we are not attacked because we are flawed; we are attacked because we are brilliant. do you receive a polarized response from the humans you encounter? if so, they are responding to your light – not the absence of it. learn about the physics behind human behavior.

we are not attacked because we are flawed; we are attacked because we are brilliant. learn about the physics behind human behavior.

do you receive a polarized response from the humans you encounter? if so, they are responding to your light – not the absence of it.

ever since I could remember, I was a target. a scapegoat. a whipping boy. (read the definition of whipping boy!). I knew no different and it carried on throughout my entire life. for years I carried the burden of believing that there was something inherently wrong or flawed with me. so, I settled. a lot. I settled in friendships, I settled in relationships, I settled in all aspects of my life. I never felt comfortable with my “peers” and was often outcasted. or very admired. but usually outcasted and betrayed and bullied even by those I befriended when no one else wanted to have anything to do with them. I always felt the outsider.

as the years went by, in my early 20s, I began to meet people who I did not feel the outsider with. now, this didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. because “on paper”, I had nothing to offer them. the people I felt I didn’t have to do anything other than breathe around to be accepted happened to be super accomplished individuals. famous athletes, singers, public figures of all sorts. men, women, young and old. for some ODD reason (or so I thought), I could be in a crowd of 100,000 people and these people and I would make eye contact and talk. like we knew each other forever. this felt extremely odd to me. because, if I could not fit in with my “peers” and struggled my entire life to feel “normal”, why were these very over-the-top individuals so EASY to be around? I felt normal. accepted. uplifted by their energy. I battled understanding A) why I kept drawing these people in and B) was this simply my ego, excited to spend time with well known people C) why all insecurity went out the window when I was with them. there was a drastic difference in the way I felt physiologically around “these” folks versus the ones I was “supposed” to fit in with. now, it is not to say that the ONLY folks I felt “normal” around were of this public figure variety. not at all. but there was a common denominator amongst the ones I met and how at ease I felt, every single time. I began to journal about these experiences to understand what was happening. as I spent time with these folks, I understood that they, too, felt like pariahs their entire lives! some of them didn’t get as much “hate” as I seemed to get, and some of them had very supportive and “easy” family lives, but their soul existed in a longing-for-more state. no matter how many fans or public support they received, they still felt “different”. and there were holes in their hearts. nothing could make up for this feeling or take it away. what they were indeed experiencing was a massive variance between their energy/frequency point and that of the collective norm/others. that variance created the feeling of contrast, hence the perception of extreme separation. these people were what I later considered to be “outliers”…with that, like all things, came both blessings and curses.

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there is no shortcut out of an ego death. there is no shortcut out of a dark night of the soul. there is no stopping a spiritual awakening. the only way out is through, so stop resisting.

there is no shortcut out of an ego death. there is no shortcut out of a dark night of the soul. there is no stopping a spiritual awakening. the only way out is through, so stop resisting.

before I begin to address the above subject(s), let me start by saying that it is important to me that no one confuse any actual mental illness or chemical imbalance with what I describe in this eBooklet. often times, particular “awakening” phases can mimic symptoms of true mental illness and it is important to know the difference. symptoms of a mystical/philosophical variety and actual mental illness can “look similar” and at the same time there are DISTINCTIVE differences. and, many people who are mentally ill or who do have a mental illness are characterized by denial – even and especially during full-blown symptoms. if you are having ANY experiences that affect your ability to function in the outside world for days at a time, i.e. sleep, eat, and socialize with others, and/or if you are hearing audible voices or feel paranoid, it is very important to consider a consultation with a good psychiatrist. you may just be in an awakening process, you may in fact have a chemical situation in your brain that needs support, or you may have BOTH happening at the same time! so, that is to say that NOT everything you are going through that could be considered “bizarre” or “unique” is in fact such; classic mystical and philosophical states have their own category outside of a mental health condition and you have to know how that may or may not apply to your overall condition. this is a very tricky territory for some people to navigate, especially since the “intangible” or “mystical” is typically faced with complete intolerance and indifference in the medical community, and my heart goes out to anyone in a position where they actually need treatment and medication. I cannot imagine the added difficulty it presents for them. sometimes a massive awakening presents as a one-time psychotic break that mimics an illness yet it is not an illness. many times, however, a psychotic break is the indicator of the onset of a life-long condition that needs attention.

