hourly consults available for former patients/clients

I realize that folks don’t know what I am up to all of the time, so I thought it worthwhile to note that pending availability, I am open to working with former patients and clients on an hourly consult basis. I do not have this offering for new potential patients or clients. the process for this is simple; leave a voicemail on the business line at 917.985.1221 with the request for 1 or more hours. pending schedules, we will find a way to make this happen. if you do leave a voicemail and do not get a call back, it means that I am over-extended/busy — and you may wait and leave another voicemail at a later time in that case. please note that I do not send or receive text messages, and I do not use my old gmail email for correspondence — voicemails are the way. please also know that there are periods of time when I am working either with a new person or project and therefore off the grid, and so if this offering doesn’t happen (and I don’t know how long it will be available as things constantly change and shift for me) you can join my locals community for live book clubs, banter and more in order to stay connected. I am also amenable to working out special arrangements with some past folks pending again, the right timing.