The Healing Elaine® Movement: Bridging the Gap Between Medical & Spiritual™ via multimedia

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when I began this work in an actual official capacity (no more hiding), roughly 8 years ago, I began journaling about my experiences from my very first tiny office which I rented on an hourly basis. my phone would ring off the hook during the day, and I would schedule nearly a dozen people per week at night. I would then meet with them for roughly 2-3 hours each (even in the beginning, my process was unconventional, as I was interested in more than simply “reiki-ing” someone — I wanted to help and then SEE them TRANSFORM), and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing: regular people, just like you and me, except for one thing — they were each in personal awakenings. I understand that it is and was my criteria, the content listed on my site then and now, which sent me particular individuals. with regard to their personal awakenings, I wanted to articulate what the value in our work together would be in terms of SOME kind of tangible movement, even if small. I wanted evidence. I wanted to know that what I was doing mattered. it was for this reason that I over-extended my time, both in person and from a distance. I was interested in their actual human process — beyond simple and basic psychological reasoning. I recall writing about this in my journal at night — the fact that I was absolutely stricken with bewilderment, as well as fulfillment, that nearly each and every time (session), I was catching someone who was in the middle of a classic personal awakening that they would see through; and, it didn’t matter WHY they were seeing me (cancer, death of a loved one, an unknown reason and simple curiosity, or a mystery illness) — the common denominators and processes were nearly identical. and none of them had any clue as to what was actually happening to them – at least from a more philosophical or esoteric point of view. this must have been what my soul asked for, when I committed to coming out of the closet and doing this work — extremely revelational cases, particularly as they relate to the unseen realms (now trending as “ascension!” and “woke“! and “awakening!”) one by one! I knew that there was so much more to share, beyond the actual sessions themselves, and I was curious to see how and when that would reveal itself in an appropriate media-related capacity.

at first, a number of years ago, I dialogued with tv drama creators and producers. would I be able to join their teams as a writer, contributing to their medical dramas with loosely based experiences from my sessions? I was certainly interested in the creative/metaphysical, but I did not want to taint the very real nature of what I as well as others had seen and experienced. I had a number of conversations with some really talented people, and nothing ever worked because it did not feel right. let me be clear in saying that the word “no” that comes from me has been said many times, to many glittery “opportunities” — because I am not on this earth to sell out sacred intent and purpose. I consider my work, and the experiences of others, and the byproduct of it all, to be sacred and purposeful. I was approached by several networks as well, to discuss docu series or even reality series (no thank you), and none of that felt right — even when the carrot was dangled “just so”. I said no to major public features and press and also cross promos with major celebrities that would surely build a strong social media following, because of that same thing — it — whatever “it” was — just didn’t feel right. I always had to ask myself “why”? the only benefit I could ever see that would come from being known is one thing and one thing only: HELPING PEOPLE. so as the years went by and I began to feel some creative frustration, I just kept…working. I listening to my core and knew that I was passing various unseen “tests” that one of my advisors had told me years prior I would have to pass: the test of saying “no” to “huge opportunities” in the tangible realms. I learned long ago that money/material and unsustainable things like fame/attention mean absolutely NOTHING, so this was actually not so hard. what was hard, though, was waiting for my inner green light to shine. the blinking yellow or red lights had been there for far too long in my mind. as I continued to navigate the many different wolves and cayotes in my midst, posing as sheep or opportunities, things became clearer and clearer — and the green light began to appear in the distance.

the green light is now right in front of me. I began to see how I could share my message with others who have been through what my patients have been through — shared in an expansive way, in which I didn’t feel like I needed to keep taking healing sessions with the entire general public just because I knew I could help them (in fact burnout started to become legit for me as early as last year – clearly a prep and slow-down for the now-moment). my desire to share “the message” with as many people as possible without burning myself out became super strong, and I realized that I had these hundreds of people who constantly wanted to stay in contact — how could I manage that in a positive way that would be positive for everyone? this is when the format for The Healing Elaine® Movement began to emerge…

