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a friend and former client of mine had asked me to do a piece on this over the last year. I have written about some of these topics before, but I think what she wanted me to share was a more in-depth version of “how” I maintain myself now. since I will always be transparent about everything, I thought why not. I initially recorded a vlog about it, but I would like to wait for The Healing Elaine® Show to make any recent and official video debuts…and since the title of this article poked at me this morning, here it is — in written form. I will be happy to cover some of this on relative THS episodes, too!

to start, it is important to note that I did not grow up as a teen or early 20s person during the Kardashian era or instagram era. that changes A LOT. it is also important for me to note that I did not TOUCH my face with anything: facial, laser, filler, NADA … until my late 30s! so yes, the notion of cosmetic anything in this sense is very new and recent for me. in fact, I believe that this is one of the reasons that I DO look young and maintain quite well. I also do not have children, yet — perhaps this has also played a role in the latter, I do not know. in any event, growing up with a lack of “selfies” and camera phones and social media to compare and contrast likely served me in multiple ways.

the first way that it served me was that I was never in comparison mode. it was and always has been me against myself…this is something that is derived from strong personal identity and if you don’t have it, then go work on it. you can’t shoot enough stuff into your face or body to feel like you are the best. and, you ARE the best. there is only one you. not feeling like I have to compare myself to anyone else is probably the factor in my energy being what it is. this does not mean that I do not suffer inside — of course I do. but, perhaps my struggles have been so intense that I don’t have the energy to worry about such first-world and superficial matters in a way that could make me feel more/less about myself. if these are first-world issues for you, then maybe consider yourself lucky…because once you get a REAL problem, I promise that you will stop taking yourself for granted — and you will be grateful for all of the things that God has given to you. not being in comparison mode will also prevent you from feeling compelled to go and “fix” or change yourself unless it comes from within YOU — this will save you much needed energy, and it will also come through you visibly…yes, the way that we FEEL shows up on the outside; in photos, and in real life. so, the way that I FEEL about myself INSIDE does show up on the outside. I have witnessed how this works for others, as well.

much of this is energy. don’t worry, I will get to the superficial aspects of this topic, but I want to stress the importance of energy and how it actually changes the way that you look physically. for example; I have dated literally “ugly” people, who society would not look twice at. I’ve actually had people ask me, in the past, “why are you dating this person? they are not on your level”…it did not matter to them that perhaps they had won the Olympics or accomplished some great things in life — rather they were fixed on the external, because that is how THEY lived (it’s how a lot of lost souls live). I have also dated literal runway and magazine cover models…of course, the shallow folks approved of THOSE choices. but in either case, I was attracted to their ENERGY…looks eclipsed my point of attraction. maybe I’m weird. but think of some of your favorite actors or musicians who you are “attracted” to…are you attracted to their “perfect” faces and bodies, or is it something else? are they comfortable in their own skin and is it THAT which is translating so beautifully for you? most likely. in this way, consider the fact that once you are really at peace and loving your ESSENCE, others will see this energy in you, too. it is there if you will connect to it. and yes, you can go and do the other things that I will discuss in this article, but they pair really nicely with being in love with your own essence. that’s a recipe for magic.

back to the part where I did not grow up with social media and the WAVE of fake…everything. I know that they SAY nowadays “the earlier you start with xyz treatment, the better!!”…I disagree. no, I am not a cosmetic doctor or nurse, but I don’t care. I attribute my aesthetic (which is, by the way, the REASON that my friend and former client had been asking me to write about this — she is 20-something and constantly remarks about how I do not look my age/my skin/etc and she wanted me to talk about why/how) to not knowing a LICK about “treatments” until my late 30s. it has literally only been a few years of me experimenting with anything remotely cosmetic. and I will go into that for you.

