silent majorities are stronger than you could believe — stop being afraid to speak your TRUTH

let’s face it, we all want to be liked (well, most of us, and certainly to varying degrees). we all want to feel safe and with that comes a choice: fake it and be “liked” and “safe”, or BE REAL and wait a minute or two…until we find our TRIBE.

when we play it safe, and expect “big things” or “luck” or “major improvements” to happen in our lives we are fooling ourselves. playing it safe is a lie. now, I understand and am compassionate to the fear that comes with being a real person…but that is part of LIVING. at times, I still find myself afraid to say — particularly online — “YES! I agree!”. there are many reasons a person may be afraid to admit their truth — and to what degree, too. but what would happen if we all made a concerted effort, every single day, to STOP being a lemming and start being honest with ourselves and the world? I’m not talking full 180 degrees in pivot, but how about 1 degree? what would your world look like? what would the collective world look like? I can assure you one thing: it would look BETTER.

the silent majorities are the folks who say, to themselves, or to a quiet room of trusted confidants, “I don’t agree with 95% of what people are saying and doing right now…and I am afraid to be labeled/”canceled” because I do not…”. do you know how many people — and I must admit, many of them TOTALLY UNEXPECTED — say to me “you’re right. you’re right about everything. I completely agree”…but they can “not” say it or will not say it to anyone else?

the first part of this equation is that at least we are headed somewhere good, actually. the ONLY key thing holding us back in life is FEAR. the other part of this equation is that at some point, the dam WILL break. the group think, driven by the corrupt and totally unconscious “mainstream media” will die. those associated with the lies and deceit and agenda and complete lack of consciousness — and yes this includes big tech — will have their day in spiritual court. we will all remember those who screamed the loudest…they have the most to hide, hence the most to lose. as I wrote about in my eBooklets five years ago at this point, a reckoning of TRUTH is coming and nothing can stop it. so, what does this look like?

it looks like just what we see: a human soap opera parody of “news anchors” and “reporters” and “journalists”, either raised by mobile devices and reality television and completely checked out of reality, or completely brainwashed by their “superiors” who are taking orders from a dark cabal. is everyone just pretending like this isn’t happening? and no, this is beyond politics — although, politics is certainly the CATALYST for the end of this nonsense, as these individuals will do anything / have been instructed to do anything to stop “orange man bad”. do you not ask yourself, at any point, how ODD this is? do you not find it incredibly strange that until 2016, Donald Trump was adored by so many? I certainly do. except I know that it is not strange or odd, I know that this President was simply the TIPPING POINT for all that is not working to reveal itself — and this includes, first and foremost, THE MEDIA. in fact, Trump has been at war with the media since the 80s, if you look back and do your research. in order to do research, though, you would have to skip over the heavily edited and agenda-driven “reporting” and Netflix docu-style propaganda (by the way, where did all that money for the Netflix deal actually come from anyhow?).

there are two events happening at once; one, an emergence of truth, and two, an administration that has been like gasoline to that fire. in between those events, there are people — mainly the ones raised by electronics — bobbing their heads to whatever they think is “cool” or “woke” or “hollywood” or “trendy”…and they are going to crash when they find out what truth actually is. and, it is not their fault. I thankfully missed this generation by just a few years…I wasn’t raised by the internet and I am sovereign — I can go days, weeks, months without it. my younger friends don’t understand when I simply shut my phone off for long periods of time. what I don’t understand is, how can you become a real person WITH your phone on all of the time? and the answer is, you can’t. technology has infiltrated the human soul on such a drastic level, and very few people do anything to acknowledge or work with that. they eat bad food, they don’t work out, they don’t meditate, and they stare at their screens all day long…you might as well hand your soul over to satan at this point. because it’s happening anyhow. these folks, of course, span all generations — but most susceptible to the life of a lie are people born post 1984. just like the book. they are unable to think critically, and to acknowledge the different themes and events occurring because they have fully merged — mind, body and spirit — with their electronic devices…which are programmed by treacherous evils. how can you fight that? you can only withdraw and begin to do the WORK to become an actual person.

for those who are doing the work, who are not on social media full-time, and who have enough of their PERSONAL ENERGY to go INWARD, they are the ones waking up or already AWAKE. they are the folks I hear from saying “you are right” — in relation either to what I write about here, or on my various platforms. and they aren’t saying what they think in a public fashion — because they are afraid. they are afraid of the walking zombies parroting anything that they see on the telly that LOOKS like it matches their life — superficially, of course. it’s all about appearance, right? right. the walking zombies do not think for themselves, but they BELIEVE that they do…because that is what the AI that has taken over them says. they are one with the demonic system that seeks to divide and conquer, and they do not even know it. I see it all day. and I see it happen to otherwise good people. they are just asleep good people. this sickness, driven by the power of electronic frequency and AI, supersedes education, intelligence, knowledge, and experience — because after all, their primary experience has been with a device that has taken over them completely. this, I believe, is our greatest challenge in beginning to understand who we are and who we are NOT. and with 100% censorship — DESPERATE censorship, I might add — and deep state puppets willing to do all of the bidding (mostly because they have been overtaken by AI themselves) for this great evil that is upon us, we are in quite the tug of war. the tug of war is for our actual SOULS so that we can see and hear truth, and bypass the sick agenda that is being imposed upon us by a very small group of people.

