New York City and Los Angeles are Vortexes and people are leaving them

there are different kinds of vortexes, right? there is the kind that the popular speakers “Abraham Hicks” speak about — the kind that YOU seek; and then there is another kind — the kind that seeks YOU. I speak of the latter with regard to why people are currently leaving New York City and Los Angeles.

when I was a teenager, still in high school, I lived an hour outside of Manhattan and one of my favorite past-times was day-tripping (sorry, no drugs for me) into Soho and shopping. or, night-tripping (sorry, still no drugs — but plenty of alcohol) in to a hot nightclub dressed in a white plastic skirt, knee-high boots and an electric blue top…something straight out of an alien sci-fi meme – but make it 90s. the connection that I had to NYC at that time in my life, felt profound. as someone who certainly subscribes to past lives and the feelings associated with what happens viscerally for me when I re-visit a geographic place that “I have already been to” decades prior to this incarnation, I can only say that this current life of mine wasn’t my first time at the NYC rodeo. with regard to NYC, I was overcome by the openness, the blend of many cultures (I was usually the only or one of a few US-born persons in my friend groups in both later high school and college and beyond — in fact I was nicknamed “The UN”), and the possibility that I felt as a result of all of that. I was also very connected to its art and innovation. art and innovation are available to us when there is no overpowering suppression. resistance. force. art and innovation and JOY are available to us when we simply…ARE. when we are allowed to BE. NYC, to me, represented that. BEING. and I’m sure, many others felt the same.

somehow, I went to Boston for College. quite frankly, I didn’t want to go anywhere for college. I was told that I had to, and I not only accepted that but felt grateful for it as it was impressed upon me that many people did not have such an opportunity! like my grandfather who “grew up eating potatoes every night” and had to become “the man of the house” at age 12. so, to Boston I went. I wouldn’t change a thing, but it wasn’t NYC. I made incredible friends in Boston, and I did in fact find “The UN” — most nights out were spent at clubs known exclusively to my friends from the Middle East or South America. does anyone remember a nightclub called M-80? Wednesday nights? nothing could replicate that, and particularly now thanks to God-awful social media, it will never happen again. at any rate, while I found many of the nuances in Boston that I appreciated about NYC, nothing could compare. at the end of the day, and after many hop-skip-jumps through a few other cities after college, I once again landed in NYC as my home base. this was also during a time that Harlem wasn’t what it is now. I moved straight to Harlem, into a make-shift bedroom that was really a closet (hence, with no closet) and my tiny cat. my bedroom was right outside of the bus station and above a liquor store, and it was music to my EARS! I didn’t even use ear plugs back then. I was finally, after about a decade since first falling in love with NYC, where I belonged. sure, I didn’t make it downtown or to the “cool” neighborhood that I wanted to live in, but this was just as good… I made “friends” with some of the pushers outside of the liquor store, sometimes gifting them little bottles of niceties, in non-verbal exchange for the fact that they “looked out” for me on my late-night walks home from the subway into my apartment. I felt safe, un-judged, and part of the community that NYC had always been for me. for me, NYC was the place that one went to make ANYTHING happen — anything. and I knew that my dreams weren’t normal. yes, I wanted to act, and yes I wanted to learn about corporate and launch a self-help business. where else could I do ALL of those things? — and the many odd jobs that were required of me to support myself in the interim — and not be looked at like a weirdo? nowhere. so I did it. I did it all. I didn’t come to NYC to fall in love and have five kids — I knew that sure, that might be a possibility, but it wasn’t my aim in being here. I didn’t come here to party all night. and I didn’t come here to find a core group of friends who wanted to do dinner parties every weekend. I came here for my DREAMS. I came here for the ENERGY. and in 2008, something changed while I was doing all of that.

