are you still playing “let’s pretend”? or, are you waking up and feeling the pain of the truth?

“let’s pretend” is a phrase I came across online on Mike Cernovich‘s profile not too long ago. the phrase seemed simple enough, because it’s exactly what I’ve seen nearly everyone doing for as long as I can remember. and they did it at the onset of Rona. and I knew it would cost us nearly EVERYTHING. and it is. just look at who we have indoctrinated as our new and actual dictators. California? no thank you. New York City? no thank you.

“let’s pretend” is a cognitive disease. when I launched Healing Elaine®, it was for the very reason of dismantling the fake, make-believe beliefs that people have so that they may live in truth — therefore transcending actual dis-ease. do you know that believing/telling lies can cost you your health, and at a minimum cost you your actual soul?

we have seen this cycle for millenniums, but we never seem to change it. never before have we been herded like sheep and broken out of it as a collective culture. however…we have a chance right now, and I believe that it will happen. the good news is, at least half of the country has woken up. the other half will go down fighting what they know to be true at their very core, because ego. the ego will convince us of anything it pleases, so that we do not have to change / expand / awaken. it’s temporarily easier this way, but boy is the cost high.

when Rona was announced, I knew inside of my body immediately that it was a grand plan designed to control, divide and conquer. if you believe that it came from a bat, you should throw your computer or phone at the wall right now because having one is pointless for you. when Rona news hit, I was on the phone with an investigative journalist and I said “it’s to sink the US economy and try to steal the election”. if you do not understand this, then you really need to do some research. but, I will give you a little bit of simple and basic context. because if you fail to realize any of this, you are creating the very fear, divisiveness and evil that you pretend to not want. no, it’s not one orange man in office. it’s the hellish dictators and blackmailed celebrities that you bow down to because you have been completely brainwashed.

China owns a large percentage of the music and entertainment industry. the entertainment industry tortures and blackmails many of its “stars”. “stars” are not elected at random — they are fish-hooked from poor or down-trodden environments, and they are also spotted and fish-hooked by their desperation and sinful need to be liked/hailed to/admired. someone who will choose meaningless attention and adoration over truth is not hard to spot. the psych experts who created and run Hollywood know this and can spot it miles away. like a predator stalking prey, they make note of the many celebrities energetically screaming “make me matter! I’ll do ANYTHING!!!!”. their desperation is alchemized into globalist elitist agenda…and selling out to corrupt, communist foreign “powers” that own THEM with all kinds of blackmail. it’s a system. a system you don’t hear about, because the mainstream “news” (owned by like 6 people — literally) tells you differently. so, here we have the global elitists, their four years of brainwashing and narcissistic deflection telling you that a character from Queens, NY who said in the 1980’s that he would step into politics “if things got bad enough”, and who was beloved by many, is to blame for the seedy, evil and under-handed schemes that they have been running and plotting all the while…including Rona.

when I know truth, I do not need facts or details for it hits me on a cellular and physical level first. this is how truth ACTUALLY works. when something is not true, and we are telling ourself that it IS true, we are in CHAOS. we drink to sleep. we wake with large amounts of caffeine to make it through the day. we take “anti-anxiety” meds to dull our senses. we addict ourselves to social media and the tele so that we can not hear our own self think. we practice “witchcraft”. we do this because this is how people play “let’s pretend”. you can not play “let’s pretend” and live a normal life. unless, of course, you are EVIL. that’s another article entirely.

“let’s pretend” is a cognitive disease. it is the opposite of living in or hearing personal truth. “let’s pretend” is a long list of actual medical doctors receiving pay-offs for motorcycle accidents and cancer deaths listing them as Rona. “let’s pretend” makes you partake in evil, but you shut it out with your addictions. most of society is addicted. “let’s pretend” steers you away from the fact that hospitals were so empty that they were furloughing staff. I can tell you as a nearly first-hand witness this is true. all over the country. real doctors with integrity who came forward were silenced on social media and censored heavily … just as all truth is, just as I have been for four years.

folks have said to me, in desperation, “but isn’t it NOT their fault if they believe all of the mainstream lies? like, they have been brainwashed”….and I say NO. I reject that hypothesis entirely. as human animals, we ALWAYS know truth. unless, of course, we are doing everything that we can in our power to block it.

living in sin blocks truth. living in sin is the same as “let’s pretend”. living in sin is when your core knows truth (because it always does – always) but you want to return to your seven-figure job and your cozy life so you turn the other way while the entire planet suffers. living in sin is turning a blind eye when you see first-hand what happened to ME, and you call it something else. anyone who knows what has happened to me and turns the other way is not only living in sin via lying to themselves, but they are destined to repeat the same fate. when we turn our backs on truth, we turn our backs on our fellow man. do you know how many actual people helped me during the last four years, like REALLY helped me in the way that I needed it? one. one person. and I reference this because they did not hide from the truth. and on top of that, they trust me. they trust me because I, too, live in truth. this does not mean that they always agree with me. but that is not what truth is about. truth is a currency when all else is broken. a lot has been broken for me for four years and I will never forget it. and I will not cower down or stop speaking up out of fear. I am not in fear. I have moved into anger. a healthy anger that will not subside until everyone around me is awake.

you might be wondering what my situation and censorship has to do with this article. EVERYTHING. if I have to explain it to you, then you may also consider throwing your laptop and phone at the wall and never using them again. let me repeat: those who do not play “let’s pretend” in order to live a comfy life at the expense of millions of people get targeted. so how about if we all just didn’t play the game?

