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some LinkedIn recommendations include:

    • Prathibha Varkey, MD, MPH, MHPE, MBA

      President and CEO, Yale New Haven Health Northeast Medical Group; and Sr Vice President, Yale New Haven Health System

      October 13, 2018, Prathibha was a client

      Elaine is a special talent in the world and cares deeply about her work and healing individuals and communities!
      It was special working with her and I am grateful for the opportunity.


    • Sarah Xue

      Director at Barclays Investment Bank

      January 13, 2019, Sarah was a client

      I first met Elaine in 2016, and she is phenomenal. She sees where your blocks are and works with you to make small, consistent shifts that will lead to major changes. She truly cares about her clients, is generous with her time, and goes above and beyond to make sure you are supported during your period of transition. Elaine and I have worked together several times since 2016. Each time has been fruitful, and led to new insights and further clarity. If you have the opportunity to work with Elaine, go for it!
    • Stephanie Rovine

      Masters in Neuroscience at Columbia University in the City of New York

      November 8, 2018, Stephanie was a client

      Elaine is a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful soul. I first found her page months ago, but I assumed that her work was way beyond me and had very little faith of ever actually meeting her. I spent a long time reading the books and her website and thinking about reaching out without actually doing it. When I finally called and we booked a session I could hardly believe it was really happening. The whole experience with Elaine from start to finish has been a mystical, magical dream and I could not be more grateful for everything she has helped me to unlock and accomplish and learn about myself and become. Elaine is truly gifted and I have no idea how she’s able to do what she does, but I am so grateful that she does it. Every minute of working with her has been a pleasure and a genuine honor. I’ve always felt that she sees the very best version of me, my deepest potential, even when I am anxious or stilted or hardly able to articulate or feel insurmountably far from my best self. She has always gone out of her way to make sure I don’t feel that I’m burdensome to her, and she has always helped me with kindness and generosity. I am still actively in session with Elaine, and I feel I still have a long way to go before truly reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, but I’ve seen real glimpses of a version of myself I never ever ever thought I could access, and it’s all because of her. I cannot recommend Elaine strongly enough to anyone who is considering working with her. She is a gift to planet earth and my life is powerfully changing because of her gifts.


    • Mariana Aguirre

      Global Senior Manager – Strategic Partnerships & Business Development

      October 1, 2018, Mariana was a client

      Meeting Elaine has been such an incredible experience. It’s hard to explain what I’ve gone through with her since I believe everyone has a unique experience but what I can say without a doubt is that she’s a very special being. Her generosity, warmth and genuine care for the well-being of others is unparalleled.

      I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to cross paths with her, her work, her knowledge and her undeniable talent.

      There’s no shortcut to growth and consciousness, one still needs to do the work which can be incredibly hard and it is something one is completely responsible for, but Elaine has been there to help me through it guiding and supporting me.


    • Julia Steyn

      Chief Executive Officer at Bolt Mobility

      Senior Advisor at McKinsey & Company

      August 11, 2018, Julia was a client

      Elaine is very special. It is hard to get connected to your core self especially in a business environment. Elaine’s reflections and her energetic gifts resonate and align all of your being. She opened a door for me that allowed me to pour creativity and build a fantastic new venture for GM. Thank you!


    • Nathalie Carpenter

      Marketing professional with 18 years luxury brand experience with a penchant for wellness and fertility advocacy

      August 16, 2019, Nathalie was a client

      Elaine has been my coach since the moment she entered into my life in April of 2016. Truly a gifted healer and the best kind of therapist I could have ever asked for; Elaine has helped me become aware in tackling my challenges with purpose. Elaine has supported me in identifying blockages so that I could face them head on and move on – both personally and professionally. Interestingly enough I also saw a positive impact that this mindfulness not only had on my professional growth and fertility journey. (No joke. I have the medical records to prove it).
      I had been suffering through infertility in silence for several years. I was convinced that there was something wrong with me. I was tired of all of the medical and holistic professionals that I had met who claimed that their care would help me get pregnant. They were quick to take my money (because they smelled my desperation) and yet in some cases their so-called help did more harm than good. I became cynical of all of it and everyone. Something in me thought, maybe you’re getting sick all of the time because something is off-balance energetically, and while I didn’t exactly know what that meant, I listened to my gut which led me to Elaine and I intuitively trusted her (which by the way is not common for me to do).
      To that end, there are so many things that I have realized or come to understand over the last three years since my original sessions with Elaine. I didn’t understand some of it at the time of our first meeting and even the next few, but in many instances over the last few years, the words now make sense to me. I am also very much aware of my intuition/gut, and the baby that I “saw” in my mind during that session is now a living, breathing toddler. And the mindfulness work to get there has opened up so many other doors that I could have only dreamed of, including my own consultancy that allows me to practice wellness and a blog that supports fertility awareness and advocacy. I am so grateful to Elaine for trusting in me wholeheartedly, perhaps before I did. Elaine has been patient and non-judgmental as I continued (and still continue!) to work on figuring it all out.
    • Babita Patel

      Humanitarian Photographer & Executive Director at KIOO Project

      March 12, 2018, Babita was a client

      Elaine comes into your life when you’re ready for her. It’s just the way it is. My friend had Reiki therapy done & it sounded intriguing. I researched practitioners in NYC & found Elaine. I had reached out to her, but didn’t make an appointment.

      A week later, I was hit by a van while crossing the street. I was in so much physical pain, I couldn’t even focus on the other parts of my life. I remembered reading that Reiki worked on physical ailments so I called Elaine back to make an appointment with her.

      I went to her to get relief for my physical self. Elaine’s gift of seeing the complete self made my time with her much deeper than I intended. We talked for 3+ hours about my accident & what I was experiencing because of it. We also talked about my work as a humanitarian & my love life. Elaine knew my physical pain would go away once we did the Reiki treatment. So instead, she focused on digging into my resistance of being a leader. And what was holding me back from having a successful relationship.

      The Reiki treatment felt like it last 10 minutes. I was on the table for 90 minutes. I got off the table with a sense of internal quiet. I didn’t even know what to make of it because there’s always a constant noise in my head & movement throughout the rest of my body. To be so still was completely foreign. Walking to the subway, I noticed I was walking funny. Clunky even. I’m a graceful person & didn’t know what to make of my new walk. And then I realized I wasn’t in any pain. So much of me hurt after my accident, I had adapted my walk to ease the pain. After my treatment, all the pain was gone, but my new adapted walk remained. It was then I realized just how much pain I was in & how immediately it all went away. Just disappeared.

      The work I’ve done in other areas wasn’t as immediate. It took longer to alter behavioral changes. Accepting my role of being a leader, understanding the people I need around me energetically, sharing myself in only ways that benefit me. All of this & other changes are a part of a longer process. And Elaine has been there every step of the way. She has continued to give me support & turned into a friend.

      There has been a huge difference in the trajection of my life since I’ve met Elaine.

  • Anita Saini

    MPH, New York University

    January 22, 2018, Anita was a client

    Meeting and knowing Elaine has been nothing short of everything I ever needed to get unstuck and re-vamp my mindset and my life.

    I will note that I don’t think Elaine’s sessions are like most regular reiki sessions. After arriving to her office as a blank slate, she brought up areas in my life she could sense were off and then commented on a number of weird unexplainable physical symptoms that I was having that I never mentioned to her. She then spent a lot of time talking to me about my life, my feelings, my issues (etc), and she was able to bring attention to agreements and unconscious beliefs that I didn’t realize I had. We talked about the agreements I unconsciously had that no longer resonated with who I am internally and who I see myself being.

    She explained everything in a way that was very different from what you hear in traditional therapy, because she explained everything through vibrational energy and physics and energy exchanges (etc), which was the exact perspective that I needed this entire time that I was missing for so long. Everything she said to me was not only such a new perspective, but it was all things that just made so much sense to me. Things in my head started to click, the “stuck” feelings that I had been feeling started to feel like they were shaking up and loosening. It’s worth noting that her insight and advice are not sugar coated, she tells it like it is, so it is important that you’re open to hearing a raw, straight-up assessment of what the root of your issues are. Elaine helps you remember how to navigate back to your authentic self. She helped me start to let go of fear, something I found myself clinging to for years which kept me “stuck”, let go of the people in my life that weren’t serving my higher good, who were not in alignment with what I am and what I want to be, and inspired me to step into my power. And she held my hand along the way doing it. Ever since meeting Elaine I have felt less alone in what I have been feeling and experiencing.

    I’m still working on fully recognizing my light, but I would not have gotten to this point so quickly if what was not for Elaine’s help, and her advice, and her insight, and her friendship. If it was not for being completely raw and vulnerable with her with what my wounds were. If it was not for showing her the victim in me, in order to step into the survivor in me. In order to step into the “me” that was no longer scared and sad and being controlled by what had happened in my past, but instead, empowered by what happened.

