Meeting better versions of the same “person”, Archetypes versus Apparitions™, lesson transcendence and betrayal

Betrayal has always baffled me. There are those who do it, and those who do not do it.

For those wondering what betrayal is, it is when, for absolutely no reason under the sun (just the fabricated ones to justify what I will call “the grift and stab”), a person turns on someone who has been only good to them. Fruitful. Beneficial. Helpful. Healing. Loving. Giving. Betrayal actually sounds like too kind and simple a term for what I am describing, but it conveys the crux.

“The grift and stab” happens when person A sees person B as an opportunity, and only that. It is akin to a child wanting and needing things from a parent. Except a grift and stabber is not the child, and the person they are grifting off of is not their parent. Immature adults do this with therapists and it’s called transference. Evil people do this with friends or mentors, and it is 100% grift – disguised as something else. The something else it is disguised as can be the lie that “we’ve grown apart”…or “they changed”…or “the way they think threatens my reputation” (lol – as if they ever had one in the first place, you know, not having any identity or idea who they are in the first place). A grifter will act like a deranged virtue signaler in that THEY fire a shot, and then fall over and say you shot them. It’s classic evil behavior and our societal climate has been very ripe with it! That, however, will end soon. The Karens of the world will not carry on as they have been.

The process of the grift and stab is simple. They spend many months or years around you, simply because they see the fruit hanging on your tree. They may want you to endorse them, give them money or free dinners, take them out for their birthday, introduce them to other people (who they will no doubt try to pit against you – it will work if the others are weak enough, but if they are good people eventually they will see the light), give them identity, and / or share your talents and abilities and trade secrets to making it in life. As soon as they believe they have taken all you can offer, they dip. But not without a fake reason.

Last night I was talking to a former client I’m friends with. We were discussing the desperate mechanics of a grift and stab. The grift is the above – they perceive there is nothing left to take from you – no fruit left on the tree since they ate it all; so when they believe that you have served your purpose, they turn on you – but with a stab. The stab is the lie that they tell themselves, and others, about why you are no longer in their life. If you know them well enough, however, you expected this. You see, a classic grift and stabber will have instability in all areas of their life. Their friendships are stormy, their interpersonal relationships with authority are a mess (this is where you come in – first on a pedestal, then as a villain), and they are dysfunctional and clingy in romance. Their hallmark is a most dysfunctional example of attachment disorder you could find – and even though that may be obvious after the fact, a good grift and stabber will come to you with those innocent “I really need you” eyes. As a good person, you will believe that others are like you – and fall for it. There is no amount of “smart” that can prepare you for spotting a grift and stabber, so don’t feel bad if you fell for it – it was preparing you for transcendence and recognition of better versions of the “same person” … the ability to discern Archetypes versus Apparitions™ … which I will cover later in this article.

The stab is most desperate and weak, and again this part lies in the “reason” or excuse they fabricate for why you are not part of their life. Perhaps you drew a healthy boundary and they didn’t like it. They will use that alongside some baloney external “reason” such as “I don’t like who they follow online, they are not a reflection of me” – people actually do this. I know this might sound surprising due to how outspoken I am about my truth, but my closest friends and allies did not and do not agree on A LOT with me. And that is the funny part when it comes to the fake reasons why a grift and stabber will use to justify their stab – it is ALWAYS nonsensical. The narrative has to make sense to them on some level so that they can share it with others who don’t understand why they once praised and applauded you as their most cherished ally. Because they know they look suspicious.