one of my major goals in this life, especially during this time of awakening on our planet, is to provide support for distinguishing a spiritual awakening, ego death, and/or dark night of the soul from an actual mental health crisis. in doing so, the actual mental health crisis – whether separate or accompanying the processes I describe here – can perhaps be addressed in a more cutting-edge and more powerful/effective way by medical professionals. many of the medical professionals I know personally who work at a high level in the fields of psychiatry or psychology are actually sensitives/intuitives themselves, and they have been forbidden to go near esoteric subjects from the time they were studying at University. introducing the esoteric or intangible to the science and medical communities has proven extremely difficult in mainstream medicine and psychiatry. fortunately, there are brave souls and doctors how have put their reputations on the line and broken the mold. I am excited because more and more of these special individuals are coming forward to help bridge the gap. the stigma around mental illness and chemicals in the brain is still awful, and treatment measures could and will be a lot better than what they have been up until this point.

I also want to state that I, personally, have no history of mental illness. while I enjoy/ed reading scores of books on various conditions and discussing them with my friends who were/are mental health professionals, I never experienced what I know those who suffer from actual conditions experience. however if I was, you had better believe that I would be a major personal public advocate for mental health based on my own story. if you are suffering chemically, please have a look at amazing, inspirational people who have both accepted, addressed and overcome the challenges they have been presented with. here are two to start with, Miss Elyn Saks, and Miss Eleanor Longden.

there should be NO shame or fear around chemical matters of the brain, yet shame and fear seem to permeate so many beautiful and talented humans who do experience chemical imbalances in the brain. I will do my best, with my various sensitivities both emotionally and physiologically, Bridging the Gap Between Medical & Spiritual™

most of the people I see are in the middle of one of these three processes. depending on the person, the process will move “fast” or “slow” – and time is most certainly an illusion during these phases, so it might as well be irrelevant to discuss time. everyone wants to know “how long”? “how much longer do I have to go through this”? my answer is always the same: how much longer do you want to keep resisting?

until we surrender to the throes of something we don’t understand, haven’t experienced before and cannot control, we will remain in a painful state. which is the whole point of visiting that state in the first place! we were brought there to surrender. this is not something that humans typically do well. we are raised in a culture of control, and now more than ever a culture of instant satisfaction; instant knowing. instant controlling. this is not how the internal human experience is designed, though.

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spiritual awakening


why people fall away when you stop dimming your light. message for 2016: stop dimming your light NOW



since the below post I wrote on my Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine Facebook page was so popular, I decided to post it here and elaborate a tiny bit on it: when we dim our light we pay the consequences. when we are slated to advance/grow/achieve something we have been focusing on, we will often “eject” or notice an eviction of energies around us. this is to ensure that we are surrounded by and fortified by our OWN resonance and not using our energy to lift the heads of others around us who are leeching off of us in some way. however, what is always protection often looks exactly like rejection. do not get it twisted! the Universe will orchestrate a series of events to solidify our field and better acquaint us with the vibration that matches where we are going. it will use whatever measures possible to make sure that people who are not willing to match us, by doing their own personal work, will be evicted from our field. our day to day correspondence. our thoughts. even our life altogether. trusting in the divine during this process is so important, because we will often go through self blame or a pity party of sorts. we should not do this when we are indeed being protected!  our dreams or prayers are being answered, but we are resisting them because we are in fear of what others think. we dim our lights NOT because we are humble; we dim our lights because we are afraid. we are afraid of being “the only one” which equals being alone (a human’s biggest fear, bigger even than death), and we are afraid of being attacked (which reinforces the fear of being alone). take responsibility for dimming your light, and ask yourself what would happen if you did not dim your light. what might happen? if we can not deal with the consequences, then therein lies our inner work!! here is the post from this past NYE:


