Vinny’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

I met Vinny for the first time as a patient a couple of weeks ago… his personality speaks for itself in this video he sent to me earlier today… he will be seen and heard by many one day


The Enlightened Soul vs. The Fragmented Soul aka Counterfeit Enlightened Soul: based on my experience


Based only on my experience (I am not speaking for others here), the below may be helpful to many. From a sharing and explanatory perspective, I am clearly going in a different direction than traditional/clinical/conventional psych analysis/terminology/conclusion to get my point across; and that may be just the way someone needs to hear this.

In my experience, there is an acute difference between a highly “evolved” or enlightened person/soul, and a “fragmented” person/soul whose ego/subconscious has literally shut down an aspect of their human self that they can not deal with. However from outside appearances, evolved/enlightened and fragmented may at first appear to be the same thing. Spotting and understanding this very quiet and beneath-the-radar difference in others will be a huge help to you in several ways.

Why is understanding this important? It is important because we are all set with internal frequencies or vibrations, similar to radio waves, which affect us based on who we are close to. *A great source to understanding this from a scientific point of view is the book “Power Versus Force” by Hawkins. When we operate in integrated higher self and physical self truth and awareness, REGARDLESS of how far along we are in our journey, our vibration is extremely high. When we operate in a way that our human/cognitive/physical self is hiding or hindered (due to unresolved conflict, which will not be elaborated on in this article), we often separate greatly from our higher selves (how could the two work together when only the higher self is authentic?) and our higher selves take over! – Thus appearing, but not actually being, enlightened. The contrast here is experiencing and thus recognizing the difference between The Enlightened Soul and the Fragmented Soul.

Throughout my life I have met, and been fooled, by what I now consider The Counterfeit Enlightened person. This, of course, has come after having treated hundreds and hundreds of authentically evolved and amazing patients, meeting and spending time with authentically integrated and evolved souls, and moving through and past my own Dark Night Of The Soul hence refining my internal barometer to distinguish truth from anything outside of truth.

I realize that there are others out there (namely the vast majority of my patient base!) who, like me, will appreciate being able to distinguish between what I consider here The Enlightened Soul vs. The Fragmented Soul. One reason I find that distinguishing this is so important is simply for time maximizing purposes versus time dumping purposes. The truth is, we have a limited amount of time on earth in our physical bodies. The quicker and more seamlessly we are able to move through this physical journey, unencumbered by other humans who appear but are actually not a match to us energetically, the more we can uplilft/achieve/thrive and assist others with similar tools to do the same. Another reason I find, and perhaps a more important reason, is that when we can not see/access someone’s true vibration, they will PULL from ours. This may not ever even be intentional. But energy flows from top to bottom by the law of physics. Two energies of different balances can NOT co-exist in the same space without the higher energy adjusting to the lower (not the reverse). When one person is fully in alignment with themselves, and another person is fooling themselves, there is an imbalance (regardless of however so slight) in energy, and the aligned/authentic person will be automatically pulled from by the person in the weaker/less authentic state. Again, none of this may be intentional, but it is important to know when this is happening so that we may uncord/unplug accordingly. It does not mean that we have to shut anyone out of our lives. It means that we can save ourselves time self-questioning and unconsciously giving away energy that could be put to greater good use.

I have broken down, based on my personal experience, categorical “types” of Fragmented Souls or Counterfeit Enlightened Souls. These are folks who, at almost all appearances, appear to be on a truly authentic track in life. However, they actually delay/pull/interfere with our process – not because they are bad people (and this can be the most difficult part – knowing that they are wonderful people!, just in denial of self) – causing us initial confusion and, at it’s worst, simply time wasted.  The Fragmented Soul types I have come up with are: The Storyteller, The Tree Dweller, and The Robot. The common denominator between all of these types is that they appear to have all of the answers, yet…things just don’t seem to add up — something is askew and you feel it in your body…and you usually blame yourSELF (which, by the way, is something that none of the specific above types will ever do – take self-inventory).

