ladies and gentlemen: introducing 2020, the first *collective observation* of actual soul-swapping™

allow me to preface this article by saying that my first six eBooklets set the tone for EVERYTHING that I write about. they are the third-grade version of every topic that I cover. they are the crux, the spine, and the heart of the nuance-expanded articles that I write. there is a reason that I have not presented an eBooklet 7, 8 or 9; whilst I will always write more and more and more, I feel like I have covered the core six themes relative to the tangible and intangible worlds as they relate to the human experience — anything else that I am to write will end up falling into one of those six categories.

the first category, or eBooklet 1, is about the actual human awakening process. no trends here, thank you. a lot has been written, since I wrote this back in 2015, about the topics of awakening and ego death. much of it is regurgitated, trendy fluff. what birthed my understanding of this subject was of course, my own unchartable experience, but that experience paired with reading ancient scripture about what an actual and true dark night of the soul is. this came about only near the END of one of my darkest nights (a truly spiritual experience, NOT to be confused with a mental/psychological experience or psychosis — VERY important to note this) when I was up night after night searching for answers online. I had never even heard the term “dark night of the soul” before, for it was certainly not trendy or trending. I kept punching into online search different sentences about what I was going through, which again, defied any clinical or psychological experience or diagnosis. I was by all means hinged, very much together, and making the best of every single day despite innumerable challenges which nobody could seem to solve – and least of all, it seemed, me. the awakening process that I outline in this eBooklet 1 is multi-layered, and encompasses what happens to the mind/body/spirit as it aligns with…truth. itSELF. it is important to note that there is NEVER such a thing as just one awakening…once you take that red pill, you can never go back…and if you try to go back, you will suffer unbelievably.

right now, as I type, some folks have taken the red pill and they are trying to go back. I see them. some of them have seen me for work. some of them let me do the work, or wanted me to do the work, and when I was no longer capable of holding them up with all of my life force, they didn’t want the red pill anymore. the thing about taking the red pill is that you are contracted for a LIFETIME of work afterward. the allure of “healing” is rather appealing, until one realizes that he must do the WORK and walk through the depths of hell to transcend himself. the work is when the facades fall…the shadows emerge…maybe the 12 steps happen (I think everyone should 12 step it out)…we “lose” friends or family…we lose our job, our home, all of our money…we become honest about the lies we are living. no one wants the facades to fall. but they want the reward. you can’t have the reward right away once you take the red pill.

once you take the red pill, and you taste what actual freedom (aka truth) is like you want more of it — until you are forced to do the work…AGAIN. this is where most people fail. especially if they had a healer like me to coach them through, bit by bit. I was speaking with a former patient of mine recently. we worked together about five years ago. she said that she was always reluctant to lean on me during our work together, because she wanted to OWN her process. I did and do everything in my power to make sure this is the case for folks. some of them love it, and some of them freak out and claim “abandonment” because they never had ANY intention of doing the work themselves. and much like we are seeing play out collectively at the moment, they want you to go down WITH them. it’s not enough for them to drown, but they want to drown others. this is consistent with someone who has tasted the good life, who does not want to do any of the work to achieve it, and who feels entitled nonetheless to having it. sort of reminds me of Hollywood!

Hollywood, for the most part, is one big fake red pill. all of the deadly sins, which folks truly disbelieve in their atheist ways, are laid out for these people to indulge in. and indulge, they do… what they have failed to understand is that anything not built on truth is TEMPORARY. this is why people who were once “celebrities” have absolutely nothing to celebrate. I look at those who once seemed to have it all, who have ailing health problems that won’t go away. for the most part, this is because they sold themselves to the devil. if only they would admit it — to themselves. for there is always redemption. someone gave them a fake red pill. the problem with the fake red pill is that it gives one all of the illusions of what life is like when one takes the actual red pill and DOES THE WORK. the work can take YEARS. decades, even. YES. these are the facts. and just like a Cinderella story, when the clock strikes a certain time, all of the illusions drop. wait for this, and look around you — it’s happening all over. this phenomenon, of course, relates to the fact that many of these people have yet to endure their first true awakening. for NO ONE can rescue you from a true awakening but yourself. all of the money, love, praise and attention will not save or soothe you.

