Healing Elaine® fall 2018 fertility super luxury (destination) workshop in Greece

from my recent instagram post about my upcoming fertility super luxury workshop…

last year in 2017, more than half a dozen babies were born to moms who were either told “you will likely not conceive or be able to carry to term” or “IVF is your most powerful option”. many of them had already done their IVF rounds. each now-mom saw me for a session. each of them, focused on fertility. each of them, with different “infertility” particulars. each of them, with interesting stories. I am not claiming to get people pregnant. however…I am saying that there is an unprecedented and common denominator between those women and our work together. the rest is trade secrets in terms of how I work with others for ANY issue (illness, anxiety, medical mystery, life purpose, etc)

I know what is possible and why, in terms of fertility. I’ve worked with doctors who themselves had trouble conceiving, but then did. due to my specialized interest and excitement around fertility and watching women become moms, I will be hosting a super luxury workshop specifically geared toward fertility this fall (September) in Greece. I will likely bring one or two of my former patients, who faced “infertility” but now have beautiful children, with me for group / individual moral support as well as testimony

I am careful not to make any claims, but the proof will reveal itself as the years go by due to the results. I will also say, as I’ve said in my blog posts on fertility, that no, not everyone is supposed to get pregnant. I can usually tell who and why. there is an ocean of “reasoning” around fertility or the lack thereof

join me this September in #Greece at my super #luxury workshop focused on #fertility. please key word search “fertility” in my blog to read about past fertility workshops!


after reading through my website and About section, as well as all of my posts on fertility, please leave a voicemail on the business line 646 470 1178 with interest. please begin reading both pre req books listed in the About section. this is a super luxury destination workshop, which means it will take place at a 5-star luxury hotel with the finest food and amenities. we will spend one full week together, 8 hours per day, and I will offer private individual attunements during the week. the group will be very small. like every single session I have ever done, this particular offering will be a leap-and-the-net-will-appear opportunity. please use your gut intuition above all else — your gut should be screaming at you that this is the right thing to do, and now…otherwise it is best to wait.

happy almost full moon!


it is worth your effort: taking just one small step a day will absolutely change your life

when I was 7 years old, I was standing in the back of a church in New York and a mirror came crashing down right in front of me. no one else was in the room. it just…fell over. it was a full length mirror, and it was propped up against the big wall that separated the chapel and pews from the back room used to organize weddings etc. I recall thinking, very specifically, “shit. I have exactly another 7 years of bad luck. I thought I was almost done with this since I’m 7 now”. yes, I was 7, and I thought this.

the early part of my life is one for a book or two, so I won’t digress here with those details. to put it simply, I wanted out. so here I am, in this church, somehow I had heard that broken mirrors are 7 years of bad luck, and I actually believed that something like that caused my entire life up until that point. there was no otherwise level of intellectual or psychological understanding available to me for why everything was so miserable all of the time. as I looked at this shattered mirror, I just “knew” it would be another 7 years of hell. and I was right.

I was not old enough to make “agreements” in a conscious or affirmative sense, or go for self-help or figure out how to “change my thoughts” — I was 7. so I just accepted that the reality that had always been for me, behind closed doors but sometimes not, would continue. I recall going to sleep each night, waiting to turn 14. perhaps then, the bad luck would end, and I would live a different life.

“just 4 more summers”, one of my “caretakers” would say to me, specifically and intentionally about the hardship in my life that I could not physically or mentally escape — meaning, when I turned 18, I could escape the hell that I lived in. they knew it. I knew it. and yet no one helped me. it was a lock and key secret known only to those who partook in it, wittingly, or unwittingly. and after 14, my life didn’t change. I was trapped. until I was an adult.

when I turned 18, I wanted to run like the wind. I remember my first day “out”. as I sat in my college dorm room, a tremendous peace washed over me. I feel asleep sitting up. I recall being stunned that I was relaxed enough to fall asleep sitting up as it had never happened before. the kind of freedom I felt was unmistakable. I had made it through my early life with thankfully no mental illness, no personality disorder, and just enough of “something” to even have a chance at being a healthy adult. when I finally found my current therapist a few years ago, she specifically asked me: “how did you make it through?” – and I said “faith”. it was always my faith in what I could not see, that I believe kept me alive inside (and outside). I had always felt another presence, whether you want to call it God or source energy or the Universe or…whatever. it was always in my darkest moments that I felt this ENERGY, that I knew something was waiting for me on the other side of darkness…I now realize my faith was and is my PURPOSE.

