we have officially reached The Consciousness Split™ in real-time

my writing feels rusty as I begin to type. maybe it’s not my writing. maybe it’s the fact that I have been inwardly focused and just not written in a while. maybe it’s the title of this article….

once upon a time someone asked me how I got through my early life. they knew many of the details and wanted to understand why and how I didn’t completely mentally break. I don’t have all of the answers to that question, other than the fact that I have an incredibly strong sense of self, and the fact that I always felt such a strong sense of purpose that lead me not WANTING but rather NEEDING to stay alive. so, the person asking me that question made an astute point, they said “so, you always had the future”. hmph. yep, I guess that is how I got through. it’s still how I get through. and this leads me to all of the important points in time, the many dreams I feel I’ve chased and made come true for myself and others, and the current moment.

a knowing so strong began in me as a tiny child. I was decimated over it and coveted over it. when I was little and would cry myself to sleep (many nights per week on the regular), I would also ask God to “let me live, just long enough to live my purpose”…whatever that was. I would bargain with God. I would say, “ok, just let me turn 7 and I promise you that I will live my purpose as you have designed it”. it has stayed this way until present. even when there were many times during which I did not want to live, I would still ask to JUST make it to the next phase. as my life was shattered and obliterated over the last few years, and there was NO ONE to rescue me from the carnage, I still asked God for the same thing. even when I wanted to evaporate, which was many nights. had I not had the training as a small child to deal with knowing 1) how evil works and yes, that it does indeed exist and 2) bartering for just a bit more time…just long enough to live in my purpose, maybe I would have thrown in the towel during the last few years. I don’t mean suicide, either. I mean, take the easy way out. not live what I know to be my purpose. for me, that means something different than it means for you or the next person. we each have different paths. but I know mine clearly, and any of you reading this who have worked with me may know it too. those of you who have not met me, but only read my work, may or may not know it.

over four years ago, I made a pivotal decision that changed my entire life. before I made it, I prayed on it. heavily. I asked God, not for me to hear the answer about what was best for me, but what was best for EVERYONE involved. I can weather any request from God. the decision that I was making, however, was for my personal health and well-being, one way or another. it is not a decision I ever imagined myself making. and as I was making it, I was aware of the fact that it would put a schism in my consciousness hence reality. and it sure did. one night, after a week of praying (as I was so worried about being selfish — when in fact, I needed to learn pertinent healthy selfishness and still do), I had a lucid dream experience that I will never, ever forget. the details in this dream left me confused, because it was a reality that I had not seen for myself before. in theory of FEELING, it is a reality that I FELT for my future and purpose and being ever since I was a little girl. so, whilst the FEELING and essence resonated, the details were surprising. this one decision, which is the biggest and best one that I have ever made, impacted my consciousness and literally changed my reality. I would note that reality burning to the ground for the next four years.

when I say my reality burned to the ground, it was just that I had stepped into the path of my highest being. when one does this, EVERYTHING around them changes. I’ve done this many times logistically or tangibly, but never psychologically in the way that I did it over four years ago. when I did this, all of the best laid plans both took off, AND failed at the same time. I call it the 11. when you have parallel alignment, everything that works REALLY works. everything that DOESN’T work REALLY DOESN’T work anymore. this is also what I refer to as a mini-schism in consciousness hence reality. making these decisions, tangibly logistically but most importantly psychologically changes EVERYTHING. and we see TRUTH. truth is ONLY discovered through taking risks that shatter or otherwise dismantle the “way” that we believe we are to function in this world.

when I began my work (and please don’t refer to it as reiki — when I began, I just did not know what else to call it. I started this work long before I even know what “reiki” meant. no, I do not believe people can heal via “reiki”. for ANY modality without TRUTH is nothing. people heal via truth and truth only. if you don’t know what this means, then go take a big scary risk in your life without the support of family, friends, finances and so forth. you’ll find out), I saw a number of actual spiritual deaths occur within others, to the point that when we were finished with our work this person FORGOT many of the things that used to ail them. now, you can call this a walk-in energy (over-used term, trendy, and since I won’t be explaining what that is here I don’t want to use it in this context), a near-death experience, or something else — in any event, a new truth hence a new consciousness hence a new reality was birthed. again, this happened via TRUTH.