The Storyteller is typically an extrovert, and they are really good with people. They are well-liked, and often work as social workers/therapists, performers or a similarly outward vocation. They have a HUGE knowledge-base — because they have read and read and read many books and accessed much information in the external world. They often give excellent advice, and make fun friends. They appear to be self-reflective, but never actually make it there. Their world is viewed from the outside in, with “information” as their internal and external armor. How do we spot them? The common tangible problem for/with a storyteller from a strictly vibrational/metaphysical point of view, is that their physical world never seems to line up with their stories. They are able to see the faults and tribulations of others, but can never quite get it together themselves on their own — because they fail to see the parts of themselves that they are so good at helping OTHERS fix. They are waiting to be saved by a miracle or another person in the physical world. Their reasoning for everything is outwardly-based, though they might sound incredibly introspective. This person will end up affecting us when we rely on them for advice, imbed them too heavily in our journey and generally allow them to plug into us. It then becomes our responsibility to distinguish this person from someone we believed to be fully in alignment. Again, there is no blame, no anger, no disappointment on our end…just an awareness. The Storyteller is a high-energy, convincing, seemingly all-knowing person. When we are with them, we forget that they are not in alignment. It can be incredibly difficult to pinpoint. However, our bodies will feel that something is off…inadvertently giving away much of our energy so that the two cups of water can be even.

The Tree Dweller is a fascinating type, because of their seemingly non-stop “Om” state. They are often geniuses or closet nerds who got tired of the contrast between their inner and outer worlds, and they subsequently appear to have “given up” on material or worldly possessions. They may actually surrender all worldly possession and behaviors, or they may only do so in part. Every Tree Dweller is mildly different. Tree Dwellers are often artists, healers or creators and have a spiderweb network or group that they will not break free from; they are susceptible to cults. They often choose to live in very humble environmental conditions and appear to have a very simple physical life, regardless of their material ability to do otherwise. They struggle heavily with concepts of abundance and have strong but secret feelings on the material world. The Tree Dweller appears, at first glance, to be an example for many – they seem to know how to live! They are “free”! Their demeanor is seemingly even-keeled, they even appear blissful. They are/appear incredibly compassionate! They have huge hearts, which can make this type difficult especially in romantic partnerships. How do we spot them? Again, the pieces of their human and spiritual worlds will not align. They will respond to conflict with the outside world with a very blasé approach, usually never addressing core issues directly. Their overall response is “tranquility” even when tranquility is an innocuous part of the equation. They are actually “checked out” in life. Their higher self may indeed be lightyears away from their human self, and much like The Storyteller, that is the point of contention for them and those around them who are actually in alignment (no matter how far along in their personal evolution). They will generally have Peter Pan Syndrome, and appear or act in a childlike manner. The Tree Dweller will struggle inside because the genius nerd inside of them desperately wants to integrate into the human physical world – but doing the work is too daunting, and so they escape into their higher selves, getting “high” through constant meditation groups, alcohol/drugs, or non-stop entertainment of sorts (entertainment can be anything, really – anything that whisks us away from reality). Again, much like The Storyteller, this person will affect us because we will be engaging with them in a way that their energy field actually needs balancing from ours. This will again create the top to bottom flow of energy, from a more aware point of view to a hidden one thus balancing the two people together at a median energy.

The Robot is an interesting and intriguing type. This person will appear as a quiet, compassionate and private person. The general feeling we have around them is that they are hiding something, but we will not be able to pinpoint it, and we may even get upset with ourselves for judging them. The Robot is usually scientific, new-agey, and secretly materialistic. Like the other two types, but more specifically, they often have serious childhood trauma. It may be partially or completely repressed, which would be more common in the case of The Robot versus the others. Much like The Storyteller and The Tree Dweller, they are actively denying a part of themselves in the human experience. I notice that the often unaddressed or unrecollected trauma encourages them to focus so much on their higher self versus their human self. How do we spot them? They will appear passive aggressive, hard to read and inconsistent in both emotion and action. Their past traumas (whether recognized or not) will often create a focus on the material world – a desperation for security/”stability” of the material variety. We will notice with The Robot that they always seem to slyly get their way in life, while not being completely upfront. At first glance, we will be overwhelmed by their kindness…and discover that due to their hidden fear of xyz, they often have a hidden agenda to get ahead in this life (even if they don’t realize it – remember, this information is not to disgrace to demean anyone! most everyone is doing their best in life, regardless of their awareness level). Their physical worlds will be focused on what they can “get”, often via a new age focus, almost fooling themselves as to their agenda. They are easily persuaded by the last piece of information they digested or the last person they spoke to. We know we are in the presence of The Robot when we pay attention to the above, and it is important to unplug or uncord from them as we will most certainly be balancing them if we are in a more aware and authentic state.

