Healing Elaine® remote sessions offering (& general updates for 2019)

as we glide into 2019, I have been reflecting on all of the amazing people I have met and had the sincerest pleasure of working with on soul and outer-world levels. I have posted some updates about my 2019 forecast, as I continue to feel connected to you and I often think about / am asked “what happens next?” in terms of my personal transitions and how that will relate to how we stay in contact as I expand in my endeavors / purpose.

this week I received a number of reach-outs from folks from the past asking for continued connection – I always search for ways to bridge that gap, and sometimes I stumble with making down-the-road commitments due to the rapid change with my life experiences. that said, I have decided to do the unthinkable: plan ahead, with those of you from the past I have already worked with. next year, as I’ve stated in my blog and on my social media and to many of you, looks completely different for me. it is a year of the work that I have done behind bolted doors being seen and prepped to be seen on a larger scale. it is a year of flushing out, in real-time and with proper coverage, my programs that will engage the public in a way that helps people to better understand and benefit from the intangible world. specifically: my focus is the occasional SLS™, my TEM®, and my PE™. since I am finally developing a “structure” as to what my focuses will be, it is also allowing me to understand more of what my “schedule” will look like…

for the past decade I have lived and worked in 100% present-tense mode; anyone who knows me, knows that I would never book anything beyond just a few days. there were MANY reasons for this, which I won’t go into here. and while that worked wonders for the manner in which I was working, I am moving into a time and space in which I will be able to more clearly delegate time and energy. so for the first time ever, I am offering, in advance, remote sessions to a number of you whom I have worked with in the past. here are the details regarding those remote sessions:

up to 2 remote sessions are available per person and, as of now, they will be booked this week only (stay tuned for future updates via my website and social media with remote session availability). they can be used at any point during 2019, with no expiration date. this will allow for you to do what we have always done, which is “feel it out” as to when and why you might need one. the turnaround for the remotes will be quick, considering I have (for once) an idea as to how I will organize my time. since I will only be able to offer a limited number of these remote sessions, there will be one of two ways that booking will happen or potentially happen; we book 1 or 2 remote sessions this week, or if I am at capacity you can reach out down the road to check availability. I won’t over-commit, so if I am at capacity with remote sessions for 2019 as early as this week, I invite you to continue to check in via voicemail only ( 646 470 1178 ) on the business line. if I don’t call you back, it just means there is not availability. you may keep checking back with me as often as you like, though; don’t worry, I will not be annoyed. I am doing this mainly to stay connected to you and to also continue to be a resource in a practical way — as well as invite you alongside my journey of many new things next year!

considering today and this week is a holiday for many, I have decided that today and tomorrow only, I will offer something special to anyone who decides to make a move with booking a remote session or sessions.

for those of you who have been either out of the loop with how my remotes operate, or you have forgotten, here is the structure with perhaps some refinements since we last spoke (I have added to the structure in terms of both time and additional phone consultation since prior remote sessions immediately following an in-person session were complimentary, whereas these are not complimentary): they are 2.5 hours total, each. you already know the drill, so I won’t post about our trade secrets here! the above stated time will also include an in-depth phone call (this portion of the remote session is covered by an hourly fee – on occasion pending availability, I will offer special rates) to address for example the nature of / your intention for the remote session, lingering questions about your life that we began to address at your in-person session, and the like. the goal, as always, is to clear up and clean up what needs to be managed in order for you to live your best life.

I have been thinking of ways to offer the above for many months. maybe even years. however due to my scheduling and way of working up until this point, it didn’t seem to fit. I am glad it’s become clear as to how to make this work now, and I am excited to be able to feel the connectivity to all of you who have been integral in building HE™ and all that it represents. we are going places…

to iterate, this remote session service is available only to those I have already worked with. it is separate from our in-person session and it is beyond the scope of the 30-day buffer (which includes complimentary correspondence, i.e. remote sessions, phone calls and emails) post in-person session. my structure is also such that an in-depth in-person session must precede a remote session so that it is as effective and efficient as possible. yes, I realize that if I were running this like more of a “business” for profit, I would just book with everyone who rang, and offer remote sessions — but I do not feel that I would be ultimately doing them a real service without having the opportunity to go in-depth and work the way that I know I am capable of working which best assists people. so this is where we are. remote sessions for former patients. I am not sure as to the volume of requests that will come in today or this week, but I will take them as they come and pre-schedule (again with flexible timing per your personal needs!) up to 2 remotes maximum per person. that said, with my work, there is also ALWAYS a cosmic flow, so I have an idea as to what I can handle and what the busier times will look like. when I am at capacity, I will wait to return your call only due to timing (of course I want to work with you), and ask that you ring back at your leisure (weekly, monthly, whatever) to see if there is time available.

