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“Failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one arena I believed I truly belonged.” – J.K. Rowling



I solve problems for people that no other person, clinician, or otherwise “expert” could solve for them. I treat physicians, therapists, and executives who are top in their field. My vetting process is found on this page, and by following my protocol.

This work specifically ties together the bridge between your unconscious mind and everything that appears in your waking life: emotionally, psychologically, physically, tangibly and otherwise. I am currently working on The Energy Mavericks® (TEM®), as well as this new offering, but also occasionally still working on areas described in my Services section; please read this page in its entirety prior to reaching out with any inquiry. Please consider joining my Healing Elaine® locals community at healingelaine.locals.com to stay connected off of the big tech grid, and for exclusive content, updates and connection.

“You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve”― Elon Musk

Healing Elaine® offers consulting and unexampled life force therapy in unchartered format, treating those at a serious crossroad/conundrum, Bridging the Gap Between Medical & Spiritual®. My work comes at a premium. You will not find even one other person offering anything close to what I offer. I say this as simply a matter of fact. If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill healer or consultant or therapist, please find one. There is no measure for what I have been able to achieve with my clients/patients, and I trade off a massive part of my life force and energy to accomplish this. Working with roughly two thousand individuals on the deepest of human levels and spending upwards of 100,000 hours harnessing my personal craft is not something that can be taught, and I take it seriously. If you are right for my work, you will already understand this.

I do not do hourly consults for new patients or clients.

Please read through this website’s blog, Bio, and how to book sections prior to calling the office at (917) 985-1221 (current as of March 2019) to inquire about a session or workshop. My prerequisite books to any session or workshop or event are Power Versus Force by Hawkins, Dancing The Dream by Sams, and most recently People of the Lie by Peck. Please do not call the office before reading all three books. Reading the books does not guarantee a returned phone call, session booking, or a meeting of any sort. Not all calls will be returned – *this is not a reflection of the value or importance of the caller*.  

Please also note, if you are a prior patient, that I ONLY send updates about my business via this website and blog. I never send promotions, spam emails, specials, offers, or ANYTHING of the kind off of my website — if you are receiving communications from anyone claiming to be me, please record the information and send it to me via phone or email. I no longer communicate with patients via the old email that I have had which is not a protonmail email. In 2017, when my websites were stolen, I was impersonated and someone was selling my eBooklets and blog posts on a scam site. If you are a former patient and you would like to connect with me, you may leave a voicemail on the business line at 917.985.1221, follow my social media handles, and join my locals community. Please keep in mind that big tech social media is not secure, and can be hacked.


My sessions are programs designed for longevity and they are different from those of the typical healer or consultant. They run roughly 5 hours in person, but that is just the beginning of the journey. I offer a LOT of information – much of which is copyrighted throughout this website and blog, in my eBooklets, and much of which I have not yet written about. Prior to your session, I literally absorb your physiological state; this is something that has happened to me since birth, though it was much later in life that I could understand/interpret it (feel free to check out my blog post about what happens to me before, during and after a session). What this means is that I begin working with someone the moment that we schedule a session, and I get hit with the “symptoms” of that session often many weeks prior to even speaking or connecting with that person. Many people experience physical symptoms or other “synchronistic” symptoms long before they make it through my door. At the beginning of your session, I spend hours doing a deep intake — I will write out your (often, as well, nuclear family or people close to you) first, middle and last name on a piece of paper. With this, I am able to further and immediately intuit a lot about your personal make-up, your life in general, your personal strengths and so on. I see the blueprint of your life where time is an illusion — past-present-future is all rolled into one. We will dialogue about many things, as well as things you are looking to change or improve in your life. It is a boundless discussion/exchange.

When I have incorporated hands-on or hands-hovering healing to my work, this is how it would go:

The actual laying down portion of the session can be when some of the obvious physical downloads/shifts take place; you will lay palms up on my table and I will scan your physical auric field with my hand hovering over you. My hand is like a metal detector – it will pick up physical trauma (i.e. broken bones, injuries), energetic blocks (which take the form of illness – intestinal issues, kidney stones, acid reflux, etc) and emotional blocks (which often manifest in a physical form of dis-ease) — just as I was able to do prior to and during the beginning of your session, though it is now intensified. Just like we are able to feel/experience the emotions of a person or animal who we witness being in pain (called empathy), I am able to feel and absorb any pain or blockages in you. I pull this energy out through your chakras (there are multiple energy points on the body called chakras) like a vacuum. many different things can happen during this time – some people release tears, some laugh, some become so deeply relaxed they are almost asleep, and some feel nearly nothing (this is rare). I have had miraculous sessions with people who note that this point in the session was the most profound for them, and also others who noted their breakthroughs during the conversation portion of the session, and then others whom the entire session resonated with much later. I am well-versed in soul retrievals, and incorporate them into my session; I also incorporate past-life healing and “uncording”. After I am done pulling dead energy, transmuting what you do not need, transmuting karmic feelings (in both the mental and feeling states) and helping you circulate fresh energy through your chakras, you may feel “spaced out” or “blank”. When you leave, the session is not “over”… in fact, it is just beginning. If you would like to hear about some personal experiences people have had with me, I have a vast list of patients spanning various backgrounds and professions who have written or recorded testimonials about our work together. It is important to me that this is the 100% perfect session for you prior to working together.

**In addition to my healing, consulting and intuitive counseling work, I have worked with handi-capable individuals with cerebral palsy for several years. I have worked with two non-profit organizations (as both a volunteer and employee) that cater to special needs, and I have worked in-house at UCP of NYC as a Habilitation Specialist**

Healing Elaine® / Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine / Elaine is a Reiki Practitioner and Ordained Minister, but is not a doctor, dietitian, or psychotherapist. Her advice, workshops and healing sessions are considered supplementary in nature and should not be a replacement for conventional medicine. Please consult your doctor or other licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailments you may be suffering or think you may have. By attending any seminar, class or session provided by Healing Elaine® / Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine / Elaine, you acknowledge that in no event will Healing Elaine® / Energy Medicine & Reiki Therapy by Elaine / Elaine be liable in any way directly or indirectly for damages resulting from information, data, classes or healing sessions provided or for the loss of profits through the use or misuse of said information and data, either via its use, negligence or other actions.

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