So, what is the difference between “us” and “them”, since we all have personal growth and work to do? The fundamental difference is the incredible first-glance appearance of an enlightened soul (i.e. someone we would go to for help or advice) in contrast to their actual human selves. For the rest of “us”, we do not, in the same way, hide or make any arguments about where we reside in the cognitive or physical world. There are not many facts that “don’t add up” in the life of a truly authentic person. Though we are still growing, we (The Enlightened Soul) are truly open and honest with ourselves about where we are. “We” tend to openly question ourselves whereas “they” rarely will. We feel, in our bodies, that something is off or askew, or we feel tired or confused after spending time with them. “They” will often portray themselves as teachers and feel uncomfortable making themselves vulnerable in any way. Conflict will be met with complete silence or complete denial.

We will be drawn to each of these people for the obvious reason that we are seeking higher truth and authenticity in our lives, and from first glance outward appearances, these folks have it! Depending on where each of us is at in our spiritual journey and evolution, it may take an hour or a day to recognize The Fragmented Soul or it may take years. It doesn’t matter how long, only that we begin to trust ourSELVES. We meet these folks so that we can ascend and learn. Nothing in life is a punishment. There is only truth and accessibility to truth. It has been hugely helpful to me, and to my patients, to reflect on my experiences with the above three types of Fragmented Souls.

This is a rough draft, slated for some edits that will be part of my book. I hope this is helpful to many.


Old Fears Coming Up For Release Through New “Disasters”… in the form of people, places or things

clearly 1st world problem solving dissection here… but nonetheless interesting, I think.. there are interesting ties between difficult life experiences and how our subconscious tries to heal them later in life.

in 7th grade, I had a “best friend”. at the beginning of 7th grade, an unknown person began writing on all of the bathroom walls about me — all kinds of things ranging from about my family to about me personally.. basic lies and humiliation. almost weekly, my “best friend” and I would go to the guidance counselor to help me with whomever was graffiti-ing the walls with my name. we couldn’t seem to figure out who, or why. I didn’t have any known enemies. at the end of that year, my “best friend” moved out of state. the following year, one of the girls in our little group broke down and told me that it was, indeed, my “best friend” who wrote about me on every wall she could find. I remember feeling disbelief, hurt and broken trust. this “best friend” was my biggest supporter…

fast forward, over the years, I subconsciously developed a fear of “exposure”. to what, I could not define. it crept up any time I was about to be public in any way — with business, public speaking, performing, etc. I feared being seen or known by the public. some of this is probably inherent (past life, current life in other examples) somehow, but it wasn’t until recently that I realized how it directly tied to my 7th grade experience. when I was on a soap opera a number of years ago and began getting bit exposure parts in film/tv, I remember feeling physically sick before I would watch the show air. my body would cramp up and I almost couldn’t watch. I also couldn’t read the comments about my character from the die-hard show fans. I didn’t pursue an agent and was afraid to take it too far. the whole reason I pursued network relationships (ABC) was so that I would have a platform from which to present important material down the road…it was simply a platform I would go back to later while I spent time on my heart — my healing and energy work — to then present my heart through film, television and multimedia and reach as many people as possible.