in my eBooklet 2, I talk about other realms/dimensions. that pretty much says it all. I know that for some or many, this concept might appear a bit “out there”. well, do you subscribe to physics and electricity? have you listened to smart people like Neil deGrasse Tyson before? then you DO subscribe to other realms. with that said, many of us are having tangible experiences that are rooted in intangible realms. and we know this and can prove this, just like we can make a phone call to Japan right now — what is between our phones? energy. signals. can you see it? can you explain it? the intangible realms are fascinating, in particular as they coincide with the human psycho-emotional experience. often, if you erase actual timelines, there is a story playing out over a variety of life-times…and when we do not know what is happening because we are limited ONLY to *this* realm, we feel so much pain. so much confusion. eBooklet 2 talks about a particular experience that I had in this regard, and now five years later I am gaining further understanding around it. there is nothing that I would edit or add to this eBooklet which has remained unchanged since publishing it in 2016. perhaps a sequel — which would only be an extension of the core theme of the intangible realms as they relate to love, unconscious patterns, and potentially unfinished relationships business.

eBooklet 3 is about a theme that we can all see playing out as I type — there are those who poke and bait, and there are those who RUN from being poked or baited. the artist Zuby said something really on point recently. he said, “Forget ‘right’ and ‘left’ for a moment… The real battle is between people who want to be left alone and those who refuse to leave other people alone. Always has been. Always will be.” the establishment, aka the “forces that be”, aka mainstream media, aka big tech, aka Hollywood and the gang, aka the brain-washers and the soul stealers, have set the stage to amplify this very set of beings. as I outline in my eBooklet, there are those who draw blood (because they are empty – whether, of course, they know it or NOT!), and there are those who are intrinsically FULL on their own accord and run from being baited and drained. call it energy vampires versus love, call it whatever you want. it is a set of ARCHETYPES. it just so happens that right now, it is playing out under the GUISE of “politics”. as I outline in my “Joe Biden is not your President” article, I always thought I identified as an Independent, leaning toward Democratic in some ways and leaning toward Republican in other ways; my first ever vote was for a Democrat, and I have dedicated my LIFE to diversity and inclusion (a highly promoted Democratic “value”). so it is KEY to wash away labels at this point in time, and simply look at who is subscribing to them! for whatever intents and purposes, the actual consciousness split™ that we are experiencing has “divided” itself into actual political labels — despite WHO people are, beneath those labels. I, for one, am not the “media” description of an Independent or a Republican. not even close. but I am also most DEFINITELY NOT the ACTUAL representation/behavior/antics of a described / labeled “Democrat”. if we did not have political labels, this separation in consciousness would simply be playing out in some other way…like, those who love chicken and those who love turkey. the labels heading what is happening are IRRELEVANT. and they are a trick. a trap. the NWO-agendaed people know this. and so they will use anything to create a label — a trap — and watch those who want to poke/bait others, and those who are running for their lives from the thirsty, separate like oil and water. for the totally unconscious person reading this, Donald Trump did not create this division: HE HIGHLIGHTED WHAT WAS ALREADY THERE. wake up. for he is not and never was the establishmentwhich marks this entire collective awakening.

the theme of being poked, baited and not wanting to be, has been alive since mankind has been around. it is not intrinsic to other animals, just human…because ego. this phenomenon (eBooklet 3) is something that I worked on with people in my practice over and over and over again, and trained and taught them how to overcome. I learned how to do this starting with first-hand from my first breath on this planet. I have all of the gnarly experience one could not hope for when it comes to this theme, but it is experience that now later in my life I am actually grateful for. any topic that you could imagine would be written about “us vs. them” IN THIS CONTEXT — a concept I actually hate, only because it is typically presented with false labels — is very much alive and it is based on INTRINSIC ENERGY and GOOD VERSUS EVIL. period.

eBooklet 4 is about karma. I wrote this one in early 2016. the theme felt so…ripe. and now here we are, over four years later! this is an individual glance at a collective issue that was burgeoning…karma is…karma. look it up. enough said. so many topics extend from this eternal notion, intangible-to-tangible notion. this theme, like the other five, also lends itself to the title of this article – which I promise I will get to in just a bit!