one day, I was approached by one of my C-Suites. she wanted to “talk”. she was not the only one. suddenly at some point last year there seemed to be a lot of interest circling me and this nebulous “work” of mine. individuals, corporations, investors and so on. one thing led to another, and suddenly I decided to just start taping all of the nuanced subjects that my sessions cover — subjects that it seems so many of us are afraid to discuss in our personal or professional arenas. subjects that my former patients are not only comfortable speaking about, but now excited to speak about. I have cried with many of them, and for many of them, regarding said subjects. I looked around at these hundreds of incredible people who had passed through the eye of needle — they had been in the storm and successfully transcended it! these were and are the people who are relatable on every level. they are executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, students, and so on. they are former medical professionals who left their linear confines to perform healing work. they are former executives who threw in the towel at their corporate job to follow their joy and purpose (do you know how hard it is to do that!?). they are you and me. they are the same soul scattered in many different bodies — which you will note when watching them, as everyone seems to FEEL the same…and yes, they were chosen to work with by my intuition and nothing more. this was my first and foremost intention — to work from the inside out. and so I have received the most incredible patient base imaginable — others, who also work from the inside out. those who will take the stigma OUT of working from the inside out. and so this month a fabulous friend and former patient was gracious enough to host a couple of meetings and conversations on behalf of my expansion…and then recently the taping of an incredible teaser intro to what will be shared…The Healing Elaine® Movement.

each of the people seen in the upcoming teaser series (a social media montage of numerous quotes and experiences) that will define and present a soon-to-come larger media-accessible picture are all former patients of mine. they have responded to my blog posts, and shown ongoing support for the very thing they themselves have seen through — personal awakening and transitions. The Healing Elaine® Movement will be comprised of a social media teaser set (to be announced and seen over the next few weeks and months), accompanied by a docu-series for which I am currently in pre-production. The Healing Elaine® Movement will SHOW versus tell. The Healing Elaine® Movement that is my work, that is my life experience and the life experiences of others, is unrivaled with authenticity. it is raw. The Healing Elaine® Movement, start to finish, will serve to assist and inspire others going through relative experiences, from the barrels of each soul who stands stronger because it has transcended that which can only be transcended from the inside out. if you are going through something that you feel has no language, no adequate words to express emotionally, and no place in your work or home for discussion, stay tuned to The Healing Elaine® Movement.

here are some clips from our master teaser


this weekend’s *Spring Solstice Pop Up*, general updates, and Healing Elaine® Movement details

photo by Anita Saini

I’ve taken most of March to work on projects and collaborations, not sessions. part of my “test” is always knowing when I can work/perform healing/advisory sessions, and when I can not. the test comes with knowing my energy levels beyond just feeling “great”. for example, sometimes I am in a period in which my sensitivities & intuition are ramping up — when in this period, I might feel great, but perhaps I should not be working as I integrate a new awareness both in and around me. last week, several people I have already worked with last year in my long/traditional sessions reached out for my ongoing pop up/abbreviated services. one of them I tried to schedule, and literally fell ill in the midst of such, per my recent post. the next person I scheduled for a pop up and actually saw, well, I fell to the floor when she walked into my space. the sensitivity that I had is not personal to her — I love her. she is wonderful on every level. yet, I was shown how sensitive I am becoming…again. I seem to go through these cycles every few months, and then realize that truly, my sessions expand and grow with intuitive information and unseen energy that moves through my physical body. I suppose that it is like growing a stronger muscle after a tear. during the session in/after which I fell to the floor, well I made it through just fine — we had a great session and follow-up. but I did need days of downtime and recovery as my field mimicked that patient’s state for longer than I’ve experienced in the past. and I’ve been waiting to feel “ready” to schedule a pop up session or two again, especially since there are scores of calls I have yet to touch. with that said, I am ready, and I have decided to announce my specific Spring Solstice Pop Up this weekend only. if you have already reached out and not heard back, please feel free to call again and leave a message stating that you are interested specifically in this weekend’s Spring Solstice Pop Up. call 818 253 9690. I will be scheduling a few sessions only for this event. beyond this weekend, please note my services section which are ongoing, pending availability. Happy Spring Solstice from snowy New York City!