when I established my energy medicine practice roughly 5 years ago, I separated it from my corporate past (finance and corporate barter), my entertainment career, etc. I had been working privately with people, beneath the radar, not wanting at all to be public. I felt that healing work should be anonymous and I was already satisfying much of my time this way. I battled, in my mind, as we all do, human judgement. I didn’t put up any photo of myself on my energy medicine site(s) for the first two years, and I wanted people to judge me solely on my energy over the phone and in person. it worked out really well for me and I was able to establish a thriving practice based off of soul and spirit alone; no human ego or judgement. I did realize, however, that if I were to be a voice for others, I would need to get over this fear…as I was eventually going to be public whether I liked it or not. I hadn’t yet realized how my subconscious (i.e. fear of being public) was reacting to such an old event that took place in the 7th grade…

earlier this year a woman became obsessed with me – as in she couldn’t call, text or email me enough. nothing was enough. out of hundreds of people I have seen for sessions over the years, this one was off the charts. I had battled my intuition on even accepting her into my life in the first place, as I spent days considering whether to meet her in person on or not. I truly wanted to help her and others, but I was always very smart about who to not attempt to help – so many people are looking for not only someone to blame, but for the next victim of their own disturbed consciousness. given that I had never encountered this prior, I felt safe and protected from all people and things (and, I was right! though it didn’t appear this way initially). when she subsequently went to town on me in a variety of publicly slanderous, preposterous, odd, sadly comedic and yet hurtful ways, it all made sense — she was the 12 year old girl I had become so shell-shocked by so long ago!; she was living her out for me so that I could release an old, no longer relevant fear within. what a huge lightbulb moment. as she spent weeks campaigning against me in a variety of ways, I began to see how this very old energy had lived and breathed inside of me. it was a deeply rooted subconscious energy I didn’t realize was there until it was gone! this deeply unhinged person had done me the biggest favor I could receive in such an ugly cloak; she became my old fear and released it from within me.

none of us enjoys moving through an old process, but it is interesting how an old process will come up to liberate us. what I felt, and have been able to feel, is a huge space that was previously occupied by unnecessary fear or sadness. we shall never judge or discount the negative behavior of others or relative circumstances in our lives — far more often than not, they are weeding out old and dead roots that don’t need to litter our beautiful garden. when faced with this we must breath deeply and look for the analogy of something that is rotten and old…see what it reminds us of? what it is reminding us of is the thing that we are finally walking out the door and never letting back in. the new doors that are opening are beyond the most wild and fulfilling dreams. if and when we truly listen, and don’t get caught in momentary fear or ego, we are able to see that every person, place and thing is part of a Universal blueprint and design to take us to our destiny — even when it looks or feels ugly.


A Story of Uncording … as experienced by one of my patients at Healing Elaine®

[As a reminder, all of the topics and many of the excerpts listed here on my blog, fortunately, will be compiled in cohesive and edited fashion in my future eBooklets and book. For now, please enjoy here the raw and unpolished bones that are my skeleton! *Names have been changed to ensure anonymity]

“Uncording” is something that I incorporate into most, if not every, session I perform. Some of my patients are aware of what energetic cording is, and others are not. In short, we share umbilical-like cords with every person we have ever interacted with. Some cords are, obviously, stronger than others. Strong cords are particular to blood relatives, persons we grew up/shared physical space with, close friends and lovers. When two energies are unequal (all humans are created equal, all energies are NOT created equal), one energy must re-calibrate (keep in mind energy flows FROM TOP to bottom) to match the second energy. With this brief but hopefully understandable explanation (much can be read on the internet about corded energies) I lead into a recent patient experience with uncording that I think perfectly illustrates what happens to corded (and subsequently uncorded) energy between two people…

Michele* came to see me for the usual reasons people do…feeling stuck, feeling depressed, feeling as though she was going against her calling, yet not sure what move to make, and so on and so on…

Prior to my session with Michele, I felt a strong pulling and twisting in my gut, as well as a strong and dull ache down my right arm. For me, this indicated an intense struggle with a male energy, and the over attachment of such energy from said male to my patient. When Michele arrived and I began dissecting her immediate personal life, I immediately saw the male energy at hand present itself; though the template for such was set by her father, I saw the current grappling energy in the form of her coworker.  It is always important to know from which direction/individual most of this visceral energy imprint is coming from, so that I know how to best “attack” it. Usually, the physiological symptoms I was having around Michele would indicate a father or father figure, which would tailor our session’s approach to a particular fashion. However, being that the physiological symptoms I absorbed were not representative of a father or father figure (though they so strongly mimicked such, especially being that the origin for this energy to even birth itself was reflective of her father), a very specific combination of cognitive AND energetic approaches and execution were in order.

