the #1 hallmark of an evil person

I’ve written about this subject A LOT. I even have a pre requisite book that covers many aspects of evil. the fact is, — and if you have awareness you see it playing out in the collective in truly remarkable ways — that evil is a highly understated and covert energy and it lives amongst us like cockroaches in the night.

for other references and in-depth coverage of my analysis of evil and the archetypes of such (it is often co-morbid with dispositions such as narcissism and sociopathy), check out blog category here…for what differentiates evil from archetypes is the simple fact that evil is — by and large — AN ENERGY.

this article is going to be rather short because there is one word that describes the title of it: CONFUSION.

after working with thousands of people at this point, and getting to the SPORE and nature of evil in many different ways by way of investigating endless experiences and manifestations of such, the bottom line associated with evil is always one thing: confusion.

evil survives / thrives because it confuses. that’s it. now, the tricky part here in understanding / spotting / learning about it is that it typically takes LOTS of experience to spot it. for those whom have NEVER had personal familiarity with it (like they weren’t raised by / around evil people), their awareness of it (mainly from a 1:1 perspective) will typically go one way or the other — they absolutely repel it, or are repelled by it. for those whom have ALWAYS known evil (consciously or unconsciously), because they were around it often or from a very young age, they will tend to waiver somewhere in the middle — repeatedly playing out patterns with evil and TRYING TO UNDERSTAND IT…whether they realize what is happening, or not. since evil needs an OPENING, you will need to have a personal injury — big or small — that evil sees as an access point…and it always starts with your mind.

let me save you some time: if you are not evil, you will NEVER fully understand it. as much research as I do, and as much as I have come face-to-face with great evil (often dressed in cute Lily Pulitzer-type clothing), I will likely forever be perplexed and intrigued by it. and with that said, I have learned a WHOLE LOT about it which I am thankfully able to break down for people through my work in ways that never occurred to them — or to anyone else in their life who they went to for help.

we see the world as we are. I, repeatedly, think and assume that everyone has the best of intentions (unless their energetic patterning is SCREAMING at me because they are the replica of a lesson I learned!). as much as I know, I still miss the mark in my personal life because I can not change my lens from good to evil. an evil person, on the other hand, will ALWAYS see the world through their lens: evil. because they always assume (based on painting their qualities onto the outside world — again, evil being frequently co-morbid with narcissism makes things extra complicated) that the world and others are evil (because THEY SEE WHAT THEY ARE), they will always be plotting and planning accordingly. it is important to note, as I’ve said many times over, that evil does not have a specific physical appearance (though it does if you are literally able to see the entities of evil — that is another article and another lesson plan entirely and it requires being FULLY awake).

in short, you will know that you are dealing with an evil person (beating a dead horse alert: you can’t tell from the way that they look on the surface) if you feel confused by them all of the time. evil people are constantly out for control (and blood — typically money, by the way), so the way that they manage this is by repeatedly trying to throw you off guard. they are SO GOOD at this because they woke up like this! do not fall into the trap of trying to analyze or understand it when you are in the mix of it — just get away. and fast.

evil people will change tactics like the wind — and play the victim while doing so. they do it with very simple things, which would seem innocuous to someone not mixed up with them…and there is danger in asking others for advice on your dealings with a potentially/evil person. their skillsets match the likes of the founder of NXIVM, and serial killers who eat dinner with their families (whom they love) after going on a spree. their ability to shape-shift emotional and psychological states while feigning empathy is unparalleled. their ability to feign THEIR confusion is unparalleled. but the simple fact remains that their one and go-to tactic is to confuse you.

for example. you ask them to meet you at 5, and they show up at 6 like nothing happened…simple mistake, right? well, it depends. they may convince you that you said 6. or, they may apologize profusely with some excuse (while playing victim to the “why” — eliciting empathy from you WHILE abusing you — another go-to tactic) to “test” you. if they succeed, you are now an incredible source of energetic supply for them. another example. you ask them to get you an everything bagel on their way to work where you sit near one another because they offered to get you something while at the bagel shop, and they bring you a raisin bagel. “oh, I thought you said raisin!!”, they say. well, you might totally miss the mark and believe them because it is such a simple, small detail…and that is the point. they get their kicks out of controlling your reality and “getting away with it”…and it can be something big OR small.

as I wrote about in a previous article, evil people are CRAZY when it comes to money. they would steal a penny from a baby. but the point I will make here is HOW they will steal money: they will do it by confusing the person they are stealing from. not just lying, but utterly confusing. since they make up their own facts and convince YOU that you came up with them (and the power of evil to do this is amazing), you will be confused to the point in which you begin to believe that they are right. their games of confusion are so matter-of-fact, that you won’t feel the need to dig deep into analysis (initially) when dealing with them. but they will steal from you. any chance they get. and they will get off on it like nothing else.

evil people confuse you in many other ways, too. they use their children as puppets (a classic tactic) and will accuse you of xyz when you end up (by no fault of your own) engaging with their children that they forced upon you in some way. any bait that serves to confuse you is in their repertoire. don’t think for a moment that as they are crying (they ALWAYS PLAY VICTIM – to everything) that they aren’t enjoying what they are doing. they are. they are enjoying the entire show while crying. and that is why they will never stop doing it.

evil people confuse you by triangulating you — WITH EVERYONE. it doesn’t matter whom. they are huge gossips. but their gossip usually seems innocent…until you realize other people are looking at you funny. but since their innocent words didn’t have much weight, no one can really address the elephant in the room. in this way, they feel in control by controlling everyone’s thoughts with seemingly harmless banter. it’s never harmless. there is always a bizarre, bizarre goal in mind: to see everyone trying to figure out what’s going on! sort of like our current collective affairs…(AHEM!!!!).

evil people are obviously very anxious people without their food supply. they are rarely out-of-control addicts, but they are certainly addicts nonetheless. in addition to the frequent “too much wine at night”, they maintain their composure by, you guessed it: CONTROLLING OTHER PEOPLE. when in their presence, you might feel resigned to just “let all of your confusion go: after all, they ARE a good person!” they will do ANYTHING to maintain contact with you, because once they are IN YOUR HEAD they can hide better. bridging a distance with these creatures gives you hindsight…and it’s not something that they like. it’s why they are always buzzing about, finding ways to be in touch with you or those connected to you, with some “reason” for doing so.

the mind of an evil person is one thing: confusing. though I have listed a FEW examples above and in many other articles, every situation involving an evil person is different and complicated. you will never find a rhyme nor reason as to why an evil person does xyz: the only consistency with an evil person is inconsistency. you never know what they are going to do next. BUT…if you have dealt with enough of them, it is possible to not only hold yourself separate from them in all ways BUT ALSO watch them destroy themselves while staying far, far away (after you have resigned to the fact that you are utterly, hopelessly confused). and as I always say: arrogance is the blindspot of evil. they simply think that they are entitled to do whatever they want, when they want, and in any such way (their mask contradicts this, though, and therein lies the problem for you when you are trying to “spot” them). yet, it is in the stepping back and away from them that they ultimately un-do themselves because the only fuel that they have to run on besides YOUR confusion is their arrogance: and that is simply not enough fuel without your light or the light of others. since evil is a black hole, it needs more and more and more and more…this is a problem for evil.

any time you are feeling utterly confused by someone, and you don’t know why, and you are blaming yourself, you are likely dealing with a very evil person. stop communicating with them. stop hearing them out. document everything (because they may act crazy in ways you never expected — because you can not predict the actions of an evil person, but you can predict the fact that you…can’t!). let them roast in the sunlight, as evil always undoes itself if you do not feed it any light. do this by trusting your feeling of confusion.