what I went through the past few years was not just for me. one snarky person said to me when I was in the middle of it “so, what did you learn from this?” as they were implying that if I were so attuned, I wouldn’t have gone through it. NOPE. in fact, the opposite. what I went through, I will tell you with EVERY bone in my body, was for the collective. no, I do not think I am God. we are all God, first of all. second of all, as I write about in other articles such as this one that encompasses three of my dark nights of the soul (another amazing concept that has become totally annoying because people who have no idea what it means are trying to rip it off and make it trendy), we each have a different path. I do believe that there is no one path that is more important than the next. none. I also believe that we simply tangibly SEE certain paths of people, some of them are public figures and some are not, because that is how God designed it. it doesn’t make me or anyone else more significant and if you think that is the nature of this post then move to another page. what I went through, like each of our paths, affects all of us…and I believe in my case in a remains-to-be-seen tangibly visible way. I don’t have to go into that now, you’ll see it play out. but my point is, I now know what the horror of the last few years was for. and it WASN’T FOR ME TO SIT AND BE QUIET ABOUT.

since 2008, when I started doing this work more and more (I still did not really know what “reiki” was, by the way — I’d heard the term since 2002 but didn’t connect to it), I began journaling about the consciousness split™ that was taking place incrementally. it was something I would discuss in every session, as well. my entire life I’ve been on a quest for the truth, in part because I was exposed to its opposite for the formative years of my life. living in it as a being, got me in trouble. so as I got older and found ways to escape the chains that bound me, all I wanted to know was truth. not even personal truth, as I had always felt easily connected to that…but collective truth. I wanted to know when others would connect to THEIR personal truth and how that would shift the collective. I saw it in spurts, when big events would happen. like the crash in 2008 (ironically, that was one of my best years career wise — same as what is about to happen now in 2020), the election of 2008 (I didn’t vote that year — I never really resonated with politics or understood them before …but that’s another article altogether!!!), and the birth of our loved/hated social media. I must say, that in 2008 as social media really birthed, a part of humanity died. I saw and felt it die. this was our initial race to one of the finish lines of a consciousness split.

I knew that if human beings were more on their phones than with other human beings, and that as tech replaced human interaction, we were going to see a VERY oil and water separation in consciousness. now, it’s not such a big deal in theory, because all that we ever are and were rises at exact pivot points in history; I do not feel a responsibility to “wake people up” etc — those who have the potential to do so, do so…I write simply to help those people navigate their journey with more clarity. someone who has no ability to see truth will either be allergic to my material or not even find it. that’s the beauty of my former HE model — I worked blind. I mandated that I know NOTHING about someone prior to meeting them. this is the ULTIMATE measure of soul connectivity. I’ve never needed to “see” someone to know what was what! as I say, the eyes lie ALL DAY…but the third eye never lies. most people don’t know what this means as they use their human eyes all day without even knowing it. in 2008 I became fascinated with watching consciousness manifest in real-time spurts. but I also knew that we were building to a CRESCENDO point in which it would most definitively split. I had no idea what that crescendo would look like or be. and here we are, in 2020.

in 2016, the personal decision that I made in my life affected the way that I saw EVERYTHING. and for the first time in my life, I also became deeply interested in who was running our planet, how and why. my work has led me to every corner of the planet in terms of cultural background, language, occupation, title, and so on. I have seen and heard things that I will never repeat, and that would make your head spin. because you are not me. we do not share the exact same purpose, nor the same responsibility of consciousness. and people are only capable of believing what feels safest for them anyway. I have done my best over the years to hold back from saying certain things on my social media accounts, mostly because I don’t want to rob someone’s free will. when you do that, and you tell someone something that they are not ready to hear, then it takes them twice as much time and effort to arrive at that truth had you not interfered. I’ve made this mistake in my teens and 20s, particularly in close relationships, and I’ve seen the incredible resistance that people had…only to trip and fall and stumble and break and literally learn it the hardest way a decade or two later. I had to learn what I was allowed to say and not say, in order to have the successful healing practice that I built. in 2016, many things moved much faster for me; I published a bunch of eBooklets, I interviewed with Forbes in December, and I made a ton of hires that year. the decision that I reference making around January of 2016 really put a schism in my reality. suddenly everything that worked really worked. everything that didn’t, didn’t…and the courage that I had to become who I had the potential to be changed EVERYTHING for me. my entire reality changed and I entered a brand new one due to the risk I was willing to take around my consciousness (that only comes from willingness to see truth).