I’ve had several broken noses in my life and two surgeries on my nose. long story short, I never wanted or intended to change the aesthetic of my nose and especially not my face. but the fact is, when you change ONE thing — my goal was to chisel away overgrown cartilage that had grown around my septum, because I didn’t like how uneven it had become around the bridge of my nose — it DOES change the rest of that one “thing” you are wanting to change. when I had my first surgery, which literally opened up my nasal passages so that I could breathe, it left me with a slightly weaker bridge AND it began to collapse internally on one side again. as a child, I constantly had nasal and sinus infections, and my nose was always running. though addressing this part was not a big focus for me initially (my focus was more so aesthetic — I went from having the nose that I have now, to a boxer’s nose in my teens), it was an important part of both surgeries. the first surgery left me looking virtually the same, except for the fact that I had a less boxer-looking bridge. it looked more like my face. but I didn’t go cosmetic enough — I was still left with cartilage buildup on one side more so than the other, and the bridge began to tilt just a few years later. I went to another ENT specialist (each doctor was an ENT specialist — so, I highly recommend this route over someone who specifically focuses on cosmetics if a structural issue is your concern) who told me that a new bridge needed to be built with my own cartilage. he also noted that in order for my airways to un-obstruct and the bridge to stay strong, that he needed to slightly rotate the tip of my nose upwards. now, the tip of my nose was/is my favorite thing about my nose! I had always had a prominent nose, and I loved that. I didn’t want to look like anyone else and I stressed this point to the surgeon. he let me know that still, the only way to do this properly and structurally was to slightly rotate the tip. he promised that he would not touch the tip besides rotation. this is what I mean when I said that if you do ONE thing (like chiseling busted cartilage and opening airways), it is likely that you will have to do other things to complete the process and this can steer you a little bit away from what you are used to seeing in the mirror. it doesn’t matter to me that people say that I look “better” now…my concerns, aesthetically, were so minor that I didn’t want to look better if it meant looking different, because I really liked me. if this is not you, then disregard and go about your cosmetic business! my point in saying all of this is, that my second surgery did slightly shorten my nose and create more of a gap between my nose and upper lip (which I will get into in a bit) and that was not my desire. however, the surgeon did an INCREDIBLE job both structurally and cosmetically (since you are always going to be impacted cosmetically when you do this) AND my sinuses are…what dreams are made of. no more swollen and blocked sinuses and under-eyes — not in YEARS and not since the second surgery. all in all, it was totally worth it…but just note that if you are not looking to change your appearance, and you like the way you look like I did but you do need a “tiny” adjustment structurally, you will see a change in the mirror. and there is always a trade-off.

the trade-off in my case, and the actual FIRST REASON that I ever considered cosmetic ANYTHING was because of the change that I noticed in my face — the space between the tip of my nose and my upper lip. though I liked what the ENT surgeon did for me, I wasn’t used to seeing extra space between the tip of my nose and upper lip. I actually felt fraudulent! as silly as that sounds. I had always had significant closeness between my beautiful tip and my upper lip and I was ready to investigate how to “close this gap”. some of my younger clients had come to me with faces full of fillers and so forth, and they would share about this during our work. it got me thinking. so, one of them went with me to my ENT surgeon to consult about lip filler! it is important to note, that I also have always loved my lips. I didn’t have reason to consider something like this before, so it was never a thought. but now it was. I went to the same surgeon who restructured my nose the second time and he balanced the top of my lip in a way that made it more “even” and also gave the illusion of it being closer to the tip of my nose. though my pain tolerance was NOT great, and I screamed and panicked through this for the first time, I did like the result. it was subtle. and this was my first cosmetic experience with something that was temporary — meaning our body can dissolve the substance since our body naturally MAKES the substance — and safe, when done correctly. little did I realize, because it just wasn’t on my radar, that much of New York City was doing the same thing and more! since that time, just a few years ago, I’ve gotten drops of “touch ups” of filler around my lips and other places on my face by my beloved surgeon and other experts who are true minimalists from a cosmetic perspective.