after 18, everything felt possible. it was like having the lights turned on or seeing in color for the first time ever. I felt like Dorothy in Oz. I was also probably a young child at 18, because I had repressed so many things in order to survive psychologically and emotionally. I like to call myself a “late bloomer”, because I always was. with everything. and at my age now, when most of my peers have several children, I am just starting to think about that. I feel like I’m on a decade or two delay and it all makes sense to me. there are both downsides and upsides to this, but I don’t really think about the downsides. I am ecstatic about my life right now.

as I entered my mid-20s, shit really hit the fan for me. I left the phase of being elated to being free from what I can only describe as a living hell, but I entered the phase in which one must sort through the files and organize them — better known as ptsd. I did not realize that since I was a very small child, and even THROUGH my point of elation at 18 and beyond, that I woke up in a panic every single night and morning. my anxiety and sensitivity was so strong, it was a part of my survival and a part of ME. it had to be. when I discovered that my being and core did not match my experiences, I was thrown for a loop. I knew what I was, but what I WASN’T was so deeply lodged and rooted within me that the dissonance felt crippling. I could see my potential, but my only knowing was the opposite to that. I recognized the depths of the work that I would have to do in order to ever feel normal, peaceful, and happy as I began to “wake up” in my 20s. I could no longer hide behind the red cape that the Universe had often provided for me to protect my psyche as much as possible, as a child. SHIT!

I began by reading as many self-help books as possible. I had initially started with a degree in Psychology at Northeastern University. heck, I had even written my entrance essay on narcissism. when I started the classes though, I felt like they were missing something. the boxes felt restrictive, I didn’t resonate with the teachers, and I also did not connect to the students in these “classes”. I dropped that, and kept being pulled to the creative. which makes sense, because years later when I treated psychologists on my own in my current practice, I saw how many of their creative and quantitative potentials needed balancing. intelligence is not found in books, even the ones on ivy league desks — it is found within our very being. anyhow, it became my mission in life to 1) have fun and 2) fix myself. and I began doing so, both wittingly and unwittingly, at the same exact time.

when I hit 25, I was probably at my lowest. and this continued for a while. no, I did not have any addictions. I never had issues with food. I never slept around. I never used drugs. something in me KNEW: you will only recover if you are of sober heart and mind — you will get through this without any shortcuts. this knowing led me directly to successfully helping many people in my current practice. of course yes, during my hardest times, I loved a good party and drank frequently. at one point I even wondered if I had a problem. I went to a few AA meetings and found that my best meeting was Alanon – the counterpart of AA. booze became irrelevant and as I focused on my goals I even forgot about it. either way, I was at the peak of my beginning emotional mountain of healing, and it just felt like it would take forever. I was still having night terrors, I would jump and drop things at the slightest sound, and the ptsd was off the charts. I experienced tremendous transference in a couple of my romantic relationships, and that was my greatest turning point…

I reached a point at which I never wanted to be the person who I was trained to feel I was. right before we reach this point, we can really go either way — and I totally see people when they do this! — we can stay where we are and lie to ourselves about our life, or we can start anew. starting anew is terrifying. it feels like it will never happen. we get maybe a few years into our “new” life, and we might wonder “what the heck have I done? I am never going to feel better — I would be better off just going back to my old life”…but we can’t. once we begin to wake up, and we make the conscious decision to TRY, we can not go back. I think perhaps this is why some people kill themselves. because it is easier. notice I did not say better, I said easier. and it’s true.

each year that passed as I began to wake up, I was confronted again with a dual reality: my programming, and who I could become. both realities were running in tandem and it was painful. all of my training was being ejected, and I was confronted with the “past” through the present like wildfire. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. I kept feeling like the past and all of its dysfunction and abuse and chaos would never leave me, because I still didn’t FEEL different. I was doing all of this internal work, yet I still felt…the SAME.

