why God allows good people to be hurt

if the current, pivotal war between good and evil is not obvious to you right now, you are totally out to lunch.

I’ve written many articles — in fact, the notion IS the basis of my work and my being — about why we are attacked. we are attacked for our light.

when we are attacked for our light, the darkness benefits — TEMPORARILY. light is infinite; darkness is temporary, and is the actual complete absence of light. therefore, light can not fill it — “it”, the spore of whatever matter / person, will ALWAYS return to its intrinsic self. all that has ever been is all that will ever be. time is irrelevant, but as real life human beings we of course experience the 3d construct of time. and that is when/where things feel unthinkably difficult — no matter how much faith we have — when we have been wronged…SEVERELY WRONGED…and we wait for the inevitable: JUSTICE.

Thy Will is always Done. first of all. however, throughout history, history itself has repeated because the resonance of truth was not as fast and flickery as it is now (please read my eBooklet 4 for reference to this concept). as we flicker faster and faster at this time, pulling incredible technology and communicating with other dimensional beings and matter, physics demands that all that is true surface. this is more than God’s will — this is physics. and it is during this time that we have the opportunity, given our position within the galaxy (time and space), to witness actual truth and justice.

with that said, there is a key ingredient necessary to witnessing truth and justice, regardless of time and space. it is the same ingredient that created movements and Renaissances eons ago to present…that ingredient is purity of the human soul.

what would happen if only evil people were screwed over all of the time? well, you can easily guess: they would simply become more evil, commit more evil, and their core would never change. this is nature versus nurture. I do not subscribe, nor has it EVER been my experience, that the nature of a being changes. it may ONLY BE REVEALED. so, whilst bad things do happen to evil people, the more important energy to focus on is the pure of heart…for they have the power to create change and transmute darkness. and this is why God chooses good people to be hurt, betrayed, and wronged.

purity of the human soul, the key ingredient in the possibility of the revelation of truth, requires a few things: bravery, self-sacrifice, and selflessness. since these are natural qualities of otherwise inherently good people, God knows that it is only a matter of time before these pure of heart beings act according to the will of God in order to bring to light that which has been hidden. all that has been hidden will, is, and MUST be revealed.

the irony of evil choosing its victims is the sheer ignorance as to the strength of the energy of good. if good was not powerful, then evil would not have to steal from it. evil knows that if it pokes enough holes into good, that it will be temporarily drained of its God energy supply. what evil fails to recognize, as evil is a true sociopath, is that there is an expiration to each and every evil act. and at present tense, which is MOST exciting, evil is going to learn the hard way — due to the nature of the physics of our current time and space paired with evil’s blindspot.

without choosing the pure of heart and soul, evil would dominate everything always; there would be no contrast. it would simply choose itself over and over and over again — which would really derive such little energy since evil needs pure blood in order to survive. evil survives on chaos, discord, dysfunction, lies, confusion and so on. purity and goodness has a hard time in those environments, but given the task, it will build its reserve over time…until the ripe moment when God allows it to strike back.

the culture of the moment is one of a striking back. I’ve written absolutely countless articles on this theme, and today I felt like writing another one. they all have the same message, but different personalities which connect to different people at different times. what is most fascinating to me about this moment in time, which is not surprising but INDEED fascinating, is how oil and water good versus evil is — which can only lead to one thing…

this can only lead to truth and redemption. another issue that evil has, since it does NOT have the foresight of goodness nor the power of purity, is a narrow view. evil needs “proof” and “logic” and “facts” because it can not and does not rely on its intrinsic core. it can only infer such from articles like this, or pragmatic reality. evil lacks God intuition, so it must attempt to steal such…which never lasts. many people have been overtaken by evil right now — many of them only temporarily, as I discuss in this article.