I was early on in consciously doing some of my energy work on people in 2008, and I was very busy on TV — until the “crash” happened. TV and Film stopped for a number of months. but, something else happened that year, too…social media. I can say with every bone in my body that 2008 was THE LAST year that I had ANY sort of fun, socially, well, in any city…not just NYC. but, specifically NYC since I was living there full-time. so from 2008 on, and though I’d already made the vow years back that I was “done” partying or socializing the way that I used to (which was frequent, paired with hang-overs and some wasted time), that vow was re-enforced and on lock. nothing was fun anymore. in retrospect, this / 2008 feels like my first cue to realizing the vortex I was becoming locked in. from 2008 until now, I put my head down and did my dreams. I did it! all of it. only, a few things were missing (which are only now being revealed to me – hence my craving for a “real life” elsewhere), as is often the case in any hardcore focus or trade-off when we are doing “the impossible”…

NYC is a romantic city. so is Los Angeles. they are romanticized by movies and iconic success stories and social media. I have spent time and worked in both. after 2008, likely due to the massive changes that were happening, I became aware of the INTENSE focus / vortex of both cities as compared to other cities. and yes, I’m talking about YOU, Hoboken or Greenwich or Long Beach. there is nothing — NOTHING — like the actual city itself in any respect. and this is where the vortex comes in.

the vortex is full of romantic offerings in the form of IDEAS more so than experiences. I often ask/ed people, “why do you live in NYC/LA”? the only answer that has ever resonated with me is that “I am here because it offers me something NO OTHER CITY offers me“. for me, it was the offering of fuel and actual supply for my tangible life purposes/; for example — I could work 50-100 hours per week on a TV or Movie set (and be cast for it just 24-hours in advance), go to my coat check or bartending job on a Thursday night or my “day off” from one of my OTHER side hustles, I could meet with a director on a Sunday, I could launch my side gig doing liquor sales on Saturdays in Queens, and I could work on my friends at the East River (near my then-Upper East Side studio which I shared by renting out to random people off Craigslist from all over the world) with my energy work whenever I had free time for that. I could also entertain contract work in corporate again, and even possibly work from home while doing all of the above! for me, NYC has always been about being able to do A LOT, in a short amount of time, and with the most potentials for the best of the best all in one place…because it is so damn overpopulated. which means it is competitive. which means that only the best survive. which means you will get the best service possible or the best clients possible because anything second-best avoids the actual city (vortex). it’s just the way it is. when it came time to really rock and roll with Healing Elaine®, I had dozens of requests per week — I literally could not keep up with them. this scared me, because I was afraid of not being able to get back to people and upsetting them. well, that happened anyhow. and then I realized I was vetting them / had to vet them regardless and so it didn’t matter (see my protocol here), and the ones I was meant to see would find me SOMEHOW. and they sure did! as my format evolved and my fees grew into five and six figures per person (yes), the demand was still the same! now THIS was the vortex that I came here for. THEN, came my censorship…and while that is a whole other entity that I will not discuss in entirety in this share, it is relevant to touch upon to illustrate timing, and the timing of the tipping point in the vortex. my point is, anything that I did prior to a certain point in time was and felt unstoppable in NYC. the flow was constant. but then…THE ELECTION. censorship. resistance. corruption. desperation. control. evil. those energies appeared in most tangible form, all around the same time.

in 2017, August, in conjunction with having my websites stolen by MANIACS after I hired and trusted one individual, big tech’s favorite — Google — rolled out their infamous “algorithms” designed, well, intentionally or not, to DESTROY alternative health as well as political conservatives. and anyone else who worked in any industry that disrupted the system aka monopolies. in August 2017 Google fired its first whistleblower. and effectively went after this person and tried to ruin their life. this person obviously spotted something nefarious going on. across the board. they (and it didn’t stop with Google — it became ALL of big tech, which felt like a body slam to me) were censoring ANYONE who didn’t preach the unofficial, prescribed, mainstream narrative — in any and all industries. I was one of those people and I was being paid very well for it. I never spoke about politics on social media, and I KNEW that I was being targeted for my actual WORK. and targeted I was. my entire flow of traffic stopped nearly overnight. it wasn’t just having my sites stolen and restricted, which they were — it was more. Google saw all of my emails. they created a personal fingerprint for me. they knew who I saw. Big Brother knows all. they were hypervigilant due to Trump winning the election — and of course, 2008 and what happened then factored in MAJORLY to his winning the election. with regard to my censorship, and even in the context of in-tandem general political censorship, everyone’s favorite question, still, is, “but how?” “why?”. don’t worry about that — unless you do what I do, unless you are in the actual ROOM with me and some of the incredible people I have seen, you will not get it. THEY are still trying to get it. yes, this includes people who are literally top in their fields of innovation. yes, I was helping them in ways that most people can not understand. and in a nutshell, I provided them with TRUTH. truth has been the currency of my work. so, this is huge in terms of why I’ve been censored. it ties into politics. it’s all connected, just like the web of life. and there is a war on truth. perhaps my censorship and censorship of the collective in general, timed neatly alongside the 2016 election which was in large part tied to events of 2008, was my second cue to understanding the vortexes of both LA and NYC.

