moving to Sedona doesn’t make you spiritual. acknowledging truth, does.

spiritual bypassing. it’s a term that, like many others (ego death, dark night of the soul — all of the things that I wrote about many years ago), gets thrown around with zero understanding of its actual meaning.

let me be clear: we are in a war on truth right now. alternate realities (devoid of truth) have been created in order to satisfy the sheep. what is at the helm of this consciousness split is pure evil. since the mind is not designed to acknowledge evil (it generally either splits off, or dies), it will come up with a myriad of ways to “deal” with that pure evil. the most common way is denial and scapegoating…while spiritual bypassing and screaming all of the virtue signals that are designed to make a faker feel like a good person. fact: you are not “spiritual” if you are in denial. the true definition of spiritual is TRUTH. if you don’t live in it, you are a fraud. this is not the same thing as being a “bad person” — so, I am not calling someone a “bad person” because they don’t live in truth…that is an entirely different subject altogether, though — as integrity and intention are at the helm of each individual decision and mean different things pending their unique relevancy to said individual.

the “spiritual” community cracks me up. it also makes me shake my head. it’s like the psych community — typically filled with broken people, trying to find themselves via “helping” others…when in fact they could not be a worse candidate to help someone retrieve their own SELF with clarity and honesty. and, since we live in a truly first world country (which the evils that be are aggressively trying all that they can to turn into a third world country — as I type), with abundant privilege and ignorance (thanks to generally never knowing true hardship), I sit with wonder at the sight of the “evolved” “spiritual” “leaders” who think that they can “ohm” their way into “spirituality” and “healing” — via their abundant psychological, material and free privilege to flee their blue cities and states (which they made horrendously possible) for new locations where they think they can “lead” people. how about getting it right in the location of the actual disaster that you helped to create in the first place?

if you are in denial over the truth, WHILE running away from the very thing that you promote, you have issues. parading yourself as a light being isn’t going to cut it for the kind of truth that we are in for, either. living in a particular location and slapping labels and smiley photos onto yourself doesn’t make you spiritual. spirituality is not a location, it is not a dogma, it is not an identity, and it is not avoidance — spirituality is truth. it is amazing to watch so many people in complete spiritual bypassing mode, signaling all kinds of virtue as if they are “better” than the truth, or those who speak it.

no one can run far enough from WHAT IS, right now. if you are a good, awake person, you are probably struggling more than most — you can’t just “turn off” what your soul KNOWS. you are an awakened, truly spiritual person…even if you don’t know what to do with it. you SHOULD be feeling the terrifying feelings that come with being awake — this is a sign that you are in touch with reality, truth, and actual spirituality.

I have acquaintances who say “ohhhhh I don’t get involved in xyz” or “I can’t watch any of xyz”…”my spiritual teacher says to keep my vibration high by staying away from it”…well, TO A POINT. and after that point, you have become weak, afraid, utterly unrealistic, and a disappointment to your own spiritual path. a spiritual bypasser “teacher” will call these truths “judgmental”! – how convenient coming from someone who would rather split off their consciousness to live here on planet earth at this time. you are either contributing to lies, or you are not contributing to lies. read a history book or two. if you are awake, I don’t need to tell you ANY of this. but most folks would rather puff away on their Mary Jane pen to dissociate, do constant yoga to leave their bodies, or convince themselves that what they are seeing and reading in the msm “news” is true. good luck! you’re going to break.

spirituality is not an image or a “look”. when I lived in New York City, people would assume that I lived in Brooklyn. why? because I didn’t wear Izods every day? because I was just…myself? because I liked huge stone necklaces before they were cool simply because my good friend made them and I love art? sometimes I wonder why I got trapped on this planet with so many bots. I know many people feel this way — I often see them for my work. but as I wonder and shake my head at the bountiful masses of lemmings, I remember what I knew at 2 — the reason that I am here. I have barely scratched the surface, so stay tuned.

if you are in an “unhappy” place right now, physically or spiritually, ask yourself why. ask yourself how YOU contribute to the collective by going to sleep all day — or “sending out love and light” to everyone who “needs it”…because actually, YOU need it. and the only way to heal “with love and light” is to become honest – not dissociate and try to brand yourself as enlightened. if you are in an “unhappy” place, perhaps you have STARTED to admit the truth to yourself, but then you stopped…because you are SCARED. well, that’s normal! what’s not normal is fleeing where you are, so that you do not have to FEEL. and, if you have FELT, and you are HONEST with yourself, then GET OUT and go somewhere else where you know you will find like minds — not absent ones.

moving to Sedona doesn’t make you spiritual. acknowledging truth, does.