Grift and stabbers who betray you have NO SENSE OF SELF. It is really important to understand this. If you can digest this truth, you will be able to spot them more easily in the future. They lack any connection to or understanding of authority and they are, regardless of their age / being younger or older than you, making you the villain parent they either had and hate or never had. It is crucial to point out that NOT EVERYONE who had poor authority figures or bad parents does this – THIS IS NATURE OVER NURTURE. These people never had a core to begin with, and so they need to fill themselves up with YOUR identity. I have sincerely lost count, at this point, of how many people – men and women – wanted to BE ME. I didn’t realize it at the time, because apparently I had to be hit over the head infinite times to understand how pathetic the human soul is – I did not and do not relate to these grifters or someone who truly lacks a core and WILL NEVER HAVE ONE. These folks, since I was a teenager, into college, into my adult life and into my healing practice, saw a shiny object – me…and they wanted it. They didn’t have any connection to who they are and it was paramount to them to put something into their body. The body needs a life force, and with grifters it will be YOURS if you allow them near you. They will study you for months or years, presenting as a victim (I wrote a whole article about how to spot this here), only with the intention to actually become you.

For example. I’ve had girls approach me with absolutely ZERO direction in this life. No attachment figures or poor attachment figures. At first, I was honored to be their support system. I poured time, energy and money into them – and then some. I gave them my playbook as they claimed interest in becoming what I was – an actress, an entrepreneur, etc. I spelled out my steps for them (no one did this for me) and kept giving more. Never did it occur to me that they were hollowed out shells — empty vehicles — grift and stabbers. Of course the signs were always there. Slowly but surely, they “became” me…in dress, in interest, in pursuit of life…and as this occurred, they distanced themselves — YOU HAVE TO DISTANCE YOURSELF, IF YOU ARE A PSYCHOPATH. This is called hostile envy and I wrote about it here. As time went on, they “became” more of me and saw less of me. They were ending the grift and preparing the stab. Of course the lies that propagated in their minds to defend against admitting once again that they had no self, would come pouring in. It’s actually not hard to claim “why” you don’t like someone anymore, even though zero falling out has occurred. People do it ALL THE TIME in mainstream media and we are seeing it play out right now, live, with many celebrities who turn on their friends simply because the regime says so. People are so damn weak.

As the grifter creates conflict or poor communication, or begins to bridge a strategic distance, they are getting ready to choose their stab. This always comes in the form of trying to be you (it never, ever works and it always backfires terribly), finding an opening to hurt you (planting seeds with unsuspecting people) and then completely withdrawing – with what they consider to be the fruits of YOU. The stab is the methodology of their slow burn combined with their desperation to pull off a version of you. If you have listened to them carefully enough, however, you will already know that this is their pattern in other relationships.

The timing associated with their process usually comes into play when they believe that they have found a replacement for the energy you have given them (particularly since you still have not yet RETRIEVED IT, and I will get to that part) – usually a romantic relationship and they don’t care whether it is dysfunctional or not. The only problem for them will be the moment you recognize what they have done — and I’m telling you that this moment is the most important part. It is the bubble-bursting part.

When you, as a good person, close to God, above-board, acknowledge what they have done — bad-mouthed you to others you introduced them to, literally tried to become you (I am not lying when I say there are people who came from the most boring, uncreative backgrounds and “became” “models” and “actresses” and then “HEALERS” only after meeting me — with hours and hours of my generosity — and with seething jealousy parroted their best rip-off version of all that I am, which can never be replicated), and audaciously “decided” you are no longer any good for them (the irony can not even be overstated), they lose their power. Immediately.

People can lie to themselves all that they want, but they can not cover up the truth. Once this truth hits the light of day, it breaks down the lies. When the lies are broken down, they melt into the body of the person who told and lived them. The holograph of YOU that someone else has attempted to carry with them, whether in energy, personality, trade or something else, can not survive when you acknowledge the truth – and no, you never need to confront them with it either. Unless, of course, they attempt to hurt you publicly in some way – then, by all means, you must destroy them completely. I am a 100% believer that you do not cross into someone else’s lane unprovoked, ever. You never start a war. But if someone else does, then you finish it completely and entirely. A person who starts a war simply out of greed or insecurity will always lose. They will be buried. This is where the Karen example comes in; the examples of people who use the plandemic as a religion, fake virtue signaling (when they are the true racists themselves) as a means for social “clout”, and politics as a mentally unhinged means of social “bonding”. The folks who do this are internally empty and without a true fight – their futile attempts to color someone bad just because they don’t feel like they are enough always backfire. And if they get in the way of your business or livelihood, they should be destroyed completely. Without the will to completely take such a person down, we would cease to exist. There is a reason that God allows good people to be hurt, and this is it – I wrote about it here.

