of a rising public career when the person is loved. but what about when the trolls and haters say otherwise? or, what about when a person is not completely public or “important” or “adored” yet, so the dead weights wait on the sidelines for that person’s “big moment” so that they can jump aboard their big float down 5th Avenue ONLY right when their sails are nice and windy? yeah. there are plenty of those. like preying mantises. and they have also revealed themselves to me already. one of the fears I recently got over was the fear of major press. as I’ve stated before, I’ve said no to a lot of things because they did not feel totally aligned with my message or timing. that was me being real, and having personal integrity. but, I have still opened myself a smidge in the past to press, and I will continue to do so at this time. during one of my “yes” moments to press, I was attacked by someone I had never met as well as by their troll following. and there was my dead weight moment of reveal of those around me: many knew of the attack and supported me anyway, posting my sunny/cloudy moment, regardless of any other opinion. those are the people who would stand on the frontlines for me because they know who I am and what I represent, even in the face of millions opposing me. but not all. and the ones who hide, or retract their support in this type of scenario, will always be fair-weathered as fuck. to EVERYONE. they have no allegiance, not even to themselves. those are the ones to watch. those are the dead weights. the ones who will glorify you to your face on the sunniest days and then stab you in your back on the cloudy ones. but the point is this: they reveal during cloudy or not sunny times.

it is during our hard times that we learn who is worth putting in the effort for during our sunniest days, so that we might then maximize our soul and Universal potential. because there will ALWAYS be cloudy days, and we can’t afford anything less than our sunniest days to help buffer the cloudy days. perhaps if we are young, we truly have not had any cloudy days (we might think we have — but just wait!). but any successful life or business will have the cloudiest days imaginable. it is during these times that we meet ourselves, and those around us, for better or for worse. our hard times are the absolute best times to hunker through and understand exactly where our energy is going — because it will shine again, and what we carry with us when the sun is shining will make all of the difference.

your hard times are the best thing that can happen to you, if you are willing to look at the entire situation and the people around it. if you are currently in a hard time and you think that any support is better than no support, perhaps think again; often when we cut a cord of “negative support” (i.e. those who “stick it out with us” during hard times, but who are really just reinforcing over and over the clouds and storms because they are addicted to punishing, controlling or dramatizing themselves), we open up the space for positive support to meet us for the first time. positive support will not only change your cloudy days, but help foster your sunny days in a way you perhaps have never seen.



Healing Elaine® Fertility Circles

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

After working with dozens of “infertile” women — women who spent six-figures and then some on IVF, women who were told that they would never carry, and women who miscarried numerous times — and seeing them through to conception and successful delivery of healthy babies, I would venture to say that I’ve nearly seen it all. Some of the cases are so particular, and so incredible as it relates to the unseen worlds, only an in-depth book about my experiences with women and fertility could do such justice. The thing is, you can’t “make yourself” get pregnant. There are psychological, emotional and human life blocks that stand in the way, no matter what science and medicine will tell you. I’ve experienced this first-hand. My success rate is nearly 100% with women who have actually chosen to become pregnant in the here and now. My success rate follows women who took EXACTLY my advice and followed my program. This is also to say that I will not tell each person what they want to hear — for example, if you are in the wrong partnership and trying to force a baby, it won’t work. You will have to leave that partnership. We can not force the hand of free-will or fate, but we can be honest about what that free-will and fate is, and deal with the TRUTH from there. If you are in a space of truth, my fertility circles are for you. If you are not in a space of truth but you are willing to be, my fertility circles are for you. If you are in alignment, true alignment with yourself (when thoughts=feelings=words=actions), there is nothing that should stand in your way of conception and delivery of a baby.

Healing Elaine Fertility Circles – A Life-Changing Conversation/Fertility Circle Event For Conscious & Spiritual Alignment

Where: A private, luxury suite in the heart of New York City / A private, luxury suite in the heart of Los Angeles

Who this is for: the bold and beautiful (of heart and soul). This event is for those who are ready to stop lying to themselves about who they are, and who the world around them is – yes, that plays a huge role in this conversation/healing event focused on fertility. This is not a light and breezy event, it will not be for the weary. Be ready to change and feel it unearthing NOW — otherwise, hit the pause button on inquiry for now. We will cover many of the nuances that are the extremely important common denominators that I teach in my one-on-ones regarding fertility.

