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Senior Manager, Software

Meeting Elaine was the start of my healing journey that catapulted me to move to a state of inner peace and wellness. The process which I had to actively work on in order to remove all that did not serve me, was an awakening. As a RN, I understand the the importance of healing on multiple levels; physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Elaine helped facilitate this process, placing me on my true path in life. She is amazing.

Cherylle McFarlane

Master's Health Administration, BSN , RN, Life Coach, Just Praying Podcast

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The Energy Mavericks®

vetting, consulting and trend forecasting for Unicorn Founders & C-Suites

TEM® is my first more public program by Healing Elaine®. Including broad spectrum consulting for various businesses and unique Founders such as seed money real estate developers, this program is especially effective for commercial and residential real estate spaces that just won’t sell or close, auction houses, retail spaces, and entertainment / hospitality venues in which there is a lot of foot traffic or virtual human footprint — leaving desired traction and bottom lines stagnant; just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I am specifically interested in working with unicorn Founders and pioneering C-Suites who are true decision makers with regard to their company or project bottom line. My TEM® work/service also particularly caters to those who have an understanding of artificial intelligence as it relates to human consciousness, and how the above undoubtedly impacts their business.