    If you have the opportunity to see Elaine, seize it, because it will definitely change your life.

some google reviews include:
Patrick Taqui
In December 2016, I was in the midst of the bleakest emotional, financial and physical crises I had ever experienced. My bank account had been hacked a month before, I had been in an accident that basically totaled my car a few months prior to that, and I was dealing with the consequences of the end of an almost 4 year relationship. In addition, this was all happening in my last semester of law school and while I was studying to take the New York State Bar exam.

As daunting as these challenges were–and they most certainly were–what was most troubling, and most poignant, was a sharp, debilitating physical pain I experienced continuously. It felt as if, someone was violently stabbing me with an ice pick, and then trying to sever my insides at the same time. This pain was chronic—I usually experienced it as an ongoing, background sense of discomfort, which heightened to a degree that was patently unbearable if I sat for more than 30 to 45 mins at a given time or stood for that long. This was understandably problematic given that in order to study for the bar exam, I needed to stay seated or standing between 10 and 13 hours everyday for 2 months. The exam itself is administered for 6 hours a day over two days. It was difficult to imagine how I was going to pass the exam when I couldn’t stay still for more than 30 mins without feeling excruciating pain, regardless of whether I stood or sat down. Mysteriously, this pain came out of nowhere: I’d never experienced anything like it before.

I went to see a number of doctors to find a solution and treatment. I saw general practitioners, gastroenterologists, colorectal surgeons… I racked up substantial medical debt to find a solution… but to no avail. These issues subjected me to tremendous stress, and I was borderline depressive.

Why am I beginning my testimonial with this introduction? Because I was the most bitterly skeptical about my chances of improvement. I felt like I’d come to a dead end: literally. I reasoned that I was afflicted with some kind of chronic ailment that would remain with me for the rest of my life, or until I’d resolved to give it up. It seemed no matter what I did, everything in my life was worsening, and I could not appreciate any of the benefits I had. Most importantly, I start my testimonial this way because working with Elaine was the absolute last thing I would consider doing, primarily because of my skepticism and, let’s be honest, the steep cost.

But you know what? Today I’m pain free, and have been since I took the decision to work with Elaine. It would seem coincidental (although now I understand it was anything but) that I had my session merely 2 weeks before I took the bar exam. Thanks to our work, the pain stopped immediately, and has since not resurfaced. I took and passed the bar exam, graduated from law school, and have accomplished much more since our session.

In many ways, my experience with Elaine was nothing short of miraculous, but it was hardly a miracle. There are clear, tangible factors that have shaped the person I was and the life I lead to that point. More than anything, my work with Elaine has helped me identify these factors so I could harness them for my benefit. I am now in control of my life, and living it in ways I could hardly imagine possible a little over a year ago. I am writing this testimonial almost a year to the day that I had an accident in my car, and even I am stupefied at how much my life has changed. Whenever I forget just how much has occurred, or whether any of this happened at all, I just remember the debilitating pain I experienced, and how close to the brink I had been pushed.       

some Yelp recommendations include:

  • JM M.
  • New York, NY
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I saw Elaine in February of this year and working with her gave me a taste of what being in my own pure energy is like: divine.  She recognized me and my energy in a way I have never been recognized before. The session stripped me of everyone else’s energy and I was able to experience the purity of my own energy and recognize the power of my unique divine light. Since then I have received and let go of SO much.  There is a ton to say and share on the session itself, its effects, Elaine as beautiful person etc., but I want to emphasize how working with Elaine immediately impacted my business: I proceeded to have the best month of sales I’d had all year paired with phenomenal customer reviews all while expending the least amount of energy!  From a customer acquisition perspective all I had to do was sit back, be in my energy and wait, I noticed that clients not meant for me would just pass me by while the right ones were attracted to me without me doing anything! I was also listened to and recognized at work in a new way and found that I became polarizing, people were either completely drawn to me or completely repelled by me, to the point of physically turning their backs!  You will notice dramatic energetic changes. As Elaine predicted my home situation completely changed shortly thereafter and I had the courage to take a giant leaps of faith doing things that made zero sense on paper but were energetically necessary.  I am following JOY.

She will show you what is possible and it is up to you to do the work! Resistance comes up, old issues come up and I realize, months later that I still have many things from her notes left to tackle! It is not a straight line! I’m excited because I know I am reconnecting with the flow state Elaine revealed to me as I work through completing her recommendations.  Almost a year later, my life looks completely different. December is the most exciting and important month of sales for me but last year it was dark and soul-wrenching.   This year I have reconnected to JOY, I dance my way through my morning commute (on an NYC packed subway!), and look back on a year filled with opportunities and challenges I could have never imagined. I am so grateful to Elaine and to the journey that lies ahead! My recommendation to you as you do embark on this journey is to be kind and patient with yourself, do the work, get your hands dirty and dive in soul first!

  • Sophia V.
  • Manhattan, NY
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I just recently finished working with Elaine and still am growing and processing a lot from the experience, so plan on providing a more detailed review within the next few months. I came to Elaine with a ton of debilitating non specific symptoms and diagnoses (ranging from sleep apnea to autoimmune). Traditional medicine wasn’t helping me. I was sleeping 10-15 hours a day, had extreme fatigue, digestive issues, chronic pain, etc. Her rates are very expensive, and even though I couldn’t “afford” it, I took a risk because I needed major change in many areas of life and everything else I tried delivered minimal results. I am spiritual but also a huge skeptic and very cerebral so part of me was afraid initially about spending the money, especially because I was worried about finances in general. Now that I’ve gone through it, I can say it was worth every penny. You can’t put a price on health and well-being. Also, she works with you for many many hours (the structure is just unconventional) which average to an hourly rate that is standard and comparable to what other in demand professionals charge. I just feel lucky I got a call back. I’m now sleeping 7-9 hours a day, fatigue has majorly improved, so have the digestive issues, and chronic pain has improved. My emotional well being is on another level. I feel a sense of peace and joy that I never experienced before. I’m a psychotherapist by profession, so the skeptic in me thought, what can she tell me that I don’t already know? Well let me tell you, she gave me insight to a lot of crucial things that not only was I not fully aware of (at least not on a deeper level), but things that I absolutely needed to know in order to get healthy. This is equivalent to years of therapy and spiritual healing/growth. These insights are helping reduce some big existential fears I had that therapy could not really tackle. I’m excited to see what else is to come from this. So if you have the honor of working with Elaine, do it.


  • Ma L.
  • New York, NY
  • 13 friends
  • 79 reviews

I knew about Elaine’s website since about 2 years ago, and I had a feeling since first I got on it that one day I would meet her. That point finally came this year, after a really heartbreaking situation happened and I felt like I was in shambles. In a desperate move to reclaim myself, I called Elaine and left a message. Luckily, she called me back, and we confirmed a session shortly afterwards. The really amazing thing is, before I reached out to her, I was feeling like I was drowning. I was literally calling out inside, Universe, please send someone to help me. After we set the session, all those tumultuous feelings are gone. I was able to have peace of mind and slept well for the first time after the breakup.

My session with Elaine happened shortly after our call. During the week that prevails the session, my healing process already started to come in. I felt much calmer, as I started to write things down to prepare for my meeting with her. I also slept much better, and the nightmares that bothered me before were mostly gone.

My session with Elaine was MAGICAL. We went through all the things that happened in details, and she generously let me keep talking until I don’t have any words left. She is so kind and generous to me with her time and energy. She is an amazing soul. She mapped out my issues throughout my life and gave me what I really needed to hear. She confirms things that I doubted and gave me the strength to believe in myself again.

After my session with Elaine, I feel much more empowered than I was before. I feel like I am finally having a chance to find myself and listen to myself, as well as step into my own light. She has truly made a difference in me – I feel much more clear about almost everything in life and came closer to the truth. I made some big life changes – starting with getting a dog. I am no longer sad and down – I found my own light and want to use this new knowledge to benefit the people around me. I am endlessly grateful for Elaine, for the string of fate that brought us together, and for all the amazing things she has done for me and for so many other people like me.



Like many who have written a review here, I met Elaine at a really pivotal juncture in my life. I was extremely lost, confused, stuck, and overall felt like nothing made sense. I knew that I needed something or someone extraordinary to lift me out of the depression I was quickly falling into, but I had no idea where and when that would come. Thankfully, when I was probably at the lowest point, the help I was seeking came in the form of Elaine.

My session was unbelievable, incredible, crazy, and a whole slew of other adjectives that basically equate to WTF. The closest thing I can compare it to is a magical intensive therapy session. We talked for hours and hours about EVERYTHING – she explained the root of my issues, why I kept repeating the same patterns, how to rid myself of toxic people, etc. It was truly amazing; I felt like a lightbulb went off – no, a whole power grid! – and everything finally made sense. After our session (the next day), I walked out feeling extremely empowered and hopeful.

