Nashville Healing Elaine® Pop Up, July 2023

A two-day / one night stay in Nashville for an abbreviated Healing Elaine® session aka pop up.

I started doing these back in late 2017, coining them “pop ups” (due to the unconventional format / deviating from my standard session) and will offer them occasionally.

Typically when someone sees me (I’d be inclined to say always) they are attempting to solve a life crisis or discover a life-changing turning point – so, that is why my traditional sessions take many hours as it’s impossible to solve a problem of such magnitude in a brief period of time. With that said, there are occasions for which 10 hours of work (5 in person, 5 remotely/via phone) can significantly jumpstart a person’s process toward change. Otherwise, 10, 20, 30, 40 + hours over the course of weeks and months is what it takes.

At the core of every problem is a demon or a legion of them and they do not go quietly – we must understand their place in our lives and what our role is in tandem with that. None of this is superficial roadside healer or therapist cliche sentiment. Hence my lengthy pre requisites, provided materials, my personal ongoing study with the church, neuroscientists, and the like. None of this is for the weary or arrogant and especially not for those who easily suffer hair fractures over basic and infinite truths.

I do not and have never believed in “laying of hands” only to change a person’s life as I am not God (no one is) and therefore from the beginning of my practice I have always spoken at length with a person before asking the Holy Spirit to work with us in a tactile fashion. There have also been times when I won’t lay hands as it is not what is called for. With that said, the only thing that heals is truth = God and that comes through radical honesty about the world around us and ourselves. This is the only way anything has ever changed for anyone and those who reject it reject healing and subsequently operate simply as a succubus.

All these years of my work continue to bring new revelations my way and as I work to deeply understand how the Bible and spiritual philosophies have always factored into my work I am always amazed at God’s ways. The truth of the matter of healing is, as your spiritual life advances things get harder – but the virtue of suffering is what we are here for and when we can accept and surrender to that we come to know true joy.

Off-topic but not necessarily, lately I’ve noticed the harsh and desperate energy of legions of people on the internet. Sure, this has been the case from the beginning but things seem ramped up as people run in demonic circles of aggression, ego and pride simply as a means to suck the life out of others. God giveth and God taketh away – from the beginning of time we have seen this in action (evil is the blindspot of arrogance) but we will always see it in new ways as times and means of communications change and advance. There is a reason that I operate a certain way online (censorship aside), do not scroll, do not follow anyone and it is to avoid the abyss of nastiness that again exists as a projection to make insecure and uncertain people (who’re always masked in narcissism) feel better about their lives. I mention this because one of the things I address in my work is, that everything you see is designed either to help you or hurt you; the cruel people who masquerade as the former but are really the latter must be put in their place by ignoring them. When you do not feed such a beast it scrambles for food as it can not self-sustain on its autonomous (light) energy. If you are a scroller or internet addict (instagram/twitter) consider what you see and give your eyes and ears access to. I’ve always known this, and implementing a strong practice around it has been the way I’ve succeeded at anything in life. Every interaction you have is either out of love or the opposite. This goes for any medium of communication, be it social media with strangers or phone conversations with relatives.

Harsh truth is different from projected nastiness – learn the difference. As blunt, direct, honest as I am in my work (there is no other way) for the life of me nastiness (a demonic cancer which again, relies on packs/groups of people to sustain itself) is not part of it as it is evil – and evil can not create.

Whether we ever meet or not, consider the above sentiment and make sure that you are in your own autonomy / self at all times. The insecure vultures with low self-esteem would of course prefer otherwise and that is the hallmark of online narcissism (not to be confused with healthy confidence and sovereignty).

Finally: My blog on my Healing Elaine® website is now a pre requisite for any of my work with anyone be it remote or in person. If you are serious about the subject matter I share then you will enjoy the blog whether we meet or not. Purchasing the blog will not guarantee us working together.

To make any inquiry please (after purchasing the blog) leave a voicemail (no text messages) at 917.985.1221. I am always happy to speak with you and answer your questions no matter what – sometimes God just wanted us to have a conversation.

Visit my Healing Elaine® website here, my instagram here, my locals community for live chats here, and my personal and brand twitters here and here. I’m still “perma banned” on LinkedIn, for sharing a Fox News Clip about rona. If you are interested in my work, please leave a voicemail with your first name only (no texts) on the business line at 917.985.1221.

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