What you will get:

A full day of unearthing and healing fertility challenges. This will be composed of a small circle of women, including support from more than one individual who “went through it” with me, start to finish. She will share her spiritual, psychological and physically tangible journey. I will also focus on each individual in terms of their specific necessary unearthing.

This will likely be the most honest, raw, unorthodox and organic time you have ever spent with other human beings. It is my greatest desire that this conversations event reflect back all that resides within you that you do not want to look at — both the cockroaches AND the personal power (never mind the “medical blocks”).

Just like my one-on-one sessions, it is very hard to articulate the nuances of the takeaways without experiencing them personally. Following the success of my one-on-ones, booking this event is a calling you will either feel 100% or none at all. A 99% feeling is 0% when it comes to my sessions or events. It is not for everyone.

A healing.

What you must do FIRST: — prior to calling 646 470 1178 to inquire about booking a spot at this event (space will be extremely limited and kept small):

Read all of my eBooklets, #1-#6. These eBs are extremely deep, personal and layered. If they do not resonate with you, this event will absolutely not either. Please note that buying and reading the eBooklets does not guarantee any booking.

Order and start reading my two one-on-one session pre req books (please do not ask me in a voicemail or online what they are — please read my entire site top to bottom, they are right there)

Upon booking, you will sign a non-disclosure agreement. This is to protect everyone’s personal privacy, energetically and otherwise, and potentially public persona during the event – you never know who will show up and what they (or you!) will want to talk about. This requires ultimate freedom and a sense of protection to access that ultimate freedom in front of others.

What do you do now?:

Read and complete the prerequisites for this event. Read my entire website and read through my blog. Then, call the business line at 646 470 1178 and leave a voicemail stating that you have done so and that you would like to book the next fertility circle – please do not leave a message with any personal information whatsoever. This event will exactly follow the booking structure of my one-on-one sessions with slightly more required reading.

Have an open heart.

Copyright Aryn Elaine / Healing Elaine, All Rights Reserved 2017.


one of my “medical miracle” cases

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

as my work becomes more public, so will emerge many of the “medical miracle” cases and testimonials about such. it means the world to me to have these testimonials shared in a public fashion because it expands our notion of what is possible with the mind-body & ethereal body connection by modern medicine standards and expectations. that is why I do this work. that is the whole enchilada. to boot, a good number of my “medical miracle” cases are coming from recognized doctors, lawyers and scientists (my point being, it is not necessarily easy or encouraged to share such personal and “alternative” accounts, given the extremely regulated, fact-based and “proven” nature of those industries).

below is a testimonial sent to me today about my work from a New York State Attorney whom I saw last December (2016). for more info, please visit and review my entire site (I am currently focused on fertility), and see my google business/review pages:

“In December 2016, I was in the midst of the bleakest emotional, financial and physical crises I had ever experienced. My bank account had been hacked a month before, I had been in an accident that basically totaled my car a few months prior to that, and I was dealing with the consequences of the end of an almost 4 year relationship. In addition, this was all happening in my last semester of law school and while I was studying to take the New York State Bar exam. As daunting as these challenges were–and they most certainly were–what was most troubling, and most poignant, was a sharp, debilitating physical pain I experienced continuously. It felt as if, someone was violently stabbing me with an ice pick, and then trying to sever my insides at the same time. This pain was chronic—I usually experienced it as an ongoing, background sense of discomfort, which heightened to a degree that was patently unbearable if I sat for more than 30 to 45 mins at a given time or stood for that long. This was understandably problematic given that in order to study for the bar exam, I needed to stay seated or standing between 10 and 13 hours everyday for 2 months. The exam itself is administered for 6 hours a day over two days. It was difficult to imagine how I was going to pass the exam when I couldn’t stay still for more than 30 mins without feeling excruciating pain, regardless of whether I stood or sat down. Mysteriously, this pain came out of nowhere: I’d never experienced anything like it before. I went to see a number of doctors to find a solution and treatment. I saw general practitioners, gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons… I racked up substantial medical debt to find a solution… but to no avail. These issues subjected me to tremendous stress, and I was borderline depressive. Why am I beginning my testimonial with this introduction? Because I was the most bitterly skeptical about my chances of improvement. I felt like I’d come to a dead end: literally. I reasoned that I was afflicted with some kind of chronic ailment that would remain with me for the rest of my life, or until I’d resolved to give it up. It seemed no matter what I did, everything in my life was worsening, and I could not appreciate any of the benefits I had. Most importantly, I start my testimonial this way because working with Elaine was the absolute last thing I would consider doing, primarily because of my skepticism and, let’s be honest, the steep cost. But you know what? Today I’m pain free, and have been since I took the decision to work with Elaine. It would seem coincidental (although now I understand it was anything but) that I had my session merely 2 weeks before I took the bar exam. Thanks to our work, the pain stopped immediately, and has since not resurfaced. I took and passed the bar exam, graduated from law school, and have accomplished much more since our session. In many ways, my experience with Elaine was nothing short of miraculous, but it was hardly a miracle. There are clear, tangible factors that have shaped the person I was and the life I lead to that point. More than anything, my work with Elaine has helped me identify these factors so I could harness them for my benefit. I am now in control of my life, and living it in ways I could hardly imagine possible a little over a year ago. I am writing this testimonial almost a year to the day that I had an accident in my car, and even I am stupefied at how much my life has changed. Whenever I forget just how much has occurred, or whether any of this happened at all, I just remember the debilitating pain I experienced, and how close to the brink I had been pushed.”

– Patrick Taqui




if you feel like you are dying this week/end, you are most likely rebirthing (yay! good!)

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

this week has held a very complicated energy. I feel and understand it in a way that can not be expressed in words, but for the sake of extending some peace and comfort to others who feel the way I do, I will try to explain it.

each of us is a sovereign being, unto ourSELF. however, because we are human, we pull in all kinds of experiences (ENERGY), past and present. experiences translate to energy because they create emotion — energy in motion. these experiences color our field — physically and astrally (think of those photos in which the energy of a body is photographed LEAVING it shortly after a physical death — this is the astral field and we all have it). like an electronic has programs on it, and requires specific signals or wavelengths to run those programs, so do we. the thing is, many of them are not inherently OURS. this is where the sovereign being notion comes in. the current time and space that is being presented on planet earth represents an OIL AND WATER SEPARATION of energy, in terms of what IS intrinsically and what is NOT because it has attached to us from the outside. an example of this could be a public figure who has no sense of self or identity, but who “wears” the energy of their fans. without that energy, that attention, they cease to exist. ALTERNATIVELY, and the exact other side of the coin example of this could be a very solid public figure who has a full sense of self or identity, but they are porous in nature and, like an electronic, catch viruses that lead to large numbers of people who want to (and do) feed off of their intrinsic solidity. in either case, here is what is happening and here is what is happening at this very moment on planet earth: ALL THAT EVER WAS IS NOW BECOMING. AND ALL THAT EVER WAS NOT, IS NOW UN-BECOMING. does this make sense? we are returning to our true source, and we are being forced to contend with that and ONLY that.

the distractions, the excuses and the bypassing has come to a screeching halt right now because it does not work anymore. this is truly great news for those of us who were lucky enough to come in with a sense of true integrity and identity, EVEN IF we have been destroyed (obliterated, even) by those close to us or even our caretakers. because like oil and water, the current climate is helping us to slough off what is NOT us. what is NOT ours. and as a result, all of us are freaking out in some way. for those of us who are shedding energy that is NOT ours, it may be a massive relief, but because we have been wearing it for so long, it has felt like home. we “know” this is a good thing to shed, but the pain of seeing it go is strong because in order for something to leave we must FEEL it. ultimately, many of us will be incredibly relieved to be able to BE the sovereign beings we came in as. others of us, who have literally been WEARING the energy of others, are going to really feel screwed. I see them scrambling for something, anything, anyone, to live in/with energetically. it is amazing, bewildering and bittersweet for me to witness. in both cases though, whether we are shedding an energy that has been feeding off of us, or whether we are shedding an energy that we have been feeding FROM, we will feel this shift. I think anyone reading this knows which case they are.