in the fall of 2015, I was in Los Angeles for work. I had just finished a healing session with a lovely actress and I went to dinner with friends. this is when it hit me that I was “done” with LA…I couldn’t believe it. why would I be “done” with LA? but as I sat at dinner, something changed. yes, something had changed in my friendships in LA. but also, it was something else. I looked around and, even though I hadn’t lived there (something always pulled me back from doing that), I felt like “everyone thinks they are in a movie — I have to leave and not come back”. I don’t know why, but I hadn’t felt that way prior. I began to feel a deep, hidden evil, simultaneously intertwined with a romantic, past-life memory of my time between LA and NYC in the 1960s. I SAW who I was, even in real-time as I was there in 2015, in decades past. the pull was intense. and confusing. but also, I recognized that the prior years of actual innovation and history were simply being attempted to be re-lived by EVERYONE in LA. like, everyone. that’s a lot hot air leaving a balloon when nothing new is coming in. an ex-friend of mine who was/is a really regular Jane, moved out there for the excitement. to grift from the essence of Christmases past. a lot of people who are not and will never be the “innovators” did this after a certain period of time of marked creation had passed in that city. they were getting high (literally and figuratively) off of the fumes from decades past, which did at one point provide actual innovation, art and excitement. the energy was being DEVOURED by people who didn’t even authentically connect to it (thanks to social media sending them there by force, versus actual power which is an organic and intuitive pull), and there was virtually no life force left…because no one was creating anymore! they were there to experience IDEAS from the past. what was happening in LA, was the wannabes were drawing meridian line clouds of imitation (again – thank you, in large part, social media) — and with their gross and non-creative drug use — over the past. the dye on the canvas was fading. overused. they were re-experiencing someone’s once-planted creation/essence. over and over and over. and without the actual LIFE FORCE spores there which created the dust essence that was left, there was literally no life left. there was “life” barely hanging onto other people’s memories, that was imitating art. it was not art imitating life. art was dead because of the ectoplasmic focus of the people sent there by the crash of 2008 and social media. and so, the people were dead too…they just didn’t know it. social media REALLY played a role in this. like, I can’t express how badly.

when I returned from my 2015 work in LA and I was back in NYC, I still felt good in NYC. I wasn’t into politics, nor was I paying attention to them. with that said, something INSIDE OF ME changed at the end of 2015. it was the eve of my birthday, I had a session that I will NEVER forget, and an epiphany that I will never be able to un-see. this epiphany was personal in nature and changed the way that I see EVERYTHING. in January 2016 I made a decision that changed the course of my life forever, and I would NEVER go back to where I was before that. following that, around the summer of 2016, I felt a stagnation within me that there are no words for. this is when I first became consciously aware of the fact that I was living real-time in a VORTEX…a vortex of IDEAS. and no matter how much *I* created, there wasn’t enough life force around me to sustain. I began to feel somewhat empty. what was I still doing in NYC? I thought about moving. the only other city that I had ever considered was LA (which I most recently considered again, just a few months ago in 2020), and I was out of other ideas. I lived in Manhattan and I was considering Brooklyn, but I never “fit in” there. it also felt like a movie, similar to LA, like some “idea” that people had of themselves when moving there. it all felt so fake to me. but I had friends there and liked being there, so what was the problem? I wasn’t sure. but I knew it wasn’t real living. I began to feel like I was truly only in NYC for my business with no potential to create anything beyond that…which is not personally sustainable. but 2016 was probably the peak of my Healing Elaine® business strictly in terms of how many people I was seeing. I wasn’t hidden or stifled yet. so, I had no “reason” to leave. I could have literally lived and died in the VORTEX had I not been censored! in 2015 and 2016, the collective change that I felt coming was monumental (which is also why I wrote my eBooklets those years); I also had a HUGE vision when Sanders’ campaign was ruined/stolen, that the ONLY hope was actually Trump winning…because we needed a massive media reform. this vision/feeling/knowing came out of nowhere, and I told a few friends who were die-hard Sanders or that other lady supporters. they were like “OMG do NOT talk like that!! omg Elaine nooooo stoppppp!!!” of course we remained close friends, but I was astounded by their response to my knowing. it was so…emotional. something about it felt really off to me. anyhow I left it alone and sometimes taunted them with it for fun and we all got a kick out of it. of course, no one thought he would win, except for me. the day after the election I had my phone blow up with “how did you know???”. right. as if I could be spot on about personal life details for a patient or client but not this? that’s cognitive dissonance, for you…

