HE®’s Launching Healers™ Business Service

at this point I have single-handedly launched many dozens of healers. these people came to me initially with personal problems, all of them working traditional jobs at the time. some of them are doctors, some of them traditional therapists, and others span a host of industries. in many cases during my traditional sessions, I spent additional hours helping these individuals brainstorm, conceptualize, plan, execute and even name their would-be healing practices. as I am approached more and more frequently by individuals looking to understand what a healing practice is (lots of baloney out there, folks) and learn about themselves in relationship to starting one, as well as actually just starting one, I have decided to offer a service that is geared specifically around the above.

this service is a hybrid of a standard HE® session (sans hands-on-healing or “distance healing”) and my TEM® program. I have been at this (healing work) for well over a decade, but it’s not just that — having worked in a variety of diverse and complex fields in the real world and consulting for actual Fortune 500+ C Suites and beyond, I know much more than “energy”. the fact is, if you want to be a tarot-reading-roadside-healer you can be – anyone can. in fact it is the absolutely most annoying trend on social media. then there is the real world — and how one can practically, responsibly, and powerfully implement a healing practice that speaks to the most diverse population possible…because healing doesn’t have a label or an identity politic or any of the trendy malarkey that we see in fake fashion (and even business) magazines. truth comes through an infinite variety of backgrounds and surface-level presentations.

a successful healer can never be mimicked because truth can not be mimicked. it is either there, or it is not there. so, your currency is something that you can not even study for. and there is endless power in that — pending you know what it is that you need to work through on the most personal levels as well as how the most extreme and covert energy on our planet works (this is where being incredibly diversified as I am is the linchpin to the entire machine of actually disseminating truth hence actual healing).

the tangibles and intangibles of incorporating actual healing (truth) into your life as a business are endless mountains of work. and if you live in truth (because you were born that way — you either are, or you are not), the roadmap is different for you than what the “experts” around you are teaching (again: SO MUCH BALONEY out there).

with all of that said, I am offering this service because of the incredible demand and ask for such that comes up in all of my personal session work with individuals who have sought me out for other reasons (initially).

the pre req requirements for this service are the same as any other service: read the three books. the format will be a 25-hour private focus on two parts; personal and public…concerning everything that you need to either launch or incorporate your healing endeavors/practice into the real world in a way that actually goes somewhere.

the fee for this is fixed and so is the time. keep in mind that you are lining up with someone who launched a business (and now subsequent related and off-shoot businesses) in this field when it was totally taboo (people who are now trying to “break into” this field literally laughed at me in 2008 — yes this is true) and has worked with thousands of individuals. to boot, ten years ago, it used to take me 6 months to figure out the answers or solutions to problems/challenges/difficulties/roadblocks that it now takes me 6 hours to figure out — you are not just paying for my present-day “time”; you are paying for years and years of science that has come from my work and all of the energy that it took to land revelatory conclusions that were absolutely the first of their nature to hit web of consciousness — let alone the world wide web.

since truth can be neither created nor destroyed, there is no “skillset” that you need for this. you either live in truth or not, and you either resonate with me 100% or not at all. that is the criteria for this service.

to inquire (after following my protocol), leave a voicemail on the business line at 917.985.1221.

please join my locals community: healingelaine.locals.com