Rona was created and carefully executed just in time to create the most disgusting and brazen ballot fraud in US History. of course, ballot fraud has always existed, and you may go off track with all kinds of stupid arguments surrounding that. let me bring you back to the Rona agenda coordinated with China: to thwart the election. to paint orange man, again, as the villain…whilst the TRUE villains are right in front of your faces. while the media never reported on bizarre ties between a Harvard professor and China with regard to this event. and silenced whistleblowers. and called normal good people conspiracy theorists. because they knew you were believe them because you as just so desperate to not change yourself.

if New York City and Hollywood did not exist, we would not have had Rona and a worldwide “pandemic” which was never a pandemic in the first place. with a survival rate higher than the common flu, faulty “tests”, and a desperation the likes of any “virus” has ever seen to be logged and recorded at nursing homes and hospitals everywhere, you can call it exactly what it is. a scapegoat, created by your true masters all while pointing the finger at the one they hate for bringing down the house of truth on their shoulders.

New York City and Hollywood have some simple things in common. they host the “elites” who do the bidding for the global elites — the big names we all know. the kingpins of evil. NYC and Hollywood lemmings, including “celebrities”, media personalities and so on do the bidding of this evil. many of them are conscious of it, but they are scared to lose everything because they have been blackmailed. how do I know this? well for starters, I worked with elites. I know the games. I know the threats. I know the tactics involved in making peoples stay quiet. then they go out an parrot the agenda, and you believe it because you think that you look up to them or because they are “successful” in their careers. they are not successful. they are simple sell-outs that a psych expert, designed to make money for our media machine, could spot miles away…knowing that they would compromise themselves on levels that you could never imagine, just to receive the attention that their hollow souls can not fill on their own. and so you fall for it, because you believe that you, too, can live a glorious life if only you work hard enough! or, look good enough. and there you are, right in the clutches of satan and the deadly sins that we are all warned about and ignore. “let’s pretend” is their currency all around, and it becomes the currency of the great evil that desires to control your daily life. and, now you are letting them.

my early reaction to all of this was pure anger, for I knew the truth. and as the truth slowly trickles out for many, I feel some relief but not enough. there are many like me, in fact they are the MAJORITY, and they are censored. if something wasn’t true, it would never need to be censored. only the truth needs to be censored because once someone is exposed to it and they do not lie to themselves or play “let’s pretend”, they can not unsee it. the truth can never be unseen by a person who does not play “let’s pretend”. and there is a large portion of the population who is actually not playing “let’s pretend”, and they feel they are in no-man’s land right now because they haven’t come across available reported normal truths or persons like them who say it. I’ll list a few people for you to follow so that you may feel less alone. as I list these folks, I am simply cheering for the fact that they are good enough folks to live in collective truth. as you do your “digging” you will notice that they are regular people just like you and me, and no doubt the media has done all they can to smear them. remember your own humanness when you cast stones at another or judge them based on what you read on the most organized presentation of dys-info in human history…the world wide web, run by maniacs.

if you live in enough truth to also live in collective truth but you don’t know where to find others who do too because you literally can not see them, here are some to start with. Scott Adams, Kelly Brogan, Brandon Straka, Dr. Robert E. Epstein, Mike Cernovich (watch Hoaxed), Dinesh D’Souza (watch Trump Card), Allen West, David Harris Jr, Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, Dave Rubin, James O’Keefe, Diamond and Silk®, Larry Elder, Fog City Midge, Amanda Milius (watch The Plot Against The President), Austen Fletcher, Bryson Gray, Turning Point USA, Tim Pool, Scott Ryan Presler, Samaire Armstrong, Gina Bontempo, Katie Hopkins, David Sutcliffe, Nicole Arbour, JP Sears, Robby Starbuck, and so many more. this is just a starter list for you.

I am not writing this for those who lie to themselves. those folks are goners. a waste of time and energy and not my focus. I am writing this for those who live in enough personal truth but whom are consumed by their corporate or propaganda-driven narratives who truly do want to know more. I know these folks because they reach out to me. they were basically my entire client base. they are not willfully ignorant to evil on this planet and they are willing to face it. I spoke about this concept a bit in my videos on my locals community platform here — there are a few videos, so you will have to poke around to get them all. and, you will have to subscribe to my platform to see them. if you are a troll, I will find you and your profile and handle it — my platform is not a corrupt big tech platform and it is reserved for people who are invested in the truth.

