There is a difference between a curse, and a trial ordained by God

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The difference between a curse and a trial ordained by God is that in the former, YOU open the door; and in the latter, there is no rhyme or reason – despite endlessly assessing doors you may have opened which would need to be closed and then closing them. It is only after an extended period of time – many months, many years, even decades – you would understand your trial (or that you were even in one).

The problem arises when we live in victim consciousness, as many do…always looking out before looking IN. If you are a person plagued (or formerly plagued) by always looking IN – even to your detriment – you would naturally have an easier time while either in a curse or a trial. If you are a person who consistently looks OUT (this is because you are lazy, narcissistic and weak), you will have a very hard time and perhaps never ever snap out of it. The difference, again, is the degree of victim consciousness that you live in. That difference is fueled by degree of difficulty. You may think you have it hard in life, when in reality you have it so easy. Such a trap!!! When you fail to recognize how very privileged you actually are, your curse or your trial (usually it’s both from this vantage point) will stay in place for a very long time – until your ego breaks. Until you stop being so selfish. Until you have something to give anyone besides yourself. Until you stop judging others for circumstances you have never found yourself in. ETC.

Read my article about being cursed – there are specific doors that we open, and we are ruled by our recognition and admission of personal truth (or lack thereof). It is only when we become brutally honest with ourselves and stop blaming other people, that we are able to know whether we are in a curse (very real, by the way – don’t argue with me) or a trial ordained by God. For more on the latter, read my eBooklet 1.

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