now for the general updates. as I said above, I am getting more sensitive, as if that is even possible. during these times, I find myself needing 12 hours of sleep per night on a more regular basis. I read somewhere plus here that Einstein needed 10 hours minimum per night, and now I feel less weird. there are those like Tesla who only needed several hours per night…I wish! I am finding new footing these days, as I integrate pieces of my life that I left on hold about 10 years ago. that would be my social life, creative self-expression, and other aspects that just could not be part of my focus during the last decade. I’ve been on quite the mission. the integration is interesting for me, cognitively and physically and otherwise. I wrote a bit about it in my new moon post from last week. I am in another marked personal metamorphosis. I notice also, that I care less and less about who in the public sphere knows who I am and what I do — I had a fear of that for some time. saying yes to press of any sort has been super difficult for me. perhaps a paradox, I have craved sharing my experiences while shrouding myself in privacy. one of my deepest fears has been being public. I recall nearly a decade ago, leaving ABC studios after filming my soap opera scenes and seeing soap fans outside waiting for autographs of the actual stars like Susan Lucci, and I recall coiling into a ball inside and waiting until everyone was gone. I felt like I didn’t deserve any kind of attention, and I didn’t want it focused on me. this is probably one of the reasons I never signed with an acting agent and auditioned a total of maybe 3 times in my life. I couldn’t think of a worse thing than “publicly known” to be at times, in the past, especially after working with some very public people through my private practice and seeing their byproduct challenges of fame. with all of this said, my fear surrounding the above is actively lessening, which only means that it is time to take the actions that support or make friends with visibility. last week I was with a friend who has been a press and page six favorite for some time. I typically won’t meet friends or patients of this variety in public (especially since social media advances circa 2008), as silly as that may sound. it has been due to my fear of being public and being misconstrued, or whatever. I realized during my time with this friend, how strong a past life remembrance came through for me in terms of being pursued through a lens, and a disheartened feeling associated with such. I suppose I should do some past life or hypnosis work on myself, though these things tend to work themselves out during my dream state or upon waking — or during my actual psychotherapy sessions (one of my focuses, from the beginning of my personal psychotherapy, has been getting more comfortable with attention focused upon me). anyhow, I’m letting some new things in and letting some old things go. and as I let new things in and old things go, I typically have to hit the pause session on sessions (outside of the ones I am engaged in on retainer or an ongoing basis which is nearly ALWAYS) to become a fantastic cohesive energy once again!

as an extension of the general updates is the Healing Elaine® Movement. last week, I had a second dinner/event hosted by a lovely former patient and friend of mine at her downtown pad. per my previous blog post, I am including (as of now only former) patients in a project which aims to broaden the conversation, and ease the discomfort around discussing personal awakening and the association/corporate stigma that is attached to such a notion. part of my movement will not only bridge the gap between medical & spiritual™, but it will bridge the gap between our individual and collective inner worlds. as 95% of my patient base is of the standard 9-5 corporate variety, many whom actually make the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, this is the perfect group within which to begin dialogues that are designed to engage people (and mainstream) versus scare them. as I continue to flush out the details of my event last week, I will create a page specifically for the Healing Elaine® Movement. this page will also serve as the call to action (CTA) for anything social media related. social media will play a large role in this. at the end of the day, many of us simply want to feel connected. we want to feel normalized with our inner world and inner thoughts, and we want to feel a common denominator that runs deeper than a happy hour with our colleagues. I can’t think of a better group of people, than my entire patient base, which I have cultivated so earnestly and carefully, over this past decade, to express their individual and collective common denominators in a way that speaks to the masses. there is a way to do this and we are doing it. if you are a former patient reading this, please leave a voicemail on the business line 646 470 1178 stating that you are interested in participating in the Healing Elaine® Movement. I will give you details. please be patient if I do not call you back right away. also, I expect we will roll out the first tier of this movement within the next month, so that those of you whom I have seen in the past can generate a better idea of what participation looks like. I received a number of messages last week from people who peeped my instagram page and were sad they missed the event — please know that everyone is invited and included (especially you, Leslie and Maryanne, Hannah and Emily etc! you all know who you all are! there are so many of you and I love you!)! I am taking about a dozen or so people at a time for this, and cultivating synergistic groups at specific times so that everyone feels good. we will have our next event also, within the next month, and I will post about that too, soonest.

if you are reading this and feel a connection to my Pop Up this weekend, general updates or Healing Elaine® Movement, I am excited to connect with you too!


fact: those who do not have inner peace will be triggered by yours

photo by Babita Patel

fact: those who do not have inner peace will be triggered by yours — carry on anyhow.

if you write about [it] peace and how you got it, or how you suggest others can get it, you will be trolled. questioned. people will spend a lot of time trying to explain to you how/why you are wrong. and what they are doing, during that time of energy expenditure, is actually desperately seeking inner peace. so realize that none of this is personal (I highly recommend the book The Four Agreements to expand upon not taking things personally). those who have not yet fought the good fight and won, will not understand. until they understand.

chances are, if you have inner peace (often the result of many inner deaths of self), you won’t be bothered by what others think or say. but in this age of tech insanity, full of bots and trolls, you might be tempted to engage. don’t. it’s an unconscious ploy of another being (or device) to absorb your peace. the smallest amount of food (your peace, by virtue of your engagement in naysayer negativity) will actually inappropriately sustain another person, because true peace is so rich in nature.