HAPPY NEW YEAR. as we move into this entirely new year which is a mountain peak we have not seen before, I would like to reiterate a message to my Unicorn-energied friends. do not fear your light. do not let others’ fear of your light allow you to resent your light or pull back. what do I mean by “light”? I mean your truth. your passion. your happiness that you shine at random moments. your good days. your excitement about your future. your success. and so on… there are many layers of initiation to where many of you are ultimately headed. those with broad (and by broad I do not mean more important; I do not diminish or distinguish narrow purposes from broad and iterate importance or lack thereof between the two) purposes often experience the most incredible hardships and tests. this is to ensure that when one steps into a more public arena, that they can not only own their message/share, but withstand the inevitable absence of light that will attach to them.

it has amazed me over the last number of years to witness — WITHOUT FAIL — that every single time I am slated for a more public position, more personal success in any sense of the phrase, more goodness and more love… that people who I thought not only adored me but whom I felt a positive connection to poof evaporated. the sequence of events was tied so closely to my imminent “boost” or elevation in whichever arena I was working toward. how funny, right?

keep in mind that all kinds of energies will try to teather to you — those that are too lazy to do their own work, and subsequently get BOUNCED out by yours as they are so out of sync… those who are envious or jealous, which is the same thing as being lazy… and so on. many of these people you will not even see it coming with until after the fact — at which point they have made their presence, or lack thereof, obvious. do not let this experience stop you. “it is lonely at the top” — WHATEVER TOP THAT MAY BE FOR US — is a true statement, but it is indeed temporary! although I have experienced all formats of the above, I have ALWAYS known from a young age that the cream floats to the top. and so does the shit. and the two are polar opposites. so you will distinguish and fast. you can never be without your soul group. wave your orange freak flag so that the others may find you.

for a short time in life, you may attract what you have EXPERIENCED… which may certainly not reflect what you ARE. when you have learned the lessons necessary to shift out that which you have experienced and does not match you, you will then begin to attract that which you ARE. and at this point, the separation between the oil and water energies in your life will be rampant. I can not say enough about how bewildering yet real this experience is. you will be disappointed and surprised by people. forge ahead anyway. you are being led to a brighter place where their veiled density can not live.

the very best book I can recommend on different paths and levels of life span initiation is “dancing the dream” by sams. a game changer.

I wish everyone a VERY happy new year. DO NOT DIM YOUR LIGHT FOR ANYONE. rejection is PROTECTION. remember that, no matter what. your light of truth will separate the oil and water in your life with zero effort on your part. use this compass for all it is worth and KEEP MOVING.



live and be your dream: Juliet Tang’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

lots of people I see subsequently quit their jobs. they come in, thinking that “the grind” is a necessary part of life and they will never get out of it. they have been brainwashed and programmed to believe so. I show them that that conditioning is BS. there is nothing “living” about being a programmed individual who sees nothing but burdened “responsibility” and a linear account of how their life “has to be”. if we are unhappy where we are in life, we are not trees — we can move. thinking outside of the box is difficult, because it sets us apart… and as humans, the only thing we fear more than death is being ALONE (i.e. outcasted, unaccepted, etc)… piss on that fear.

This shining light, Juliet Tang, is a natural healer and empath herself. after our session together, Juliet left her corporate job and opened her beautiful healing practice in NYC. her ongoing study and certification in the healing arts, as well as those of Akashic Records and the like, keeps her practice and vision evolving to reach a vast collective of people who can benefit from her. here is her gorgeous website, JulietTang.com


