Healing Elaine® consulting sessions (new – a bridge between HE® and TEM®)

dear former patients and clients, and potential new patients and clients:

as you may have read here in my blog, I stopped my traditional one-on-one sessions — as they were — this past March 2020. this was inclusive of many hours of consulting, combined with my signature hands-on and/or hands-hovering energy healing. since nearly my entire base has been quantitative, semi-conventional, rational and otherwise “normal” people, I always hesitated to quantify the intangible realm of my work. I wanted people to be able to measure, as best as one could measure from my expertise via consulting, what changes were being made (of course, they had to be willing — you can only bring a horse to water) without too much woo-woo explanation.

I also realized that combining many hours of offering my unique experience — to roughly 2000 people over the last decade-plus, in a variety of formats — with my actual life force (energy healing, reiki, whatever you want to call it — personally, I can not define it in those terms but they serve for a lack of better more simple terms/reference) was proving to be nearly deadly for me. I gave ALL of myself in EVERY SINGLE SESSION that I have ever had. even the “bad” ones — the ones in which I truly did meet evil, face-to-face. and believe me when I say that I did. and yet whether the session recipient was glorious, evil, kind, amazing, or any other adjective that of course can only describe aspects of an overall individual, the carnage that I had to contend with was still unchanging. in March 2020, I committed to never working in the same format that I had been offering for over a decade. *and, for the record, I never called it “reiki” in the beginning either! I actually just called it “Elaine”…though I had heard about “reiki” since 2002, I didn’t even have it performed on me until 2011 which is when I also picked up my “certification” just to have it. it’s nearly impossible to describe or label the domain in which I offer my life force to another individual to the point in which it lends actual cellular changes. and it does.

the plandemic was just another reason for me to step back and re-evaluate how I was working. I could not see people in person then anyhow, so it serendipitously killed what was my format for so long…just like it killed a lot of businesses that are not funded by the Man or by corrupt Hollywood etc (take a look at who had “no problem” with the shutdown…they are all privileged, stuck-in-some-system people who will never know what it is like to be an actual entrepreneur who is not in bed with the deep state/big tech or some skull and bones type of enterprise). in reviewing the past decade or so of my life’s work, and the unbelievably evil censorship that came for me over three years ago, I made some changes. and in making those changes, I had to decide what I could offer folks — both new and former patients or clients (there is a distinction: patients are those whom I have offered both extensive consult for as well as energy healing / my very life force; clients are those whom I have strictly consulted for without energy healing / my very life force, though life force is always involved when we are dealing with other people!).

I came to a sort of bridge; the bridge between my traditional HE® sessions as described above, and my new venture The Energy Mavericks® (TEM®). this bridge is inclusive of the same work that I was doing before, minus the focused energetic healing and table work. I’ve been fortunate to be missed by many of my former patients, who are now eager to work with me in a client capacity. this now also leaves me to the many potential new clients, who are in need or hope of a consulting format with me. to bridge the gap between old and new, I will be offering (with the same requirements located on my about page) consulting work to new clients. there is a 10 hour minimum, and it is measured at an actual hourly rate (something I did not really do in my traditional sessions, and if I did, I ALWAYS went over time in a variety of ways — not to mention that nearly unquantifiable life force realm). the hourly rate is a premium. I have learned not only the true value of my work based on what I have been able to achieve with others, but also the fact that NO ONE ELSE is offering what I do. this is not a sales pitch. it is truth. regardless of how connected to me / my work someone may feel prior to working with me, I always hear from them afterward that it was beyond their dreams of what they would receive. this is why many people have treated working with me like receiving a sort of degree…they go on, write about the things/concepts that they have learned with me which NO ONE ELSE is writing about (and if they are, look to their origins and what the language is like — if it is not from personal experience with personal notes and vulnerabilities, it is regurgitated content…which is fine as long as it is not too plagiarized, though one should always credit unique concepts which are hardly mainstream or readily available anywhere else – in fact they are censored), and incorporate it into their own work in whichever xyz respective fields. my work runs the gamut as I work with literally every industry on this planet. my TEM® focus is real estate, but I consult for the broadest spectrum of individuals one could imagine.