I used to be really tempted to give away my inner peace. for a whole host of reasons that I will not write about here (for more on that, there are countless articles about those reasons throughout my blog). I felt like if I had “more” of something, that I had to level it out (either via explanation, or free counseling) to be even with whomever was in the same room (or psychic space) as me. I learned that this is not only not true, but it helps no one when I am not full-on with my own energy.

if you are actively moving into a space of inner peace, you might be tempted to try to “give yours away” to those who are triggered by your state and do not understand it. this is because they don’t know, that they don’t understand it, consciously. what they see is someone who “has it easy”, not daring to look underneath the hood of the car. this peace is infuriating to someone who unconsciously knows that they can look under the hood of their own car, but will not do so. they are triggered by the glaring truth that your state reminds them of is possible. unconsciously, others know that the work is really hard, and so they do not want to do it. until that recognition moves into consciousness for a person, anyone who reflects what is possible for them also, will be triggered. and you will need to carry on, no matter how tempting the engagement. and there will always be opportunities and temptation for engagement.

you earned your inner peace. carry on with that big orange flag — so that those who are ready to do the same will have the temporary permission that they need.


New Moon: Mar 17, 2018, 9:11 am EST — The Wounded Healer by Healing Elaine®

photo by Pia Oyarzun, @MadeInWater

I felt the energy of this new moon building all week long, in my subconscious. the strongest part of me that it is impacting is my SUBconsicous self. I don’t often write about that part of the self (mind) as I do the UNconscious and conscious parts. that is because the SUB is the less extreme version of the two other parts (polarities) and I most enjoy examining polarities.

that said, the SUB self is equally interesting, and equally important. it is the part of self that is just within reach…if we could only loosen up the UN and connect it to the CONSCIOUS! anyhow, I must have shaken something up early week as I felt the UN really loosening some nuts and bolts. these are the parts of the self that are so deeply hidden and ingrained that we literally do not see or experience them. when they finally come up for review/conclusion/transmutation, it can feel like a treacherous inner journey. we might feel overly tired, extremely vulnerable (even physically) and very sensitive to others around us (whether we know them or not). I felt as if a part of my SUB self presented in a way that I have never seen, as the conscious made it safe for the UN to reveal to the SUB. there was almost a harshness, not in thought or decision-making, but in the energy that moves through me that seemed to want to soften. none of this comes from the intellectual or cognitive mind by the way, but rather via the actual energetic field — by way of the UNconscious storing and hiding old tools (that may not be necessary at some point in the future). so I began to notice something — a feeling with no preceding thought — take the form of an energy and start leaving my body. the only image I can present is a rusty tool that looked outworn and was no longer needed. in its place was a softness that part of my being must have been longing for, and an additional vantage point from a conscious angle that my mind and entire being were thirsty for.

I noticed things in others around me that I have held within myself, that I no longer want. these are not things I was conscious of, and they were/are not necessarily even behaviors or words. they are simply energies. UNconscious tools that I needed for long parts of my journey that do not serve such any longer. it felt really good to see things in others that I did not want, but the only reason I could recognize not wanting them is because they lived within ME. this felt slightly revelational, and surprising.

all of this makes sense to me, considering I found out the other day that this new moon is about the “wounded healer” within each of us, and aspects of the self that we do/did not want to see. for those of us who consider ourselves conscious, or for those of us who can “see” a lot of the world from extrasensory angles (or highly analytical angles) that is not common for the average person, this moon might feel different. for me, I am shedding a layer of energy that protected me. clearly I don’t need that protection anymore, and it is cool to see it fall off. personal energy, of course, is formed via our experiences and different parts of the mind. this energy then becomes part of our astral field, and it is the first field that people respond to when they see us for the first time (hence, more so than responding to who we are and what we look like). we might have many strands of energy in that field, creating many different perceptions of us depending upon whose eyes (or fields) connect to us.

as I feel this astral energy in me shift, explained in the above experience, I am learning not only a new lesson about myself/business/life, but I am excited to see what physical shifts and manifestations occur as a result. it feels like a kind and warm heartbeat from the Universe, letting me know that I am taken care of in a new way now.

this moon will likely present to us mirrors as reflected by those around us. instead of judging the person we are experiencing or interacting with, perhaps we can simply FEEL into what pieces of us are loosening as they have expire.