I think about all of the transitions that have happened this year in order to set up 2019 and especially 2020. there are not words to even describe my excitement, and believe me when I tell you that I have gone through the ringer and back to get to where I am and where I am headed. I picture in my mind the places and spaces I will be in next year, and how wonderful it will feel to connect to you during being in those new places and spaces, and remember how it all began. I want you to know how important you are to me and I want to include you in everything that is up and coming. you are truly a different soul group and my gratitude for meeting and working with you can not be summed up in words. when I was going through this last most recent personal transition this year, and seeing what is next, I felt a real sense of sadness and death around “leaving behind” my work. now, I have found a way to incorporate the past into the future without having to do that.

if you are a new person who has never seen me and you are reading this, feel free to poke through my website and look at the different services. I won’t be offering traditional sessions anymore, but there will be potentials such as an overseas workshop that will likely happen next Summer, and also public events TBA. as you read through my website, you will also see that I started this practice in complete hiding — totally contracted. I prepped for years, in a contraction, in order to one day expand. now, I am contracting again, but in a different way — to truly expand in the physical world. I realize that some may interpret these words as cryptic, but those of you who know me know exactly what I am talking about. this is why my website has been so important to me since everything is time-stamped. everything is connected and connecting to a much larger picture which is taking shape more and more every day.

so, I invite you to book your remote session(s) with me today or tomorrow. or this week. and if I do not call you back, it is only due to scheduling and availability as already explained in this post — please try me again at a later time. please know that I have tremendous care and gratitude for you and that I am thinking of you. happy holidays everyone, and happy new year.


where we are at right now (energetically), individually and collectively

photo by Jennifer Santaniello

the old door has closed. the new door hasn’t opened. this has a lot of us feeling very WTF!!! (probably an understatement).

being caught, metaphorically (but it can feel literal), between two doors is some super uncomfortable shit. we try to go back to our old ways, our old beliefs, our old fears, our old life…and life just isn’t having it for us.

not everyone will make it through. it all depends upon how much we are willing to surrender to things that we are not certain about, in order to change ourselves to accommodate the new earth energy that has come through to support us and our consciousness. by the way, consciousness extends to EVERYTHING in our life – our relationships, our physical reality, and the thoughts and feelings that produce those things.

so, what is it that we are not certain about? we are not certain that our “new” (what lies behind the new door) thoughts and feelings will support us. because how would we know that they will, beyond blind faith?

it’s funny how we trust the unseen in many ways — like via technology. we turn on a light or a phone and communicate that way. but when it comes to our own computer, our own body and mind, we question the nature of our spirit as it relates to the “future” because we don’t have a tangible item to hold to control. and this is all about control…

when we truly release control, we feel as though we are dying. because in a sense, we are. but back to that feeling — like we are dying. it’s a real feeling when we are no longer allowed to access our old ways of being. and so we sit in limbo. we will sit in between the two doors — because both can NOT be opened at the same time — and we suffer. we rage. we complain. we repeat the same patterns. and they don’t work. we use force, “magic potions” and all kinds of bullshit to try and cheat the universe…and yet they either do not work at all or they severely backfire. and then we sit. again. alone in the room. either with all of the money in the world, or none of the money in the world, sweating and stressing over bills and basic logistics, and it is ALL the same. we are still stuck between two doors, and nothing material can change the state.

everyone’s time between these two very LOUD and present doors is different. collectively, it’s probably a 6-month to 1-year hold as far as I see it. individually, it can shadow or teeter on one side or the other of that time period. but it is not a mistake that “everyone” feels like shit is hitting the fan at the same time. we are all being asked to be different. there is no hierarchy in spiritual growth. no one escapes it. all things are relative. no gurus can escape it. no non-believers can escape it. what we do with it is irrelevant to the fact that it will sit there until we allow….”it” is the boiling hot or freezing cold temperature between the two doors, and “allow” is what we decide to stop grabbing for in order to feel cooler or warmer.