rooting out dead weeds in the form of beliefs and people

rooting out dead weeds in the form of both beliefs and people will alter and expand your life in positive ways that are nearly unimaginable prior to the rooting out.
we often make many excuses for keeping dead weeds in the garden of our life. in doing so, we are completely missing out on soil that can birth a healthy and vibrant flower of life. this soil includes rapid expansion in the form of our innermost dreams and desires. intrinsic or core beliefs that we hold are directly connected to the type of person we allow to be in our life on any level. there are obviously various levels. as examples: acquaintanceship, close friend, beloved confidant or life partner. it doesn’t matter where someone is relative to said level – the specific nature and balance or imbalance of energy is still at play in our life in a significant way.
imagine we are all computers. we have programs that we have carried, as a result of being downloaded, since birth. every person in our initial and primal immediate environment downloaded us with a program very early on, whether it agreed with our master system or not. those programs were deemed essential by our ego in order to survive. again, “positive” or “negative” programming was irrelevant — whatever the ego was told it needed to be in order to survive in said environment is exactly the program that our subconscious became reliant upon. later in life, (hopefully) moving away from our primary caretakers enough to expand beyond these beliefs, we notice that we still carry many that don’t serve us. in order for our computer to perform a massive cleanup, we are often confronted with some sort of “tragedy” or awakening. we might have a series of awakenings. awakenings can come in many forms: death (either figurative or literal) and endings, illness, bankruptcy or homelessness and so on. as we begin to process these awakenings, our overall system is jarred and forced into subsequent reboots. when the system reboots and some the immediately obvious non-functional or toxic programs we held are cleared from the hard drive, we have the space to download or upload “new” programs. these programs are born from a place of newer and more expanded consciousness. a place of consciousness is a neutral stream of information that serves the highest good for all parties relative to the new overall system in place. every time we have a reboot of sorts, and the most obvious programs die, we allow in further consciousness. at this point, slightly later in life, it is less opinionated or biased based on needing us to “be” a certain way in order to accommodate others. on some level, we still will – but no longer (hopefully no longer) living in the same primal environment with the same cast of characters i.e. parents, relatives, teachers etc., we then mix in new programs with the old ones that have not yet been destroyed/deleted/ejected.
when new and old programs begin to share space, dominant frequencies begin to take over and cancel out the lowest frequencies that can not share that space. the law of physics states that two energies of different vibrations must match in order to share space. as our new/conscious/positive frequencies which are unencumbered by group or tribal needs find their home, the most contrasting and fewer, often lower, frequencies are forced out. we are left with frequencies/belief systems that now have a little bit of the “old” and a little bit more of the “new”. I put those words in quotes because I think of time and space, old and new, as all taking place at the same time although we experience time in a linear fashion. the old and the new beliefs then begin to duke it out. a single high frequency thought or belief will outnumber numerous lower frequency thoughts of beliefs. the above various beliefs are always a direct match to the people who are in our reality. we might find that the people in our reality fall into different categories at different times, based on our expansion. we might find that the people, tied directly to our core beliefs, whether we understand how or not, are perhaps 80% representative of the old or 10% of the old or 50% of the old and so on. we will notice just how “old” they are and what they are tied to based on our overall cleanup and mass upgrade. for example:
I had a friend for a very long time. over a decade. I met this person when my consciousness was still tied directly to some very unhealthy, almost sadistic core beliefs. at the time I met this person, I was better off core belief-wise than I had been in years prior. so of course, at that time, it was a “less bad” version of the core beliefs about myself from my first decade or two on earth. as time ticked by, this person naturally illustrated many of the negative core beliefs I held but didn’t fully realize. they were not fully realized because my ego was still reliant upon these beliefs under the veil of illusion that I was still a child and needed to play this role to survive. this friend of mine was unwittingly catering to my damaged programming, and it was serving me because I wasn’t ready to cleanup that program. also, relative to the time this person came into my life, they were a breath of fresh air in contrast to the initial origin and experience of that program. thus, I had actually made headway. over time, however, as I cleaned up other programs, I began to see that not only did my friend mirror many of the programs I was cleaning up and discarding in other areas of my life, but they also became a very simply and visibly “less bad” version of some of my earliest traumas. however somehow, like an old pair of shoes, they had become completely comfortable. holes, stink and all. they were always there, and they were always there because a small part of my subconscious still relied upon this program as a survival tool. even in my conscious mind, which began to point out some real points of contention and contrast to my evolving soul’s value, I almost immediately overlooked this out of subconscious habit. at this point my conscious and subconscious were in a total battle as my ego actually still strongly relied upon this program! ego is inaccessible to the cognitive mind, but if we are lucky enough we then have many mini ego deaths in order to fully surrender it around particular issues.