as a year passed here and there, I did notice progress. but it wasn’t enough. then I had to learn something that I relied on as a child: faith. I had to re-learn faith. it was at that point that I learned to be PRESENT. this was a huge gift. because no matter how I was feeling, and how much I felt things would never change, I could at least carve out 5 minutes a day to be present. whoa! typically in those times of learning to be present in a new way, “good” things would follow. more bad people would leave my life (and you can be sure that yes, more bad ones came in! the Universe was not done teaching me), and I would move forward in life in some way — always on the inside, and then the outside would just match it. maybe it was a goal, maybe it was a better relationship or something.

but then I would again hit those moments when I would think: “I’ve been too damaged – nothing will ever change for me”. and this is what I want to address in this post, because those moments were hard. they felt real. I still have them sometimes, but I have changed far too many things in my inner hence outer world to long-term feel them or believe them. and here is what I want to say. the centimeter of thought that you shift or move around even just one particular belief in your life WILL change your life. and it will be like watching your hair grow. but it will start to change it. it will happen in your sleep. it will happen while you are laughing. it will happen while you are crying. it will happen when you are in yoga class or when you think you have hit a new “bottom”. but it will happen. your intention to change what is not yours, to escape the perils of your mind which are conditions that you were FORCED to live in just to survive, is everything. sometimes months pass like this and then we wake up and see a brand new chapter or world for ourselves. and sometimes years pass and we see this. usually it runs on aspects of change, such as “oh my God, I have a really healthy romantic partnership and it’s not an unconscious fantasy because I’ve done the work” — or, “I did it, I got that promotion because I believed in my value and I never thought this would happen” — or, “oh my gosh, I stopped shaking at work every time that person who reminds me of my abusive caretaker comes around!! progress!!”. and sometimes, this change runs in full circle change…

a few years ago, it occurred to me that I didn’t have to change just ASPECTS of my life — I could change my ENTIRE life. I could change all of my agreements. but how? at first, I thought about the years of work that I put in around old feelings (born from agreements I needed to survive upon) and changing them, in order to change PARTS of my life. it was an overwhelming amount of work, and sometimes years went by when it looked like nothing was happening, but then it DID. I knew how possible change is, especially by working with others who have been through unthinkable psychological torture. I knew how it all worked, beyond traditional psych and some of the cuckoo therapists who call themselves helpers (and from different vantage points, I’ve met many). and I decided that I would change my ENTIRE life. and I made a decision. I chose me, and then I waited…

each day that I woke up, or in the middle of the night, I noticed who I “was” because I had to be in order to survive, and the person I truly was/am all along. I began to notice again, that I had night tremors and around the clock panic that was buried SO deep, that it felt like part of me. when I began to see even more deeply what was already there, it was like turning on another set of lights for the first time. I made certain decisions to disconnect from abusive relationships and it changed my entire world. for the better, obviously. I leaped, and the net appeared each time I leaped. but I had to leap first. and this was hard, because there is no insurance on that net appearing. and I focused, every single day, just as I had in my past in “aspected” healing of myself, on refining that one thing that I wanted to heal from. many days felt like treading water, but I kept one thing alive: faith. what was my alternative? we all know — going…back. I will never go back to living that way.

I am here to say that since I began to “wake up” in my 20s, and really, age 18 feels like the first day I was born, I have had to learn to do everything differently and it is worth every effort. some of the most basic things that seem simple for everyone else are not for others of us. they are not supposed to be. we all have different handicaps depending upon where we have been. and I want to say that it is worth your effort, wherever you are. there is always a healthier, more aligned and more loving place to be. and as you struggle for days or months or years on end, I promise that if you do not stop — if you keep working toward who and what you intrinsically are — you will shake off what you are not. underneath what you are not, is your wildest dreams.

we are not rewarded for our fleeting efforts, rather we are rewarded for our intentions. intentions are life-long and can not be fleeting. if it is fleeting, then it is not an intention! it is a fake intention. it is a sham, and we are trying to con the Universe into giving us something. it doesn’t work that way. the Universe rewards hard work. it knows our true intention. and if there is one thing I have learned, it is that I will stick with my intentions until I die. as I do so, I wake up to a newer and better reality each day — even as things are falling apart. and that is the interesting part — things are falling apart constantly, as the direct result of my efforts. if I did not know better, I would be in an old mindset of simply agreeing to the fact that I was being overpowered by an abusive force because I deserved it. now I know that the explosions around me are there to protect me, to direct me, and to reward me for my efforts. rewards do not always look like rewards.