I always say that the worst kind of suffering for a coreless, soulless being is the fact that they are not you. This is perfectly illustrated in the above article links that I share. However the phenomenon of your acknowledgment of truth is an additional suffering — hopefully it won’t have to go any further. Your acknowledgement of their truth is akin to shining a big light into a basement. Every cockroach will scatter, and in this case the cockroaches are their intentions, their lies and any of your energy that they are running on. What will replace that will be the next sucker they need to fill their empty human cavity. It might be their significant other, coworkers, or those who have bought into the illusion of who they claim to be. The problem, however, is that since they built their phony existence off of your back, and you acknowledge that, it falls apart. This means that they can only sort of half-live, if that makes sense. Every attempt at what they believed would be a successful grift and stab goes out the window when you process the lesson in store for you (which is always fruitful – don’t let anyone tell you there is something wrong with you because you believed the best in someone; it is always the opposite) and acknowledge what actually happened.

Imagine building a house from stolen materials. One day the person you stole from comes to burn down your house or tear it apart as a form of reclamation. This is what you are doing — reclaiming your energy — simply by your acknowledgment of a grift and stabber. In my experience it takes about 2 years for their life to completely fall apart – clearly I’ve been through this a number of times. I don’t know why the 2 year cycle is nearly unrivaled, but it is. Karma is unparalleled in these cases, especially when you poured your pure heart and soul into another person.

As you process the complete reality of the grift and stabber, you will come to a really beautiful, grassy knoll where you find new people who resemble ALL OF THE EXTERNAL SEEMING CHARACTERISTICS of said grift and stabber, except they have a core and do not need yours. Not only do they not need yours, but they ADD to your life. The seeming characteristics might be personal background, personal interests or abilities (everyone has something), and basic personality traits. Other external characteristics might be age and physical appearance – you will find an uncanny resemblance on an external level, to the grift and stabber; but ALSO you will find the uncanny resemblance in the CORE ATTRIBUTES that you projected onto the grift and stabber. This would basically mean that they ARE what they present – unlike the grift and stabber.

Our world is made up of Archetypes and Apparitions™ – clearly we are all challenged with the ability to discern the archetype from the apparition. In this sense, a grift and stabber is an apparition and the transcended version of them is the archetype you had hoped for. When we clear our trauma of betrayal, specifically with a grift and stabber, we are presented with archetypes – finally. This lesson of transcendence allows us to meet the version of the person that we had hoped for – but on the way to that, we will simply meet “better versions” of that person…

Meeting better versions of the same “person” is really the process of a more complete human soul wraithing through the body with each new encounter we have, post betrayal and lesson transcendence. As we learn a new aspect of the human soul as it relates to the body (or doesn’t), God sends us a new and upgraded version of the same apparition on our way to that desired archetype. Since God has a sense of humor, he will use similar details from “person” to “person” to remind us that we are close to a worthy archetype. A faithful one. A true one. One with an actual core who doesn’t need ours. An actual person in a body.

Souls and bodies are two different things, and I’ve written about this in other articles like this one. The reason that someone would be an apparition and not an archetype is that they are not a whole person. A whole person is a soul fully inhabiting a body. In order for a soul to fully inhabit a body, it must draw from its own core (hence actually have one). This is God energy, and it comes from truth. Therefore it is easy to make the association between a person without a core as being evil or filled with evil, and a person with a core as being filled with God.

A grift and stabber is a body disguised as a person which moves whichever way the wind blows. It does not have a core, so it requires yours. Grift and stabbers aka apparitions are bodies without souls. You will know them by the hallmarks I share above, and each time you transcend your understanding of betrayal God will move you closer to the archetypes. The full ones. The ones who will never hurt you, simply because they are not weak. The ones who may disagree with you on everything external, but who will share your values and spirituality because they are whole person – not bodies without souls.