as years went by, I had accepted this friend just as I had the old shoe – an old, core belief that was embedded in me deeper than I had access to. although “proof” of disconcertion was often in my face more and more than ever before, because I was still not yet fully aware of or able to 100% surrender damaging intrinsic beliefs about myself, this person and their vibrational matching behavior remained present in my life. however, the nuts and the bolts of this program were actually loosening all along – along with my desire to match my intrinsic highest self and value. one year, I found myself in a rapid ascension of awareness, and gifts that began to counter my old core beliefs centered around this person began to show up. it almost felt like a chicken and egg issue: i.e. which came first, the “bad” belief or the “bad” friend? and I noticed it wasn’t just this friend that began showing up in the spotlight. random situations, similar dynamics with pet projects or even philanthropic work began to shine with ugliness as well. it was as if the Universe was truly spotlighting the garden of my life so that I could go in and do some significant weed-whacking. as the counter positive elements of my life and expansion took over, and highlighted the contrast of opposing core beliefs and subsequent people, I noticed that those opposing core beliefs and people began to burn up in the sun. it was as if they were taken out of the shadows and made so glaringly obvious that I couldn’t ignore it for another moment even. this was a byproduct of light illuminating dark. it was a byproduct of the fact that my “new” programs had simply become so many in number, that the old ones had to scatter like cockroaches in a basement where the light had just been turned on.
so, I arrived at a fascinating crossroad of dead beliefs and metaphorically dead people or relationships. the above example in particular highlighted a long “friendship”. as the lights turned on, I still had a hard time figuring out what came first: my “new” belief, or my “old” friend revealing themself in drastic and inescapable light. it was almost as if the Universe was laughing in the way that they were able to make this friend so obvious to me in a 3D context. what was both fascinating and disturbing, is that what was highlighted is something that was actually there just the same for over a decade – I had simply kept this reality in a hidden desktop folder. like the old pair of shoes, I had “accepted” this as my reality, with dread – but dread that I thought I had to live with regardless – as if it were part of me. in the moment of stark light and illumination around this person, I noticed a simultaneous awareness of a new core belief and core self value. I’m not talking about the obvious, on-paper kind such as “I exceeded my goal with work” or “I ran that marathon”. the awareness was much more subtle, yet incredibly strong, and read “I am deserving of the utmost respect and kindness”. but it didn’t read intellectually this time, as of course it had many times in the past. it read deeply: emotionally, physiologically, even physically.
I then arrived at the “final” stage, which was conscious decision-making stage. I could simply withdraw my energy, thus weeding out a person who no longer matched ANY of my core beliefs. and so I did. not even a remnant was left behind. which brings me to a point: we can not remove an “unhealthy person” from our life until we remove the core belief that matches it. it can be no other way. interior creates exterior. even when we think we have eradicated what needs to be eradicated on a conscious level, there is always the subconscious left to deal with. this is why people struggle so much with weight/addiction/etc. it is never about what we see, yet rather what we can’t see. it is about the physics behind the problem. when we understand where our attention actually goes, we can understand how energy flows.
so, I had withdrawn my energy. it was the only logical not to mention self-loving and self-respecting thing I could do. and let me say – the immediate tail wind energy of a nature in such strong opposition to this person’s previous function in my life was exhilarating, eye-opening and almost scary good.
how important is it for us to root out a dead weed in the form of a belief or a person? very important. if we are crucially stuck or we keep hitting that same “pattern” in life, or we can not “manifest”, it is safe to say that we are living in groundhog day fashion. and, if we are doing the best we can, sometimes groundhog day is just a part of the process to get us to such a dead end that we run out of gas and something has no chance but to die. but when we finally eradicate a dead weed in the form of a belief, we have the opportunity to open MANY doors. this can happen when we then identify a person or persons who fully match that belief. when that then is able to shift on a physical level, out of free will/conscious choice of withdrawal, our WORLD expands. rapidly and almost unbelievably at times. what we don’t realize is that in order for a belief and thus subsequent person who embodies that matching frequency to actually be part of our lives, we must feed it ENORMOUS amounts of life force energy. when we stop feeding it, the years and manifestations of that energy has no choice but to redirect in an immediately equal and opposite direction. and we can be sure that the opposite of whatever dead belief system we had going on is rather ecstasy-esque.
I can not say enough about my amazement of the doors that opened following this one core belief deletion followed by an imminent replica of such in human form. there are not many words to describe the intangible space that I felt open around me. it was as if what I always knew and felt I “deserved” was immediately accessible, and had also been standing in front of me for many months if not years even if I did not see it. I felt so supported by the Universe and incredibly at peace. I had so much more to give and receive. tangible dreams that were seemingly put on hold began to manifest or shift immediately. new and worthy relationships began to surface in a quiet yet fast way. most of all, my self-love grew even more. the garden of my life became more thriving, vast and beautiful than ever before.
one of my favorite videos on the subconscious mind/ego as it corresponds to belief systems is a series by daryl anka aka “bashar” on youtube called “brick wall beliefs”. for some, bashar is too much to handle as he is a self-proclaimed human channel for extra sensory and galactic intelligence. personal beliefs or thoughts aside, if we can tune into the actual content of his video series and the information being given, it will prove to be an incredible stepping stone. if we are ready to hear it and integrate it. the truth can be scary for many.

