Healing Elaine®’s PE™: Pediatric Energy® (updates)

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last October 2017 when I launched PE™ (Pediatric Energy®), I posted about my desire and discussions with quantitative medicine and clinical MDs to establish wellness initiatives for children. as this is not my only area of focus, it has taken some time and marinating to expand upon. in addition, it has taken me time to meet and vet professionals best-suited to develop collaborations or partnerships with on this front. I have big dreams for energy work and wellness as it pertains to children! while the collaborations and partnerships (spanning several industries) I am most interested in take shape, and I continue to have successful (and frankly for me, these are often my most exciting cases) fertility cases, PE™ as a whole has grown — conceptually and tangibly. in short, PE™ uses dialogue, meditation, reiki and earth elements to balance a mind-body-spirit connection for children.

upon my exit from college, for a time, and then again throughout 2011 and 2012, I worked with handicapable and underserved children. some of it was straight pro-bono / volunteer work, and some of it was salaried employee work depending on the timing. early on, I was a marketing professional and I spent some of my free time with those with disabilities. later on, I worked as a volunteer alongside the resident psychologist at one organization and assisted him with curriculum development and tangible execution of such. after that, I was a salaried Habilitation Specialist and classroom teacher for adolescents and adults (all the while launching Healing Elaine®).

when I was in full swing with private one-on-one sessions for Healing Elaine®, I began attracting fertility cases right away. as I successfully worked with dozens of specific mystery cases in which medical professionals had already been on the scene for, the bridge between medical and spiritual became even clearer for me. I began to understand further, the dissonance between the sovereign energy of a hopeful parent and soon-to-be incarnate soul of their child — and how to bridge that. the same was true for the children I had worked with in the past as well as children of patients of mine or children AS patients of mine: there was/is a gap between their energy field and that of their immediate caretakers, or the person(s) whom they spend the most time with. effectively bridging that gap is paramount to all things wellness for the child.

one might refer to the above gap simply as communication. we communicate in different ways, to one another, all day long. the most important part of communication is not verbal. so, then, what are we saying to one another — to our children and vice versa — all day long? HOW are we saying things to one another, non-verbally and otherwise? energy is transferred in a multitude of ways. these ways are important to understand so that we may best manage them hence our energy/wellness and that of our children. and this is where my work comes in.

although it looks different on the surface (I probably won’t have a deeply philosophical or psychological conversation with a child, whereas it’s MUCH of what I do with an adult during a session), I am still bridging the gap for them to positively isolate their energy field while also acclimating and then bridging to the energies around them. while these are mainly trade secrets (and I have an article coming out about my work with children, so there may be a bit more info in there and before my website goes up, which is currently a redirect: www.pediatricenergymedicine.com), I will say that children are more sensitive than ever and they absorb everything around them at lightning paces. given this, it is important to connect them to 1) their own thoughts/beliefs 2) their creativity 3) ionizing and earth elements.

now more than ever, and I explain this due to simple human evolution, children are drawn to and NEED high-vibrating aka love vibrations. this can best be expressed through an emotional or non-verbal state, from one person to the next. this is why animals and children are so drawn to one another. as the earth’s energy increases and speeds up, so does the natural set point of the intrinsic mechanics of a newly made human being (child). I was initially surprised at the number of vegan (due to a natural aversion or intolerance to meat and dairy) kids I met. if we think about this in basic energetic terms, there is less density in plants and live foods. this lends itself, also, to wellness. along with food choices, I also noticed an increased interest in earth elements like water, stones and crystals. the babies and children drawn to these things aren’t on trend; they are on kinesiology. and they are going to lead the wellness movement beyond trend…

in the past year alone, the calls I receive from parents about their child and their interest in me working with their child have increased three-fold. I am not sure whether this is a result of them reading about my PEM™ service that I officially launched one year ago, or whether the burgeoning wellness sector as it relates children is to thank. it is my belief that as we outgrow old ways of doing things in many fields/industries, we will open further and also rapidly, to developing wellness and mindfulness programs for our youth — starting as early as possible. meditation, and things like yoga, and creative-mind nurturing are crucial for children. energy work in general, for example reiki, is great for babies (even fertility) and children, but the right practitioner and match is CRUCIAL. it is still like the Wild Wild West out there in terms of the fact that ANYONE can call themselves an energy worker. we need to be sure that energies are actually being balanced — not incorrectly absorbed, on either side. and while the good news is that energy medicine as a concept and field does continue to grow and expand, new and vetted structures will assemble themselves so that we may not only offer but continue building a bridge for our children who will eventually go on to lead our planet in a very short time.