since 2008 I had marked and journaled about what I felt was this continued separation in consciousness. many “spiritual” teachers talked about it, too. I finally felt that I wasn’t alone in feeling something that I had connected to my entire life. every day, week and month, I felt the collective energy and where “we” were all at. 2012 was the last year that I spent in any sort of denial about the way things really work. and, that was the year that my practice Healing Elaine® really took off. everything about it was divine, from my protocol to the sessions themselves and my strengthened trust in my own intuition. I saw so clearly, how half of humanity was rapidly waking up and the other half was going to sleep. I saw clearly, the intrinsic ability of someone to awaken to truth, and I also saw clearly those who were actually made to NOT live in truth. THIS IS CALLED CONTRAST. and it DOESN’T have a face. it doesn’t have a physical appearance. it doesn’t have an occupation. or a gender. it doesn’t hail from a specific religion or socioeconomic background or country. IT IS A SOUL fabric. it is an ARCHETYPE. this is the gift that helped me “heal people” in my practice. and for the record, yes I put that in quotes because people only heal from their own truth — my ability is and was to spot someone’s ability to wake up. those folks were drawn to me like bees to honey. no one books a five-figure session with a stranger over the phone within moments of talking because they believe someone else can fix them (well, if they do, they have much bigger problems…I’ve thankfully mostly avoided that, too…and my protocol did EVERYTHING it could to avoid that ever being the case). people were booking with me because they were connected to TRUTH. not some myth that “energy healing” could change their life. they had read my articles and felt an undeniable connection to them…to truth. and each and every time I had a session with someone, or called someone back, my understanding of the imminent consciousness split became more refined.

leading up to this moment in time, which I refer to as “we have officially reached the consciousness split™ in real-time“, we have been given ample opportunity to live in truth and to SEE truth (this requires great courage). as we now have tangible, evil, and, to a GREAT many, obvious events being served our way to test us. we are at the grand finale. leading up to this moment in time, we were tested personally and collectively. the way I see it, and the only way I have seen it to be, is we can only see truth when we are honest about our personal lives. an example of this would be seeing CLEARLY the truth and lack thereof within our own family dynamics. those who are not able to see this, will always project their unhealed, unacknowledged and denied trauma or individual evil upon the EASIEST mark (ever heard the phrase “Orange Man Bad”?). fortunately (add sarcasm), we have a COMPLETELY corrupt and evil mainstream media to do this for us, by providing these marks. again, this is the greatest test of the ego: deal with your own bullshit, or project it upon an easy mark. easy marks are edited, cultivated, manipulated and then delivered to the masses via the little devices we are obsessed with all day. they literally program minds to divert and distract and re-script. and then, they ask you to take ALL of the things that do not work in YOUR life, and assign them to subjects that they have already designed for you to hate. the entire time, you think you are sovereign in your choices. NOT! you have been persuaded, brainwashed and steered, and your personal righteousness is too mighty to accept for even a moment that this is not the case. I’ve seen it all around me my entire life, but this current moment in time is the absolute peak. we are at the point of no return. we are witnessing human ego at its finest.

most of those whom have not had difficult lives (witnessed much evil), and who are intrinsically inflexible / strong-willed, are perhaps at the greatest disadvantage of all — they will likely buy, hook line and sinker, what the media delivers. it’s not their fault. they do not have the experience, reasoning, critical thinking or even remote potential consciousness to consider that evil not only exists in this world, but has run it for eons. I say they are potentially at the greatest “disadvantage” because of the contrast involved in their life experience versus the evil in play at the “top”. this is similar in concept to how minds are fractured in Hollywood with the rumored MK Ultra (or any sudden and extreme abuse/reality that doesn’t make sense, but is indeed occurring, and so the mind must fragment/disassociate). there is a deep, fracturing psychological process. those whom have had hard lives, and are in complete denial about who the perpetrators in their life are or were because they keep lying to themselves, are next in line in terms of being at a disadvantage at this time – for this karma was their divine will and gift to use to wake up. those whom have had difficult lives AND are no longer in denial (denial is a natural, necessary psychological shield of protection as a child! it must occur to survive hard times!), are at the greatest advantage. those whom have not had hard lives but whom live in strong personal integrity and courage (courage is only conjured by willingness to see truth — hence, willingness to see actual evil and not pretend otherwise) are at the next great advantage. figure out what category you fall into, and go from there. there is no “right” or “wrong”, and the only context that I see that entering is when someone HAS the actual tools or pieces of consciousness, and deflects or projects because they simply don’t want to do the work that truth hence courage requires. I believe that all things are relative between the concepts of awareness and karma.

