Healing Elaine® book club

hi All! I have been working on some new projects / my upcoming not-so-daily TV Show, The Healing Elaine® Show, as well as forecasting my Great Awakening TV Series. as I ramp up to releasing my media, with my actual face and voice on camera / audio, I am hosting a book club which currently live-chat-discusses the material covered in my blog. eventually, I will likely live-stream video / chat for book club.

since big tech is dying and I have never felt comfortable investing myself and my community on there in a more personal way, you can find me at my new community hub/platform at: healingelaine.locals.com

locals is a great community platform, founded by the inspiring and Libertarian Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report. he has created what I consider to be a safe haven for digital creators, where, as Dave says, they own all of their own content and make all of their own rules.

at healingelaine.locals.com, I will post book club material and we will discuss. stay tuned to the platform (you must subscribe to become a member), and also feel free to engage on it like you would on any other social media platform (except without the censorship, fear, manipulation and so on).

I hope to see you next week at book club!