recently I had to do something that I have never done before (with my work)

photo by Anita Saini

energy seeks all of us. all of the time. it is how signals connect from one cell phone to the next. from one lap top to the next. and way, way beyond handheld devices. humans have the same ability and metaphoric infrastructure to transmute and receive signals. we are the sum total of our experiences, especially those locked away in cavities of the mind, body, and soul. those experiences host signals of others. and so on… think of the human body and astral field (or the electromagnetic field around the human) like a cell phone tower or server. there is so much that we do not know, understand, or even want to entertain in this regard — and this is why we get sick, can not let go of patterning, etc.

at any rate, I have been acutely aware of the above since my first breath. many of the mechanics and much understanding of how I perceived the world in this acute way was forcibly shut down (through trauma, chaos and abuse) from the beginning, so it took nearly into my late 20s to begin processing. this was after a bunch of self-help, some therapy, and LOTS of reading. one of the first books I came across during this time was power versus force. it was and is helpful, but I was hungry for so much more. I am still hungry for more. because I experience more than I can find in writing out there. so, I write for those who feel the same. and THIS…is naturally how I began practicing my healing work. THIS…is why it became so successful, so quickly. for those who were open, only because they had tried everything else, my understanding of them and metaphors ^ were game-changers.

to support what I am saying is something that happened to me this weekend. if you have not read about what happens to me before a session, please check it out. it will give you a very basic understanding of what my body, mind and spirit process before I see and help someone. well this weekend, there was a first. I am aware of the fact that some people or “healers” think there is a way to “block” what I am describing. I won’t argue, I will just say that no, no there is not, not for the way I process with and for others. at any rate, there is someone I really like as a person — a past patient. I worked with them once before. there was a lot to work with and move, and they had a very good experience with me — hence reaching out a year later with some new life challenges. some people simply have more than others. I understand that I am typically a last resort for most, even past patients who decide to try to see me a second time. this is because 1) I don’t just do a 60minute in-and-out session 2) I charge for my time, and beyond an hour is a lot for most people. in fact, working in under 90minutes is almost unheard of for me, whether it is an abbreviated session or not. this past patient was scheduled to see me, and like clockwork, the night before my entire body became enveloped with their situation. keep in mind, to this moment I do not know (from their mouth or writing) what their situation is — but my body knows. and if I were to translate such, I would articulate it word for word — in the session. it’s like a flow that comes through the top of my head and pursues my entire body. this is no different from two cell phones sending signals or downloads to one another. this is what my human body goes through when I engage with others, but it is pronounced times one thousand when I work with someone.

the night before the scheduled session with my former patient, I had a feeling, somehow, that I would not make it through the next day and see this patient. I was committed though, as I always am, 100%. I handed it over to the Universe and knew I would be guided either way. to be quite frank, I have not worked in a while, and I was looking forward to it. in the middle of the night, like always, my body began to absorb ALL kinds of things/information. my body gets invaded for ANY session, by the way, so this is not unusual. anyhow, as morning broke, my throat was swollen to a pulp and my eye was equally swollen. my body was screaming at me that, for whatever reason, I HAD to cancel and try to reschedule. do you know that I have never done that before? first, I don’t think I have ever done it ever with anyone, but definitely not the day of. also, if we are just being business-minded here, forgoing a large sum of money is not the goal. but as humans, we must come first and never do “business”, especially not when we are working with intangible realms. and so as my body screamed, as it communicates information to me in this way always, it made sure I would cancel and try to reschedule. which is what I did. I knew that as soon as I did such, the physical symptoms I had would lesson. and they did. not totally, as I am still carrying something for that person whom I like and really wanted to work with, and likely I am transmuting a bunch of stuff already.

my point is, energy is seeking us — CONSTANTLY. in my work, I know how it seeks me. it has done this since session ONE. it is how I developed 100% faith in my work and have never been off in my assessments — because this comes from a place beyond me. it is, in its own way, fact. energy seeks me not only via my work, but via my daily interactions — as it does EACH of us. not everyone might be as sensitive or attuned as I am, but I ask you to consider listening to your body. listen to your body when you feel you are being rejected — consider that you might actually be getting protected. listen to your body when things don’t go as planned, or your entire day folds. trust that which you can not see, because that is what is running the show. things are often being reordered in our favor and in the favor of others, and there is great reward in that trust, if we can manage it.