as I observe the insanity that I see all around me — otherwise “intelligent” people who have completely given themselves over to group think, and who consider themselves “woke — I see a bunch of people lined up for really hard times psychologically. first of all, this time is not easy for any of us. none of us (WELL, let me please make a distinctive exception: evil people are LOVING this time). it is, however, particularly not easy for those who don’t get it. when I say “get it”, I’m not talking about the media narrative being pushed upon us at this time. just in time for the election! like clockwork. when I say “get it”, I’m talking about doing ANY critical thinking whatsoever that is not contingent upon IDENTITY. identity is ego. being is truth. since so many people have been raised by their phones and computers, they struggle to know what is what. it’s the ultimate disease. seeing this, breaks my heart. there are no amount of facts I can present, no amount of truths that I can share, to change the inevitable. and I get this. I have seen it in my work in many different ways, and I know how people wake up or do not wake up. it’s all on God’s time. I don’t feel any particular responsibility, other than to myself to live MY LIFE and my purpose. but it doesn’t mean I am unphased. what I see right now is the train crashing. and I see a lot of good people who are simply brainwashed, and will therefore crash in train two, in the face of truth that is coming. if you don’t know what I refer to, go do some research. if you do know what I refer you, you are in train one. the one that is not crashing. these two trains represent the schism in consciousness. after each train makes and doesn’t make it to its destination, there is another step in the distillation of truth and consciousness. those in train one are ok. they will not face the kind of resistance as those in train two, because they have not set themselves up for resistance. the distillation in train two will separate ONE MORE TIME, at the culmination of the “final” event in this next while, as people discover where they have landed. some in train two will enjoy the crash and regress into their addictive habits and indoctrination of evil out of personal weakness. others in train two will have to piece themselves back together and it will be THEIR VERY FIRST TRUE AWAKENING EVER.

many people talk about awakening and have NO IDEA what that even is. they are about to find out.

when I began learning things that, at the time I had a really hard time accepting — truths about the world, certain events, people and so on that the average person will NEVER hear — I struggled with the burden of feeling like I was the only one who was aware. the isolation of it was tremendous. at times it still is. I would have lucid dreams, showing me future events and actual public individuals that actually came and will come to pass in the tangible — the tangible is always the bridge/test between consciousness and lack of consciousness. it resides in the 3rd dimension, unlike consciousness. the overwhelming sense of “why me” would come through and I would awaken to a panic in the middle of the night. these weren’t dreams. this was consciousness, being processed by my mind in a “safe” way — our dream states are the safest “places” to process things like trauma, repressed emotions, etc. and then, they may also become a place in which we see hard truths…as we do not resist them in that state. I spoke about, many times, in therapy the burden of knowing things before they would happen, or knowing things in general that I felt no human should have to know or see. I would feel alone, even with a smart therapist, because I was always leading them in a sense. they were more fascinated by our conversations than able to help. at some point, I surrendered to the fact that I might be “the only one” who knew certain things or truths and that I would have to simply deal with that. and, after all, I did understand and do understand that the average human is not supposed to know or accept the level of evil that exists on this planet. it’s just not natural. and, it’s shocking. but it is not to deny that fact that it very much exists.