being invested in the truth does not make us perfect, and it also does not suggest that just because someone knows and sees the collective truth that I am writing about, that they are not crazy. I’ve met INSANE people who are able to understand the globalist agenda here, Rona, the election, all of it…some things are mutually exclusive and other things are not. contextually speaking, being aware of the truth I write about here means ONE THING: a willingness to see and confront evil. period. again, I get into this in my videos where you can see my face and feel my words.

being invested in the truth as I describe it here means that you can’t be brainwashed, and you don’t match the agenda of the real tyrants who so many bow down to. how are you enjoying New York City and California right now?

when you wake up and begin the feel the pain of the truth, this is what an actual awakening is. in my private HE® sessions, it was the truth about our past and our family members … the most powerful people in our early lives, who no doubt had and have the most power until we can wake up from their personal realities and see our own. collectively, until we see the truth of our parental replacements: media, politicians, “celebrities”….we are failing because we are playing “let’s pretend” and fully lying to ourselves on fundamental levels. I look at all of the fake “therapists” and “healers” out there and think…how ironic. but then again, claiming a role like that and lying to yourself and others full-time is sort of the perfect cover, no? just like our idols/tyrants. what a classic gaslighting experience.

if you are just waking up, start to tune into others who have as well. do not be persuaded by the negative “press” around them, and also do not take them as Gods, for no one is. learn to think contextually. someone may live in one truth, and lie to themselves on many other levels…this is everywhere. the truth I am speaking about today is the truth behind Rona, the election, our entire media system, and the fact that our planet has been destroyed by these people — and if you are silent in all ways, then you are complicit. figure out which ways you are comfortable not being silent anymore.

as our dictators get louder, more folks wake up. however, as more folks wake up, our dictators get even more brazen and hostile and clever. their plans should not eclipse you because you have friends who play “let’s pretend”…intelligence does not even factor in here. only truth does.

when you begin to wake up to the truth around you, and Rona REALLY should have been one if in fact you did not understand the value in Trump back in 2016, you realize that you have a role to play on this planet. we are in a mini pre-Holocaust again and folks are walking into it like no problem. all day. with no objection. nodding like fools. because they don’t want to do any work to question anything.

I find it important to note that a lot of people have changed their realities in the last two months alone, and have come forward and said that they feel spiritually and politically homeless…and were hoping to find refuge in my community. I say that there is ALWAYS room for you if you are sincere and genuine. there are people who I know cursed me out early on because they did not see what I see…only to sincerely regret it as they woke up to the truth. you are welcome. we can mend that fence, for I know how strong evil is and what it does to a person. but don’t fake it…there is no room at the table for fakers who are simply defeated and know that evil has lost. and believe me — that time is coming!!! and these people are going DOWN. in more ways than one. don’t say I never said it.

simple things that you can do in order to maximize your own voice and drown out the satanic agendas that have corrupted certain individuals and given them a megaphone to blast at your ears and eyes (these folks should remain nameless – they are some of the most brazen, loud, childish and puppeteered personalities in “media” “politics” and “news” … basically soulless to the core, doing the devil’s bidding, presented as “inspirations” using the classic fake feminist virtue signals from hell) are 1) take long breaks from social media. if you have to be online for work, turn off your accounts and only keep your email on. 2) put your phone to airplane mode every single night and do not sleep with it in your room or near your body! (please don’t ask me why). 3) go out in nature. go hug a tree. go to yoga. WORK OUT YOUR BODY. 4) eat clean. take supplements. 5) do not go to bed with social media or “news” — journal for 10 minutes before bed. journal out YOUR THOUGHTS — whatever they are. 6) leave toxic relationships of any kind. friends, family, partner, coffee barista each morning … I don’t care who it is. disconnect. 7) find at least one friend who is open to anything other than the fake narrative. I am speaking to you, New York City and Hollywood…because basically EVERY OTHER SPOT ON THE MAP gets it. sad but true. the fake election and the fake “results” do not reflect reality…and that truth is coming out by the hour and by the day. look for it.

your world is not what you were told it is. if you are afraid because you are the only one of your brainwashed friends who is waking up, then it’s time to make new ones. true friends NEVER leave you. I have some brainwashed friends, but they are in their own process and starting to wake up. they are committed to the truth, and the deprogramming process simply takes time. I let them be. they let me be. they don’t “cancel” me, particularly if we have worked together and had a deep soul exchange and experience. because that would be just…INSANE. but hey — it’s 2020!

there are places for you to go. refuges of truth. no matter where you are in your life, and no matter what age you are, you are not restricted to the life that you have carved out for yourself. when you lose everything in life, especially at an early age, you realize that NOTHING in the material world is real and nothing can ever supplement happiness by way of truth. you have the opportunity to lose it all right now — as that is what is coming for the masses who are committed to “let’s pretend” — as a means for waking up, or you have the opportunity to listen to yourself and do the work. you can do it the easy way, or the hard way.

think beyond yourself. think of all of the people whose lives are being ruined by the collective lies designed to benefit but a few. because this is exactly what is happening. think of the other countries with no resources who have suffered because of the plandemic and the greed of the US deep state and its sick allies. think beyond YOU and your little bubble. choose your soul.