for those of you who do not know, filler is a substance that our bodies naturally make anyhow. if you go to the wrong person, it won’t look good. if you get too much, it won’t look good. the people who I have gone to for filler are so conservative with what they are willing to do, that you probably wouldn’t notice a before/after. but, I would. and that is what matters. a gifted cosmetic surgeon (I recommend this instead of nurse practitioners) will talk with you about what you want to “achieve” in this first world of ours, and give you honest feedback. the fact is, most people DO NOT NEED to do the things that they do, and I think that they look worse after they do it. our face is not designed to be symmetrical across the board, nor would it look good/right if it were so. filler is good for parts of your face that have either drastically lost volume, or changed due to a procedure like mine and you want to re-establish your look without surgery. filler can be good for under eye (in tiny, tiny drops) as our eyes can hollow out either as we age or for other reasons that are sometimes temporary. I have tried this (again, in tiny, tiny drops) and to be honest I do not notice a dramatic difference when it has all dissolved after a year and I have none. but, it is enough of a difference for me to like it. like any of us, I can be vain. I have tried drops of filler in different parts of my face at different times, and what is interesting is that each cosmetic surgeon will tell me — after it is dissolved and I am wanting another consultation — not to do anything. what I have done/tried is so minimal, that I believe this is one reason that I maintain a youthful appearance. at any given point over the last few years, I have little to no filler in my face. and when I look back at photos to 10 years ago, the only difference is natural things like…aging…

aging, for me, was actually a welcomed thing because I always had such sharp and pointy features! aging actually softened my look. I began to notice this in my early 30s, when my face finally seemed to “grow into itself”. I had done nothing to it, but it began to get plumper despite my not gaining any weight. I loved it! it’s funny, because it almost went back to how it looked in my late teens or early 20s. in my late 20s my face began to thin or hollow out. and then, it…reversed. aging does interesting things to our appearance at different times, and it isn’t a bad thing. in my case, I felt more at home with how I looked as I entered my 30s. in fact, it was one of my most pleasing times, aesthetically, looking back. then, I had my second nasal surgery and I entered my mid 30s…

it was in my mid 30s that I noticed, for the first time, I was getting mild jowls. I was bewildered (no one tells you what’s going to happen to your face when you get older, and it’s impossible to predict how each one of us will change!). it did not plague me, but I wanted to know if there was something that I could do in order to … change this, lol. I didn’t even consider something cosmetic as a potential. so, I kept doing all of the NATURAL things, which I will list below…

I began hot Bikram style yoga in my late 20s. I believe that this changed my appearance drastically — not just my body, but my face — for the better. our body heals with heat, and the kind of yoga that I was doing heats from the inside out. I could literally feel the cell regeneration happening. on a body level, I feel it “stopped” my aging process and just kept me where I was for a really long time. the only change that I noticed was more cellulite. oh well! unless we are doing muscular workouts, the cellulite will come faster and even with weight training it comes. everyone has it — everyone. but this yoga radically improved my circulation, and it was because of the heat. my face looked better than ever, my eyes looked wider and more open than ever, and I still hadn’t had any cosmetic procedures besides my one nose surgery. I can’t say enough about this yoga. I still do it, just not as often as I have incorporated new / additional movements into my routine. if you can get to hot yoga (90 minute classes) on the regular, I challenge you to witness how it improves your appearance. the key here, though, is to also eat and hydrate like a beast! make sure you are getting double your nutrients. to this day, after a hot yoga class, the clocks reverse about 5-10 years for me. it’g magical. one of the reasons is that it is anti-inflammatory — under eye puffiness, general puffiness in the face, is gone.

back to the jowls that I began seeing. hot yoga really slowed this otherwise seeming overnight process. but it was still happening. by the time that I tried my first filler around the lip area, I asked about the jowls. I was told that the best options were micro-needling or a painful laser that heats up the skin (there are many of these!). I am scared of needles so by the time my late 30s hit, I finally tried a painful laser (I don’t want to say which one, because I don’t want people to go get it and have a bad experience and then blame me for it). for context, one of the famous and beautiful patients of mine at the time told me to do micro-needling and NOT the laser. I went with my gut and did the laser. and, it made a difference! like the hot yoga, it heated up…something, and helped my skin regenerate. I have to be clear again when I say that WHO you go to for this really matters. do not be cheap. do not go to a medspa. you get what you pay for and you can really damage your face if you don’t go to a trusted surgeon. so, the laser was my second experience with anything “cosmetic”! and since my desired “results” were so minimal, thanks to all of the other (natural) WORK I do (which I will get into in a bit, below), this laser was the perfect fit for me. I didn’t need or want something dramatic. if you are looking for that, they suggest facelifts. I’m not there. when I am, I will probably write about it!