if you are challenged with something — an eating disorder, a drug problem, “depression”, etc — just like I was challenged with an incredible amount of psychological, physical and mental ptsd that manifested as non-stop anxiety and partial rescuer-syndrome, know this: you are not your feelings. if you chip away at your life, keep getting up every day, not expecting anything from the Universe but knowing it will come by the law of physics, you will see what I mean. keep in mind that the Universe has no sense of time and space, so often it will organize events around timing that feels unfair or bizarre to you. trust in it. it is not all about you or each of us as an individual, because we live on a planet with many other people. if I had come out of the “spiritual” closet in my early 20s as I briefly intended to do, it would have been the wrong time. for me, but for everyone else too. timing is a funny thing.

keep moving. surrender to the process. get up each day and just do your best. I promise that you are going to wake up another day, as I have, and feel that your life is a beautiful dream that you only once fantasized about (even while shit is hitting the fan, because I can promise you that part will never stop! the way you feel about it, will though). each day that I chip away at my overall process as I referred to above, old realities fall away and I move into the realm of what is truly possible — the things I dreamt about as a child. related mostly to the work I do now. but there is so much more than where it tangibly stands at this moment in time…and that “so much more” is starting to flood in, in the most remarkable and exciting ways. and this is in a direct and opposing 180 degree turn from my former reality. the only constant that I maintained in order to get here today is faith. faith is the glue from one reality to the next.


there is nothing spiritual about being poor

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

I used to sort of think that there was — never in the sense that I resented anyone for their wealth/abundance, and I mean not ever. I never coveted or envied. for some reason. some of my friends did. whatever messages they received about wealth or abundance growing up caused them to side-eye anyone whom they perceived represented something that they could never “be” or have. but the way in which I sort of thought that there was something more spiritual about being poor was feeling the absence of my own entitlement to having things…anything that made me happy or comfortable, really. my challenge was on an emotional level. some folks’ challenge is literally on a physical level that resides in an empty core full of lack mentality. my mentality was not so much lack, but rather “if I am to have, then it is not fair to others”. I had, as my therapist calls it, pathological guilt as well as pathological gratitude. I won’t bother with the spores and particulars of such here, you can read about that in other blog posts.

my pathological guilt was the main culprit most of my life and with the help of certain ptsd issues around money and resources to really light it on fire, I ended up being terrified to have anything at all. as much as this was born from both emotional and ptsd roots, it had physical legs. I was actually afraid that if I ever had or saved money, that it will be stolen in the middle of the night and my bank accounts would disappear. this is an actual fear that I had, as an adult. rooted in fascinating early reality. though my psychological connection to the roots would come much later in life. as my personal issues around experience and personal messaging swirled around me, I became logistically hopeful for a new reality as well as a bright future in which I could pay my rent and eat and actually travel or buy things (regardless of what job I had or did not have)…but emotionally and unconsciously, I was still super committed to another truth…(I will also note that this is/was separate from but often in tandem with the dark nights of the soul I went through, which were periods of time that literally chained me to my immediate surroundings, often unable to do or prevented from doing things, as I processed a number of…processes, lol!).

“I am more spiritual because I am poor” — now, I didn’t consciously believe this. some people ACTUALLY consciously believe this. and it’s total shit. but my unconscious belief was total shit as well, regardless of how it manifested for me. my conscious and unconscious minds were at a constant impasse and battle over whether I deserved anything. I “knew” I did, but I didn’t “know” I did. I could not seem to cross that bridge as my unconscious mind played all kinds of tricks on me via…MY EMOTIONS…

for example. when riding public transpo, I would see many people who struggle and will always struggle. in those moments, my pathological guilt and gratitude toward the Universe and world around me would kick in and my mind would translate that into “if they can’t have, then why can you? no – this is not right, you must live as your fellow wo/man or commoner!”. I had a hard time connecting to theories of relativity as it related to WHY person A would be afforded xyz, and person B would not be. it took years to overcome this, mostly as I battled different personal voices consciously and unconsciously. and during the time I spent overcoming this, I began to understand that: THERE IS NOTHING SPIRITUAL ABOUT BEING POOR…

as I volunteered with non profits and worked with many people who were underprivileged or under-served by the human race in some way, it actually put into perspective the fact that I was not only NOT helping others by resisting what could be available to me in the world, but I was sending a message to them that they are not entitled to their own abundance, whatever relative particulars that reality may hold. I started to think about the fact that I was not taking anything from anyone else simply by living in my own potential, but that I might be taking something from those who looked at me as some kind of an example or reality to aspire to. if we do not allow ourselves to full bloom, where is the inspiration for others who live in contrast with us, and vice versa?

