Healing Elaine® in Austin – and The Healing Elaine® Show (with art and music!)

Healing Elaine® is in Austin now. isn’t it appropriate that I would be shooting my TV Show, recording my podcast, and doing so many new creative things in one of the music and creative capitals of the nation?

I’ve been told that I’m “weird” before. I suppose it is then appropriate that I match Austin’s slogan: “Keep Austin Weird”. And I promise to do my best.

last Spring, I was praying to God to direct me onto my next path. people ask me all of the time, “how did you know what to do? how did you know where to go?”…and I always tell them the same thing: I listen to myself. I pray to God. I listen to myself. repeat. when we are really quiet inside, we can hear our destiny. in order to be really quiet, we need to be really honest. this is the part that most people fumble upon. it’s too easy to listen to the ego and the false outer world. great gifts are reserved for those of us who connect to our truth and hear our own voice. and this is what I did.

I recall dancing with glee in the streets and on the subway platforms back in 2012 in New York City when I was hitting my stride with Healing Elaine®. I also recall knowing that one day…I would do something amazing with all of the special souls I was meeting. this wasn’t just a healing practice. this wasn’t just a consulting practice. this was a movement — and a movement based on truth. the truth — the real truth — has not been popular yet. we are in a revolution of sorts in which actual truth gets erupted out of souls. real truth can not convince and it doesn’t need to argue. real truth emerges like the strongest force of nature against all odds and against all evil. I do believe that our time is one that we have never seen before. and regardless of how difficult it has been or will be, I am here for the ride. I am here to create and to show my work. I am here to express what lives within me…as for the first time in eons, the truth is about to become popular. those who live in it know what I am speaking about.

I’ve worked with thousands of folks at this point; and though my incredible censorship battles have put me out of touch with many, a true connection is never lost…those who share my heart and vision are reconnecting with me and vice versa — some of them right here in Austin. when I began doing this work, I encountered many creatives who were locked in linear, confined corporate environments as I had been. many of these folks have since bridged their worlds, launched their creative paths, or expanded in a myriad of ways…and they are eager to talk about their path to destiny.

people love to say “oh I could do that”…from behind their phones or computers. well, maybe they could — but they don’t. because it’s HARD. the trials and tribulations — mostly inner, but inner reflects outer — that come for a person once they have committed to their soul’s truth are often unthinkable. no one is with them when they are up late at night crying, or late on rent, or unable to eat, or scared that they have missed the boat on an important period of their life because they are goal-focused. no one sees the fear, the internal battles and psychological mountains that are overcome when one stands up and says “I’m going to pursue my destiny”. all things in life are relevant. every “success” story has a side to it most would never guess. The Healing Elaine® Show is here to show you some of these stories, and to discuss the nuances of truth as well as intangible phenomenons in psychology and healing that accompany transformation.

when I landed in Austin last year, I felt like I had beaten a video game. it wasn’t just a next level of Mario, I had won the game. and a new one began…

please enjoy the music (located at the bottom of this post) that my lovely former patient/client Yify has composed — piece by piece — for the opening episode of The Healing Elaine® Show. the logo was done by another beloved former patient/client of mine, Vinny Belmont. the connections that I have made and the intangible bonds that have been formed via Healing Elaine® will be shown in many different ways via my upcoming multimedia, and this show is just one part of that mirage. I hope you like it!

please join us at healingelaine.locals.com where The Healing Elaine® Show will debut exclusively this Spring. stay tuned as well, for my podcast — all updates on which can be received by subscribing to the newsletter here on the home page of my website.

The Healing Elaine® Show – music by Yify Zhang