eBooklet 5 is about WHY WE ARE ATTACKED. whilst eBooklet 3 describes the TACTICS of baiting, eBooklet 5 explains why this happens. it’s EVERYTHING that we see playing out right now — again, under the guise of “labels”; labels are there to distract us from truth. when we look at who is doing the actual attacking, we may be surprised (or not, if we are awake) to see who it is. once again, by brainwashing law, the forces that be choose and scapegoat (jealousy and envy are always great motivators) the easiest target and prey upon our unhealed, unconscious, judgemental and BIASED wounds. none of which is rooted in truth. it is all false. our projections amplify and point the finger in the “obvious” direction — however how does that old saying go? he who points the finger will have five pointing right back at him… we are attacked because we are brilliant. pay attention to those who attack all day, and whom they attack. are they attacking, or are they merely defending themselves? who fired the first shot? I can assure you that NEVER in the history of EVER has a brilliant person fired the first shot. it is ALWAYS a weak person, out for blood, because they have none, who fires the first shot (though they may and do claim otherwise — and this is why it is crucial that you do your diligent research).

finally, eBooklet 6, also written in 2016, is about addiction. I felt like this was the “final” theme of the overall human condition — since we covered mind/body/spirit/fuel/timelines/good vs. evil/intrinsic nature — to be better looked at and understood. addiction, I believe, is SO widespread, that we do not even have a measuring cup for it. MOST people are addicts, and you would never know it. my eBooklet says it all, but it lends itself to these other 5 themes in eBooklets 1-5! I believe that self-mastery of understanding addiction — either in ourselves or others or both — is key to understanding our modus operandi. for we have a nation of addicts, to many things — and before we can see what is really under the addiction, we/they must understand it. addiction is actually synonymous with soul swapping…the title of this article. in my opinion, addiction IS soul swapping.

if you can understand and master understanding the 6 concepts that I lay out above, I believe that you are on your way in life. though it will always be challenging, having a manual is EVERYTHING. my life is not easy. every single day there is a challenge. be it a nightmare or flashback that I awaken to in a sweat and short breath at 3am, a difficult thought pattern, or a certain loneliness that I long to understand. this is life. and we all deal with it. it’s not about feeling great all of the time, it is about knowing that if we are honest with ourselves, that we have access to the greatness that resides within us — even if just for a few moments per day. for those few moments of greatness per day are EXACTLY what the soul stealers use as fodder and steam for their evil ways — as they have NONE OF THEIR OWN.

a soul stealer can be a tangible or intangible, but it is driven by a tangible THROUGH the tangible and intangible. does this make sense? this process is called soul swapping. ladies and gentleman: introducing 2020, the first collective observation of actual soul-swapping.

throughout my work with Healing Elaine®, I taught others how to recognize those who did not live in their own bodies, as well as those who sought to STEAL from others by injuring them — causing an ACTUAL FRACTURE to their soul, and drawing in their Christ consciousness / life force. by the way, you do NOT have to be a worshiper of Christ or of any other deity or religion to accept this concept — think of it as a metaphor if you must, and for reference you may locate it in Power Versus Force by Hawkins (one of my HE® prerequisite books). when we are injured in some way, tangibly or intangibly by another being, our soul will either stay or partially fracture and leave. if you want to leave this concept to strictly “scientific” or psychological terms, then fine — you can! in psychology we call this a mind fracture or belief system fracture — I am just providing a bridge between THAT language and the language of the intangible which so many people are so hungry for at this time. for if the other language was so helpful, well, then it would have already been so helpful. it is not helpful enough (and there are plenty of idiot therapists out there who can’t even disseminate it) — because it speaks only to the mind, and not to the soul. the mind is temporary, the brain is temporary, the body is temporary. the soul is ETERNAL. and this is the level that we are playing on right now.