this post really lends itself to my eBooklet about the physics of karma. when I look at people and situations, I don’t have opinions — I see physics. many people have argued that “point of view” I have shared. only to later understand what I was explaining. for example. today I received an email from a BRILLIANT person who is an award winning someone. this person is incredible and working with them was one of my greatest satisfactions because of the caliber of their soul, and the intelligence of their being and quick brain. the email expressed the fact that shortly after the election, I said we had nothing to worry about. and how they understand now what I was saying. I saw it in terms of physics, not facts. facts can change like the weather. physics is…physics. I saw, with no opinion, where we are headed. and despite the fact that we may all see the very evident horror and destruction in our world/s, we are being destroyed to heal. this is not ideology, this is physics! you will see what I mean…one day, if not now.

this week in particular was really rough for many people. there was a lot of confusion, we have a full moon today, Mercury went retrograde today, and Saturn moved into Capricorn as of Friday for the next 2.5 years. combined with all of that planetary arranging, the energy moving into 2020 is 100% oil and water separation. depending on who we each are, deep inside, this is a good thing or a bad thing. but it will no doubt be hard for all of us, regardless of our point of origin or core. if you are struggling with this, I want you to know and rest easy with the fact that each of us will soon be left with WHAT WE CAME INTO OUR BIRTH EXPERIENCE WITH, AND ONLY THAT. for me, this is excellent news. I feel an excitement (despite feeling like I am giving birth to the most gigantic baby ever!) that I have not felt in many years or ever. I know what this excitement means. in a nutshell it is the tangible motion and experience of moving from 3d (the 3rd dimension — what is tactile, what I can touch or “see” in 3d — versus 5d — i.e. internet signals, what I can FEEL, how I communicate via electronics — our tiny planet is moving from 3-5 right now) into 5d. as our planet leaves its denser (and longstanding location of) 3d field, low-level energies (control, fear, greed, evil) must leave us as well. those who embody and can not / will not shed those denser energies are going to disintegrate eventually. the process of that disintegration has already begun, despite what we consider to be “true” or not or by watching the gosh damn news (please stop). those who embody higher energies will purge the 3d density (it’s happening as I type) that is not inherent to their very being. it is a very organic process and a very real and palpable process. if you feel like the experiences you are having right now internally or externally in the world are polarizing, hopefully this gives you a new context to understand what/why that might be.

our minds, bodies and ethereal fields are made in ways that we can’t ever possibly fully understand. after years and years of reading about them, I still learn more just from the work I have done with others in my practice and the life experiences I have had. but the point is, the Universe and the Universes within each of us are endless. and without providing a ton of “proof” or “evidence”, I want to be really clear in saying that it has never been a better time to be an inherently good person and be alive. if you have struggled to understand the lack of moral compass in our world, and the lack of goodness in others, and you haven’t become completely jaded by such but maybe you are just sad about it, I want you to know that the tables are turning. they have been turning. but it’s like a ship changing navigation — you set the dials for an inverted direction, and the new direction is happening, but the waves are still charging in that old direction. it doesn’t mean, however, that the waves represent what is happening behind the scenes. what is happening behind the scenes is an inversion in our reality, and truth. right now, it seems that no one knows what to believe anymore. this is a fantastic place to be in — a place where “facts” and “truth” have been obliterated beyond belief. why is it fantastic? it is fantastic because when the world around us becomes obliterated, or we do, there is the true opportunity for the truth to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. we are now stepping into a place where our CORE — our inner truth — will become our compass. not someone else’s words. not internet trolls or shitty-agenda people. but our CORE. with all of the obliteration taking place right now, we are moved closer to our core. and our core tells the truth, no matter what things “look like” around us. this is the best thing that could ever happen, as truth is undeniable. and in truth there is love.

hang on, please.