I understand that this article may be a reach for some; and if it sounds like I’m judging, I’M NOT — your interpretation of that comes from your own uncertainty. and to those who resonate with this article, even if it doesn’t make full sense, this share here is for you.

everything that we are seeing in the media right now is by design; when people ask me “why would they go to all of this trouble to do this to us?” — I say, therein LIES the answer to your question. if they are working this hard to lie to you and control you, imagine what is underneath that. the people whom they attack, hold the most truth. do you think I was censored for “no reason”? you have no IDEA whom I have worked with and how that factors in here. no idea at all. I’m not a bubble gum healer, in case you did not realize this. and others like me, who are also not perfect and who may even seem REALLY imperfect in the press, also know truth and bring it. what you see as up, is down; what you see as down, is up. you are in Alice In Wonderland and probably do not even know it. I am still, personally, contending with that reality, too.

our entire world has been built on lies. the people who have run our PLANET, have done unthinkable things as their control grew and they needed to out-match their last highs. things like child trafficking — and worse — rings are real. they are often the foundation of energy for sick and evil people who have had the strings of the world at their finger tips. if you are not evil, this is a hard concept to digest. can we all finally admit that the Epstein scandal provides some context for what I am saying here? if you can accept THAT truth (and you do, because it’s on Netflix, lol), then go a little bit further…who did he associate with? who is in the unsealed documents? what did the “authorities” uncover at his mansion that was a gift from the CEO of Victoria’s Secret? that’s right — Epstein was not an anomaly. I’ll leave that there and hopefully you can start to piece the rest together on your own.

what has been hidden is being revealed. as it becomes revealed, the dark and evil hands that have gripped our reality are oily and have lost grasp…and so they are pulling out EVERY stop to attempt to cover their truth (still remaining to be seen on a collective level) with causes, injustices, dis-eases, and so forth. they are desperate. for more context on this read my article here about the last grip of evil

everything that is oil, will be oil; and everything that is water, will be water. at the end of the day, we are everything that we always were…but if we are supposed to be on train one and instead we are on train two, life is going to be really hard. those are the people I’ve observed as of late and I’ve really had a hard time seeing on that train. if I am to fully detach from my human emotion around it, it really is a fascinating phenomenon. one that I have been fascinated with since my own pivotal mark in 2008 when I made a big decision to choose the best life for myself and my divine purpose — versus a life that would be considered acceptable by my peers and “society”. every time we make these choices, we see more truth…and the rewards of knowing/perspective come in with great peace, but also the burden of…knowing. its a delicate balance.

as my life changes again now, big-time, I only look forward to reflecting on and healing from the past few years in particular as I execute really exciting projects that actually cater to the public. up until now, I have only had so much energy to focus on public work, as working in the dynamic that I was provided me NOTHING else energetically. a lot of people feel my next steps right now, and they are reaching out because they unconsciously feel that my energy is moving into a new container. this container is different from how I’ve been or how I’ve allowed my energy to be accessed/not accessed over this past decade or so. and it’s really exciting! it’s a creative energy, and I feel synergized with new people whom I have never even met/in person. my focus has expanded. and I’ve barely scratched the surface.

to stay up to date on my next moves, you may subscribe to my new platform at healingelaine.locals.com … I am also refining my website as I’ve FINALLY found someone both knowledgeable and trustworthy enough to handle many things including changes to my media. as of now, my not-so-daily show, The Healing Elaine® Show, will debut on my locals platform. my book club happens multiple times a month, and it’s much more than a book club. in expanding myself, I realize how small and narrow I’ve kept my work up until this point (regardless of the INSANE and lawless censorship thrust upon me). I kept things small and narrow because my field literally could not handle being accessed by or accessing many fields at once, due to the nature of my work. those whom have worked with me understand this EXACTLY. those whom have not may consider this (and perhaps much of my post here!) a foreign language. either way is fine.

my biggest takeaway from the last few years has been my own knowing and direction by a strong, Universal being (some might call this God). it has only been strengthened by my adversity and great challenges. inclusive in that takeaway is the absolute concrete knowing that my experiences reflect the collective…and once I process all of the nuanced details around that fact, I will have much to share with the world in a new and meaningful way. to make a long story short, “everything happens for a reason” is really the simpleton way of explaining my takeaway. during my darkest hours, I could not find the reason. and, I have ALWAYS been able to find the reason, even if just a sliver of it, in my darkest hours. this last time, I nearly lost faith entirely. there must have been a fraction of a 1% battery running, though. as the divine order of my experience and what humanity is now facing as a collective fits together like a crazy puzzle. this is going to take some time to digest. and explain. and present. over these next years.

if you resonate with this article about witnessing the real-time consciousness schism, I will feel you. if we know each other, I can feel you and many others thinking about me. this is why I wrote this article today. I hope it fills in some blanks.

much love to the many sacred relationships that I have cultivated over the years via Healing Elaine®. the best is yet to come.