so, there we were, in 2016, with a number of cues and clues that were starting to reveal the vortexes…we had the “crash” of 2008, we had social media domination, we had expedited and unprecedented censorship, and we had the election. sounds like a perfect storm for those who resist to start drawing upon those who create. the two energies oppose one another, as one is fear and the other is love. at any rate, the Universe seemed to be bringing to light for me these two vortexes, in both LA and NYC, that I had not been aware of prior to the end of 2015 and into 2016. when my life in NYC finally began to fall apart in 2017, I really had to ask myself…”what am I still doing here?”. unfortunately, or, fortunately, I was crippled by so many astounding outside factors that I was frozen. frozen. I was in the chasm! basically from 2016-2020. I watched myself suffer, get older, and feel and see no way out. other people may relate to this by watching a loved one die physically, or go through a really nasty divorce or public spectacle, or something else that literally you have no control over (I believe that these things are BY DESIGN). I had to watch myself die for three years. and as I did, I began to see the illusions under which I was living with regard to my “favorite cities” and the upheaval that was about to hit BOTH of them. because physics.

when things change — and change ALWAYS looks like upheaval and destruction and this is a GOOD THING but people RESIST IT with every bone in their body!!!! — every piece of society goes with it. not just one thing. this is a divine, Universal change that occurs and it’s just that we haven’t seen it yet / before in our physical lifetimes and so we resist it. but, go back in time…go back to the Renaissance…or somewhere else during marked change. hardly anyone during those times could handle it either! but the all-knowing “creator” (you can call this anything you want, it is simply a power greater than what we can understand) had a hand in all of it. some of us are super sensitive to and aware of that. I am. and I was / am aware of the fact that my two favorite cities began to change MASSIVELY around the strike of 2016. It was dumbfounding to feel what I was feeling back then, and it has been dumbfounding to watch both cities turn to almost literal nothingness for the past four years. the magic, for me at least, left. I’ve had to ask myself whether this was/is strictly a personal experience, or if it was/is happening on the collective as well. of course it was/is happening on the collective. which brings us to current affairs/today.

I began to hate many things about NYC over the last four years. nearly everything seemed to be “wrong”, except, of course, for many of the sacred sessions I held via Healing Elaine®. but where was MY life in all of this? I was distracted by dreams as well as the romanticized IDEAS hence ILLUSIONS that the city held. was everyone else feeling this, too, with regard to their respective location? I “felt” the city quite a bit throughout 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018…and each time I did, I saw the contrast between MOTION and stagnation. motion was basically ANYWHERE ELSE on the map, and stagnation (an energy vortex) was in NYC. it was like a total pole shift. I assumed LA was the same, too, since I literally could not even bring my body to go there again (kinesiology). I was allergic, and actually fearful that I would fall permanently into the sort of void that was suddenly the very essence of the VORTEX I was feeling there. the vortex I am referring to is an energy of robotics…this vortex seeks YOU…people are alive but not really…their bodies are alive but their souls are elsewhere. post 2015 when I would come back to NYC from my travels, I felt a strong pull like I was being SUCKED into a void too, and one that I didn’t know how to leave. that is when I realized that NYC was a drug. power and force were no longer in balance. everyone was about to go through withdrawal. my withdrawal began in 2016 and lasted four years. during a withdrawal, we have to learn many things. things become unmasked. I didn’t understand what the withdrawal was about, because the drug was still in my face, but I was surely being taken off of it. the drug was illusion. illusion often looks like physical activity and motion. illusion is also a vortex.