it is important to note that, to date, I have still NEVER done botox. like I said, my fear of needles is significant, despite having experimented with drops of filler. I also do not like the way it looks on most people. I just don’t. I am very expressive and emotive in person, as well, and I do not want to hinder that. I think botox makes most people look older — you can’t tell whether they are 25 or 55. it’s not my look, personally. with that said, I have seen people do it for the first time and they look amazing — you want to figure out what works best for you and your physical disposition. it’s important for me to be clear about the fact that I have not done it, because people want to know specifically about what it is that I have done to look fresh. even though I have only ever seen about 3 people for anything cosmetic in my life, each of them has been surprised to hear that I have not done botox. I really just, have not! I am not saying that I never will, either. I just think there are so many things that we can do to look good…most/many of them natural.

the hot yoga thing REALLY probably changed my face and improved any appearance of fine lines, for it is the ultimate purge of toxins and free radicals from the system. people go to weekend sweat lodges when they could…just work out and get the same effect. the problem is, most people are LAZY and they want immediate results without work. this doesn’t work. and it is also when people end up looking OLDER. working out keeps the circulation in our bodies moving properly. what I do for my work outs is 1) movement / traditional yoga / hot onnit — inclusive of light weight lifting and lifting of my own body weight 2) hot yoga / Bikram style yoga 3) LOTS of walking — I still do not own a car! this year, I am going to get back into weight training, separate from/in addition to a hot onnit routine. I also plan to begin martial arts. movement changes the way that we look and feel, from the inside to the outside. find what works for you, but also be willing to incorporate NEW workouts. for years — about 12 — I was ONLY interested in Bikram style yoga. it’s just what it was for me. and yes I feel like it turned back the clocks for me about 10 solid years, but I also began to notice that it was really hard to keep the amount of nutrients and calories in my body in a way that made me look…fluffy and full! — if that makes sense. I ate all kinds of meat until 2012, and I had that “fluffy” look … when I stopped eating meat, AND I was doing hardcore yoga in 108 degree rooms 5-6 times per week, I noticed that I was looking … less fluffy! I don’t know how else to put it. so, adding LOTS of good fats to my diet but also considering supplemental work outs was crucial. and I decided that 5-6 times per week wasn’t making me as fluffy as I liked being.

a quick digression — and this is a personal choice, but I’ll also give you my opinion — I ate meat multiple times a day until 2012. since I never had a weight issue, and I LOVED having curves (still do), it didn’t occur to me that I could be putting really, really bad things into my body. I was also ignorant as to the meat industry and factory farming. a good friend, at the time in 2012, alerted me to the “truth” and didn’t shove it down my throat. I did some research and I couldn’t unsee what I saw and knew. I have not eaten any sentient mammal meat since 2012. I still eat fish (I stopped this for a time, for ethical reasons, but I’m back to eating it) and cage free or as cruelty free eggs as possible. of course, there are MANY issues with the egg industry as well, so it any of this matters to you then do your research! same thing as if you are a person who “has” to eat meat and red meat. there are more human ways of doing things if you do the research, and yes all of it matters not only because of actual ethics, but also because you are putting these things into your body and expecting your body to breathe LIFE. taking death and torture through your body, alongside chemicals and pesticides AND hormones (there are death hormones as well) is NOT going to give you that glow. therefore, I focus on putting GREAT things into my body. in my case, once I knew what was going IN, I just changed my mind. there is no judgement, it is about what you are feeling good about — physically, mentally and otherwise. you will do what is right for you. and above all of THAT (despite my pleading with people to not eat certain animal meat), is the notion that we are what we eat. pay attention to WHAT is in it. I eat as clean as possible, and I will list my favorites for you. I strongly believe that this impacts the way that I feel (and LOOK).