if you haven’t figured it out by now, we are all connected. everything that we do to another we only really do to our own self. some of us will never figure that piece out, and that’s fine. it’s called contrast and we need it in order to expand. there is nothing in my life that I have built that did not come from extreme pain aka contrast. that said, yes we are all connected, and no we are not all energetically or consciously equal. this part is the part that separates us from certain group-think, friendships or relationships that we have had our entire lives, jobs, and so on. we are a mosaic and all shifting in equal but RELATIVE terms. there is no one who has it easier than the next. and the next time you go to “wish” you were xyz person, think again — because you just might get the challenges that accompany them on their “lucky” journey and then you might actually have a HUGE problem because it’s not what you bargained for. we don’t see what is actually there, rather we only see what we are “not”, relative to our own potential.

it’s been a really painful time for so many people lately. and it’s because we are collectively stuck in between two doors. some of us are still trying to open the old one, and some of us have our hand on the new one, accepting that the old one will never again open. this year, I went through a real death of self when I tossed my work space out the window. it was a space that I built more than half a decade ago, and many healings took place there. experiences that I will never forget. I had identified, like we all do, with what I was doing — constant healings. around the clock. even if I worked with just one person a week or one person a month, they were with me for many months. I was in contact with them for countless hours, both in person and virtually. I was accustomed to what I WAS…which was a routine, an identity, a duty, a life. I do tend to live in the moment, and so “easing” into my next steps (= dreams and purpose) wasn’t really on my radar. well, that’s not the way that the universe likes to do things for me anyhow. the universe likes to put me in really impossible situations (why I love working with mystery illness issues and fertility issues! I love the thrill of possibly solving them!) to see how I will climb out of them. and the thing that I do know about myself, is that I always use integrity. and it is integrity alone that “gets me out” of my old or outgrown worlds. for more on that part (thoughts on integrity), read my earlier posts. when I realized that I was being cut off from scaling my work and my business because it was not sustainable to my energy, it was the end of 2017. and it just kept changing toward what I have always wanted, but wasn’t sure how to “get” to. what I wanted is written throughout this entire blog. but in order to “get” there, the universe had to murder my identity. this meant taking fewer sessions. seeing fewer people. dragging me away, in a certain format, from what I “love”. so that I could open a new door(s).

losing this perceived identity was hard. you might be thinking “what are you talking about, you are still a healer…”…well I am talking about the daily minutia. because THIS is where the real change occurs. I’m not talking about the kind of identity change or life change that happens overnight. it’s the daily everything that is coated with everything behind the old door. we can not possibly outsmart the process between the two doors, or “plan” for it. this is why most people sit at a 9-5 and fantasize about what it might be like to have fame or money or work for themselves…it (the ability to change, to have something different) is all in the minutia. and the minutia is addictive.

I’m not sure exactly when this next “door” is done opening for everyone (and the door is certainly relative to someone’s life path and how they have used their free will — feel free to read my eBooklet on the physics of karma), but we are in a collective motion. which means we are each grappling with what it all means, regardless of where we are headed. I feel that the next year is going to produce seemingly “overnight” positive changes and success for those who have been working toward goals for many years. as always, nothing sustainable is built overnight (so don’t get me started on social media – those who don’t understand sustainability are in for a shock over this next period of time). and so all that has been worked for behind the scenes, mostly in the inner world of an individual, for what possibly feels like an eternity for many people, is the next door. I know what my door feels like. I’ve had my hand on it for about a year now. and I know that what lies behind it is magic. this comes in the face of some of the most exaggerated contrast you might imagine would oppose magic. but hey, there’s my relativity. do you want it? probably not.

if you are trapped between your two doors, and you have taken your hand off of the old one, just sit there. in the hot, or in the cold, or whatever miserable temperatures have been handed to you as conditions for what you are internally acquiring for your next steps which are behind the new door. just sit there. when the internal and external aspects of your life have been ripened with different temperatures, you will, simply by the very nature of being a live being, put your hand on the new door. if you don’t have all of the answers or maybe you don’t even resonate with this post at all, know that you have two fundamental choices: enter an old world (impossible), or brave the storm that precedes the new world (door).