back when I could not eat or keep my lights on, I got many calls for session work. this is around the time I said to the Universe “ok fine, I will be that weird person who people might make fun of or criticize for doing ‘healing work'”! healing or “Reiki” was certainly NOT trending and so people didn’t really get it (they never get it until mainstream news and society says its “ok!”), and I was nervous about doing everything right so that I was not potentially further ostracized if I got it wrong. also, from a soul level, I knew that this was more than a business. this was the business of souls. so when I got many calls and was not eating or paying rent, I still did not follow through with many of the calls. my mind, obviously wanted to rebound from where I was at logistically. but I was being tested. tested to see whether I would take the bait, doing the kind of work that really does not exist in the realm of business. yes, I treat it like a business, and with as many boundaries as I can — but when it comes to working with someone at the wrong time, or working with a person I know that for some reason I am being told not to work with (they may be perfectly wonderful and kind, by the way), I can not violate that. I will not violate that. I have been offered huge, huge things — bait, I call it, from the Universe — that would tempt the average person. of course, they all boil down to perceived monetary gain or temporary ego satisfaction. and I say no. repeatedly. it is why my process is what it is, outlined in my About and Public Figures sections — I don’t care who someone is, or what they “offer” me. this healing work is no joke. my health, my sanity, and my peace of mind are irreplaceable…

growing up, peace of mind was nowhere in sight. it was a daily struggle just to keep it together. I experienced unconscionable emotional, psychological and physical desecration. I finally began to process a lot of this in my late 20s, and I found actual peace in my early 30s. FINALLY. once I found that, there was nothing like it. sitting in housing court (multiple times), having no food, I found myself smiling — because I was SO HAPPY. inside. and I would NEVER trade that for anything, not for a day, not for a trillion dollars. I consider that tough stretch of times in my life a right of passage that I had to go through, in order to test my temptation with the things like money or status that would come with the work I would do later. and I know I passed. and even though I was looking forward to working with someone who I like this weekend, and by all outside appearances wanted to work with, I must trust that thing that I always trust — that thing that is bigger than me. that energy that weaves through my body, and engulfs the deadened circumstances and darkness of someone who wants and chooses to hand it over me to help heal and shift. that energy that either works with me, or lets me know that I am crossing the line and to check back later. or, not at all.

there will always be a first with my work. for anyone who has ever called me and not heard back (typically I need a month to go through all voicemails, so I have a tendency to call someone back many weeks later due to call volume), I want you to understand that these are not strictly logical decisions that I am making about my work. it is so far beyond that. I have also your best interest in mind, and maybe I am not your person. in addition, I suggest to you to listen to your core, as best you can. one of the best starting points, if you are interested, is renowned medical intuitive Dr. Caroline Myss. I discovered her in my early 20s. she is no bullshit. she has excellent books on tape. she will certainly not teach you how to be a healer. no one can do that. but she will help you realize not only are you not crazy, but there is a power greater than you and yes it does relate to your body, mind and spirit. this is the power I listen to and honor every single day of my life. and sometimes, as a result, I make a decision I have never made before.


why your business is really failing: from a real-time intuitive vantage point

photo by Babita Patel

my work continues to evolve. in a nutshell: I see truth. period. when I treat serious medical cases, with someone who has visited many doctors on the planet with no successful outcome, I don’t see or feel opinions — I see and feel something that comes from beyond that, and something that I would call truth. let me explain exactly how and why it is different from OPINION:

first of all, my requirement for working with others is clear and simple: I do not want to know anything about them before meeting them. I do not want to know their full name, what they do for work, where they are from, why they are reaching out to me, or any other details that would interfere with the fact that I am human and have a discerning ego like everyone else. this requirement allows me to feel what IS, not what I THINK IS. when I work with public figures, I mandate that they do not leave me a message with their real/full name. I am working with their energy and being, not their trending image. this helps to keep any potential opinion at bay.

second of all, I generally don’t have opinions about people — I feel truth about them, if that makes any sense. it did NOT serve me well as a child. if I could have changed what I saw, I would have. but I couldn’t. in addition, with where I come from inside of myself, I still think the BEST of others first (a byproduct of my being, not my intuition). I learn over — and over — and over again, that where my being comes from is not reality. I have walked a tightrope in life, often overlooking many ugly truths — even in my private holistic practice. letting some of the wrong people in. I have, as a byproduct of difficult personal experiences, learned more than ever how to experience truth versus any wishful thinking or otherwise OPINION.

truth versus opinion: truth = gut knowing. opinion = experience. the two are NOT THE SAME THING.