in terms of the consulting sessions I am offering, I have not changed and will not change my protocol. I will also not work with everyone — just like before. the difference again with these, is that they are set at a specific minimum number of hours (I can not change someone’s life in one hour, and even if I could it would not last for we need to learn to rehearse patterning to make any actual shifts) and are timed at an hourly fee. read the about section here, make sure you feel 100% connected in some way to what I say across the board, and then leave a voicemail at 917-985-1221.

a third thing came up for me as a sort of side dish when I was figuring out how to possibly make this bridge happen, considering the fact that I had truly and officially sworn off any more life force swaps aka energy healing (which are not like any energy healing sessions I have ever had on myself nor any healing sessions anyone else offers). this third thing was a standard one-hour strictly energy healing session with absolutely no consult or talking. I am not sure exactly how many of these I will be able to do, but I am hopeful that without the nearly deadly (half-joking here) combination of many hours of consult PLUS the life force healing offering of mine, I will be able to recharge properly. I have always been extremely hesitant to offer something like this, and I have actually NEVER offered it before — it just came to me this week to consider and execute — I didn’t even offer it in my early days, as even back then I was ALL IN…offering consult, solutions, all of my life force, etc. – for that is how people made radical shifts that defy logic, medicine, and exceed expectations. I do not know the result that will come from doing a strictly one-hour healing session for someone, but I have resolved to let go and say that it is not my responsibility to see someone through to their entire rebirth of self/life/career/health etc. these one-hour sessions will also come at a premium, and I will have each person sign paperwork for this if it is something that they elect to do. like all of my work, the results will be left to God to decipher, but I will feel a lot less like a part of the results which — being totally honest — makes me feel nervous about not being there to walk someone through to the other side when they may have incredible expectations for something like this. for these strictly one-hour sessions, there will be no talking at all. just one hour of life force / energy healing work. whatever you want to call it. and like the consulting work that I do, I want you to feel totally connected to me beyond belief, which should be the only reason for your calling to even elect something so undefinable as an hour of silent work that you can not quantify to your friends or even to yourself. as you can tell, this part is really important to me as I do not sell snake oil. if you elect this option, it will be in person and you will have to travel to wherever I am on the map. be prepared to pay a high premium for this service. I would also suggest planning a day before it, the day of, and the day after for JUST YOURSELF. treat it as a retreat. for those who don’t care about making it such a big deal, then, well, don’t! to each their own.

I will be creating another more anonymous website (time to test just how bad the censorship is) for my one-hour service, but those of you who are reading this now know. you must be willing to get on a plane, fly to where I am, sign a waiver, and put your faith into the hour of work. if we have worked together in the past and this is something that you want to do, that is fine, though I feel you would benefit more from an hour of phone consult…however it is ALWAYS nice to see people I love.

finally, all NEW client consulting sessions will be done in person — so you will have to get on a plane train or automobile and travel to see me. I won’t risk anything being lost in translation by not sitting with someone in person and giving them my all in that way. I wish I could be more flexible or operate with less heart, but I just can not. for the new client consulting sessions, we just need a full day during which we will spend about six hours together. the remaining four hours, we can spend remotely. or, we can spend four hours together and use the remaining six remotely…however, six hours has tended to be the MINIMUM amount of time during which patients/clients feel ALL of the light bulb moments and things start to click — for good. there is SO much information that comes through during our first meeting together.

welp, that’s about it for now! to stay up-to-date with all of my other updates (and there is always something!), please join my community here and remind yourself that social media is a joke — big tech is taking out many accounts which simply share truth and you want to stay on platforms that do not censor or manipulate the person or brand you are connecting to. you may also subscribe to my newsletter on this website, and follow whatever is left of my social media “just because”…if you like!

these times are changing like WE HAVE NEVER BEFORE SEEN in our lifetime. I did begin writing about this back in 2013 (one snippet sample here from 2015). there is so much more to come, and I AM TOTALLY HERE FOR IT. the truth rises, always, because truth is physics™. physics is truth™. (credit me if you decide to throw those phrases around! and if someone else has already written that and I am in the dark, please let me know so that I may correct myself! — there are upcoming articles on the truth and physics, which can also currently be found in many of my past articles!…key word search “truth” and “physics”). stay true, folks.