we are all inspired on a daily basis, whether we recognize it or not. we might be inspired by talent, actual wealth/prosperity, or those who have nothing and live like they have everything. we are humans therefore we have contrast — “good” and “bad” around us at all times. living or not living in full potential is a personal choice and it affects not only us, but others who are seeking permission. we are all seeking permission by the way. because we all want to be liked. whether we say that we do or we say that we do not. I wanted permission back when I rode the bus and saw sick, depressed and handicapped people and decided that because of their existence on our planet, I did not deserve anything above the super basics — because I already felt so blessed to not have their challenges!

I recall attending some “spiritual” workshop one day many years ago. as usual I couldn’t understand where all of the “normal” people were? (this divide will soon bridge….). you know, the people who go out into the world, work an actual 9-5, have a healthy partnership and raise kids like status quo America and don’t have a “spiritual” vocabulary. however this one time at this one event, the host was…normal. and, wealthy. I was used to being around super poor super “smart” people at these wacky but honestly informative events. and I tried to draw the correlation between the way that they lived (either in abundance or not) and the agreements in their minds and hearts. I was still figuring out my own. one of my agreements beyond deserving anything was “I have seen all of this before and it does not buy happiness so I will shun this world for myself”. of course this was an unconscious agreement. but it was one of many. and at the same time, I was really trying to reconcile that agreement into a healthy place of perspective because I was always in so much pain logistically (never having what I needed). I noticed at the event I speak of above, the normal and wealthy person who was there could not help where they came from, and perhaps they would serve as an example that people can be super wealthy and….spiritual? this person was an anomaly and they struck a cord within me.

many of the messages that I had received, and I think many of us received, is that there is humility in being poor (in whichever capacity — money, personal life, or otherwise!). that those who have a lot are “this way” or “that way” and not in a good way. or that “you can’t have it all!”. we have either experienced abundance as young people in a way that dictates the above messages (and unfortunately, sometimes “abundance” comes at a cost! for example if we come from wealthy families who are abusive and manipulative with money), or we have simply been influenced by society and politics and media that dictates the above messages or we interpret dictation of the above message. and the message is wrong.

the first part about abundance or money and spirituality is this; many people use the excuse of being poor because they are spiritual when they are in fact simply lazy. period. the second part about abundance or money and spirituality is this; many people use the excuse of being poor because they are spiritual when they are in fact at a true disconnect psychologically between their conscious mind and their unconscious mind. period. I can’t think of any other categories of people’s issues with spirituality and money that won’t line up under one of the above categories. I used to be part of the second category. I made this distinction in the beginning of this post as well.

when we finally begin to understand that there is nothing spiritual about being poor, and that excuses are simply self-serving, we also begin to understand that we get what we pay for. it has never ceased to amaze me that 100/100 times, those who do not even mention or question my fees have the BEST outcomes — and this is irrelevant and I mean absolutely irrelevant to their resources. imagine a multi-millionaire who can’t stomach hundreds per hour, yet the kid who lives in the projects and is footing bills that they deem important with their student loan money? yes imagine. I’ve seen it. witnessed it. experienced it. and it is a MENTALITY. either lack mentality, or a mentality of abundance. and the numbers that appear in their bank account are irrelevant to it. the lack mentality is a lifer mentality and I am allergic to it. I won’t work with people who have it anymore. I just won’t. it’s a cancer. and I’m not saying that I only work with people who have resources because that is not true. I still see a woman from many many moons ago who pays me 150 for two hours of work together, because this is the right thing to do for that relationship (and no I can’t do it all of the time or I would never continue growing). but the lack mentality is really nothing more than an energy. personally, I won’t take discounts. someone I hired months ago to do some work for me recently offered me a “friends and family” discount and I didn’t want it. because it wasn’t clean. because that’s not their fee, and then things become unbalanced. plus I ENJOY paying for value. it’s why I have a sub par apartment but stay in luxury spaces and usually over-tip. because I live in an abundant flow in the experience realm. it’s actually all we have anyhow, experiences. it’s all we take with us. I try to be open-minded but I don’t understand how anyone can expect true abundance in the world and then expect to successfully nickel and dime and discount their way into “important experiences”. the two things don’t go together.