After tackling the cognitive aspects of this tricky and “hidden” dynamic between my patient and her coworker, I let her know that every move/change she made would be felt by the male energy in discussion. It is always difficult to fully explain to someone unless they have already experienced, in all senses, an energy attachment and subsequent detachment of such. I let her know that what I was seeing was something stronger than the usual corded energy — it looked like a dark, red mass…an entity of it’s own, between two people. I saw a circle with arrows spinning in a clockwise position. For me, this indicated the depth of the cords between these two people, which was only strengthened by precipitating factors with Michele’s own father. I saw that it would be rather difficult to break free of this energy, and that both parties would really feel it once I began the work. The work was necessary, because this entity was not only feeding off of my patient (and her coworker), but was clogging and confusing most parts of her psyche. Strong cords, and especially strong energetic attachments, can cause all kinds of problems!

When we began the physical part of the session, my hand hovered over her solar plexus (abdomen). I saw and felt a thick, molasses-type of energy. It felt dense, temporarily impenetrable and slow. As I worked on her entire auric and physical field, the energy loosened a bit. I felt slightly nauseous, and knew this would be a factor for her. None of my patients, prior to Michele, had thrown up after a powerful session, but they had let me know about intense and detoxifying bowel movements.

When I felt the work was “complete”, I explained to Michele what I saw and how I felt. She was feeling particularly relaxed and clear, and she went home. I reminded her again that her coworker would be directly affected by my session with her, and to be mindful of that on all levels.

The next afternoon, I spoke with Michele over the phone and she let me know that the impact of our session was more tangible than she thought it would be: that evening she threw up. The next morning she threw up again. She called her coworker and her job to let them know that she would be working from home that day. When she spoke with her coworker, he let her know “I don’t know what I ate, I have been throwing up all morning”. She knew immediately that they were sharing the break in energy of this once-strong entity/attachment/cord. What was happening? Each of them was releasing a dense, beast of a blockage that served neither one of them, namely my patient. This might be best understood in psychology as an unhealthy or dangerous “codependent relationship”; and it had manifested itself physically into two people’s — and the lives of those close to them — lives. To feel this experience of cord cutting is one thing…to see it is another thing…and to share it with another person is priceless.

This, folks, is the way energy works. We must never underestimate the presence and power of attachment/cords to others as they appear on all levels — seen and unseen. We must ask ourselves what is serving us and what is not…and think about some necessary uncording to live the most “free” and positive lives possible.


Feeling Someone Else’s Physical Experience — And They Are Nowhere Physically Near You…Does This Happen To You?


[As a reminder, all of the topics and many of the excerpts listed here on my blog, fortunately, will be compiled in cohesive and edited fashion in my upcoming book. For now, please enjoy here the raw and unpolished bones that are my skeleton!]

One of the fascinating aspects of being a true empath is the actual physiological experience of physically/mentally/emotionally experiencing someone ELSE’s thoughts/feelings (of physical, psychological, emotional and so on). For this post, I try to focus more specifically on the physical.

First of all, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It means that our human bodies, all of them, are built like antennas. We are either tuned in or tuned out, with varying degrees in between. The more tuned in we are, the more we “pick up” — but then the more tuned in we are, the more we have to … TUNE IN! What do I mean? I mean that once we recognize we are actually picking up experiences (for the sake of this particular post, I will keep it limited to physical symptoms) that belong to another person, we are then put in a position where we must interpret said recognition. WHY? Because the Universe has messages for all of us, all day long, to help guide us on our individual and collective paths. We can’t judge or control it, it just is. Why else? Because our ability to FEEL from a distance lets us know that we are way more than we have been programmed to believe…and this is important on many levels, especially as we advance in “science” and “medicine”. There is a current important and strong gap being bridged between spirit and science/medical. When we begin to learn that there are “other” explanations for “medical diagnoses” (that often come from persistent physical+ symptoms such as I am describing here) and so on, people can begin ditching the unneeded and harmful meds that are thrown at them out of habit/laziness/lack of information…and begin digging deeper into the actual/real message at hand!