Since then, I’ve had a few remote sessions and Elaine always makes a point in calling afterwards to see how I felt. The craziest thing is that after each and every remote, I have thrown up the next day. I first thought it was a fluke, but it always coincided with the day after each session! It’s wild, but I now know that I was literally purging a lifetime of old thinking and toxicity.

I know I still have a lot of work to do on myself, but Elaine has given me the tools to keep growing and a whole new outlook on life; it’s crazy but I feel like I don’t even recognize myself anymore!

Thank you Elaine for all that you do!!!!


  • Soo K.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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I was a skeptic.

I thought the spiritual community was just a bunch of tree hugging hippy dippy scammers out to prey on vulnerable people (Actually, I still sometimes think that). What ultimately changed my perspective on EVERYTHING is understanding how energy works and this is where Elaine comes in. Elaine has an incredible gift to see you as you truly are. She can dig deep and uncover the reasons why you are the way you are and deep rooted issues that need resolving. It’s like therapy but better.

I always felt misunderstood but after seeing Elaine, I understand why I experience the life I do and no longer hold resentment. She was the catalyst that made me realize what my life purpose is. My state of being has altered. Life is easier and I am at peace.

Humans have this obsession with the physical and needing things to be proven with evidence and something tangible. Science is only catching up to what the ancients always knew. And they were very in tune with the energetics of life. Be open and if you were anything like me, a skeptic, give all of this a chance. Your life will blossom and you’ll realize your potential.


6/7/2019 Updated review

It’s been a little over 8 months since my initial session with Elaine & I wanted to come back to underscore her totally stunning power. Elaine unlocked something extraordinary for me, and I walk around now on a daily basis in a state of overwhelming joy. Simple practices like meditation and exercise now take me a million times further than they ever did before, and I feel crystal clear clarity of thought when I used to feel constant brain fog. On top of everything else, Elaine is one of the kindest and most giving, caring, & sincere human beings on this entire planet. I hope and believe that her work will eventually change the world, and I consider her making space for me in her journey to be an incredible honor.

Elaine can help you.


  • M D.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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11/2/2018 Updated review

I have such gratitude for my work with Elaine. My initial visit was 2 1/2 yrs to the day. Only now that time has past, can I truly give testament to the life-altering impact that working with Elaine has had. She has literally changed my trajectory from housewife-to-crystal healer.

In the past two years, I have expanded light years beyond that person who was first sitting in front of Elaine depressed, lost, alone, in crisis, and stuck in 3D existence. Elaine literally opened a portal, allowing long forgotten memories and knowledge to come back to me. Immediately after our first visit, I studied Reiki and shortly thereafter, became a Certified Crystal Healer. Then, the crystals I had collected as a teenager and which were lost to me for decades, soon returned. Now, hundreds of crystals later, I intuit healing Crystal Grids for clients, events, and spaces.

In no uncertain terms, Elaine “woke” me up to my path. I cannot fully communicate the importance of Elaine’s work, but can only say that if you ever have the chance to see her, do not even hesitate. Consider it a necessity.  

Below is my review from 5/2/16 which has since been lost on Yelp. I wanted to re-post, to give clear testament as to the lasting impact of this work. Although I have come far since our first visit, I knew then, what I continue to know–Elaine’s work changed my life.
From 2  1/2 years ago:

“I write this review as someone who was originally unsure about seeking Elaine’s help. I now realize that her work with me was exactly what I needed, and when I needed it. I found Elaine on the internet, during a time of struggle and stagnation. I was drawn to the amazing yelp reviews and testimonials about her work. Although, I originally had doubts about calling, once I spoke to Elaine, any misgivings immediately vanished, and I saw her the very next day. Since my sessions with Elaine, I can honestly say that I now understand why her reviewers describe their sessions as transformational experiences.  

Prior to our appointment, Elaine spent a lot of time on the phone, describing her work and preparing me for the session. Once I arrived, I felt immediately welcome and relaxed. The session itself exceeded all of my expectations. I left Elaine, immediately knowing that somehow this been a life-altering moment. I know everyone has different experiences, but for me, I had never before felt so alive and aware!  

Elaine has also conducted separate remote sessions with me. I must admit that I had no idea what to expect from these, but they turned out to be equally as profound and energizing. The best way to describe all of my experiences with Elaine’s Rieki and Energy Healing, is to say that they have been true ‘awakenings’

I am filled with tremendous gratitude for having been given the opportunity to work with Elaine. Since our sessions, I have experienced a profound shift in my life, and I am so excited to see where it will lead! I feel as if I have been rebooted, and even others around me have noticed the change.  

I wholeheartedly recommend Elaine to anyone in need of her unique talents. She is the real deal, and a true gift to those she has touched.”

5/2/2016 Previous review I write this review as someone who was originally unsure about seeking Elaine’s help. I now realize… Read more


Dolores C.

11/25/2018 Updated review

Elaine you are amazing and thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I first met Elaine over three and a half years ago and she continues to be a guiding light and catalyst in my life.  When you first visit her, not only does she put you at ease and make you feel comfortable – she sees you, the real you.  Elaine sees your energy.  Anyone who has ever felt lost, confused or completely alone will understand what a gift and relief that is.  Not only did she see me but she helped me to understand why certain things have happened and how to utilize my energy for my life’s purpose.  Elaine has helped me in so many ways and probably more than she knows.  She has been and continues to be very encouraging and supportive of my own healing practice and I am so very grateful for that.  With Elaine it goes far beyond the Reiki session – she is just a very special and gifted soul and no words can really do her justice.  You will have to meet her and experience the magic for yourself 🙂 J

5/26/2015 Previous review Elaine is very gifted and a breath of fresh air.  I was not too familiar with Reiki or energy… Read more


Karl J.
  • Karl J.
  • Manhattan, New York, NY
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My introduction to Elaine’s work is as mysterious and destined as anyone else’s. To be clear: I have worked in corporate environments my entire life. So did my mother, before me, as do nearly all my close friends. For all intents and purposes, I am entirely relatable. And still, Elaine’s seemingly esoteric work, resonated with me in new ways.

I saw Elaine after experiencing peculiar left-side pains. Every traditional doctor and holistic practitioner I saw was stumped. Then, after doing random google searches I happened upon Elaine’s website. It felt so right.

Elaine and I initially spoke weeks before I committed to a session. Intrinsically, I could feel the significance of our connection before “pulling the trigger”. Something about how peaceful I felt during our initial conversation brought me back.

The session seemingly began days before meeting: it felt as though something “significant” was brewing.

And as for the session itself… words cannot describe. Her education transcends medicine. Her intuition runs deeper than legend.

My session with Elaine was an impetus to change beyond anything I expected.


Sasha F.
  • Sasha F.
  • Teaneck, NJ
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Oh my I dont even know where to start so ill just start from the beginning. Soo my name is Sasha and I decided to start my healing journey at the age of 25 years old. Prior to my journey I was housebound up until the age of 21. I was afraid to leave my house due to severe depression and social anxiety. At age 25, I spoke to a psychic that told me about meetup and there started my journey to finding the right healer to CURE me.. Meetup got me out of the house so I met up with multiple reiki healers, psychics, hypnotherapists, shoot I even did a few improv classes which were sooo much fun. I slowly started gaining new experiences and without even knowing it I started expanding my comfort zone little by little. I live close to NYC so I was able to take the bus and subway easily. It was one of the toughest things for me to do at first, I was soooo terrified but like I said little by little it got much easier.
       I found Elaine’s page right here on yelp and its crazy but it was like I felt a strong connection and something was drawing me to her. It wasnt easy to get a hold of her at first. I believe I tried calling like 3x before and didnt get an answer so i kinda gave up for a bit and one day my intuition told me hey try her again. As I dialed the phone in my mind I was thinking hey if she answers great and if not thats ok also. She answered the phone this time and I was kinda like whoa because I was expecting the phone to do the same thing it did before. Sooooo our first conversation was sooo magical. I have never met this woman before but talking to her was like talking to a best-friend that I never knew I had, if that makes sense. I felt like my spirit, like my soul was glowing with radiance and I felt this magical high as we spoke. I felt like my soul woke up and angels were dancing around me lol. I spoke to her about what my issues were and my reason for calling and we set up an appointment literally 3 days later. She gave me the option to do something later on but my intuition was screaming, so Sasha do it now DO IT NOW. Thing is, her voice is absolutely soothing and wonderful I dont know how to explain it but that phone conversation made me feel this complete and utter bliss for the next 3 days leading up to our meeting.
      So fast forward 3 days and i’m at Elaine’s door. OMG ive been to many healers but Elaine was different. As she opened the door I felt like again angels were dancing around ME and my spirit was high on some weed juice or something, idk lol. She greeted me with a kind smile and made me feel at ease and she told me how beautiful my spirit was and how big and glowing it is. During my session with her it didnt feel like a session. Ive had sessions with people before where everything was strictly based on time and I felt rushed and uncomfortable. It didnt feel like that with Elaine, we spoke for HOURS AND I MEAN HOUUURRRRSSSS. But I didn’ notice because I was so entranced by the conversation. yeah thats exactly what it was a conversation between good friends. She told me about my gifts and we spoke about my issues and family and everything that needed to be touched upon. Books were recommended(which I read later on). We ended the session with a really cool reiki session, it felt so healing so relieving. The experience was just very magical. She kept in touch for the next few days and asked me how I was feeling and actually really cared about me and my well being, it was refreshing because I went through life thinking no one gave a crap about me prior to this experience.
      Fast forward 3 years later and i’m still seeking healers to heal ME. Everything Elaine told me was true but I had this crazy notion in my head that I needed someone to cure me of social anxiety and depression(even though Elaine told me I didn’t have these things). So my aha moment happened when I realized that the only person standing in my way of healing was me. See I had this brick wall up that made it impossible for people to get close to me. I didnt have any friends or close relationships with anyone. This wall came up at the age of 16, I was afraid of heights and my mom put this pastor on the phone that spoke in tongues and that resulted in me walking over that bridge that day. Based on that one experience I created a story that says since a healer cured my fear of heights, a healer must cure my social anxiety and depression right? Once I realized this connection I immediately went to work in my head and I systematically shattered this wall(took like 10 minutes). Once that wall came down my whole world changed.
    Next thing you know I’m this empathic chick that can help people to solve their deep issues. I SPEAK MY MIND and oh yeah guess what. I don’t have social anxiety or depression and I have a STRONG FEELING that it will NEVER touch me again, like EVER. SO i’m prophesying into people’s lives and actually helping to heal people in DRASTIC WAYS. Just like Elaine said (amongst other things).