so to my original post point: when I enter businesses of any sort, I see IMMEDIATELY what is working or not working, and why. this boils down FIRST to one thing, and one thing only, that seems to evade the general human population’s understanding: individual human energy. it is absolutely true that one rotten apple can dismantle an entire company. an entire production. an entire office space. while “higher” and more positive frequencies absolutely transmute thousands of lower frequencies, the fact is that in smaller companies especially, the spore of a defunct energy/person can not only infiltrate otherwise well-meaning and hardworking individuals, but it can destroy the entire business.

the second thing a failing business boils down to is UNCONSCIOUS wounds in the higher-ups. especially in men. women are more open, are more likely to attend therapy, and more easily made vulnerable. men, not so much. it takes a special character to become vulnerable and run an operation by power versus force. when we have unconscious wounds that we cover up by blaming others, our business suffers. if we are repeating the same pattern over and over and over again and we keep firing and hiring people, we are the problem. no amount of trending life coaching or group seminars can fix this.

so there it is: 2 strong reasons your business is failing. 1) the individual energy of the people you have working for you 2) your unconscious wounding. so, what to do about it? that is an egg you will have to crack at your own speed, as your situation starts to override your ego. as for me, where my work has emerged is within the CEO or small executive team dynamic. I started treating C-suites, and then I was asked to treat their closest circles to enable team efficacy. my model of working on a strictly individual basis has shifted a bit, but still only on a limited case by case basis. it is exciting though, because to see a large company (especially one that contributes positively to society) do well and know that I can tangibly help support that holds endless possibilities as we collectively move from “fact” to “flow” (my words). and again, when it comes to working with large companies, obviously C-suites are the first who have either something to actually lose or actually gain within their infrastructure. everyone else is pretty much just along for the ride, or waiting to C-level their own enterprise one day.

I want to share with you what I see in some random and mixed examples as far as how energy travels in company dynamics. 1) designer label clothing stores. what actually inspired my T.E.P. program is the following: one day I was walking past a clothing store of a designer variety. everything in my mind wanted to enter that store; everything in my body wanted to run from it. it was a store I had been in several times in years prior, and I saw the SAME people working there, still. this brand has a lot of money, so it can afford to pay for basically empty retail space where hardly any sales are made (as the CEO/shareholders are too removed to truly know why they are losing thousands per month, and possibly close to 7+ figures per year). not only is it empty of client traffic, but the feeling I have each time I walk by — to this day — is dark and dismal. there is no doubt a low energy in there (please read other parts of my blog to support understanding what low energy is), sucking away at energy that would otherwise be bringing in revenue. there is a cloudy troll, somewhere in that store location, eating up something that does not belong to them. sitting at a computer waiting for the day to end, so that they can collect their check. with employee participants around them, doing the same (I guess some brands do not offer commission). so I don’t go in. there is another store, of a similar style, also high-end designer, just 2 blocks north of the one I just described. for a year, I had the same feeling about THAT STORE — I would not go in. however one day last year, something in my body felt like it wanted to be in there. I walked in and whatever had been preventing me from being in there the year prior was gone. I immediately asked the staff: did you just fire someone who had been here for quite some time? they were bowled over not only with shock, but relief. they didn’t say much aside from confirming that my feeling was correct, but I could tell that whoever was no longer there was a real drain on sales. these people cost businesses unconscionable amounts of money! needless to say, they earned my new business, because I no longer picked up on something that turned my core away — despite their beautiful ad campaigns. 2) a fortune 500 financial sales institution: let’s just say that not only have I worked at a couple (over 10 years ago), but I have advised some of them — from an intuitive perspective. I recall one in particular, which felt almost like an Italian restaurant cover — you know, when restaurants are a front for…something else. anyhow, I walked into this place and immediately felt that the director of the main department was…corrupt or off. his mouth said one thing, and his energy said another. I knew that the CEO had no idea, because they had worked together for so long. this director reminded me of a bartender at an off-the-books bar — who pocketed most of the cash without ringing up drinks. it took me some time to understand what he was actually doing — which was actually not really my concern — but most importantly why…so that he could be shifted around within the company or eliminated from it altogether in order to benefit the bottom line. within the why explained how he was able to fly beneath the radar for so long, and who he had taken with him (he was running a full bottom-to-top system). he was ultimately demoted (not fired, likely there were lawsuit or other concerns), and the company seemed to rebound. in these set-ups, there is often so much money floating around that no one notices or cares — until it ultimately (and that can take some time!) makes it to the top of the food chain — to the CEO. the CEO is the one who will ultimately feel the burn monetarily, but on the way to that is the energetic burn that co-workers and general employees feel as they go to work each day — it is not a happy place when something like this is so off, but no one can pinpoint it. ultimately those with above-board energy and pure being will leave — creating the decline in overall business. 3) a wellness venue I used to go to: this venue I was a member at for nearly 10 years. in the last year or so of time, something changed — they hired some horrid, God-awful energy. immediately, within months, sales went down. I watched it right in front of my eyes. people disappeared from the venue. staff confided in me that the person they had brought it was a black hole of toxicity. the overseers of this business/venue could not hear or see beyond “logic” to fix this. I could not bear to walk in there any longer, despite having loved the program that the venue was offering. I dropped my ongoing membership which cost them thousands per year, in nearly passive revenue. other members did the same. the wrong person in your office, store or boardroom can and will cost you thousands, millions, or trillions of dollars — because it is costing your staff peace of mind.