an injury to the mind is an injury to the soul, for we do not provide life force from our brains — we provide life force from the intangible soul plane. when folks speak of FEELING their heart break during heart break or during the death of a loved one, this is a valid intangible experience made sentient. and if we are not careful to observe and heal from those experiences, we will lend out our life force unnecessarily — causing our intuition to fail, and our connection to TRUTH to go with it. for life force is TRUTH. brain / mind opinions are EGO — FALSE. as the great Thomas Sowell is quoted as saying, “Intellect is not wisdom”. 100%. however, right now, we see a bunch of maniacs scurrying around with their “intellect” and their “fancy” little jobs and degrees, telling people how it is. whilst they are suffering the greatest deflation of all time — an increased experience of LOSS OF LIFE FORCE. for the poles are shifting…all that has been hidden is being revealed. what was once considered “important”, IS NO MORE. we are at the ultimate impasse of POWER VERSUS FORCE (note my Hawkins reference please). this impasse is noting SWAPPING soul energy, and retrieving it from those who have stolen it from us.

up until now, at least for the last seven hundred years or so post 1284 after one of our first great Renaissances, dark forces have had their joy ride. when I felt the poles of this phenomenon / human experience shifting heavily in 2016 (the reason that I published those eBooklets), I knew it was only a matter of time before the underdogs would be King and Queen. and AS THIS HAPPENS, WE EXPERIENCE THE FIRST COLLECTIVE OBSERVATION — certainly of our life-time, and perhaps for the first time even in human history — OF ACTUAL SOUL-SWAPPING.

the reason that I believe this might not have been so obvious up until now, is because technology and the position of our planet have never been as so; we now have the ability to see beyond the tangible physical realms, and observe people in an unprecedented way as a result. in the past, maybe the distant past, this “ability” was reserved for Priests or Deities or “psychics”; right now, it is reserved for ALL OF US – in particular, those WHO ARE BORN OF THE LIGHT. the reason for this, is physics. you can read more about this in my eBooklet 5 in particular, though I touch on this notion a little bit in all of my eBooklets (pointing you again, to the reason that I don’t think I will have an eBooklet 7! I think I have covered the basics as far as human operandi themes are considered).

when I walk down the street, and it has always been this way since I could ever remember, I see life force energy. sometimes it is more prevalent or obvious for different reasons; for example if someone has been abused or invaded in a specific way, their field is more “open” — this can be both good and bad, and it is another article entirely. the openness speaks to their contact with / connection to source energy and their creator (whomever and whatever you want to relate to that being – I do not want to turn anyone off with dogma, though I do feel a strong connection myself to Christ…and this could be simply because I was raised going Christian Bible study school and church each week). in physics, there is a creator energy which you do not have to attribute to religion — as religion is also just a different language for people to interpret physics. much like the concept of religion, physics too presents good and evil. these two polarities are always at play, even with simple unemotional matter. and as the law of physics states, two energies which do not match are not able to share physical space…sound familiar? one much CHANGE, OR MOVE. (like many are doing, right at this moment in time).

back to me walking down the street and noting life force energy within a person. I will call it God energy, because that is one language that speaks to me. you may call it something else. we do go through hell to get to heaven, or else we are missing a simple and important part of the human experience: CONTRAST. without contrast, we have no ability to EXPAND and learn and grow. life force energy is typically very prevalent in certain people because of their difficult early life experiences on this planet, or an overwhelming trauma at another point in their life which they overcame. when they choose their God self over their demons, their life force energy expands. other people unwittingly pick up on this and want to be near them — physically. for they are like batteries to be charged off of. much of this is in my eBooklet 5, by the way. when someone is not connected to their own God energy, they will poke and prod (eBooklet 3) others to get them to bleed so that they may lap it up. when we hear about the “conspiracy theories” of celebrities engaging in sick rituals with children, you might consider this. when one becomes so overwhelmed with demons, even if he looks just like you or me, he MUST suck the life force of others by poking them in some sort of way…or else the demon dies. welcome to 2020.

as I look at all that I have written about come to life before my very eyes, it seems like a movie. but it is not. and I can see which way someone has chosen to go. there are those who are simply rooted in evil, and I would wager that it is a much larger percentage of the population than people are willing to believe. there are those who are simply rooted in goodness. and there are those — many — who have had experiences that test their soul on which way they want to go. those who are rooted in goodness will nearly always return to their goodness, but they will waiver — I see many good people, right now, waivering. buying into the propaganda machines. msm. fake Hollywood. but, I know they will almost all prevail. those who are rooted in evil will have a much shorter life span — emotionally, psychologically, and physically — right now. for ALL OF THIS IS PHYSICS. I outline this in eBooklet 4. for more on evil, please read my prerequisite book People of the Lie by Peck.