  • F. S.
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Elaine is simply one of a kind, and if you are in a place to connect to the energy behind her work, you will feel it right away. I did, as soon as I started reading the blogs on her website and the books she recommended.

I felt stuck in certain areas of my life and no amount of “pushing” myself (which I’m usually pretty good at) helped. I was so lucky to find Elaine and get to work with her, she has a unique gift that helps you cut through the fuzziness and false beliefs that hold you back.

I attended her workshop just a couple of weeks ago and felt a clear shift in my sense of awareness and a certain clarity about what I am to do if I want to live out my purpose.

By “pinpointing” my fears that were holding me back (which were masked as all kinds of excuses for not putting myself out there), she “gave me my power back,” so to speak. For me, a big part of that was the power to merge my “office career,” which I enjoy, with my creative side that was trapped for a while. What a common theme this is, for so many people: our careers put these strict boundaries on not only what we do, day-to-day, but on our gifts. They don’t have to!

Without knowing anything about me, Elaine intuitively felt, so accurately, who I was and what my biggest blockages were in life. It’s amazing how her words carried the exact messages I needed to hear to “get it.”

There are a lot of things I could write about my time working with Elaine, as I am constantly processing the experience. The little “revelations” come through daily. Now, it’s up to me to translate that into action!

(And if I need a reminder, I can always refer to the amazingly detailed notes she provided after the workshop and, of course, her writings!)

Elaine is a true inspiration for living your life authentically and unapologetically!



  • Kathy G.
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There are no words to describe just how incredible my experience was seeing Elaine. It was truly priceless and 5 stars just aren’t enough. It was deep healing and transformational self realization on a very high level. After seeing Elaine, I felt as if I had spiritually and emotionally leapfrogged into a higher plane of self awareness, consciousness and universal understanding that would have taken years, if ever, to uncover on my own. Few people in this world are gifted in the way she is and fewer still that are willing to impart their healing to another person. I would highly recommend seeing Elaine to anyone and especially those looking to uncover the next pivotal steps on their life’s journey.


Hannah G.
  • Hannah G.
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Elaine was my divine intervention. I was wandering around for about five years in a deep depression: I had panic attacks and breakdowns constantly, I couldn’t sleep, I was in a deep artistic rut and full of self-hatred. I genuinely felt no joy or peace for five years and was praying for mercy and a way out of what I was experiencing.

I heard her name randomly in my head one day and googled her. I had gone to 3 or 4 therapists at that point but no one had come even close to helping me. I knew immediately that I was supposed to go to her.

It is hard to encompass everything that Elaine has done for me but she helped me save my life and my self. She was the first person who I ever felt actually truly saw me for who I am and saw my worth. She helped me reclaim my creativity, my hope,  and my purpose. She gave me permission to let go of taking responsibility for everyone around me and to start to actually heal and sort through the massive psychological tangle that I was stuck in, something a therapist had not been able to help me do. She was there for me through the storm that came after my session as my life completely and utterly transformed. I get comments that I “literally don’t even seem like the same person”.  

She also helped me give birth to my healer own healing self/business Reikihealingwithhannah.com and has been so incredibly supportive as I step into that role. She has been a mentor to me and is also just an amazing person to talk to.

She is the real deal and worth every single penny. There are so many healer out there who are great channels but Elaine has lived her own healing and is extremely powerful and straightforward. If you are unfamiliar with energy work or put-off somewhat by anything that feels to “whoo-whoo” or ungrounded she is the person for you. If you cannot get to her I still highly recommend reading her ebooklets and blog her material is fantastic.

You can check out my video testimonial to her on my website for my own healing practice for more info/a live testimonial: reikihealingwithhannah.com


Audrey S.
  • Audrey S.
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There is little left to say about Elaine that hasn’t already been said. The way I found or rather the way I chose her was interesting and a preview of the power that was to come. I had been looking for a holistic doctor but came across her yelp page. I couldn’t resist finding out who she was and so I left a voicemail. She called me back and within a minute of talking to her I could feel my entire spine vibrating, and my head getting heavy but fuzzy like I had had a couple of drinks. The most interesting sensation and I knew it was just connecting with her that I was having such an experience.

My session with her was like nothing else I had experienced. She spent more time with me than any healer/psychic/therapist/reiki practitioner I had ever encountered and it felt like something between deep therapy and release. She was able to cut through some really false long held beliefs of mine, things I was conditioned to believe, things that were affecting my life in every way. She was able to see me exactly as I was, in a way I had never seen myself before.

The physical/reiki portion of the session was intense. Reiki does not involve any touching but the energy coursing through me was so strong I felt like I was holding onto the table because I was afraid I was going to fall off. Hard to explain, another physical manifestation of energy that was mind blowing. The detox from my reiki was intense. I almost threw up on my uber ride home and I felt completely wiped out. It took me weeks before I was able to fully integrate back into the world. A world full of people who haven’t woken yet. Or haven’t seen Elaine:) the thing is, my life can be broken up into two distinct periods- Before Elaine and after Elaine. I have never been the same since, and the changes that took place in my life were nothing short of miraculous. The shift in energy, me acknowledging some issues and setting boundaries, everything changed. And I mean like right away. Friends who weren’t appropriate for me went away, I very unexpectedly moved into a new retail location which I had zero intention of looking for or doing but it just fell into my lap. My business exploded. My dreams were so vivid and full of so many messages. My intuition was stronger, I started connecting to source in a way I never had before. A strange thing kept happening, any time I told someone about my session with Elaine I would get 30 seconds in and they would get chills all over their body. I couldn’t figure out if it was her energy still working through me or my energy having been opened up. Either way it was fascinating every time it happened.

The results were quick, and lasting. The work of my life I continue to do on my own and because of Elaine I know what still needs attention. Blinders were removed and can never be put back on. I also had some interesting tests after my session, like a terrible ex who came back into my life, and for a time, I failed. Elaine’s words and support were always on my mind and eventually through my own self love and boundaries I finally moved that person out of my life. And even though it was no magic, the moment I did as I had been told to do long ago, my heart opened up and in came a man worthy of my love, one who I care for deeply, and truly the opposite of the men I had dated in Pre-Elaine times.

There is not even a question that my time with Elaine was life changing and I still consider her a friend, a mentor, and a soul sister.


Maria L.
  • Maria L.
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1/25/2018 Updated review

I first saw Elaine more than a year ago and last night went to see her again for a pop up session. Elaine was my first healer and in the past year I’ve gained some experience with various other healers. I am in a different place now too, having worked through a lot, so I was curious to see how it would be this time. Coming back with some experience, I can assure you that Elaine works in a way that no one else does and has a profound power that I have not encountered again. She gets right to the point and sees the REAL truth and by the same token, sees YOU for you. Because she can see you with clarity, she knows clearly how to help you, too.

She has a level of spiritual autonomy, empowerment and authenticity that is unmatched. In the past two weeks I have been going through a difficult time on an esoteric plane- a sign of up-leveling, as Elaine explained, but going through it was rough! No matter what I was doing, what help I was seeking, the problem would come back worse. I was told to be patient with the process by others- but who has the time, not to mention not everyone has the knowledge/experience to handle this type of issue.