I love: avocado, raw coconut manna, raw juices of vegetables and fruits, TONS OF WATER, beautiful grain bread and pasta (p.s. I really don’t know what gluten is or care — that’s just me), various oils, granola, almond yogurt, lentil pastas, vegan power bars, cacao, eggplant, eggs, vegan meatballs, bean dishes and burgers, and tons of vegetables. as I mentioned, yes I still eat seafood and I always pair it with a side of avocado to pump up the healthy fats. last night, as a snack after diner, I had carrot ginger soup with whole grain bread and vegan butter which is made of great oils. before I got “food conscious” in 2012 (I was a disgusting eater by the way — loved McDonalds), none of these foods were on my radar. I didn’t know how easy it was to go food shopping and make sure that I started and ended my day properly. I am leaving out a bunch of foods, but the above are my basics.

I begin my day with black tea and manuka honey, and a think! vegan power bar. then I usually have a big bowl of cereal with blueberries and bananas on it. then I have a yogurt with granola…all before lunch. lunch might be a tuna sandwich with baked potato chips and raw onions. I avoid cheese, but occasionally cave if it is imported and I feel really good about it. I’ll do a raw juice around lunchtime or after. dinner is often lentil pasta with chunky tomato sauce and lots of oils in the sauce: coconut oil, olive oil, black pepper oil, almond oil. desert is raw cacao deserts like almond butter cups or a vegan chocolate chip cookie. honestly, I have never worried about weight because our bodies do what they need to when we put the right things in them and move them. I understand that when we are depressed, we want to eat bad things to feel worse AND not get out of bed. I’ve been there. but I am not there, and this is how I live now. I can’t say enough about how this changes my day and how our brain connects to the food we put into our body — for better or for worse.

sleep. SLEEP. for years I had sleep issues. much of this stemmed from incredibly traumatizing experiences as a child, which included but were not limited to being ripped out of bed from a dead sleep by my hair on a whim. this, among other things, happened so many times that it has been hard to train my unconscious mind and body to trust that when I am asleep, nothing will disturb me. therefore, sleep has been a work in progress for me for many years. the key important broad strokes for me now are to get AS MUCH sleep as humanly possible per night (proper sleep means a NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE for how I feel and LOOK). I like 9 hours. sometimes 10. I know this sounds like a lot. for me, with the work that I do, and the fact that I still wake up during the night, is crucial. I also began taking sleep medication on and off over the last 6-7 years. most of this was due to my work, working in other time zones, and constantly trying to reset my schedule. the other part of it was animals that would wake me up 3-4 times per night and I had a hard time going back to sleep. the other part of it was a mind that often couldn’t shut off after working with someone for many hours. and finally, the ptsd quotient that has me sporadically wake in a panic…it is just not worth being up for the rest of the day on only 5 hours sleep — I rather take the lesser of two evils and have a sleep aid once a week if I can not meditate myself back to sleep. and sometimes, I just can’t. that said, let’s talk about medication…

I am not anti-medication for xyz ailment. I also would like to NEVER take any medication for anything, ever. when I do take a sleep aid, despite the fact that it is a wonderful game-changer as I will ALWAYS choose rest over no rest, I do notice that I am less agile/energized than if I had not taken it. I feel best sober, in life (I’ll talk about all substances, too, in a bit!). I look better when I have absolutely nothing in my system, not even benadryl for allergies. medications have all kind of CRAP in them — toxins — and it shows up on our skin. this affects how we look. but as I said, if you must, you must. the subject of drugs for psychiatric conditions will not be part of this blog, but I have helped many, many people get off of them. generally they are NOT needed. but, in some cases, they are. you have to give your 100% best efforts to decide whether you ABSOLUTELY need them. I understand how debilitating ptsd can be too, and that there are some instances that simply require it. and with that said, I am positive that if I were not in the “real world” with real world experiences / pets / a schedule, that I would 100% not even consider taking medication at times to sleep and I would just let my body be on its perfect schedule. my choice has always been to face any and every problem that I have, completely sober. so, unless you are having seizures or insomnia, or you have a serious mental illness, think twice about ever taking a medication.