if you are seeing through this — and congratulations if you are, particularly if you are in your 20s — it is my hope that each day, you become less afraid to say what you truly believe. the force and evil that I describe above is TEMPORARY. it will not last. the entire foundation of my Healing Elaine® work PROVES this and is based upon it. the principle that truth and love are stronger than anything else remains. all that is not truth or love is falling away and will fall away. one voice of truth is worth thousands of voices of lies. do you understand this? if not, go back through my eBooklets and pre requisite books again. take it in. everything that is not true is fleeting. and this includes the fake news media, the false flag events, the propaganda, and all else. your voice, each time you use it, even in a small way, cancels out so much darkness. if only you had the courage…

let’s talk about courage. ask yourself, “what do I have to lose”? and then negotiate with that. what are you willing to “lose”? because you can not lose something that was never yours, or was never real. are you afraid of losing friendships? relationships? I can ASSURE you that I have people in my life, who do not think like me — and they are not bad people, they are people living in their greatest truth and God has a plan for us to get to our truths differently and in different ways — and they do not cancel me and vice versa. this is called a PERSONAL truth, which NEVER judges. personal truths say “hey, I think you’re totally wrong, and I totally love you”. fake truths say “you’re canceled”, like a little baby kicking and screaming because it can not get its way. so, what is it? what do you think you are losing? depending upon how slowly or how quickly you ease yourself into saying your truth, you may be worried about your safety in the world. as you have read in my blog here as well as on my other platforms, various forces have tried to take me out in the past. they lost. and I haven’t even begun to bury them in the casket that they prepared for themselves. I will get to them later. what are you willing to risk “losing”? for all suffering is temporary. what we are willing to risk is relative to what our personal life looks like, and what kind of support structures we have or do not have.

my suggestion is to start small, but start — holding in your truth, in opposition to an INSANE army of intangible evil, is not good for your health. in addition, leaking your truth at a pace that is comfortable for you gives OTHERS the same permission. since I have shared mine, I suddenly see dozens of formerly quiet people “coming out” with the same truth! either they were awakened by something that I said/wrote (this is valuable — just because someone didn’t agree with you before, doesn’t mean it will remain that way! truth is stronger than ANY lie and it will awaken others just by you living in it and taking small steps to share it), OR, they felt the same way but didn’t feel that they had permission to say the same until I did. in any case, I have seen this phenomenon over and over and over since this Spring when I put down even more of my personal armour and let it (the truth) rip. after all, I had everything taken from me. everything. what else could I lose? I entered the land of no cares given, and this is the most powerful land to enter.

the holy grail is for those who are true to themselves. it is never too late to be such. and the truth I am talking about is not the socially promoted, “cool” truth, for real truth is NEVER that. real truth is the hardest thing in the world to extract, because we live chronically in opposition to truth by nature. it is the law of spiritual polarity. [side note — I have found a number of people re-phrasing my words and concepts on their sites, social media and podcasts…if you are going to rip off my work and try to pass it off as your own (and people notice, by the way), use the right words. the phrases I come up with like “consciousness split” and “law of spiritual polarity” I have truly never heard anywhere else. I’m not saying 100 it does not exist anywhere else, but I am not parroting someone else. so don’t do it with me because it’s not only damaging to actual truth but it confuses people who are actually trying to learn. the best thing that you can do is use YOUR words and terminology, in YOUR language and understanding. using big words or phrases when you don’t know what they mean won’t bring you an audience, it will dilute YOUR message and I’m sure you have one. you can’t successfully mimic another person’s existence]. so in finding truth, typically it feels SCARY. not popular. not bandwagon. it is more like a silent movement. this is why it is the silent majority…because the truth is such an act of revolution that simple minds can’t handle it. it’s like when they hunted and burned witches back in the day. same idea. if you and your friends are all thinking alike, then likely none of you is thinking in the first place.

I am excited for the vast DIVERSITY of the silent majority that I see and hear from. you are all so different. as it should be. it contradicts everything that the fake, popular “movements” orchestrated, once again, by the darkest cabal known to man (and passed off as being “organic”) suggest. everything that is “mainstream” is what it says it hates. the irony is actually so disgusting to me that I can’t even laugh. and the cause? the cause is not a person. or a group of people. or even tech itself…it is EVIL. we are at war with evil. period. evil makes its way into living bodied beings/humans. read my entire blog again. and my suggested books. if you are close to being awake, all of this will make sense. by the way, there should be no ego involved in being awake or asleep…we are simply containers of flesh housing many different energies and entities — good and bad. and a LOT goes into that composition! I have always known this, which is why I worked the way that I did with my personal healing sessions…it was my mandate that I knew NOTHING about a person before seeing them. I even know, that my ego exists because I am in a physical shell hence I am human — and I wanted NONE of it. and go and look at my base — you will never find another base as diverse as mine. ever. and why? because I worked BLIND. I have spent my entire life trying to understand love and evil and how those energies manifest in a single living being…hence my success with HE®. we could all stand to learn this.

take one small step today — what is it? take one small step tomorrow — what is it? it can be anything. maybe it is following a new account online that you were afraid to follow because of what your “friends” would think. maybe it is stating a truth aloud that you have never stated before. maybe it is saying kindly to a family member that you have another opinion, but that you respect theirs. you don’t have to fight — ever. in fact, fighting is a trap. I don’t debate. I would never have gotten as far as I have gotten with my work and all else in life if I opened myself to debates along these lines. it’s like debating with an addict while they are high. it will never go anywhere. so don’t bother. focus on what you can ADD, not subtract…and just see what happens. go be brave. we are all waiting for you. to say your truth. the kind that is hard and scary for you to say. the right people accept your truth even if they do not agree. the mobs that try to cancel you — they live a lie. congratulations if you have been one of the silent majorities. you are on your way. you will already have a much easier time in the life that awaits all of us. don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.