by the time “corona” “hit”, and we were no longer in MOTION (literally), the reality of the fake, romanticized (via movies and stupid social media) versions of NYC and LA HIT too. everything superficial got stripped away. and we started to see what was really there. how many people do you know who are moving AWAY from both cities? I know a ton. and it was at the beginning of this year, that for the very first time, I said, “I am leaving this city. I will always keep part of my business here, but I am leaving. this is not a life”. I reached a point during which I felt like, I would literally live ANYWHERE else. much of this is pointed to the ILLUSIONS falling away, because we are NOT IN MOTION TO CREATE THEM any longer. same with LA. the two biggest cities of illusion, NYC and LA, could not and can not any longer maintain them. now of course, I am not saying that these are the only two cities “revealing” themselves…what I am making a reference to however is something specific, as it relates to the type of person who moved to and has lived in each city for the same reasons that I laid out early in this share. and the vortex that I speak of, devoured any energy left to create. the vortex devoured it by force versus power…so that we could move into actual power elsewhere. draw new meridian lines. this force has presented in many ways, via the deep evil that comes through human beings.

evil is a collective notion, and it presents through specific individuals/tangible bodies, whether or not everyone can SEE that. read my pre requisite called “People of the Lie” by Scott Peck. at any rate, one might consider the Weinstein and Esptein atrocities as examples of falling empires of ILLUSIONS that existed markedly in both NYC and LA. the dismantling illusions of each of these cities alongside the carriers of ultimate evil also began in 2016 and continue. p.s. we ain’t seen nothing yet! believe that. and as these illusions began crumbling, we were left to see the man behind the curtain. the “ideas” of being happy in such expensive, competitive, showy, and quite frankly fake cities like NYC and LA became obvious…because people were living so differently at this point. it wasn’t always this way. again, when we had actual food — innovation (organic) versus lemmings (force – thanks to social media) who came to FEAST off of the innovation like the basic Betties we see all over social media now — we had sustenance to create more and rebirth and live without the pull of the deep-seated EVIL (innovation provides, evil takes) that became the norm over the last decade or two. sure, there has always been evil. but it has grown to more the norm than the exception in NYC and LA.

we have simply come to the cross in the road in which the light — the innovation — is dying or has totally died in these once coveted cities. it’s natural evolution. and people are setting up shop elsewhere. and it’s fantastic.

there is oil and water separation happening right now, just like physics says, and I love it because I have clarity. NYC is no longer my home. and like synchronicity and divinity would have it, I have naturally gravitated to a place “where REAL people go” (that is actually a quote from one of my friends who is currently leaving LA). to create. to innovate. not to inhale the fumes of someone else’s dreams to the point that there are no fumes left, even for the creator of that energy. the energy has died in certain meridian points on our map, and those who are INCAPABLE of finding or creating this energy will find one another (and blame other people for it!). those who are capable and meant to innovate, are FINDING each other. it’s magic. I have nothing left of my soul and essence to offer this city that has seemed to both offer me everything and yet take everything as of late. what will be left of it, will be like-energies. the ones who are choking New York City and Los Angeles to death as I type. as physics states, two energies must MATCH; or else one must CHANGE, OR LEAVE. I won’t change. I won’t lower my consciousness, and the God-given excitement I feel just being alive and seeing other people live in their best potential. not everyone is made this way, I know. I don’t come from that environment. in fact, I come from the sort of environment I now see myself leaving. good riddance.

being less personal about this whole notion of the vortexes of LA and NYC, ask yourself: how many people do you see leaving each city? are you leaving? are you surprised by the shift in energy? it’s not an accident. it’s physics.

[6.29.20 1:56pm EST stay tuned for some edits. when I write, I channel it out in one fell swoop and do not look over it for a time!]