before I get to discussing drugs/substances, I will say that after making a huge life change last year and moving 1700 miles, I barely needed my occasional sleep aids. there are many reasons for this. and the point that I am making is, that not having any substance in my body, REALLY changed how I look — for the better! I actually noticed that I looked better…younger…fresher…happier. and it wasn’t just the fact that I moved out of a literally insane (and very mentally ill) city. so, there is some food for thought!

around 2017, I had a friend who was a big weed person. I have never been a person who gravitated toward ANY substance besides too much alcohol in my teens and early 20s. I just like the natural route. it’s why I have never done the trendy Ayahuasca. for me, it would be escapism and a cheap way to gain insight which comes so naturally to me anyhow. I believe our greatest gifts are earned, not bypassed and grabbed. anyhow. the weed person friend of mine kept raving about it. so I decided to try it and get my medical Mary Jane license in New York since, after all, I was a candidate based on my sleep issues and chronic pain that has been a natural part of my life since forever (and I can deal with it, without any substance). I wasn’t sure how this would impact/affect my appearance either, so I was curious about this on an energetic and spiritual level. I have always equated a substance with poking a hole in our auric field and actually AGING us. I think I still do. the Mary Jane experience, which was a nice alternative at times to the occasional sleep aid that I took, was interesting. it wasn’t like I imagined a street drug version of MJ to be. it sort of separated my thoughts and gave my body a mild high. it didn’t alter my behavior or make me trip. it was like a highly concentrated cbd oil. but, I also knew I would never be a regular at it. I used it periodically and really enjoyed it at times, but ultimately I realized that it would take me OUT of my body more than keep me IN my body — and I really like being here, in my body, even when I don’t…it’s the experience that I signed up for. from a physical standpoint, I can’t say for sure what it did (if anything), but I do retreat to my original inclination which is to say that ALL substances open us up to entities that alter our appearance. AND, what’s more, is IF WE ARE AVOIDING TRAUMA via substances, WE ARE GOING TO LOOK OLD AF. unaddressed trauma ages us. period. so, when it comes to substances, you have to be honest with yourself about whether you are avoiding something or whether you are dipping your toes into understanding if something can be helpful and WHY. lots of people lie to themselves all day so this is a grey area in that sense. the minute that I feel I could ever be ignoring something via escapism (a substance, an activity, a routine, a relationship), I immediately refocus and get sober in whatever sense. I want to be here. I am here to be HERE. not … somewhere out “there”. I believe that my lack or very minimal use of the aforementioned substances accounts for my youthful glow — as they denote a desire to deep dive and unravel psychological blocks…

psychological work is priceless and KEY to looking young. this might be THE most important recipe for youth that I can ever point you to. in my late 20s, I made the decision to walk away from a relationship that would have driven me into my grave FAST. I looked older THEN, than I do now (and with zero botox!). I got happier. I dove DEEP into my trauma and began to understand the burdens that I carry for others – and how I was attracted to / attracted SICK people into my life since it is ALL I KNEW. every time I cut a cord of this energy in some way, I got more beautiful. inside and out. my soul was happy, I felt freer, and it showed. I keep doing this. every year I feel more beautiful, and it’s not just from the tangible actions I describe throughout this article. this is 90% of looking fresh, youthful (no matter your age!), and BEAUTIFUL — no matter your bone structure or body. people who lie to themselves look…terrible. evil has a way of catching up with everyone. no amount of procedures or workouts can make an evil person look youthful or beautiful. and you can see it behind their makeup. it’s in their entire energy field. nothing is more important than you being honest with yourself, and realizing that perhaps you are carrying burdens for others which need to be dropped OR that perhaps you are the burden for others (evil people will never consider this, so if you consider it then you can know that you are not evil!).

supplements. I take a TON! I’ll list them: vegan collagen, curcumin, pycnogenal, 1000 of vitamin C chewables daily (sometimes 2000), vitamin B complex, vitamin B 12 spray, vitamin D 10,000, probiotics, elderberry, magnesium, fish oil, maca root, adrenal support, resveratrol, and biotin. after my am black tea, I take all of these vitamins with two huge glasses of water. my animals take lysine and B12 and that has been a game changer for them. I notice an incredible difference with / without the supplements that I take and I won’t leave the house before taking them. I’ve done this for maybe 7 years. I also use a JOOVV light!