testimonial from Mike: Healing Elaine® NYC

Mike reached out to me last year and he is one of the best people I know. he sent me this video this morning.



Courtney’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

through my practice, I have had the absolute fortune and divine intervention to attract many powerful future healers and leaders who will publicly lead and speak on hybrid subjects of medicine/metaphysics/spirituality and extended topics. they are the new generation of the Marianne Williamson, the Eckhart Tolle, the Caroline Myss… the truth is that we are on the crest of a new wave as science, metaphysics and spirit merge. the definitions that these words have been given are broader and more relatable than we think. due to my acute awareness of “average” popular belief that the work I (and others like me) do was created in a palm tree somewhere in Malibu, creating a community of sound, educated (not that it matters, but it WILL matter to CERTAIN people – half of my patients are ivy league and some hold more than one MD and PHD) and bold leading edge presenters of ALL DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS on these subjects is a goal that is being realized through my practice every single day. there is SO much to come and at the most exciting time, in my opinion, on this planet.

here is Courtney’s story; she started her practice just weeks after we met, and you can find her at “Healing Heart And Reiki With Courtney”. remember her.. one to watch in the future:



Vinny’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

I met Vinny for the first time as a patient a couple of weeks ago… his personality speaks for itself in this video he sent to me earlier today… he will be seen and heard by many one day


The Enlightened Soul vs. The Fragmented Soul aka Counterfeit Enlightened Soul: based on my experience


Based only on my experience (I am not speaking for others here), the below may be helpful to many. From a sharing and explanatory perspective, I am clearly going in a different direction than traditional/clinical/conventional psych analysis/terminology/conclusion to get my point across; and that may be just the way someone needs to hear this.

In my experience, there is an acute difference between a highly “evolved” or enlightened person/soul, and a “fragmented” person/soul whose ego/subconscious has literally shut down an aspect of their human self that they can not deal with. However from outside appearances, evolved/enlightened and fragmented may at first appear to be the same thing. Spotting and understanding this very quiet and beneath-the-radar difference in others will be a huge help to you in several ways.

Why is understanding this important? It is important because we are all set with internal frequencies or vibrations, similar to radio waves, which affect us based on who we are close to. *A great source to understanding this from a scientific point of view is the book “Power Versus Force” by Hawkins. When we operate in integrated higher self and physical self truth and awareness, REGARDLESS of how far along we are in our journey, our vibration is extremely high. When we operate in a way that our human/cognitive/physical self is hiding or hindered (due to unresolved conflict, which will not be elaborated on in this article), we often separate greatly from our higher selves (how could the two work together when only the higher self is authentic?) and our higher selves take over! – Thus appearing, but not actually being, enlightened. The contrast here is experiencing and thus recognizing the difference between The Enlightened Soul and the Fragmented Soul.

Throughout my life I have met, and been fooled, by what I now consider The Counterfeit Enlightened person. This, of course, has come after having treated hundreds and hundreds of authentically evolved and amazing patients, meeting and spending time with authentically integrated and evolved souls, and moving through and past my own Dark Night Of The Soul hence refining my internal barometer to distinguish truth from anything outside of truth.

