Healing Elaine® video testimonial from Yify

serendipity is the name of the energy when it comes to HE® sessions and connections. I met Yify in 2017, and we did some amazing work together. like many of my sessions, our energy stayed positively connected over time while she executed what we discussed. it never ceases to amaze me as to how when someone is truly right for and connected to my work, they require/demand barely anything from me — but their results are the most significant. in addition, these folks tend to be the most grateful…I believe this is a chicken-egg phenomenon; folks who walk with gratitude in their hearts, versus entitlement, have better outcomes and the better outcomes feed them perhaps even more gratitude. I’ve also worked with people who expected the world on a platter — and then more and more and MORE — never grateful, always expectant and demanding, and often empty at the end of the day no matter what I did. in my early days of healing and consulting work, I would fall for the act of the entitled person…giving away my life force until I was practically empty – only to be 1) ripped off (plagiarized) 2) ghosted as if we never even met, as they then launched their very own healing practice! (they took a “piece” of me, and decided that they would prefer to “become me” instead of being themselves) 3) made to feel as though I never did enough. the above, of course, connected to my own old wounds of being trained to survive by giving all of myself away — and I am grateful at the countless opportunities that I have had to heal many of those wounds. when I look back at particular sessions, it amazes me that I could not see the forest for the trees.

earlier this year I swore off ALL future healing sessions…I was looking for a bridge between my old ways of working, and my new ways of working (please read it in my About section if you are new here) – for I had learned some really difficult lessons about evil, the nature of evil in people, and simply evil people…and I never wanted to take on evil again (also, the plandemic — it certainly changed things, and gave me some new things to think about…for every act of evil there is an unexpected positive!). though I suppose it is impossible to avoid taking on evil (even the most amazing people can have evil connected THROUGH them — imposed upon them, like it was imposed upon me, at birth…still gripping them until someone who matches their core comes along to help them shake it off / transmute it for them by working with their mind and their energy field), I have made strides in dealing with evil and in particular, spotting evil people (they can hide in plain sight). Yify is the embodiment of goodness, and I am so fortunate to know many like her. I am a believer in nature versus nurture; our intrinsic nature is forever constant, unwavering, and it has the power to move mountains when we are a benevolent force whom simply has yet to meet one like itself.

finding out that Yify was so close to me in geographic proximity this fall was quite the surprise, on a logical level…but not on an intangible/intuitive/spiritual one. as we transition between NYC and ATX, I am grateful to know that my soul family is always close. it is also cool to know that other ambitious, sensitive, creative people who walk the bridge between quantitative and creative are drawn to the same logistical environments! as I wrote this past June, people are leaving cities that once embodied their goals and dreams

today Yify surprised me with this video, and I am super grateful for it. what I appreciate most about many of those whom I have worked with, is the fact that they live for the truth — no matter how popular or unpopluar that truth is. they are not swayed by fake news, propaganda, societal lies that have run our planet for far too long, “celebrity”, what’s “cool” or “trending”, and anything else that is FAKE and temporary. mind control is real, and it happens on both the personal and collective levels. more than ever right now, those who are drawn to me / my work are not sheep who have bought into the mainstream narratives…which makes their potential for personal healing just about 100%as the power of the mind to know and commit to truth is the ONLY currency as it pertains to the ability to heal and be at peace.

despite the last three to four years of my life, which have been the hardest to date as big tech / the deep state / the evil cabal and the forces that have been for WAY TOO LONG on our planet attempted to take me down in many different and unthinkable ways, I take comfort in knowing that some things not only can NEVER be taken from a person but that they will eventually make manifest in the physical again once that evil has been pushed to the side. we are not done with this war between good and evil, but we will prevail. I will prevail. and one person who lives in truth will cancel out THOUSANDS who do not. as I end this horrendously trying period of my life — a period which I would never repeat for any promise or offer — I am grateful to people like Yify who have appeared in my life throughout my work with HE®. at the end of the day, when everything burns to the ground and when we have been disappointed and abandoned by the “world” and people whom we thought would never turn on themSELVES, what is REAL/GOOD/TRUE remains. no matter what.

thank you for sharing energy with me, and thank you for this video, Yify!

Yify's Testimonial for Healing Elaine

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