we all suffer trauma. when we suffer it, we have three choices: 1) transcend it and return to goodness 2) succumb to it, become it, and return to evil 3) hang out in limbo. these are the three categories of people walking around our planet right now. for all that ever was, will always be…people will never “turn good” or “become good” — and I am not talking about human flaws, folks. I am talking about the fundamentals. and you would have to be awake to see them. fully awake. in any event, there are no mistakes in this current plan of God’s, for all that we ever are and were is playing out right before our eyes. when people say to me “oh, but I feel bad for this person — they had a hard life, maybe that is the reason that they are the way they are”…NO. I reject that hypothesis entirely. that person who suffered either becomes that which he suffered, transcends it and becomes even more of his goodness, or hangs out in no-man’s land — typically known as ADDICTION. until they overcome that, or don’t.

soul-swapping is covert, sneaky, and hard to spot. a lot of people, who look just like you and me, who talk just like you and me (on the SURFACE, please note), are walking soul stealers. they do the bidding of evil and they hide in plain sight. much of the world is waking up to who these people are, as events play out and as the natural physics of our planet shakes out truth. can you spot soul-swapping in action?

the easiest way for me to spot soul-swapping is to simply note those who are waivering — as I noted above. they are born from goodness, but they are succumbing to addiction. and I am not talking about drugs. these are the most dangerous soul-swappers, because since they are actually rooted in goodness but doing the job of the devil, they are hardest to spot. the contrast between their intrinsic self and their ELECTED behavior is what makes them stand out the most to me! and this is what it looks like…

it looks like two things that do not fit together. an outer beauty (I am not talking about aesthetics), combined with a deadness behind the eyes. these folks began in goodness, but gave themselves over to the devil because EGO. period. their judgement with God is and will be their choice of EVIL over their own soul, for their soul ALWAYS knows. this is a truth that can never be turned away from! the soul never lies. the mind lies. those walking in extreme contrast look like walking robots, and there are so many of them. in NYC, you can see them on every street corner. cursing “Orange Man Bad!!!” whilst engaging in the SAME EXACT sins or lifestyle choices that they accuse him of. forgetting that God or source energy is the only determining factor in someone’s life. they parrot the fake news, read from a script, long for “the way things were” when they didn’t have to face reality. they make a big deal out of “MASKS!!!!!!!” because it is an excuse to separate themselves from others whilst pretending otherwise. anything that makes another person “other” or “punishable” to them is their focus (HELLO: this is EXACTLY WHY THEY LAUNCHED THE PLANDEMIC more food and more fodder for the divisive nature of so many people!). these people are everywhere, and they have taken a sleigh ride straight to hell. the only thing that will wake them up is personal tragedy, and many of them not until they actually cross over and out of their physical bodies. when I see these cuspers, I see the light behind their eyes that has gone out. they have allowed the forces that be to swap their soul, and they are on the hunt to gather more blood to keep that line going straight to the depths of evil. they are not conscious of this. but those of us who are awake can see it a mile away. in 2020 terms, they are “raging liberal democrats”. they root for violence, promote destruction via different methods (Hollywood people are the WORST), and unconsciously seek to recruit other cuspers so that they may feel less alone. some of them have worked so hard at this, that they are conscious of it — they have merged with evil — and I would ALMOST wonder if their intrinsic nature actually WAS evil. I believe that this is simply where free will has entered their lives, for cuspers are the breed which reveal to us the potential fate available to all of mankind when we hand our SELF over to something EASY (seeing the truth is not easy – believing lies IS).

