New Healing Elaine® Substack articles!

As I announced last year, I began a Substack here. My blog content of over 10 years is archived in a library that can be accessed for a one-time fee. The separation between my Substack newsletter and blog represents the closing of a personal and professional time-loop with regard to my writing.

Recent Substack articles are a continuation and elaboration of nuance in the territories of time and destiny (some of my favorite topics!).

I will always announce important updates here, on my Substack, and on any remaining social media platforms (LinkedIn took out my account of 13 years for sharing a Fox News clip – lol).

Please join the Substack newsletter list if you are interested in my subject matter! I will also continue hosting impromptu Locals live chats, and you can engage with community members there. Consideration will be given to all requests for live chats covering particular Healing Elaine® articles.

Check out my recent Substack article “The elevator of life: what floor do you get off for particular destinies?” here.

For any 1:1 questions please leave a voicemail on the business line at 917-985-1221.