no matter how broke I was — and I was ALWAYS broke — I would take the time to pay for an experience. to flood me with the feeling of abundance and escape lack mentality that many of my bitter artist friends had. I would take the only $20 that I had for an entire week (while missing rent) to buy the nicest Cabernet on the menu at the nearby luxury hotel. because I knew that one day, I could match the vibration I desired. I would sit in that experience and feel/write down all of my beliefs around money, wealth, and…abundance. because at the end of the day, it is not even about dollar signs but it is about having the FREEDOM to do xyz with ease and do xyz in a state of ease due to our surroundings or the person contributing to our experience. understanding this connection helped me tremendously, and I was also able to understand my disconnect around money and self-worth. I was able to understand that for me, for Aryn Elaine, I need to be able to do xyz in order to be at my best to do my WORK. and my work, my ways, my everything, is not someone or everyone else’s. when I made this connection I was able to let go and un-tether myself from the limiting experiences that others have. I didn’t need to live there anymore just because they did.

back to the person who hosted the spiritual event who was “normal”…this person left a lasting impression upon me. that it wasn’t evil to have money. that you can have your shit together mentally and emotionally and not be unhinged, and be spiritual. and rich. and it wasn’t a sin or selfish. I knew that to be true for others, just not for myself, up until that time and even for a time after that. just by existing and hosting us in their incredibly beautiful space and driving us in their fancy car I was able to let go of some of my preconceived notions about wealth and spirituality. this might sound sort of stupid, as I’m not sure I am articulating the experience very well here. at any rate I really began to understand that the blend between “spiritual” and “abundance” was mixing and that one day the world would be able to jointly embrace the two notions.

for example. I work with mostly quantitative people. some of them are millionaires or billionaires. and I have noticed them having the same beliefs!: that they are not spiritual, because they are wealthy. they have misdefined the definition of what “spiritual” is, and it has certainly been misdefined for them. sometimes this is a religious teachings result. sometimes it is many other things. and I have worked with them to show them that their platforms are actually crucial to bridging the gap between money and spirituality™…and they can do it…

I write this today because we can all stand to learn from our lack mentality. I had it and I explain how and why here. I feel that the most malignant form of lack mentality is wanting xyz but refusing to pay for it when it is an option. I see it a lot in others, and at the same time they want or expect their “life’s purpose and health and wealth” to flow — and it won’t flow when you are afraid to recycle energy into the Universe because you feel you have nothing within yourself to give and so money is your only tool. good luck with that one! and as I said, I am allergic to this mentality — and I will say it again that the mentality has NOTHING to do with the logistics or particulars

I would also like to point out the following…if you are an artist, healer or otherwise relatively unboxed professional but you are indeed a professional, run from anyone who tries to bargain with you. you do not want the exchange that they are making. I’ve done this before and it has usually not been worth it. in fact, when I finally learned just how not worth it this was to do, I turned down tons of money. and then I attracted way more of it. there is a big difference between someone who truly can not do xyz logistically at this time, and they still have an attitude of abundance (I have been this person) that you can feel and it is supportive still to what each of you wants to accomplish — and someone who can or can not do xyz logistically at this time, and they have an attitude of lack or measurement around it. just the attitude alone is a toxic energy. if you feel this, do not bargain with it ever. it will cost you more than you can imagine. there are plenty of fish in the sea to line up with one another (lack attracts lack), logistics or not, and lining up with someone who thinks (consciously or unconsciously, and you will spot it) “it is spiritual to be poor” (anyone who does not live in abundance internally is one of these people) will cost you because of their ENERGY. “rich” or “poor”.