On my way over I felt my veins were coursing with an energy that felt alive- like electricity was running through me. I felt nauseous and a little frazzled. I smiled knowing this was a sign of the healing starting already. I haven’t felt energy move as much before the session with any other healer. At the session I was reminded how easy she is to talk to and how fast time passes. She’s so present and wants to address everything possible to help you as much as she can. With her there is such a clear, strong energy and pure intention. With some other healers I have felt an intention that wasn’t as pure, to wield influence, cultivate dependence, make money and perhaps they tarnish the reputation of a healer for others who have only had this experience. But Elaine is the opposite. She literally ripped the issues out of me and gave me my power/energy back. I went into the deepest state of healing I’d been in a long, long time. At one point my knees were hot and flooded with energy, I thought she was holding them! But she wasn’t even touching them!!

Today is the first day I woke up feeling better, like me again. Two days ago I woke up having lost my peripheral vision, so the difference is like night and day. It’s been close to 3 weeks since I’ve felt this way. I feel so much hope and light. Elaine is a healer’s healer, no doubt. Or maybe even a healer’s healer’s healer 🙂

Looking back at the past year, no one has had a bigger impact than Elaine has had. For the first few months after working with her I thought back to our session every day. For the next few months, her words reverberated still. Recently I went back to our session notes and they still help me. She gives so much and is always there for me. I find her to be a huge inspiration and an example of potential.

Seeing Elaine will save you time, money and energy, truly.

11/1/2016 Previous review

Elaine is magic.

At the suggestion of a friend, I began looking into energy work and made a few… Read more



Elaine is a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful soul. I first found her page months ago, but I assumed that her work was way beyond me and had very little faith of ever actually meeting her. I spent a long time reading the books and her website and thinking about reaching out without actually doing it. When I finally called and we booked a session I could hardly believe it was really happening. The whole experience with Elaine from start to finish has been a mystical, magical dream and I could not be more grateful for everything she has helped me to unlock and accomplish and learn about myself and become. Elaine is truly gifted and I have no idea how she’s able to do what she does, but I am so grateful that she does it. Every minute of working with her has been a pleasure and a genuine honor. I’ve always felt that she sees the very best version of me, my deepest potential, even when I am anxious or stilted or hardly able to articulate or feel insurmountably far from my best self. She has always gone out of her way to make sure I don’t feel that I’m burdensome to her, and she has always helped me with kindness and generosity. I am still actively in session with Elaine, and I feel I still have a long way to go before truly reaching the light at the end of the tunnel, but I’ve seen real glimpses of a version of myself I never ever ever thought I could access, and it’s all because of her. I cannot recommend Elaine strongly enough to anyone who is considering working with her. She is a gift to planet earth and my life is powerfully changing because of her gifts.

  • Budi T.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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No matter what it is that you are going through in life if you are looking for a transformation or some sort of healing, and ended up on this page or Elaine’s website, you’ve come to the right place.  Elaine is the most amazing person I’ve ever met, on every level. She is extremely knowledgeable, smart, caring, generous… and the list goes on. She truly cares about helping you on your journey and I felt it from the moment I met her, which was 2 years ago. I’ve learned so many things from her that helped me uncover things in my life, which I could’ve never done alone. I would highly recommend reading her blog, her eBooklets, and her book recommendations even if you are not feeling ready to meet her.  When I first called her she didn’t pick up so I was kind of disappointed. Then I decided to read all her blog posts and book recommendations before I call her again. When I called and left a voicemail for the second time, she called me back in 5 mins. We met the next day and spoke for hours. I’m glad I read all the materials before I met her because it made our conversations so much interesting and unique. There are so many things I can write about my experience but if I had to summarize it in one sentence it would be: She helped me heal in so many ways!


  • Reva C.
  • San Francisco, CA
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I had the profound pleasure of meeting and working with Elaine almost three years ago. It was at a point in my life where I literally felt I could not take one more day of me being/doing me anymore. You can call it a reactionary letdown in all spheres of life-spiritually/personally and professionally. Please note I did not use the word break down in respect for others that experience severity in that arena. Mine was more like a slow erosion in which I could not fully comprehend nor acknowledge but I knew I could not keep going in such a manner. The irony is that as I write this I am still in the same professional sphere, marriage and city as when I meet her, yet the rolling waves, currents and shifts throughout those arenas have changed drastically for me over time and for the better. It is a constant process and journey and I am way more equipped as I actively try to practice my truth, compassion, wisdom and kindness each day. Please notice I called it a practice, there is no magic wand, just connecting with your inner source to allows for such a dialogue. One might be skeptical reading this and think of course things would have to ascend based on how she was feeling. Not necessarily, some people choose to dig their heads deeper into the sand, resist health, love and paying attention to the choices presented in their lives.  Yes we humans are tested and/or challenged every day morning noon and night, the difference after working with Elaine is I am aware of the depth of myself and the choices I make. Honestly this is just the tip of the iceberg, but in an age where every salacious personal detail gets exploited it might be best to focus on the fact that although it may feel like a huge leap of faith to wind up face to face for an extended period of time doing, ‘the work’ with her, it was the sweetest and safest way possible for me to begin…


Kalpana N.
  • Kalpana N.
  • Manhattan, NY
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Healing Elaine is a transformative experience for people looking to make major shifts in their life. I worked with Elaine over two years ago when I was trying to make major changes professionally and personally. I felt drained from all the effort expended but I didn’t see any tangible results. And then, I met Elaine. Even in a first phone call, she identified the key blocks and then worked with me during the session to release the unwanted stuff in my life. I started to make some bold decisions for which I had no energy previously. They key difference is that it’s not that your problems have vanished but your ability to deal with life is powered by a wave of new energy that I believe Elaine infuses through her session. I also noticed that my time with her made me sensitive and aware of how quickly I was able to remove people who are toxic and draining. During the session, Elaine told me a few things about what she thinks is going to change about me. I practically laughed cause I told her it was impossible. I review the notes she gave me often and she was right 🙂 Professionally, I made a breakthrough that has been stalled for years. This is why she is Healing Elaine cause she is not just there just to perform traditional reiki but to take aspects of you that are stunting growth and heals them. Next thing you know, all the seeds you have sown or the branches that are dead within you start growing! I not only deeply respect Elaine’s work but the ethic and authentic gifts she gives people who work with her is a hallmark of true healer. It’s a craft that is rare. Two years down the lane, I am rooting for her to grow and take her message global. My only regret is didn’t find her sooner 🙂


  • Yifei Z.
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Elaine is very simply the most candid and intuitive energy healer and human I’ve met. I met with Elaine in early 2017 when going through a difficult but exciting transition career-wise and personally. I was in the midst of making a decision that is untraditional, and deemed by the mainstream as an irrational one. I’ve always been drawn to the spiritual, but highly apprehensive of the many “professionals” out there.

Elaine’s entire process is different. She first asks you to read two books, both of which resonated deeply with me. Then, I gave her a call, not expecting a callback, as she is highly in demand. When she called me back, aside from being surprised, I felt an immediate surge of energy. It was both calm and intensely active. That afternoon, a string of synchronicities happened, including being nominated for an award in my field that I had not been expecting.

I followed my gut and decided to go through with the session. The session itself lasted over 8 hours, but flew by. As many have said here, Elaine talks with you in a seamlessly comfortable way but unravels countless issues at a level of depth no others have gone. Not even family and friends.

Long story short, my session with Elaine was the most transformative experience. And months later, I am still reaping the benefits / learning. Elaine stayed in touch with me throughout this entire journey, checking in with me every so often, especially somehow on the days I needed it the most.

Do not miss an opportunity to experience Elaine. Even if it is to browse her website, which has a wealth of information that informs and inspires. Thank you for all that you do Elaine!!


  • Sandy P.
  • Bethel, CT
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2/19/2018 Updated review

I had a healing session with Elaine last fall.  I immediately felt at ease and comfortable with Elaine.  She had amazing insights and helped me gain clarity in many areas of my life.  She was straightforward and direct with her observations and comments, which I greatly appreciated.  The follow up remote session that we had was also very healing.  I felt her working on me prior to my appointment, during my in-person appointment and throughout the remote session.  Since seeing her I have made some big changes in my life and I will continue to make those changes throughout this year.  If you are in need of clarity, I highly recommend having a session with Elaine.


Nitu P.
  • Nitu P.
  • Washington, DC
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It has been a little over four months since I’ve seen Elaine. When I reflect back on what’s happened in the last few months, I can hardly believe how much my life has changed. I am now working in my dream job and living in my favorite city. At first, I was scared that nothing would change after I had the healing. What I didn’t realize was that the healing is not a quick fix. I had to do the work in order to shift my negative thinking and my life.

When I met with Elaine, she talked to me for over 3 hours. During this “uncording” process I could feel sharp pains in my stomach/abdomen. Through our conversation, Elaine was able to intuit that I am a natural healer as well. She recommended my outlet for this gift via Feng Shui. As I started to practice Feng Shui on myself and other people, I began to see major changes in my life. The most striking thing throughout this whole process was how much I’ve started listening to my own gut and intuition.