when I am hired to perform my T.E.P. services, I will give the C-suite full disclosure on who and what is driving or killing their business. and let me be so super clear here: it is ALWAYS a person. it is NEVER a marketing strategy, labeling, branding, or something tangible. it is ALWAYS a human being. clearly, what is driving or killing a business is not always obvious to everyone. often, it is not obvious to MOST people. heavy and bottom-feeding energy can and does hide in plain sight (and this is where I come in). a heavy or bottom-feeding energy that is killing your business, will ALWAYS pair either with YOUR, or your subordinates’, unconscious wounding that is engaging this dance for a reason. because we are human. this is what we do. until we don’t do it anymore — until our business is suffering, and we can not figure out why, and now we are willing to.


VULNERABILITY: a quality that the world’s most successful people have in common

photo by Anita Saini

success: call it whatever you want. to me, it means two things: 1) INNER PEACE. the ability to sleep peacefully at night, wake up feeling peaceful (even in the midst of raging stress — what I am referring to though is a deep INTERNAL peace despite whatever is happening outside of the self, and there will always be something happening). 2) ABUNDANCE. this is not always monetary, or at least NOT AT FIRST. for example, when I was in housing court and wondering how to eat, before coming out of the closet with my healing practice, I felt SO ABUNDANT. it is tied to inner peace. this felt successful to me, even though I paradoxically felt like a failure because society says that what matters is on paper success. I knew otherwise, though. inner peace and abundance (internal) OFTEN eventually translate to “money”. money is just energy, as nearly ALL monetarily successful people know. anyhow, I digress slightly, but will be writing in more depth on money and vulnerability. for now:

VULNERABILITY. for many reasons, it is the #1 thing people have so much trouble with. if you are one of these people, listen up: I do have the honor of working with some of the world’s most successful people spanning all industries. no, I don’t take selfies with them or give their names to thirsty press or do any of that because none of it matters. I’m not helping people by trending. I will be helping people by having what I have to say, trending, though. so just because you don’t see certain people that society tells you to look up to associated with me, does not mean they are not behind the scenes integrating the gold that is the concept of ENERGY. I say this to help those of you out there who are curious about whether your approach to “success” resonates with what I say here, and also to encourage you if you need it by referring to these successful people ^. anyhow, I can tell you firsthand — spanning ALL industries — that one key thing I see in the most successful people on our planet (for the sake of this post) is that they 1) have inner peace (achieved through self work!) and 2) abundance (achieved through both 1), as well as alignment which translates to dollar signs eventually). when we see abundance that has translated from the ethereal or energetic realms into dollar signs (or whatever currency is applicable), we don’t see the PROCESS. I will promise you right here and now that the key to that process, or the process ITSELF rather, is VULNERABILITY. think on that for a moment.

for example. when I work with these folks, they are much different from the average Jane or Joe. they are not guarded about their flaws, their past difficulties, or other things that make them feel insecure. they allow it to be visible with me. I’m not sure this is a skill that is acquired, but more of an innate quality. however it does not mean that it can not come to fruition, because I believe that many people are intrinsically open to vulnerability but HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO BE OTHERWISE. this post is for all of you people who resonate with that.

another long post will come re: vulnerability and the power of such, which is the KEY to healing. period. never in my experience has it come in any other way. but consider this: as scary as your vulnerabilities are — which always stem from self-judgement and embarrassment over simply being human — try to let one of them out today. try to bring it to light, to surface, with someone. a stranger, a friend, a family member, or a coworker. open up. risk judgement. then see what happens — an opening door, of some sort, related OR NOT related to said particular vulnerability, will appear.