the personal breakthroughs that I’ve had in the past few years around understanding my value have come through my actual sessions (in which it has been the PATIENT each time who has encouraged me to raise my rates) as well as therapy with my own therapist and it has been quite the journey to have permission. I feel liberated from my own self-judgements and pathological guilt and gratitude, as well as those of OTHERS who have approached me with an energy of pure lack. I almost never attract those people anymore. and I will say it again: THIS IS AN ENERGY. I’ve worked with people in the projects who you would never know came from there, and they found a way to get what they needed from the Universe and from our work together. eventually, energy turns into tangible, one fine day…and we are ALL deserving of a positive outcome when we do the work. during my personal breakthrough journey I reached a place in which I saw the ultimate value of ME. of my work. I knew I could do things that no one else could do, and that is why many people were seeking me out. the “evidence” of my value and the inner work I was doing finally all came together and I began to protect my work and time (ENERGY!) as I would a tiny baby. and I started the journey of never feeling guilt again over my worth. I realize we don’t walk into Stella McCartney and ask why the prices aren’t matched to Walmart. everything has its energy. and we are entitled to whatever that personal energy is. nevermind what the world around us is doing.

there is nothing spiritual about being poor. how are we to help those who need it, if we hold ourselves in suspension and excuses? one of my greatest desires is to give back in ways that no one has ever done. not because no one has ever done them. but because I receive joy from imagining the ways that people could become inspired or benefit that they have never experienced or seen before. I live for the things that can change lives that have never been done before. I have been in and continue to have many conversations with innovators around this subject – blending resources with spirituality and rerouting all kinds of logistical and industry flows. and one day it will culminate. when we are full we are resourceful to ourselves and others. when we become a source of INSPIRATION or a resource to others, we are living in connection with the divine — we are in our active spirituality. in order to do this we must rise up to our best self, and access the inner and outer world gifts available to us. it is in doing this that we access our abundance. and the cycle is available to those around us to repeat…

if you are logistically poor and think that there is something spiritual about it, think again. if you are a trust fund kid who tries to hide it (have met too many of these gems to count, with lack mentality and entitlement to boot, lol!!) because you think there is something spiritual about being poor, think again. and if you are a 7 or 8 dollar-figure person of logistical wealth and you think you do not have a place in the spiritual world (I didn’t say religious), think again.

it is my hope that by 2020 we have some new and incredible examples of humans who truly embody both spirit and prosperity — of all kinds.


destination luxury WORKSHOP! 2018

above: in my special spot, with amazing people

ok, this is it. last night and earlier today I was chatting with my new/old friend and collaborator for my destination SLS in Santorini. she is the hotel director, and a kindred soul. as she suggested I take one of my workshops to this extremely special location (you can read about it here), I needed a night to sleep on it to “see” it. I decided that this will happen. I can not think of a more fun way to spend a workshop with a small group of people for an entire week than in my special spot.

this workshop will run at the same rate as my single sessions, which ended up being modified luxury sessions encompassing a single day with unlimited correspondence for a fiscal week. the focus will be tailored to the group as well as each individual, and there will be freedom to spend as much or as little time as one would like with me/us during this week. main themes as usual are: life’s purpose, LETTING GO, wanting something we (think we) can’t have. while this is not a fertility workshop, I invite anyone facing fertility issues to attend — the main spores of underlying consciousness are the SAME whether we are dealing with an illness, a medical issue, or anything else in this life. it is all the same…believe it or not. this workshop is open to anyone who wants to change anything about their life. it is also open to anyone who has no idea why they would want to come, but something is telling them to come. age and occupation are irrelevant.

the structure will form itself, as it does in each of my workshops. our time together will loosely encompass a 12noon-8pm schedule, with some playing room. anyone who has taken a session or previous workshop with me knows that the red tape goes out of the window and we do what we need to do to get things done. there will be one on one time available during this workshop. there are treatment tables in this space and everyone will receive one attunement at some point during the week.

pre reqs are listed in the about section of my website and can be completed prior to attending the workshop. Anita (who can be seen in a testimonial video) will be returning all calls for this workshop. though this is not a medical retreat and I am not a doctor, I will be applying HIPAA – esque policy and everyone in or near the workshop will sign a non disclosure so that everyone is as free and comfortable as they can be to speak and feel freely (including me!). also the hotel staff, top to bottom, understands my work very well. they will be able to hold supportive space for us also. and privacy is a key feature at this location.

I hope you will have some time to read my recent posts about this location at some point, as the visceral reaction I had to this location is truly one for the books — and this is why I have chosen to return in more than one capacity.