WHAT TO DO WITH IT? If you don’t know where/who it is coming from, start to try to know. As it happens more and more, pay attention to who you are speaking with or feeling from a distance. If you think it is yours, but you are not sure, write it down. Pay attention to who calls/emails/texts you within that a 30-minute window (usually post-sensation/awareness). It might be a high stream of energy, or a low one; neither is “bad” or “good”, they each just are. First figuring out where/who it is coming from is important; it may be from/for your mom who calls you 15 minutes later, or it might be from/for the woman you sit down next to at Starbucks in 30 seconds; You will get better and better at identifying the source of this energy. What you will begin to be able to do are a few important things 1) discern what is NOT yours 2) discern who is “reaching out to you” energetically 3) give a 3rd party an indication of something that is perhaps going on with them. This kind of intuition is purposeful, though we may not realize it at the time.

For me, personally, this occurs most often 1) when a patient calls me for the first time 2) the night before a patient session 3) during a patient session 4) right after a patient session 5) all of the time 😉  I notice 1) – 4) the most, though. When someone calls me, asking about my practice, I almost immediately get a feeling/sensation in my physical body. My physical vessel starts going off like a radio. I then narrow down the part of my body that is being signaled, and I notice that there are about 20+ different types of signals I get in that specific body part…then, out of experience with hundreds of people, I am able to intuit exactly what it means. I will know right away what emotional baggage or experience is clogged within a person (sometimes down to the year/a specific age), even if they believe it is only medical. This, in turn, sets the stage for some magic when we decide to work together…

I have kept this very brief and hopefully coherent…but my point here is that if you are an empath/feel people physically or otherwise and they are not even near you (or even if they are!, it is just harder to interpret intuitively when they are not), try to get clearer on the fact that 1) the feelings may not be “yours” — so it doesn’t mean you are “dying” of some disease when your stomach hurts you 10x per day! 2) you are being accessed all day long, even just through thought, and it is important to stay extra healthy/tuned in so that nothing can access you for too long! we can get run down in this way 3) as humans we are being guided to help others! you can give others information once you get good at interpreting this kind of information. It will eventually become undebatable, and most importantly helpful, when you are able to see clearly what is going on with someone either near or far in proximity to you, and relate that information to them in a way that highlights old emotions/experiences that have physically manifest themselves for hopeful release.

The experiences I speak of here are actually incredibly primitive, versus “new agey”.  They are nothing weird or to be afraid of. Many people don’t speak about these things because it makes them feel isolated, as if it is all in their head, and as if they are the only ones experiencing them. Give yourself the opportunity to understand the experience of “feeling” someone else’s physical experience, and you will be surprised at just how good you get…and how much good can come from it.





one of my personal experiences with integrity

one of my personal experiences with integrity

I want to comment on personal integrity. it sounds like a simple concept, but it is often not an easy one. we go against ourselves many times in life, before we realize it based on exterior consequences with people and things around us. not too long ago, my entire physical world collapsed; I was losing my apartment, couldn’t afford to eat for days at a time, and had to “borrow” toilet paper from public restrooms (the long and detailed story of “how” I got there is divine, synchronistic, and will be kept separate from this post, and will surely be in my book)…that said, I was still in a space where I was afraid to share my energy work in a public fashion. a loud voice kept screaming at me to share my work beyond quiet referrals and endless non-profit work. when I finally “agreed” to listen to the Universe and I began sharing more publicly what I did, my whole world began to shift. this was step ONE of my personal integrity — having the courage to make myself vulnerable to the only thing that really mattered to me…helping others…even if I might be criticized for it or people close to me didn’t understand. then came step TWO: I knew that I couldn’t/shouldn’t work with everyone (let alone spend time with just anyone). so, while sometimes starving and having my phone or internet shut off, I would say NO to working with certain people — because I knew intuitively it was not the right time for them or simply not the right session. I was looking out for the higher and greater good of all parties instead of my own primal needs. this was not easy, and I questioned myself. however, after a few instances of these types of difficult integrity-based decisions, it was like a lightning rod hit my life…it lit up. with THE most amazing patients, acquaintances, friends, etc. it was as if, at least temporarily, the hard lessons were over. I am not saying I am perfect at making the perfect decisions 100% of the time, but what I AM saying is that integrity is HUGE in our lives. when we go against ourselves due to fear or insecurity of being alone or “without”, we screw ourselves even harder. often the hardest decisions bring the biggest rewards. INTEGRITY…a true survival tool. we must ask ourselves, daily, what that REALLY means.