Healing Elaine® in The New York Post – thank yous, thoughts & (significant) edits

candid and untouched, unfiltered Apple phone photo by Anita Saini

amazing shirt (yes the lime is part of it!) by Samantha Pleet

so first I will comment on my past decisions to completely avoid press, and take very few opportunities or offers for such regarding my work. I waited a number of years before I let anyone talk about my work, because at the time (and even now, despite the sudden and overnight and totally rampant TREND of “healing” and “psychic” in the last two years) it was considered “crazy”. in fact, I didn’t know what to call my work, so when I first started consulting and helping people I just called it “reiki” to make things easy. the truth was and is, reiki doesn’t even touch upon what I do. to read about what it is that I actually do, look through the testimonials listed on the testimonial page and read through this blog. there aren’t many words to encapsulate what has occurred, and what continues to occur, when I pour my heart, experience, intuition and expertise into an individual, their family, and their business. so, it was my choice to first build my arsenal of irrefutable and empirical evidence surrounding my work with fertility (nearly one dozen babies were born last year in 2017, some to women who were told they medically could not conceive), medical mysteries solved (countless cases have been solved, and countless cases are still prepping to be told – let’s reserve the good stuff for later though), and problems that many people had not been able to solve before our work together. since I fully understand the “woo woo” and “crazy” aspects of people who claim to be healers and psychics (just read my blog to hear my perspective), I braced myself for the feedback or backlash that I feared I would receive early on. thankfully, I didn’t receive any. I kept my head down, worked upwards of 100+ hours per week, and dedicated the past decade of my life to helping people solve problems they had not been able to otherwise solve. I loved and love this work. it is my heart. and it wasn’t something that I was going to allow to be butchered, skewed, or misinterpreted early on by risking press. and to be fair, I totally understand why the press often laughs at all things unseen. I have been that person myself a number of times, too.

last year, someone reached out and wrote a beautiful article about me in Forbes. it was really great because Forbes was actually at the top of my list of outlets I was willing and excited to speak with. the writer is an amazing person who didn’t know me from Adam prior, and she let me cold read her and her life before she took my interview. the whole experience, start to finish, was a pleasure. to date, it is the most accurate and objective piece written about me and I am so grateful for it. because generally, “the news” doesn’t want to hear good things…in fact I think we are allergic to good news…we like the controversy…I will admit that once upon a few times, late at night when I can’t sleep, I check a certain person’s twitter account to entertain myself. I spent the last couple of years subsequently dodging press, mostly because I did not feel confident with the “team” I had around me. it wasn’t a stable team and I didn’t feel protected. in addition, I started to learn that many people’s allergy to the notion of what someone like me does, which is true and authentic work, was a real thing. for example last Summer I got a call from a very famous person’s publicist. she asked me if I could come to her event where the Conde Nast editors would be for the fashion magazines. they wanted a “healer” who could bring “crystals” and give “readings” to editors and friends of the celebrity. I very much appreciated the reach-out, I adore the celebrity they reached out for, and I also let her “people” know how I work — specifically that I would not be able to “play the game”, to be fluffy or fake, and that if someone asked me a question, I would tell them the truth. that, of course, was a deal-breaker. she told me point-blank over the phone and still in my notebook from that conversation “ok to be honest with you, what we really want is a fake healer to just bring crystals and tell people good things”. and mostly, this is what sells – fluff. and that’s cool…it’s just, that’s not what I am/do. fast-forward, and the “fake healer” they invited to that event now has her whole own website. with almost all of the same services I offer – how curious! we shall see how quickly “energy work and kids” pops up on people’s/healers radars, now that that is “out there”, too.

