UPDATES, and offerings

if you have been following my social media — LinkedIn and Instagram mainly, as they permanently locked me out of my Twitter account for no reason other than I speak the truth and they are doing this to tons of people (Facebook is an equal joke — they have killed off my following for the past three years and my posts rarely showed up on anyone’s timeline so I stopped using it) — then you are likely mostly up to date with much of what’s happening over here in the Healing Elaine® corner! in addition, and I put this into a prior post, I have launched my locals platform, which is censorship free: healingelaine.locals.com and I am having a GREAT time over there with some past patients as well as folks I have never met, but whom have followed my work and whom I really enjoy. my locals community is a collective of nice people who are critical thinkers, who question things, who consider facts, and who are aware of their unconscious biases in life. on this platform, I have uploaded lengthy videos of myself speaking about my theory of The Consciousness Split™, and more. these are the first videos that I have ever shot of myself speaking, in particular so rawly and directly, and I didn’t want to share this with the big techs. I hope you will join us here!

October is media month for me. I have a number of multimedia projects lined up, and I am shooting my TV Show The Healing Elaine® Show: a not-so-daily show — you can follow it on instagram here. last month, I focused on workshops with past patients. as I noted back in April of this year, I am no longer offering healings. there are many reasons for this. I will however be offering, on rare occasion to former patients only at this time, the consulting portion of my service. this is in alignment with my TEM® (The Energy Mavericks®) service, which focuses on trend forecasting and company / project vetting for unique Founders — categorically, the current industry focus for my TEM® service is real estate, working with seed money developers as new and emerging markets explode. for more on my TEM® service, visit this link.

my ongoing consulting offering – again for former patients only — consists specifically of the following: 10 hours per month (a 30-day time-frame), concierge-style. this means that for a flat fee you will be able to access my insights within a 48-hour window for each desired consult. my consulting fee is a flat hourly fee for ALL services after a certain threshold, however I am allowing this specific consulting offering for former patients to bypass the threshold starting rate (which I implement with no exception for my TEM® service). I am also making a concession to my hourly fee for this specific 10 hours per month offering. I came to this offering as many folks are making rapid shifts right now, and the demand is high for unconventional, sharp, concise and seasoned expertise along the lines of life changes as well as corporate changes. many of those whom I consult for are at an interesting fork in the road, where they are at the top of the ladder in their companies but don’t call ALL the shots — there are many reasons that this is a particularly difficult spot to be in, AT THIS EXACT TIME in history. additionally, we have never before in our lifetimes had such an opportunity to “get it right”, and I rarely say things like this (I don’t think I’ve ever said something like this because I do not do offers / sales / stupid promos to “sell” what I do – NOT my shtick) … the window of opportunity is real right now, if you are not distracted by the theatrics that are going off like fireworks everywhere around us. the reason that I am offering this October consult to former patients only, is because of my lengthy history with them — hence we are able to accomplish 10x as much as I would be able to offer a brand new person (and, if you read my About section, my protocol was/is extremely specific — I have not yet decided on or designed a new way of working with new people as I no longer offer the healing portion of my service), and I am all about traction and change. if you are interested in this 10 hour October concierge consulting offering, leave a voicemail on the business line at 917-985-1221.

I will also be hosting a virtual workshop soon. I’m so much more of a fan of one-to-one contact and connection, or IN PERSON connection for those I am meeting for the first time, but I have received a high-demand request for this type of offering as well. what this will look like is a (virtual) workshop with a relatively small group of people, and priority in terms of attendance will be given to both former patients as well as HE® locals community members.

finally, I am really excited about the future. those of you who have read my blog article-by-article / and / or those of you whom I have seen or spoken with who know what the last three years have been like for me know that my saying this is the dawn of a new day. I / we have suffered incredible spiritual warfare and attacks at the hands of great, great evil — hell bent on taking down our most precious resource: truth. truth is love. love is the ultimate power. love is not a fake handbasket of crystal therapies and memes promoting baloney. truth is direct. truth can be scary. truth can be VERY hard to hear when you have been brainwashed, as most folks have. I’m not here to pussyfoot around the truth, as that would negate EVERY SINGLE IOTA of work I have ever done — on myself, and on behalf of others. thankfully, after having my entire life destroyed for three years and losing nearly EVERYTHING, I do not care what folks think. that includes folks I love dearly who I have worked with. if they are awake, they will come around on their own time to the truth. but don’t ever expect me to be fake or to do emotional babysitting online when it comes to the INCREDIBLE impasse which we are at right now. if there was ever a time for me to NOT be quiet about WHAT I KNOW, it is NOW. find another container for your hate or disappointment, if you have it. and always remember: everything that you send to another person gets sent right back to you. if you want to make the world a better place then look in that mirror, like Michael said.