join my locals community, my format for new/future work, and general small updates

tonight at 11pm EST I am raising the subscription membership fee (currently $10/month) on my locals community platform. please slide in before then for the old rate, and join a community that means a lot to me — it is comprised mostly of former patients/clients, and a number of folks who have followed my blog and big tech social media for a time. the temperature of is always kind, open, and clean. I have also posted some videos on this platform which talk a little bit about what the so-called “great awakening” (also the name of my tv series which I copyrighted over a year ago!) is and where we might be headed. we talk a lot about feeling outnumbered by group-think family members, friends or colleagues…and how to best navigate that at this important time in history. I hope you will join us!

as for new/future work…there is NOTHING grand that we can do together without many hours. in person is also ALWAYS optimal. as you may have read in other sections of my website, it is VERY hard for me to quantify my time during working with someone because of the INCREDIBLE and uncanny phenomenon I experience in which I literally LIVE that person’s life/ailment for days/weeks prior to even speaking with them. it has only gotten more intense over time. aside from that, when someone wants to make a MAJOR life change, we need upwards of 20 hours together at a minimum. I’ve made exceptional exceptions in some cases, which I have been very happy to do. I can’t do that all of the time though, so keep this in mind when we speak and know that it may or may not be possible at this time to accommodate a request for a small amount of time, like 10 hours. my track record is exceptional, but it did not come to be by spending just a few hours with people. I won’t allow you to be disappointed, and I also won’t allow myself to feel like I have done shotty work for a short period of time which had high expectations set for it. when I’ve made exceptions in the past, I’ve ALWAYS ended up going WAY beyond the amount of time that I committed to — and I am happy that I did this, I am just making an important point here — so I KNOW that despite my desire to make a “one-and-done” 5 hour session change your life, it’s unlikely to create that life-altering impact that people talk about as it’s just not enough time to stick with you and target your unconscious mind. in addition, those pre req books that I list in my about section are critical to your understanding of concepts that are relevant to our work together. you have to read them.

every single interaction that I’ve had via HE® has been divine. even the bad interactions. in those cases, it was a matter of said person not being able to suckle off of my metaphoric teat in some way…at which point they realized that I was holding them up, and it just wasn’t convenient for them to do the work and WAKE UP. this is why I don’t work beyond a certain amount of time with people, and I have made the “mistake” (no such thing) in the past of doing this…unwittingly CARRYING a person who has no desire to stand on their own two feet. it is also worth noting that if you have more than one therapist, several healers, and other “support systems” that you rely on, I am probably not the person for you. those who are addicted to caregivers or advice eventually crash and burn and I do not want to be your fall guy.

as far as small but important updates…what a time we are in! what I will say is this: if you questioned me before, because you were putting me at odds with the corrupt and lying mainstream media, you are probably now starting to question THAT. yes, I could feel a number of people suddenly “withdrawing” their positive feelings about me, simply because I counter/ed the mainstream narrative. my response to you is this: WAKE UP. also, my work with you does not disappear just because you think you have different “political” (lol) opinions than me. there is NOTHING political about what is going on right now, and THAT IS THE POINT. politics is the disguise in which it is being carried. you are going to find out that I AM RIGHT. this isn’t a hope, a belief, or a wish — IT IS A KNOWING. cognitive dissonance is a DISEASE. and many are suffering from it. if you cursed me out in your head because you were brainwashed before but now you are (hopefully) waking up, then you can join my locals platform and re-ingratiate yourself in an amazing community. it nearly blows my mind that people could trust me with their stage four cancer or illness, their fertility, or some other MAJOR issue but not something as simple as world events! this is serious, folks! it is the human ego at its VERY MOST ARROGANT as well, to assume that it has lived the same life experience as other people who offer a different view/perspective i.e. truth. do you think I was born yesterday? not only am I a grown woman, but please read my bios again. all of them. I’ve seen things firsthand that would make your head spin. question what you know. this is the first step to becoming actually awake. my confidence has come via EXPERIENCE — it is NOT my nature. I have questioned myself so many times throughout my lifetime, that I would NEVER have gotten to where I am and the understanding and experience that I have without it. and now I am here. put your ego to the side for just a moment — for your own wellbeing.

those who are calling to work with me, please make sure that you have read the books and most of my blog already. also, ANY new work that I take on starts at five and six figures. it’s just what it is, given the amount of time, energy and expertise that goes into this. and I’ll say it again…no one is offering what I offer. no one. so, if you are looking for something regular please know that there are PLENTY of options for you. we will do something very different together, if you want to go all-in. I also encourage you to be open to meeting in person at this time — nothing beats it and I am going to revert to doing only in-person work except for legacy patients/clients whom I will work with at an hourly fee (the holiday special is now expired, by the way) pending availability. in addition, if you are considering leaving your ridiculous city at this time, perhaps it is a great excuse to travel and see how it feels to be somewhere else. hint hint: people are leaving collapsing cities for environments that are thriving in all ways…people, jobs, climate, laws, innovation, and so on.

to schedule with me or inquire about scheduling with me, please leave a voicemail on the business line 917.985.1221. no emails. it is also important to note that I do not reply/send from my old email address, so if you email me there and I either have not seen it or do not respond then that is why!

I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! this is going to be a year unlike any other — different from last year, too. I am so glad to be entering the newer ages at this time. we have never seen anything like this in our lifetimes, and chaos just always precedes new and exciting creation. get ready!

p.s. I have also just started using Parler (mainly to post my articles and re-establish an internet presence post my 2017 insane censorship) — my handles are always @healingelaine or @arynelaine; one is for business and one is more so for personal. though I still have my big tech profiles such as instagram and facebook, I have stopped engaging altogether on facebook and I don’t open comments on instagram (pretty much never have!). locals is great because I do engage, and there is a much cleaner feeling to that platform than any of the big techs.