In the three to four weeks after my healing, I had some INTENSE dreams. I would wake up at 3am almost every night and was nervous because I didn’t quite understand what they meant. Luckily, google came to the rescue as I was able to understand the significance of it all.

The first few months after seeing Elaine were very difficult. I was and still am experiencing lots of transitions. I still struggle with being present and aware – life is never perfect. But, for the first time in over 5 years, I am actually excited about the future – not dreading it.

If you have the chance, go see Elaine. Afterwards, take her advice and do the reading, journaling, meditating, bikram yoga, etc. to help you find peace and make your dreams a reality.


Kelly C.
  • Kelly C.
  • Manhattan, NY
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Elaine is such an amazing, special person. Someone who was put on this earth to create good for the lucky people she comes in contact with. I am so thankful for her and the work we did together. It is something that is truly life changing.

I originally saw Elaine since I was dealing with a ton of pain.It was something that was unbearable; keeping me from living my life and achieving my career goals. I had seen tons of doctors who were unable to diagnose me and was very frustrated and depressed.

During the Reiki session alone I felt this pain leave me in a way which is hard to describe. It was like giving birth but with all of the pain leaving my body. There are no words to describe how amazing I felt after. I finally felt like a person again.

Before the Reiki session, Elaine speaks with you and goes in depth with your past and how it affects your life now. Many illnesses stem from the way we live our life and we often don’t feel the way things affect us. I was able to gain perspective on what was influencing me. I went through years of therapy and it did not come close to the amount of work we did in the session.

Since the session, Elaine has been so supportive- she has stayed in contact with me. The remote sessions have always been extremely helpful.

There are not enough words to describe the amazing work Elaine does.



Elaine has been a guiding light since the moment she entered into my life last May.  Truly a gifted healer and the best kind of therapist I could have ever asked for; Elaine helped me become aware so that I could tackle my challenges with purpose.  By supporting me in identifying blockages that were manifesting in the form of infertility, it became abundantly clear that I needed to make some changes in my life to align with my soul’s purpose.  

I am currently on that path now, doing the work, and am pursuing a life of gratitude, happiness, and service while doing the things that I love.  Interestingly enough I am also seeing the positive impact that this mindfulness has had on my optimizing my fertility.  (No joke.  I have the medical records to prove it.)  I feel better mentally and energetically in the last 10 months than I have in years.

Thank you my dear, Elaine.  I feel incredibly grateful that our paths have intersected.


  • Jackie I.
  • Manhattan, NY
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An experience with Elaine is more the words can even describe on a piece of paper. My world has changed. I finally feel like my true self. After ongoing spiritual findings and feeling like I was in a good place in life, I hit a really rough part in my journey 3 years back. I went through a lot of emotional, psychological, and even some physical of what I had called a downfall. It was really hard. I went to therapy which had helped but felt like it was just not enough. I went for acupuncture and just felt like something was missing.  After 3 years of looking I found Elaine. And I know this was not a coincidence. This was a Higher Being giving me an opportunity. After leaving her a message, I received a quick reply, she knew intuitively I needed her help. 2 days later I then found myself sitting across from Elaine telling her about my life which beforehand just felt like a mess. She is the one that pointed out that this is my journey, this is where I am supposed to be and everything happens for a reason,  That the physical, spiritual and emotional “crap” needed to happen for my life’s purpose. This helped everything fall into place. She helped guide my feelings and energy that were kind of there and put them into a new perspective of trusting my own instincts. She really understood my energy, my feelings, in a way no one else did. She helped me understand that all these feelings are true and that I needed to start following my intuition. She taught me the difference between my higher self versus my physical,ego self and how to continue understand the true me. Knowing this difference has already helped me put life into a perspective of understanding my surrounding and living in a higher vibration. We then continued our talk and Elaine had pointed out that my creative side had burnt out. Together we figured out what was going on with that part of my life, how It connected emotionally and physically to my body. We also spoke about how I was  to continue my life’s process and how working on that area would fit into into my daily work. Not only helping me balance this chakra but also allowing to expand my work and practice. Talking through and then having the reiki session also helped me understand all my relationships with friends, family and my husband, and how all our energy is affected. Now It has been 3 weeks and I feel better then ever. I feel spiritual again, my business is improving, and I know I am on a path to great things. Elaine’s kind and empowering words, reiki treatment, and her always being available has gone above and beyond what I could have imagined and experienced. I am so lucky to have found such an angelic person who has changed my life. I am so thankful and grateful.

  • K S.
  • Los Angeles, CA
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I had my first session with Elaine yesterday. I’m so moved by her deeply personal intuition and so grateful for this new beginning. I’m looking forward to many more sessions.


  • Emma A.
  • Manhattan, NY
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I looked into energy healing after I started to experience severe ascension/awakening symptoms – luckily I had enough of a spiritual background to kind of know what was going on.  I chose Elaine on intuition, and I am so glad I did.  Right away she made me feel relaxed and open, though I was stressed because I had never gotten an energy healing before, or even sought out other spiritually-minded people.  It was always a lone quest I had.  At that point I still didn’t even know for sure if Reiki was “legit”, though I was drawn to it.  But right away I could see Elaine was a true healer.  She clarified everything I was going through, and knew exactly what to talk about without asking.  The energy healing itself was amazing.  I felt rushes of energy in places that hadn’t felt much in years (i.e. my solar plexus chakra, power center..)  and saw lights flickering and sparking.  It felt like 20 minutes though it was over an hour.  She also gave me a lot of guidance about my career, which I have begun following.  Before I didn’t have the faith in myself to publicize myself in my career; now it seems much less scary!  Outside of her sessions she makes herself very available too, for phone conversations/emails..you really feel like you have someone on your side.

Going to Elaine was a turning point for me.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for healing.



I am a holistic practitioner and I am a strong believer in energy and energy healing. I do not have a lot of experience with reiki but I had an amazing session with Elaine. Elaine’s warm spirit and healing touch create an energy of relaxation, and balance and after our session I felt completely at peace. She also helped to address an issue I was having with my knee but had been ignoring. I honestly believe that Elaine has a gift and it is meant to be shared. I would recommend her services to everyone!



Hmmm . . . “Reiki Therapy by Elaine” — just doesn’t do justice to Elaine’s work when I think about my personal experience. I contacted Elaine with an acute intestinal issue and even prior to our appointment she was able to intuit the source of the problem. A session with Elaine is about so much more than Reiki — which, by the way, in Elaine’s skilled hands is incredibly relaxing and healing. Her sessions involve helping clients tap into their mind, body and spirit on a level that is deep yet practical. Understandable and accessible. Her kindness and commitment to her work makes you want to come back for more. Her insights are are indeed life-changing. How lucky I am to have met Elaine.

  • Lima K.
  • New York, NY
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Making my first appointment with Elaine was really outside my comfort zone – considering that tells you something about how much I needed some kind of help at the time. But the hard part was making the first phone call because speaking to her she was both welcoming and plain-speaking so I felt comfortable taking the step with an appointment. It’s special to have a type of therapy that has both an immediate and a medium/long term benefit. I’ve seen her several times over the last couple of years and wish I could see her more. It’s hard to explain what she does – yes, she does reiki and intuitive coaching – except to say that it’s healing on a profound level and that’s why it’s hard to get specific about it, as it will show up a little differently for every person. I was really stuck at the time, I was depressed, and had instant relief in terms of feeling better and calmer – and then over the next few months things started to move in my life. I absolutely believe there’s a connection. I should add that Elaine is naturally skilled as an empathic active listener – I felt free and comfortable to talk to her about anything, big or small. At the same time she is super down to earth and gets quickly to the heart of the matter whatever areas the problems are in – making you not want to continue to fool yourself or waste your time with petty anxieties. It felt really good to have space to look at the big picture while being validated that things are in process, change is difficult, it will shift. Her practice supports your growth/evolution. I give credit to Elaine too for great generosity of spirit – she will help any way she can and she wears a lot of hats. She made suggestions of other avenues for me to explore, both things to research and recommended some other people to look up and all of this has been profoundly helpful to me.


  • Laura P.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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Reiki is enabling me to once again tap into my intuition and inner strength, I feel I’ve lost these over the years, but slowly these inner powers are returning. Working with Elaine not only provides me with someone I can discuss personal issues with but through her I receive subtle energy that, it seems, I can’t obtain from anywhere else.   Elaine is the sweetest most caring Reiki practitioner I have encountered, I’ve been to a few, and I highly recommend a session with this gifted practitioner.