I realize that there are others out there (namely the vast majority of my patient base!) who, like me, will appreciate being able to distinguish between what I consider here The Enlightened Soul vs. The Fragmented Soul. One reason I find that distinguishing this is so important is simply for time maximizing purposes versus time dumping purposes. The truth is, we have a limited amount of time on earth in our physical bodies. The quicker and more seamlessly we are able to move through this physical journey, unencumbered by other humans who appear but are actually not a match to us energetically, the more we can uplilft/achieve/thrive and assist others with similar tools to do the same. Another reason I find, and perhaps a more important reason, is that when we can not see/access someone’s true vibration, they will PULL from ours. This may not ever even be intentional. But energy flows from top to bottom by the law of physics. Two energies of different balances can NOT co-exist in the same space without the higher energy adjusting to the lower (not the reverse). When one person is fully in alignment with themselves, and another person is fooling themselves, there is an imbalance (regardless of however so slight) in energy, and the aligned/authentic person will be automatically pulled from by the person in the weaker/less authentic state. Again, none of this may be intentional, but it is important to know when this is happening so that we may uncord/unplug accordingly. It does not mean that we have to shut anyone out of our lives. It means that we can save ourselves time self-questioning and unconsciously giving away energy that could be put to greater good use.

I have broken down, based on my personal experience, categorical “types” of Fragmented Souls or Counterfeit Enlightened Souls. These are folks who, at almost all appearances, appear to be on a truly authentic track in life. However, they actually delay/pull/interfere with our process – not because they are bad people (and this can be the most difficult part – knowing that they are wonderful people!, just in denial of self) – causing us initial confusion and, at it’s worst, simply time wasted.  The Fragmented Soul types I have come up with are: The Storyteller, The Tree Dweller, and The Robot. The common denominator between all of these types is that they appear to have all of the answers, yet…things just don’t seem to add up — something is askew and you feel it in your body…and you usually blame yourSELF (which, by the way, is something that none of the specific above types will ever do – take self-inventory).

The Storyteller is typically an extrovert, and they are really good with people. They are well-liked, and often work as social workers/therapists, performers or a similarly outward vocation. They have a HUGE knowledge-base — because they have read and read and read many books and accessed much information in the external world. They often give excellent advice, and make fun friends. They appear to be self-reflective, but never actually make it there. Their world is viewed from the outside in, with “information” as their internal and external armor. How do we spot them? The common tangible problem for/with a storyteller from a strictly vibrational/metaphysical point of view, is that their physical world never seems to line up with their stories. They are able to see the faults and tribulations of others, but can never quite get it together themselves on their own — because they fail to see the parts of themselves that they are so good at helping OTHERS fix. They are waiting to be saved by a miracle or another person in the physical world. Their reasoning for everything is outwardly-based, though they might sound incredibly introspective. This person will end up affecting us when we rely on them for advice, imbed them too heavily in our journey and generally allow them to plug into us. It then becomes our responsibility to distinguish this person from someone we believed to be fully in alignment. Again, there is no blame, no anger, no disappointment on our end…just an awareness. The Storyteller is a high-energy, convincing, seemingly all-knowing person. When we are with them, we forget that they are not in alignment. It can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint. However, our bodies will feel that something is off…inadvertently giving away much of our energy so that the two cups of water can be even.

