Why my blog archive and new Substack newsletter are full of articles on evil, demons and Satan

First of all, if you haven’t been in touch in a minute either here or on my twitter personal account or twitter brand account or instagram or via my Substack newsletter or my locals platform, you can click on those corresponding links and follow. Everything recent or top of mind exists through those avenues which are all used differently. Some folks do not have an instagram and they show up randomly for live chat at my locals. And so on. Choose your path if you fancy.

What I share online is about 1% of me. I know many people who share their entire life online but it’s not me. I rather share my inner world and work experience. I’ve heard from people this makes me “mysterious” or something, and I am not trying to be that (I’ve actually worked hard for people to understand me lol – what can I say, I am just different). With that said, my shares on evil, demons and Satan have simply been part of my path since I was a baby and this is the category of life I’ve learned most about. And also with that said: it’s still 1% of me. I’ve always felt awkward sharing exuberant photos of myself living my best life, loving it, sharing my wins and blessings, etc. I guess I consider a lot of that success porn and I don’t understand the point. However I enjoy seeing other people share these aspects of their lives! So, what I’m saying is the nature of my writing and work is predominant in my online thumbprint because it’s what I know most about. You can use your imagination as you would anyhow, about the other 99% of me lol!

But I will share a little bit about that other 99% in some sentiments here which may or may not exist in previous writings of mine. Every day I wake up, no matter what is happening, I feel extreme gratitude. It’s often overwhelming. Simply gratitude for being alive. I am astounded at how good I have it, even in my absolute worst moments. Some of this is simply my nature, and the other part of it is knowing struggle most will never understand or conceive of. The latter part is why I talk so much and teach so much about darkness – so that others can also understand and transcend it and tap into the peace and gratitude I am able to feel daily. I wake up praising God and marvel about the nature around me – even the loud construction ha. The simplicity of being able to choose and script my life every day, even in the midst of restrictions beyond my control both past and present (early life horror shows and modern day censorship and government attacks on my gifts and livelihood). I spend the majority of my day taking care of my body – through intense sweating and workouts, cold pressed juice and vitamins, sunshine and saltwater pool, and prayer. This is my favorite part of each day. My most sacred time is coffee in silence in the hot sun as it rises in the morning. My favorite journey is walking multiple miles to yoga and workouts (I still refuse to get a car). There are dozens of lovely people around me who are genuinely happy to see me and vice versa. I don’t recall being so blessed in that department of community before. As for my social and personal life, I keep that to a minimum as there is not only power in containment but it just doesn’t feel natural to me to write about and broadcast those areas of my life. Maybe I’m “too private”…I don’t know. Perhaps it’s even a block. But I doubt it. For all you know I have two kids in school or a husband with no online presence.

All of this is to say that while 99% of what you see of me online and in my writing and teachings is about seemingly difficult or hard subjects, it’s barely a fraction of my day in terms of how I feel and experience life relative to my subject matter. If anything, everything I write about has been such a struggle that the transcendence of such produces such a polar opposite experience and that is what I bathe in daily. I want everyone to be able to cultivate this for themselves.

I’ve been in a particular three year cycle launching my writing and media, much of it behind the scenes. I think many will be surprised about what is next – especially the haters lol. Let’s talk about the haters for a moment.

For as long as I can remember, when a certain kind of person gets really close to me – too close, I suppose – they become obsessed with me. This happened in elementary school all the way into adulthood. A NYC therapist I saw who I went to as my career was booming to help me manage the opportunities coming my way (press, mainly, that I would deny on principle alone), told me on our very first day totally unsolicited: “someone’s obsession with you has nothing to do with you”. I recall being dumbfounded and not asking what she meant but knowing it would sink in later. She clearly saw something about me that was powerful and naive and vulnerable all at the same time – and I now understand what she saw. It’s hard to see yourself like that. And I decided that those are qualities I don’t know how to change nor do I want to. Those qualities totally confuse a demon, though. And in tandem with every other reason I’ve provided for why demons seek us out, I know that those qualities are like crack for many. Because demons seek not only power that doesn’t belong to them, but people with “openings” from previous events. Little do they know what lies beneath those openings, though, when God filled those cracks with light. God always has authority over evil/demons/satan hence the HATERS…

The pattern I saw with obsessive people who’d pedestal me in high school and even in later years was they wanted to move into my actual being. I wrote an article about this with regard to my work. It is called “Some people don’t want your help, they want your soul“. I’ve learned that most people rather displace their pain by moving into your body because they are filled with DEMONS. My articles dive into why. In short: if your life is not what you want it to be, and you are faced with non-stop struggle, you are dealing with demons – even if the cycle is God-ordained which it can also be. Knowing the difference is important and I write about that too, here. In tandem with a person who wants to actually INHABIT you (you know this well if you were abused as a child, you are naturally powerful AND empathic – you can feel these people head to toe when they do it) is the pattern that ensues WHEN THEY NO LONGER HAVE ACCESS TO YOU. This access might be physical, spiritual, or something else. Haters only become haters when they can not get something that they LACK – through YOU.