as this year of 2018 started to close out, and I focused on two programs I started working on last year — The Energy Mavericks™ (TEM®) and Pediatric Energy® (PE™), I opened my mind to press. when my assistant caught a call from The New York Post, I listened to the voicemail and felt really good about the writer. I think she’s a hard worker, smart, quirky, genuine, and does her job — she works for the Post. the energy was really great chatting with her, and I know there is a reason I took that call. she seemed to “get it” during our conversation. her piece, she said, was on kids and wellness. and, I think she’s onto a good new topic! that said, I didn’t and don’t know of anyone else who practices or promotes energy work with children, so I was open to “breaking open a new subject”. it’s something no one else covered before — until my story leaked in the meantime (my article was delayed 3 weeks), and this one “broke” instead. kind of surprising someone scooped up the “scoop”, but not really. all in all, I felt pleasant about the way the writer and editor portrayed the healers in this particular article…mostly as credible, good people. and, the photos were nice…

we (The New York Post and I) scheduled a photo shoot for November 4th, and I gathered some kids I had never worked on before at a center I thought could also benefit from the press as a tie-in — they have a children’s program. not energy work or reiki, but they support kids and I felt that they supported me too. the photographer, noted in my upcoming article link, was a fun and nice guy. I really enjoyed the afternoon with him! plus, the photos he showed me on his camera at the shoot were GREAT! I was sure that I would be happy with whatever photo they chose, and I was excited for the article (in whatever form it came). then came the article…

so, it’s The New York Post. I’ll start there, because everyone knows that the Post is a fun and often salacious news outlet. it’s the outlet that we all go to for entertainment, a laugh, and a fun way to pass part of our Sunday. a patient of mine actually sent me my article link — her husband is a religious Post reader! I didn’t expect a serious article to come for me, and because the team over there was so great, I knew that whatever it was would be positive. that said, allow me to make a few very important edits and corrections to the article: my lawyer is trademarking my program name Pediatric Energy® (update: Pediatric Energy® is a registered federal trademark as of October 2019), not me; I have an entire legal team I have had for years, because I take my work seriously. next, I can’t remember the last time I used the word “monster”; the quote in there, about me calling children energy monsters, is not mine. what I have said, however, is that children nowadays are like much newer modeled cars who often need different fuel than we are accustomed to — with dispositions and diagnoses like autism and the like, for which I have spent countless hours consulting on with parents of children who desperately want to understand their child. I have a great sensitivity for children having opportunities to see themselves as autonomous, loving beings, because it is not an opportunity I ever had as a child. finally, let’s talk about the photo in the article…it’s not my face. I guess I should consider it a compliment that my face and eyes, specifically, would be retouched to actually make me look worse. again, as many of my friends who saw the article and barely recognized me said, “Elaine, it’s THE POST!”. ha. ok. I get it. but…I also don’t know anyone on this planet who is ok with anything less than accurate representation of themselves. plus, in the context of this article (I don’t mind that they played devil’s advocate for both perspectives on healing and wellness for kids…I actually like the spunk of the writer and the outlet in general), it’s important that I don’t look like a total creep. thankfully I remembered to wear my fake wedding ring in the event I did look like a creep…I think it takes away some potential creepiness. and I do look like a creep – from the drawn-in circles under and around my eyes, to the change of my actual face shape along with lines on my neck.

see exhibits A through E, below

The New York Post’s version of my face

The New York Post’s version of my eyes – what happened to my cat eyelashes anyhow?

not sure what is happening here either

the actual version of my face, taken an hour later at dinner

three hours later, taken at Ludlow House as we were getting kicked out for taking photos and loitering after hours

since I’m an actual human being, my image is important to me. for the record, I don’t believe in the retouching of photos I have control over. unless the photographer insists, as it is, after all, their art. why wipe away what’s real and true? oh, and if you have questions about what “work” I’ve done to my face, go ahead and read my post on aging and plastic surgery! you might be surprised at the truth. and of course I asked the Post for a retraction of my “quotes”, and a swap for a normal photo. of course it’s “policy” to not change anything. but for the sake of explaining how EASY it can be for ANY news outlet to impact our perception of a person, their business, and their entire life, I present this article and details in my own “post”. anyone who knows me well actually contacted me in shock over the image of me, in general, that was portrayed in this article. and while I was initially disappointed — actually, I believe I used the word “devastated” as I emailed the writer — I believe only good things can come from this article. and, I appreciate very much the awareness that it is bringing to my PE™ program!

so, thank you to Lauren Steussy and The New York Post and your editor, for giving me a little jolt before the end of the year. I would love to work with you again, I’ll probably just request approval on quotes and photos!

here is the article link I speak of, and feel free to check out my Pediatric Energy® initiative located in the services section of my Healing Elaine® website: https://nypost.com/2018/11/30/inside-the-pricy-controversial-world-of-kiddie-wellness/