those who are rooted in evil will always be. they are the dictators, the ones who spin propaganda before anyone can see what is happening, and those who LOVE the puppet masters I describe here. evil is a lifestyle for those born from it. they will never be good. they come in all shapes, sizes and appearances. spotting them with a naked eye is difficult unless you actually see life force energy. spotting them with the way that you FEEL is easier. the way that you FEEL is like there is an “EASY way out in life”. they give nothing of themselves to others because they have nothing to give. this can be further explained in my eBooklet 3. those who are rooted in evil are going to go down in flames over this next period of time, because their time is up. more than anyone else, they love to soul-swap and soul steal. they commit heinous acts, with the direct intent to inflict harm upon others. nothing is accidental. and, they seek out cuspers as described above. there is a CONSCIOUS DARKNESS in their eyes, unlike the contrast noted with the cuspers. the conscious darkness is a CONSISTENT ENERGY. in this way, it can be hard to spot an intrinsically evil soul stealer because they seem so in alignment with themselves. they are how serial killers kill 100 people and go home for dinner with their family every night like nothing happened. well, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

those who are born of intrinsic light and seek to transmute any and all negative experiences and evil in their life will seek redemption and clarity all of the time. they seek self-truth, go to therapy, and desire to understand their core nature. they do not hide, ever. not from themselves, and not from others. those born of intrinsic light initially waiver in understanding both cuspers, and intrinsically evil people. when they have enough awakening experiences, they come to the realization that evil as an entity is a very specific sickness and darkness. these are the light warriors on our planet right now — the ones who the “media” and its sick allies have painted as dark. personalities aside (and there are some gnarly ones), light warriors have an inner and likely private desire to be better — even with their outward flaws. you will not be able to out-intellectualize seeing or understanding this! it is a vision that comes, again, from the core self. explaining any of this to someone who can not see it is a futile endeavor.

I was recently reading a former supermodel’s post about why she can’t understand how people can support Donald Trump. it was an unconscious baiting tactic to suck in LIGHT, because her preference is to keep on lying to herSELF. her husband was a narcissist who left her with nothing, and yet her desire is to focus outward as a victim…instead of understanding her true nature and the nature of goodness versus evil. cuspers can be the worst, because they have ample pools of evil lined up at their door to draw from — THE EASY WAY OUT. the easy way out, if you haven’t yet understood, is pure EVIL.

if you are a cusper, you might be wondering at this point, “how do I find out what is true?”. well, first, you do what I wrote about in this uncording article. if you are a cusper, then you are likely a full-time addict. of some THING. you have got to find out what that thing is. you have got to find out what feeds your beast.

soul-swapping is real, just like I can call you via mobile phone from another city, state, or country. whatever is between those tangible devices is the same code that is between two people — and we must ask ourselves what is between us and evil. we must ask ourselves what is between us and goodness. soul-swapping occurs all of the time, with the simple contingencies being the answers to: HOW MUCH WORK DO WE WANT TO DO? and, what is our NATURAL state?

a successful soul-swapping can be evidenced by someone who walks without purpose, and speaks from an electronic device. electronic devices steal our soul the same way that people do, because they are programmed by people (for more on this, please read my articles on AI). the people doing the programming are notorious puppet masters. have you considered this? our life force wanes the more we remain unconscious with what we engage with and how. the body may be alive, running on either evil (which is a sum total of STOLEN LIFE FORCE), or running on their own personal bidding of causing injury and lies to others via their surrender to or parroting of evil. you will note the attempt of your own soul-swapping when you feel that the goodness that once lived in your heart (for as long as it is not fake goodness! i.e. Hollywood propaganda and values) is waning. too much time with cuspers or intrinsically evil people or electronics will wane your own supply, which is crucial to recover before you can even see clearly. a hollow, shallow appearance — sort of a grey color — can be observed in the field of a soul stealer. they simply look like broken people. which is a soul CHOICE. there are homeless people in my neighborhood right now who are GLOWING despite their life circumstances, because they have not handed themselves over to evil. it’s a look.

as you scroll through social media, or the news, or stroll down the street, you will note evidence of soul stealing and soul-swapping. the battle between good and evil, right now, has never been more clear. and, it will get even more clear. if you are confused by this, perhaps it is time to surrender to your next awakening. an awakening is like giving birth to yourself, and it is a long and lonely process. the only determining factor in your soul-swapping or lack thereof is your commitment to this hardship via your commitment to TRUTH. the choice is always yours, unless you are born and made from the very evil that has destroyed our planet for eons. and God is coming for you. in 2020, the crime of soul-swapping will be hung out to dry for all to see. wait and watch. for the first collective observation of actual soul-swapping is upon us, and the crimes against humanity will be revealed for all of us to see.

ladies and gentleman: introducing 2020, the first collective observation of actual soul-swapping.