  • Fatime D.
  • Flatiron, Manhattan, NY
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3/16/2015 Updated review

I just wanted to post a follow-up to my initial review because it’s been over a year since I first met Elaine (wow, time flies!).  Since that first meeting, I’ve had several follow up healing sessions with her (both in person and remotely) and my life and spiritual practice have continued to evolve in ways I can’t truly put into words.  What I posted in my original review was just the tip of the iceberg and my time with Elaine has truly opened up a whole new world for me.  So much so that I am now exploring how to take things even further and possibly get my own certification in Reiki. Elaine has been a true guide and partner throughout this process and I’m happy to say I now consider her a life-long friend.  She’s special, y’all.  She’s very selective about who she chooses to work with (rightly so) but if you’re thinking of booking time with her, I suggest reaching out and seeing if there’s a connection there.  You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Good luck!

1/13/2014 Previous review So this is my very first yelp review (actually it’s my first online review of ANY kind!).  I joined… Read more


  • K L.
  • Manhattan, NY
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Elaine is AMAZING. It is hard to describe the effects of her work, but it has been nothing short of transformational for me. I saw her about a month ago and I do not exaggerate by saying that our session has transformed my life. I went to her because I felt stuck and extremely anxious about a specific situation, I was even occasionally getting anxiety attacks. My anxiety melted away after our session. I did not completely stop thinking about the issue, but I stopped feeling anxious about it. She also shared many revelations with me, things that dissolved my confusion and that have sent me on a different path. Since our session, I feel like I have been meeting the exact people that I need to be meeting to get me where I need to be… It’s as though she has opened me up to the synchronicity of the Universe. Very hard to explain in words until you experience it. She is an incredibly kind, generous, and genuine person, and her gift is incredible. Elaine also provides a summary of the session and answers any questions that you may have after the session. She is well worth the investment, and I recommend her without reservation. She will change your life.

  • Tara L.
  • Manhattan, NY
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It’s hard for me to really put into words how amazing Elaine is and what she has done for me since I began my therapy with her. I can say that I got more out of my first session with her than I ever did with months and months of talk therapy. Her demeanor is caring and sweet and she has an unparalleled ability to keenly focus right into you and see exactly what you are needing. Above all she is honest. You will have many “aha” moments with Elaine and wonder how it is that she and no one else has been able to see things within you and understand you. Her combination of hands on therapy and an exchange of communication is always tailor made to your own needs each and every time you see her as they differ week to week. And there is never ever a feeling of being rushed with Elaine! Meeting and working with her has been an incredible experience and something that has and will continue to change my life for the better.


Janet R.
  • Janet R.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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Elaine is truly an angel here on earth. She accommodated me on New Year’s Day (Perfect way to start the year). It was first Reiki treatment ever and she made me feel relaxed and welcomed. She is spiritually pure and has a great heart;  the epitome of someone who is truly positive, compassionate, and empathetic.  The treatment and her counseling was everything I needed.  During treatment, I felt the blocks within me dissolve and break down. For the first time in months, I felt deeply relaxed and at peace. After all was said and done, I was restored physically, mentally and spiritually. Reiki healing will return you to your natural state, and get you moving into a positive direction. There is no one better than Elaine to help you begin your journey. She encourages personal development, self-love, and love for others!


Liz A.
  • Liz A.
  • New York, NY
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It has been about 2 months since i’ve met with Elaine. I was feeling extremely unhappy and down adn decided to reach out to her after seeing all of the wonderful reviews. My session with her was amazing. Immediately after leaving her office I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off me. Since meeting her, I feel so much more better about myself and my life. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for guidance.


Janet S.
  • Janet S.
  • Fort Lee, NJ
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Since I went to see Elaine my life turned around. I was going through a lot of hardships one after the other and was in a point in my life where I wanted to feel free and grow spiritually. I was very nervous to go see her but I was drawn to her and I took the courage to go see her. I felt like she knew me from before.  She understood and knew things about me that noone knew or understood.  She was the most sweet/ caring u understanding person I had ever met.  I was astonished by how it all went it was like a dream.  She followed up with me after the session many times and she has turned into more like a friend. I feel so comfortable sharing things with her that i wouldnt share with anyone else.  She is a beautiful person/ inside and out.  My life has changed since I saw her I have had such blessings/ happiness since then and I have had one of the best years in my life.  I have traveled to Sedona, Arizona since then and had one of the most amazing experiences ever.  She is truly an angel that was God send..you will not regret seeing her!! Take control of your life now..make positive changes!


  • Chelsea M.
  • O‘ahu, HI
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3/17/2015 Updated review

UPDATE: Elaine is a master at her trade, authentic in her skin, and sincere in her approach. I was able to gain clarity on what i wanted in life and who i was. She was a gateway into syncronizing back to my true essence, this is powerful in its self. We want to support people like Elaine making a positive lasting impact on the world through her work. Today i am also practicing energy healing, Elaine is always willing to answer any question still to this day. She does not leave you high and dry after working with her. I highly recommend her to you and all my friends.

4/13/2014 Previous review First time ever receiving reiki and Elaine is a angel sent in physical form doing holistic healing.… Read more


  • Yasmin E.
  • Rego Park, NY
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I can’t even begin to explain how incredible Elaine is. She is an angel I came across not too long ago after dealing with anxiety/depression for a whole year. I felt like I needed a serious change and I knew I would get the help I needed from Elaine. You are guaranteed to feel brand new after you see her. Just by being in the same room as her, you’ll feel her positive aura. You definitely won’t be disappointed!


Dean J.
  • Dean J.
  • New York, NY
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This was my first time that I had a Reiki session done and I was blown away by the effects.  My mind and body felt light and clear afterwards.  Elaine has an amazing ability and she comes highly recommended.


  • Vivian H.
  • Manhattan, NY
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I’ve been to Elaine twice in 6 months. Both times I felt a tremendous difference. She is kind and goes out of her way to support you. Others have noticed the difference in me, as well. Her treatments help me when nothing else would. I absolutely recommend her to all that feel called.



What can I say about Elaine?  She has transformed my life!  After going to her for over 2 years,  I have experienced so much personal growth and always have a new perspective and outlook on life.  It is difficult to capture in writing the benefits of her healing therapy. My heart is very full with respect and admiration for Elaine.  I cherish her wisdom , guidance and support on my journey. She is caring and accessible.  If I am struggling or feel off balance, I can always count on Elaine to provide a distance session, words of wisdom or accommodate me for an in-person visit.


Danielle K.


I had my first session with Elaine this past Friday and found the Reiki process extremely helpful and grounding.  I am planning to continue my sessions with her over the next few weeks and would highly recommend Elaine’s services to anyone looking to explore Reiki.


Elizabeth W.


When my friend Lauren, who is herself a Reiki healer at Youmaste, first mentioned Elaine to me, I immediately had the sensation that I needed to meet her and schedule a session. I had been interested in learning more about and trying Reiki for a while, but just hadn’t gotten around to it. Then I was invited to an educational talk at the wonderful Human Potential Chiropractic, where Elaine was one of the guest speakers. Out of that meeting that day and via the other practitioners I met there, my life began changing in very significant, positive ways. Before Elaine spoke to us, she had us all close our eyes and sent us all calming Reiki energy, and I felt my chest burning and warm, felt more calm and grounded, and I was quite impressed with this woman’s ability to affect a whole room full of people simply with her mind. Not to mention she really does look like an angel. But maybe that is because she is ascending, she is already living between worlds. You can sense Elaine’s powerful energy when you come in her proximity. When she announced, “sorry, but we’re all just walking vessels of light”– I, having had a lifelong, religious fascination with the power of light–knew this was someone who was speaking my language.

I have never experienced Reiki with anyone else so I have no comparison point, but I can say, as everyone else here has too testified, that Elaine is a very gifted, intuitive, psychic healer and verbal therapist. Even if you may think you are ‘just talking’ at the beginning of the session, this talking and the insights gained from such is itself a form of Reiki and release. I could feel my throat chakra opening up as we were speaking, which is extremely important for me as a writer. My activities related to self-expression and communication have been manifesting more fully in my life ever since, almost in an uncanny way.

I feel Reiki is a very subtle treatment with massive effects, although they may be hard to pinpoint. After all, it is, in fact, treatment for the “subtle body” as the yogis call it. I do know that after my first session with Elaine my spirit definitely felt different. I felt a spiritual detox throbbing in my head for a day or two. I began waking earlier. And other people noticed it in my appearance. Veils were lifted. Doors opened for some illusions I had been clinging to, to drop away. Greater acceptance of and detachment from one item in my life in particular was facilitated in a way that may not have been possible without having had that Reiki session. Elaine also emails her patients a summary of notes she takes during your session. Everything she wrote was true, bold, compassionate, insightful, and useful, and I am grateful that I will have it to return to when I need a boost.

Elaine also pleasantly surprised me by arriving with two little gifts for me, one of which (not surprisingly) was the crystal I had been most attracted to/semi-obsessed with at the time–Citrine–whose properties were definitely things I needed support with, and which is also the stone associated with my astrological sign.