The Tree Dweller is a fascinating type, because of their seemingly non-stop “Om” state. They are often geniuses or closet nerds who got tired of the contrast between their inner and outer worlds, and they subsequently appear to have “given up” on material or worldly possessions. They may actually surrender all worldly possession and behaviors, or they may only do so in part. Every Tree Dweller is mildly different. Tree Dwellers are often artists, healers or creators and have a spiderweb network or group that they will not break free from; they are susceptible to cults. They often choose to live in very humble environmental conditions and appear to have a very simple physical life, regardless of their material ability to do otherwise. They struggle heavily with concepts of abundance and have strong but secret feelings on the material world. The Tree Dweller appears, at first glance, to be an example for many – they seem to know how to live! They are “free”! Their demeanor is seemingly even-keeled, they even appear blissful. They are/appear incredibly compassionate! They have huge hearts, which can make this type difficult especially in romantic partnerships. How do we spot them? Again, the pieces of their human and spiritual worlds will not align. They will respond to conflict with the outside world with a very blasé approach, usually never addressing core issues directly. Their overall response is “tranquility” even when tranquility is an innocuous part of the equation. They are actually “checked out” in life. Their higher self may indeed be lightyears away from their human self, and much like The Storyteller, that is the point of contention for them and those around them who are actually in alignment (no matter how far along in their personal evolution). They will generally have Peter Pan Syndrome, and appear or act in a childlike manner. The Tree Dweller will struggle inside because the genius nerd inside of them desperately wants to integrate into the human physical world – but doing the work is too daunting, and so they escape into their higher selves, getting “high” through constant meditation groups, alcohol/drugs, or non-stop entertainment of sorts (entertainment can be anything, really – anything that whisks us away from reality). Again, much like The Storyteller, this person will affect us because we will be engaging with them in a way that their energy field actually needs balancing from ours. This will again create the top to bottom flow of energy, from a more aware point of view to a hidden one thus balancing the two people together at a median energy.

The Robot is an interesting and intriguing type. This person will appear as a quiet, compassionate and private person. The general feeling we have around them is that they are hiding something, but we will not be able to pinpoint it, and we may even get upset with ourselves for judging them. The Robot is usually scientific, new-agey, and secretly materialistic. Like the other two types, but more specifically, they often have serious childhood trauma. It may be partially or completely repressed, which would be more common in the case of The Robot versus the others. Much like The Storyteller and The Tree Dweller, they are actively denying a part of themselves in the human experience. I notice that the often unaddressed or unrecollected trauma encourages them to focus so much on their higher self versus their human self. How do we spot them? They will appear passive aggressive, hard to read and inconsistent in both emotion and action. Their past traumas (whether recognized or not) will often create a focus on the material world – a desperation for security/”stability” of the material variety. We will notice with The Robot that they always seem to slyly get their way in life, while not being completely upfront. At first glance, we will be overwhelmed by their kindness…and discover that due to their hidden fear of xyz, they often have a hidden agenda to get ahead in this life (even if they don’t realize it – remember, this information is not to disgrace to demean anyone! most everyone is doing their best in life, regardless of their awareness level). Their physical worlds will be focused on what they can “get”, often via a new age focus, almost fooling themselves as to their agenda. They are easily persuaded by the last piece of information they digested or the last person they spoke to. We know we are in the presence of The Robot when we pay attention to the above, and it is important to unplug or uncord from them as we will most certainly be balancing them if we are in a more aware and authentic state.

So, what is the difference between “us” and “them”, since we all have personal growth and work to do? The fundamental difference is the incredible first-glance appearance of an enlightened soul (i.e. someone we would go to for help or advice) in contrast to their actual human selves. For the rest of “us”, we do not, in the same way, hide or make any arguments about where we reside in the cognitive or physical world. There are not many facts that “don’t add up” in the life of a truly authentic person. Though we are still growing, we (The Enlightened Soul) are truly open and honest with ourselves about where we are. “We” tend to openly question ourselves whereas “they” rarely will. We feel, in our bodies, that something is off or askew, or we feel tired or confused after spending time with them. “They” will often portray themselves as teachers and feel uncomfortable making themselves vulnerable in any way. Conflict will be met with complete silence or complete denial.

We will be drawn to each of these people for the obvious reason that we are seeking higher truth and authenticity in our lives, and from first glance outward appearances, these folks have it! Depending on where each of us is at in our spiritual journey and evolution, it may take an hour or a day to recognize The Fragmented Soul or it may take years. It doesn’t matter how long, only that we begin to trust ourSELVES. We meet these folks so that we can ascend and learn. Nothing in life is a punishment. There is only truth and accessibility to truth. It has been hugely helpful to me, and to my patients, to reflect on my experiences with the above three types of Fragmented Souls.

This is a rough draft, slated for some edits that will be part of my book. I hope this is helpful to many.