Maria’s testimonial, and her practice niche highlighting LGBTQ empowerment

Maria is such a wonderful person. we met over one year ago. she is a talented writer, she went through a fancy academic program and yet decided to forge her own path, and she has also found her voice in the healing/human service realm.

her understanding and innate ability to process “other”/aka the unseen realms was something that was loud and clear during our first session. her incredible growth as a person and being since then, and her dedication to said continued expansion, is admirable. with that said, she simultaneously gave birth to her own healing practice called Alternative Reiki.

something that Maria and I share is our resonance toward and understanding of an individual on a soul level — therefore throwing out the human boxes that our linear minds so insist upon creating in order to “categorize” others and the world around us. paradoxically, Maria and I also share the understanding that not all energy is created equal — and that, which exists far beyond the human shell, is what we must continuously discern for our own health and well-being.

I support Maria as a person, friend and colleague, and encourage anyone who resonates with her story (in the above video which details her personal “waking up” experience, and what her site offers) to reach out. below is her bio:

“Maria is a versatile and intuitive healer by birth. Although she has a wide range of specialties, she is extremely passionate about healing issues concerning identity. She loves to help people uncover, integrate and build their authentic selves.

Maria  focuses on topics of sexuality and gender. She enjoys working with those who do not identify as cis or straight, those in poly communities, and those who hold shame or guilt related to cultural or familial upbringing. Maria grew up in a conservative Chinese home that did not match who she was inside, so she experienced life in a minimized template of “passing” until she woke up and realized life’s true potential for abundance, grace and pleasure.

Maria endeavors to hold space for you and accept you as perfect, unconditionally. Her heart-centered and integrative approach addresses all facets of your life and does not reject or judge urges as inappropriate on the path towards consciousness. She brings in yogic therapies in combination with her healing for a cohesive and diverse vantage point. 

As Maria continues on her own path, she will be integrating clairvoyant readings, shamanism and oriental medicine into her practice.”