I don’t resonate with being a hater. Even the people who’ve wronged me, I am so busy focusing on improving my life and the lives of others that it’s just not in my repertoire to pay any attention to them beyond addressing my emotions. This is because I am self-embodied – demons and haters are NOT self-embodied…and so when you take your own autonomous space or leave them, THEY FREAK OUT. Active addicts, stalkers and psychopaths all depend on the life force of others because THEY HAVE NONE. They were demonized as children by trauma and they handed their soul over to the devil in the process. Surrendering your soul as a means of survival when young is common, but being lazy to not call it back is the greatest evil and sin you can commit. I wrote a short post about this on my instagram account yesterday.

I’ve always been protected by God. I’ve never thrown a stone in a direction that didn’t send it my way first, and if someone sends one my way they are going to be finished completely. You have to be as vicious as you are kind when dealing with certain demons. Because arrogance is their blindspot, they always learn the hard way. I’ve been many people’s last hail mary – because I stay in my lane until I am dragged out of it. Pro life tip: never, ever start a battle or war unless your life depends on it – because you will lose.

There are two ways to deal with haters who pop up when they can no longer pull from you: 1) completely ignore them. Literally erase them with apathy from your mind. They will disappear forever. 2) destroy them. The latter is a complete last resort but it may be necessary if they come for your light accordingly. Again: their failure to recognize the law between God and Satan is epic. If you are person of God and YOU HAVE CLOSED YOUR CORRESPONDING DOORS OF DARKNESS then you will always win. No matter what.

Every time you begin a new chapter in life, the demons (haters) show up. It is biblical. They stand at the gate and try to block you in various ways. They might cause accidents, miscommunications and mishaps, etc. Last year as I was on my way to Los Angeles to film with Jesse Lee Peterson on The Fallen State two things happened, 100% caused by demons: the first thing that happened is a bank wire was blocked and my account was not accessible. How am I supposed to fly to LA that way? The second thing that happened is after I called the show producer to tell them I might not make it, I fell into a sinkhole out of nowhere on my regular route to hot yoga. I’m serious, it appeared out of thin air lol. I fell flat on my hands, my laptop in my backpack hit the back of my head, and my phone went flying. Since I knew they were demons I wasn’t going to let them win with fear or anxiety. I got back up, in some pain, with gravel embedded in my bleeding hands, and went to that 100 degree hot yoga class. Then I boarded a plane the next day and the bank wire issue was resolved (a terrorist alert had been issued on my behalf – also very LOL).

Last week as I was making a big change a sweet kid on a fast bike hit me at 20mph. Dead on. From behind. He didn’t see me. I landed on my left hand full-force and by the grace of God did not break it – but he was letting me know…the dark legions are aware of my moves and they hate it! These demons inhabit your haters – especially the people who were once your “biggest fans” … BE CAREFUL OF THOSE FOLKS! I’ve written about them here in 2016, I call it “Hostile Envy“. Anyone who obsessed over you or fan-girl or fan-boys you will inevitably seek to destroy you – because they want to live IN YOU. Get it?

All of the above I go into great detail within my blog archives and Substack newsletter. There are levels to understanding it, transcending your own emotions and so on. The fact is, none of it is Debbie Downer material – we are facing demons ALL DAY LONG. Again: they MUST use human bodies to be effective. They work through the highly annoying passive aggressive clients who want to control you, co-workers with active addictions, and generally speaking people who refuse to look at their own shadow (aka narcissists). If someone is not consistently asking themself “what am I doing to cause / create my experience in this world??” then they are living from the outside in – a drama queen – addicted to drama, always in need of a villain in their story, NEVER addressing themself. AVOID AVOID AVOID. And on the note of passive aggressive people, who I think are the worst humans on the planet (they are also very often covert bullies as addressed in the article here), if you struggle with them I HIGHLY recommend attending ALANON Meetings even if you were not raised in an alcoholic environment. PA people act exactly like addicts and they are high demonized – they use superficial glib charm to distract you from what they are really doing…exploiting your energy through various means. They usually have no boundaries and respect no one. You don’t have to deal with them again.

Once you open your eyes you see what’s been around us always…it’s ok to acknowledge darkness – for if you do not, you suffer (sometimes with physical illness especially if you’re unwilling to articulate unpleasant thoughts and feelings). So in short, my writing across the board is specialized in these subjects but it’s not “negative” – unless you’re in denial about the way the world actually works.

As for personal updates…well I won’t give you any lol. On a personal note, new chapters are upon me and the last three years are coming to a close.

Former clients can always reach out, I will always keep a door open for you whenever possible, and I have made significant offers and concessions for folks from the past. With that said I have made all my special offers for the year but will consider hourly work in bundles with the right (former) client.

As for collective-tied-to-personal updates: God is going to drop like a HAMMER on evil. And I am here for it. Some people will just never learn! Stay tuned.

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