Patient: “Lana”, Session 1 – one of Healing Elaine®’s first “Many Lives Many Masters”-esque patient experiences

The name Lana is a pseudonym, ensuring patient confidentiality. The following experience is written from my vantage point, that of the medical intuitive/healer (aka Spiritual Crime Solver!). Typically, patients come to me with one or several reasons as to why they need my help. Upon examining them, many things happen…and they often walk out with answers they didn’t realize they were looking for in the first place.

I met Lana in my Columbus Circle office in 2013. Like a number of other folks, she had come across my website and became generally interested, hoping to address her life’s purpose and issues with procrastination as well as general disinterest in her then corporate career. She didn’t have the usual pressing crisis, such as an impossible interpersonal relationship or undying stress. Lana felt a general malaise. In addition, Lana was what I call a “non-believer” — someone who is quite quantitative and linear in thought, operating from what I call the “programmed” world. She was acutely intelligent, multifaceted/talented, multilingual, healthy, zesty and mid-thirties.

As we sat down and began talking, I followed my “standard” protocol, which consists of both internal and external physiological self-inventory; this type of self-inventory is what describes the patient’s actual disposition, whether they are consciously or only subconsciously aware of it. I felt an initial cloudiness in my own thoughts (reflecting a current state of Lana’s) as well as a subsequent difficulty articulating some of the more “other-worldly” and metaphysical concepts by which I both approach and “tune into” another person’s life. It was at this point that I would attempt to articulate the disposition I had that entire day — from the time I woke up — in preparation and awareness of Lana’s session.

I neglected to physically record much of my aforereferenced disposition on that day, so some of it will be missing from this session share. However I remember waking up the morning of this session and feeling as though I had to somehow brilliantly bridge an ivy league, scientific, cognitive mind with an ethereal, yogic, shamanic metaphysical mind. Not an uncommon experience for me, it felt like two different worlds (as well as sides of the brain) were expected to collide for me in order to demonstrate a rational, evidential explanation and solution for my patient that would not only expand her consciousness, but address underlying dormant issues as well as create tangible solutions. That feeling only increased as we sat down together during “intake”. The intake aspect of my sessions can last anywhere from 2-3.5 hours, and it consists of turning over every stone in that person’s life and looking at it from the combined and well-integrated following types of angles: clairsensient/clairvoyant/clairaudient (as those “unseen” angles are where my first point of awareness draws from), logical/intellectual/cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual.

When a person like myself — who is versed in and immersed in the metaphysical and energetic fields — sits down for the first time with someone who has never heard the terms or notions of the metaphysical, energetic or even holistic fields, it can be overwhelming for the person (in this case, the patient). As I asked Lana questions such as the names of her immediate family members, friends and past significant others, I was as usual downloaded with the feeling as if I knew them and they were right in the room beside us. I recall asking more questions than giving information, so as not to put her off given that this was her first experience. We talked for miles about her general dissatisfaction in this life as it related to her career, soul’s purpose and hypothetical but not-as-important romantic livelihood. I could see immediately that she was like so many others I had met — she fit in with her colleagues at work and her friends, but yet she was different. Exactly how different I had yet to explain or show her, but her purpose was different. Her purpose was unconventional, at least in comparison to the linear life she had carved out for herself. When I begin to explain to someone for the first time of what I see that lies beneath, in their soul, I prepare for resistance or fear; resistance and fear are normal reactions, but in my practice with the patients I choose to work with they are minimal in degree. I saw immediately that she was a wise, wise soul that had been living dormant within a human body. I explained that to her in so many words, and she did not reject this notion. I might add that she was/is not gullible, naive or weak in any sense of those words; in fact, she is quite the opposite. I did, though, feel as well that given her high-intellect and capability for reasoning (given her own learned and programmed basis for such) it would take something close to miraculous to convince her of her unconventional and, for lack of a better word coming to mind right now, honorable imminent post in this lifetime of hers. It would be this post-taking, I knew, that would change her life; if I could just Open Her Eyes…

