They took out my LinkedIn (again), my upcoming Locals live chat on string theory and personal patterning,, and general updates

The overlords at LinkedIn wiped my entire account of over ten years (again). What is their aim? Simple harassment over having a free mind. My crime? I shared a tweet with a fox news clip of Tucker Carlson. Did you ever imagine such a society, and what kind of people are being paid to create it?

I’ve all the faith that the tables will not only turn but the hell these beings have caused me as well as our planet will be revealed on various levels – justice will prevail and truth always rises. The hidden enemy is no longer hidden. There are two types of people: those with autonomous life force who are fine on their own with their own thoughts and energy, and those without autonomous life force who can not exist on their own – and therefore must harass and taunt others for juice…very reminiscent of my eBooklet #3.

I am still completely netted across every search engine, and what this means is I only show up if you directly search for me. Yelp took me out of their app. I’m a near ghost on the internet – you must ask why without really NEEDING an answer…nothing powerful is promoted by the mainstream anything or its lemmings. Ripoff artists abound fragment powerful messages and sell their chitty products. This is nothing new, we’ve seen this over many lifetimes…however what IS new is that the now is the NOW – we’ve never been in a timeline like this one. Make of that what you will.

Next Wednesday I am hosting a live chat on my Locals platform here about string theory and personal patterning – you can read my recent Substack article here for context. Please consider joining us.

My Substack platform has been a great space for shorter form articles, and integrated chat and podcast options. My blog here, is not duplicate content though in my Substack newsletter I reference many of the archetypal concepts I’ve written on over the years – many of my blog articles are short eBooks which will be part of my upcoming literary projects. I shared a video here on my instagram page about how my blog and Substack differ from one another and why I use each.

It has been a wonderful experience to stay connected with former clients of mine, some from very long ago. I have a few new video testimonials coming, and we are setting up a new The Healing Elaine® Show episode. A lot of my plans initiated in 2020 got thwarted that fall, and then again all throughout 2021 into this year. As our news and media landscape changes, I am really excited about the possibilities to share my writing and insights in new ways. If only the censorship of my entire brand would lift…but we know why it’s there.

Please join us on the other platforms or sign up for the free Substack newsletter even if you don’t care about the articles, just to stay connected. My Locals platform is free as well unless you want to engage and take part in most live chats / watch my videos. Over the years many clients were looking for me but, since my massive newsletter got taken out post 2017, couldn’t find me. I don’t use the same email and my current contact number (no text messages) is 9179851221. I will continue offering sporadic workshops as well as considering exceptional cases / people for any 1:1 consult.

Finally, I have one more Holiday Pop Up slot left for a former client this December. It will happen in Texas and it includes a luxury hotel stay.

Happy Holidays!

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