I put coconut oil all over my body. I take hot inferno baths with lots of coconut oil and pink salt and empsom salt in it a few times per week. I don’t use any lotions with chemicals. my skincare routine is nearly 100% chemical free. I use Honey Girl night cream 24/7 since 2010. I recently got a skin cream with vitamin D in it and I use that under the Honey Girl. I use organic vegan sunblock by drunk elephant. there are so many amazing products without harsh chemicals in them. sunblock with zinc by sun bum is something I am going to try this week. I wash my face every night and slather it in castor oil (often on top of the Honey Girl cream). I can’t stress enough how much this has done for my skin — combined with the exercise that I do. I wash my face with Josie Maran’s Argan oil cleanser and it’s incredible. that’s my skincare routine.

make-up wise, I almost never wear any. I am lazy. sometimes I will throw on a red lip. if I am feeling ambitious, I use Tarte cosmetics. I also have a tinted sunblock moisturizer from Dr. Edward Kwak that I use occasionally, and it does have chemicals in it — it also has EMF blockers in it (and more) and it is called ESK MD Kind Multitask SPF.

I have maybe one facial per year, but I am looking to change that. I also need to ramp up my deep tissue massages — those are key, too. if you can’t do them, then get a body roller and roll out your tissue/muscle against your bones. we need every part of our body to circulate fresh energy, from the inside out.

as a side note, my animals eat only the best food. if you can get them the highest quality possible, and consult with the specialists at a place like whiskers in the east village (they have stores in Queens and Manhattan), it can change/improve/extend your pets’ lives (and in turn, yours!). and don’t tell me you can’t afford it. if you are even considering cosmetic anything for yourself, then you can do the same for your pets (or, even consider your pets first!). I have been doing this for my pets since 2010.

sunlight. how often do you get outside? not having a car is one great excuse for me to walk everywhere in the sun. pre 10am without a sunburn is great for 20 minutes. we are meant to be met with the sun’s rays! it is an incredible, free health benefit. yes, I wear sunblock for longer periods of exposure, and I wear a HAT basically ALL OF THE TIME. this might be a really key factor to add here. I got a LOT of sun exposure in my youth. around 30, I began wearing a hat…EVERY SINGLE DAY. I have never stopped. my reason wasn’t sun damage though, lol. but my reason is not relevant here. in any case, I am certain that wearing a hat on a daily basis has totally preserved my skin from extended sun or uv damage. however I obviously know that the sun and CRUCIAL for our skin and overall health. keep a balance and don’t overexpose.

cut toxic people out of your life. stress will make you look old as hell. it’s up to you. do you want to live your life for maniacs who will never change or live right, or do you want to honor yourself? life is short. you can’t control who gave birth to you, or who is brainwashed and thinks you’re the devil because you are you…get rid of anyone who does not honor you and who can’t stop abusing you overtly or covertly. it doesn’t matter who they are. cutting toxic people out of my life has dramatically changed my appearance. without them in it, I feel more beautiful than ever — because I have MY energy back. I had to learn, without them and their sick evil ways, that I am a GOOD person. a lovely person. that my core is beautiful in a way that will always shine. on the outside — I could not do this with maniacs in my life who were bent on convincing me that I was all of the awful things that THEY are. get rid of these people, go through the grieving process, and DO IT FAST. as you do, watch how amazing you will start to look because you will begin to love yourself (again). your body and skin will actually respond to this. this, for me, is a TIE with doing psychological work on yourself (it’s actually the same thing), and it is my #1 beauty tip.

as you move into your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond, know that you will only get more beautiful if you are doing life right by yourself. yes, there is an inner process and there are outer processes that can add to the inner. yes, I am pro what works for you — as long as you are being honest with yourself. don’t worry about judgement from others for doing something that is going to make you feel even better about yourself on the outside than you already do on the inside. but please recognize that it will be a small portion of the big picture. with that said, go do it — whatever “it” is — life is short and time flies. it’s ok to love who you are.

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