I have dealt with evil my entire life. as a child, when I would hide and PRAY TO GOD to disappear, I would ask one question: WHY. God never answered me directly, but he told me to “keep walking”…the “keep walking” meant, to me, that I had actual purpose. strong purpose. this message was enough to keep me walking, but also enough for me to continue making the agreement with God that I made at birth. it is the same agreement that many others like me have made, and it just so happens that all of us who have suffered are finding each other right now…how disappointing for evil and all of the human beings that it has infected (some temporarily, others are truly intrinsically made from evil — don’t argue with me, I’ve seen it too many times to count and NO these people can not change).

part of the pledge that I made to myself during this last round of evil, which began in 2017 when my websites were stolen and big tech came after me in many sick ways, was that if I made it out alive (the mental, spiritual, emotional but most of all LOGISTICAL $$$ toll that it took was UNFATHOMABLE) I would win the battle swords waving. I likely will not die from what was done to me, and I will fight on my feet. my sword is the truth that I live with in my heart and soul, my sword is my pen, my sword is the incredible tribe of individuals (clients and friends) who ALSO see and live in truth who are by my side, and my sword is those who have been through the themes that I have been through and WORSE. there are too many of them to count — read alternative news please, to learn the truth before it gets dropped on the rest of the world like an atomic bomb (and it will).

one thing that happens to a good person who is pure of heart when they are wronged or temporarily destroyed, is that each day that they still breathe, they dream of redemption and justice. not a day has passed when I have forgotten the incredible evil that has come my way. this is separate from forgiveness, so don’t argue me on that — you can read about forgiveness here. when I hit my lowest these last three years, and I was alone in my room not being able to focus on ANYTHING except staying healthy and FRANTICALLY trying to save myself from being completely erased from the internet in all ways, I would hear God say to me “this is so that you don’t forget your anger. you are always so forgiving. if you forgive and forget and stay quiet this time, it will help no one”. the funny thing about connecting to anger is, once you do, you are actually less angry!

despite what I write about and how serious I sound most of the time via my articles here, I find myself singing throughout the day and giggling at random joy. this flame of light only temporarily went out during my darkest moments as both a child, and during the last three-ish years. otherwise, knowing my mission and the fact that I will never sell out to fear, I don’t feel overtaken by anger — rather I simply REMEMBER it. and I know what I will do with it.

when evil wrongs someone pure of heart, and it does not immediately get hit back, it had better worry. for the pure of heart is an intelligent being…it knows, that one day, it will knock evil so hard that it will never get up. many of us carry this consciousness with us right now.

I was gifted the book The Art of War by my friend Mo, who owns Scent Elate in NYC, perhaps a decade ago. Mo and I used to have the best talks in midtown Manhattan, before it was overrun and destroyed by absolute evil. we would sit and talk about life outside of his amazing little shop, sometimes have wine, and I would buy meaningful tchotchkes from him. I re-read this little book which was by my nightstand as I was in the darkest winter of my life. I realized that a number of principles in the book came so naturally to me, that I didn’t even need a lesson – and they didn’t come from my mind, they just came from my natural being without having to plan anything. though the book is strategic in nature, I didn’t and don’t personally feel like there is anything strategic about taking out evil — for we are led by God at all times. and yet many find value in the strategies for perhaps combined with their basic nature of goodness in the real world, there is that extra “bang” when evil gets taken out.

this isn’t fairy tale Pollyanna talk — this is happening right now in real-time. I have made my entire HE® living teaching people about this — people whom you would NEVER expect would come to see me for help and counsel. for they, too, have experienced evil because they are pure of heart and have been tested by God.

embodying a core of goodness comes at a price — for if you betray yourself, you betray God on the highest authority. those who do this, actually suffer worse than intrinsically evil people who only repeat what they are/know. most whom are born of goodness know this law, and that they may not violate it or else suffer for the rest of their physical life. it is this law, this knowing, that makes the waiting just a little bit easier and the victory imminent.

if you are a good person and you have been seriously injured by evil, and you are not lying to yourself (psychologically or otherwise — which is a whole different topic, and yes it happens all of the time…go get a good therapist please and good luck with that also), you know that the faith required to endure just a little bit longer is the only thing that will get you to the holy grail in life. and in some lifetimes, a group of people with similar experiences and a very common desire for justice come together like great outliers…this time is now. God has chosen them for this time.