I sense that Elaine is someone who has passed through hard and dark times, who has worked hard to get to the place where she is so that she can heal rather than be a drain on others. I am grateful for this personal work she has done and continues to do so that she can remain a clean, positive vessel of light. Following her on Facebook has been instructive and inspiring. Elaine is compassionate, but strong–a warrior, not a pushover. I guess in this time, we need to be light warriors all of us in order to fight the greed and ignorance rampant around us.

In other words–in case you haven’t gotten the gist already–I highly recommend seeing Elaine! I figured if I kept telling friends about her, I might as well tell the world. I am sure all Reiki healers are unique and have their own style and strengths, but probably if you are reading this, she is the healer for you.


  • Nadia A.
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3/17/2015 Updated review

I want to leave an update – it has been about 6-8 weeks since I saw Elaine.  She has helped empowered me to the point that 1. I bring joy and compassion everywhere I go, to everyone I’m with 2. I have manifested numerous intentions and synchronicities keep lining up and 3. I am stronger, wiser, and have clarity about the past, and feel less…how do I say it… chained in. Go girl. Heal us all! J

2/13/2015 Previous review This was beyond what I could have imagined. In my session with Elaine I witnessed my inner nature,… Read more


Sandy A.
  • Sandy A.
  • Lawrence, NY
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  • 3 reviews


“This was my first time trying a Reiki session and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My session was absolutely amazing. My body and mind have never felt more relaxed. I normally have trouble sleeping and I slept like a baby after my session. She helped me connect to my body and I was able to feel all these amazing sensations. I felt positive energy traveling throughout my entire body. She also helped me let go of certain thoughts and feelings that were not healthy for my soul. I would truly recommend this enlightening experience to everyone. Look forward to my next session. Thank You. :-)”


  • E C.
  • New York, NY
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I found Elaine in January 2014 and everything immediately made sense. When I met her, I knew she was my kindred spirit. I never open up to anyone, and I found myself drawn to her energy and presence. What immediately struck me was how she wanted to give me concrete *solutions* rather than talking through my problems. In this way, she is more than a spiritual healer but also a life coach/guide. This distinguishes her from all the other spiritual practitioners I have met. My experience has uplifted me and has been life-changing. I have a new outlook on life and have even referred her to my friends. She’s awesome! Go to her! You won’t regret it!

  • Makeda A.
  • Manhattan, NY
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I had never had reiki before Elaine, but in the past few months I became incredibly interested in experiencing it. With reiki, I was hoping to achieve feeling less depressed and to find some overall direction in life. I did not know if the latter would be a realistic expectation from reiki, but I figured being less depressed would help other intangibles fall into place.

The reason why I chose to go with Elaine’s practice is because, in addition to the glowing reviews (which are important to me), she gives a lot of time. A lot. And, for what I was going through I did not feel as if an hour would suffice. She wants to understand the context: your background, what is going on in your life, etc. before she performs any deliberate energy work. And, I say deliberate because she preforms energy work all the time, as her voice and presence is very soothing. We spoke for approx. two hours about my internal struggles and anything that I felt relevant to talk about. It was very therapeutic, and unlike any therapy/psychology sessions I have had she offered practical solutions to my situations instead of leaving it up to me to guess what to do. They were gentle solutions, might I add, suggestions even.

So, the reiki session… what does reiki feel like? My experience was more palpable than I could have predicted. I laid on the patient table with my eyes relaxed and lightly shut. Elaine placed crystals near my head and upper body chakras (which I’m sure added the efficacy of the treatment). She then directed energy in different parts of my body through her hands. The energy flowed up and down cyclically and felt like undulating swirls/waves. Kind of like the experience you have after being at the beach all day, going home to sleep, and feeling a phantom ocean rocking you. It was pleasant and relaxing, yet focused and purposeful. You may experience visions. I did. But for the most part you don’t see much, except maybe a bit of light energy (unless you are peeking every so often through the slivers of your eyes). Additionally, the reiki lasted almost another two hours. Afterwards my head f

elt so clear from everyday mind chatter. I felt exhilarated and serene.

With Elaine’s help after, a mere singular treatment, I no longer feel depressed and I have a sense direction and purpose. She has made herself available to me if I have any questions, or need to chat, or whatever, like she does for all her patients. My experience was very positive and I am so glad I made an appointment with her. She is compassionate, kind, insightful, a real pleasure to know. If you are interested in reiki, I (obviously) recommend her.

Dee B.
  • Dee B.
  • New York, NY
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Almost three years ago I was diagnosed with cancer.  I went through all the standard treatments and am doing well, although I was having difficulty with the medication called Tamoxifen which is the last part of my treatment plan.  I didn’t originally go to Elaine for this, I actually went because I wanted to know what the heck was going on in my life.  I had no self esteem, my relationships were in a shamble, I couldn’t sleep at night and because of the prior medical treatments I didn’t have a menstrual cycle and was suffering from medicinally induced menopause.  Elaine was able to explain to me what was going on using her gift of intuition.  I finally had an understanding of what went on in my life, and of why I may have gotten sick (doesn’t run in the family and no cancer gene).  I gained a greater understanding of my own energy as an individual and how we interact and coexist with others.  Once I knew what was happening I began a journey to change my life, to embark on doing what I needed to do to reach my goals.  Elaine not only spent a great deal of time with me, provided a Reiki treatment and counseling, she also provided a plan to improve my life.  I was very reluctant at first to follow the plan, and honestly I’m still working on it.  Going vegan is tough for a carnivore such as myself.  Yet despite this, I am finding that my life is pushing me in the direction of Elaine’s suggestions.  Its amazing how everything is so interconnected.  When I received the Reiki treatment my legs were sore and cramped as well as my arms, the session was physically uncomfortable.  When I went home after the session, my menstrual cycle returned!  I hadn’t had a menstrual cycle in months!  The hot flashes stopped!  I also slept like a baby.  The experience was amazing and powerful.


  • W. W.
  • Brooklyn, NY
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It is hard to start writing on a single aspect because when I look back at the whole experience there were so many different “glowing” parts from different angles. I was first drawn to Elaine’s place by her website, her words of wisdom and the designs, colors and vivid vibrations of her website. I contacted Elaine through E-mail and later got to talk with her on the phone, and she was kind, gentle and patient – as good as it can be and way beyond that as well! She is an amazing guide, wonderful mentor, and a wholehearted friend who would always generously share what she thinks would benefit you. I waited for some time after we spoke for our session together, and the wonderful moment extend from our phone chat to when she greeted me at her place, to her nicely decorated place with peaceful, wonderful energy with beautiful music. In our session we were sharing stories and experiences – time barely seemed to exist! I was able to stay open minded during the session and was also ensured about the privacy of it, which I am very much grateful for. Elaine is always graceful and listens to you when you are drawing from your own experiences. She encouraged me to see my potential and abilities, yet did not put me under any pressure of having to do certain things in certain ways, etc.  I was very excited about the session and also nervous and curious as for what to expect, because I felt I could be sensitive. The session was amazing and I mostly felt heightened blissful excitement with the warmth that came from Elaine’s Reiki – it was so powerful!. Elaine also accurately picked up on my physical health condition before I addressed that to her, and she told me not worry about it, that it would go away – which was what I wanted to ask and what I had thought to myself! Just like other reviews have said, Elaine’s session goes far beyond a session, she would send you her notes that she took during her hours long talk with you, and she never holds back in sharing information that she thinks will be helpful for you. I went back home after the session and the cleansing of old energy was clearly in effect, hours and days after the session had taken place, and I feel much more refreshed, physically and energetically. Elaine gave me so much more than I had asked for, which made me feel honored and deeply touched. I am grateful for having met her and went through the session with her, and I am grateful and privileged for being able to embrace her gifts. I recommend Elaine’s place wholeheartedly, and I have tried my best to write about the different aspects I’ve benefited from Elaine’s session – yet I still feel there are much more than I can describe!  I see other reviewers mentioning about their experiences as life changing, and I want to say this is not exaggerating – thank you so much Elaine!


I found Elaine at a time when I felt very stuck and in the throes of major personal and professional transitions. I’ve worked with therapists before, but always felt like a 50-minute session was just scratching the surface, so I craved something deeper and all-encompassing. Elaine provided that depth by working with me for 5 hours until all of my questions were answered and every stone was unturned. She was incredibly intuitive and put me at ease about a lot of questions and doubts I have had. She is eager to keep in touch and maintain a relationship so her clients feel nurtured, respected, and understood. After our session, I felt an amazing sense of clarity and lightness unlike ever before. People around me noticed I was more rooted and at ease with myself in the days following our work. I highly recommend Elaine if you are looking to jolt yourself out of a rut and realign your spirit.



Words can not express how amazing Elaine is!! Her presence is so welcoming and her energy is really warm and gentle. She really does care about your well being by  truly dedicating herself to your progress. She doesn’t just forget about you once the session is done ! This was my first reiki experience and I am so glad I chose her. Thanks Elaine for everything !! 🙂