After we spoke for miles as I do with all of my patients, she laid down for our energy work. I approach each patient differently, mostly through unexplainable guidance/intuition and experience. As I began “working” on her, my hand was immediately drawn from the chakra point of her third eye to her actual eyes. When someone is on the verge of opening their third eye and spirit wants me to help them along, I feel it strongly and know it strongly. As I worked on her third eye, my hand could not stay in place for more than a second before being pulled over her actual eyes. It was in this location that I felt lightning bolts of energy shooting through the middle of my hand. This normally happens to me during a session in a myriad of ways, but this type of pull was different — and it was accompanied by a passing voice (not an audible/hallucinatory voice, but a voice in one’s own head that passes as a mere thought or idea). This voice became louder as it said “Make Her See… Open Her Eyes…”. At this point in my practice, I might have normally written this off as an overactive mind on my part…but the forceful pull of her actual eyes to my hand and the recurring voice activated a profound curiosity in me. Simultaneously, I began to see an old, wise man…a sage, a shaman, a person of knowledge. I blinked several times to recognize her actual face from this lifetime, as it seemed to vacillate back and forth between Lana’s face and an image of a seer from another time. I completed the energy work on the rest of her physical body and let her “wake up” when I was done. She had not gone “under” into another realm, nor was that my intention, but going under is quite a common theme that my patients experience – even first-timers.

As Lana came-to, we discussed other important and solution-relevant aspects of the energy work that would fuel her tangible steps in addressing what plagued her (as discovered during intake). She seemed intrigued by the energy work in general, as she experienced the relaxing and detoxifying symptoms that are associated with my work. Given her very limited background on absolutely everything I have written here, I was initially hesitant to tell her about the loud physical and ethereal experience I had with her eyes. At the last moment, I told her “this may not make sense, but I can not stop thinking about this…and it may make sense to you long down the road, but I have to say this…” and then I told her about what I had felt during our 1.5 hours of energy work. She became pensive for a bit and then paused, telling me “well…this is going to sound strange…” (nothing at Reiki Therapy by Elaine sounds strange!) “but for the first time ever, I went to a psychic early this year…and she told me that I had been a wise, old, blind seer in my past life”. I was stunned. As I looked at her, we both recognized the significance of this experience, initially me more so than her. As I attempt here to re-state the experiences of that day in writing, there is no justice done to credit the loud and raw nature of the message that spirit was sending to me/us.

I am not certain what part of our session drew her back in to see me at least half a dozen more times, but I have to believe it was the mutual experience related to her eyes. I know that had that not happened, I may have never seen her again. Since that day, while working together numerous times now, she has pursued multiple paths toward higher learning in the energy medicine, shamanistic, holistic chiropractic, holistic healing and metaphysical worlds. Not-so-ironically, she is obtaining a high-level psychotherapeutic degree while pursuing the polar opposite of “mainstream” cognitive development and healing. I continue to see her a year and a half later, and she looks like the weight of the world has left her shoulders…her subconscious mind and soul have spoken and been heard. The world is about to birth a “new” true leader and bridge between current old-world medicine and psychotherapy, and modern cutting-edge intuitive energetic therapy.

Brian Weiss’ book “Many Lives Many Masters” suddenly makes all of the sense in the world to me – in first-person experience. This would not be my last experience, or even the most profound, with a seasoned soul, gregariously poking through it’s current human vessel.


Rejection Is Always Protection

Rejection Is Always Protection

This is very powerful. ‘Rejection’ (which doesn’t exist, it is simply perceived rejection) is never negative. It is a navigation tool that puts us where we need to be at exactly the right time. Sometimes it puts important events or people in our life on hold, so that our connection to that person/job/place is even stronger when the time is right.

There is no such thing as rejection. Try looking at this notion with a different pair of eyes and see how it changes things in your life for the better.