as always, please see my about and bio sections, as well as get a feel for my blog if you are interested in reaching out for any service. lately when I work with a child, it has been through developing a program first with their parent or caretaker for that parent or caretaker (hence working with the entire family dynamic in tandem) — and those are born from long, specialized one-on-one sessions with an individual. we may address and then explain a variety of concerns and solutions for things like autism, Asperger’s, or other diagnoses or undiagnosed dispositions. it is my desire to continue working with collaborators (brands, companies and individuals) who are invested in kids in any positive way: through positive imaging, branding and messaging, through educational reform, through wellness program implementation in schools and institutions, through unique workshops, and through simply spreading the word that children and wellness are actually synonymous with one another. now watch, as the wellness sector as it relates to children explodes in the best way.


below, a quick clip from a great kid on soul-body connection


Healing Elaine® general updates: my recent workshop, collaborations with MDs/pediatricians, & more

photo by Pia Oyarzun, Nassau, Bahamas

this past weekend I held my first public workshop (I say public, because in the past I have done a few small private group things, intent on staying beneath the radar for anything group). the entire group was — amazing. my initial concern with doing a larger public workshop was the same as it has always been: how do I quantify, and how do I help others quantify, what exactly they are receiving? — in terms of both information, and “energy”. well, this group needed no follow-up explanation at all. here is why.

first of all, everyone was familiar with my writings. this was important, firstly, because I articulate that which is mostly intangible. I do my best to explain the intangible THROUGH MY EXPERIENCE and my experience with others, versus reading about it and then summing up 3rd party thoughts. I am as real as possible about the unexplainable realms that we live in, because I am acutely aware of the skeptical mindset that accompanies them. nevermind many of my earlier experiences on this planet that were “other”, the experiences that I have with others in my sessions that ARE other are shared by two conscious parties, and that adds credibility. so, going back to the workshop, it was my first time at the rodeo where it was not an intense one-on-one that I would then measure specifically and know what could be placebo or affected by another party. but, what is as close to fact as can be measured in this group setting, is that the same “symptoms” were reported before, during and after the event by each and every person, at some stage in the 24-48 hours accompanying it before and after. right in line with what I always interpret and then hear from folks I work with. basically, my work across the board, as experienced by another person, follows a particular model no matter who, when, or how many of the “who” there are working with me. the familiarity that each person had with my writings did assist them in understanding what it was they were feeling, might be feeling or would be feeling, which was palpable in feeling regardless of my explanation. but the context for such did help and does help. it’s like an equation. at the end of the day, the intangible realms and intangible “energy” work has little context for fact, proof or science — and I would like for that to change. I am contributing to that change, actively, every chance I have.

we dialogued about many different things during the workshop. as I usually am during my one-on-one sessions, I was blown away by the individual power, love, openness, intelligence and honor of each person who attended. and as usual, no one was a tree-hugging hippy or drifter without a “normal” or somewhat conventional life by way of education, pursuit of a goal, and a sound mind. we got specific about many of the topics I cover in my blog and eBooklets. there was a natural course and flow to the 7-8 hour conversation. and, I am not a “prep” person. I struggle with outlining some kind of speech and dropping it onto a group of people without an organic calling for such (conversely, this is where my upcoming book will become important for those who have never even heard the phrase “energy work” before). I have personally lived and witnessed every topic that was discussed at the event, so what kind of “prep” could I really do except be present and channel for each question and theme that came through? the space that we were in was incredible, and they happen to have state of the art equipment for vibroacoustic therapies that is used by holistic doctors. this was an excellent addition to the long event, because people could pop into a sound healing bed for 15minute attunements whenever they felt like it.

I am excited to do more events, larger events, such as this one. everyone received a summary of notes from the event, despite the fact that it was a conglomeration of everything I have already written about — because the fact of the matter is, topics expand and new legs of information or refining information arises when new and additional people are involved in the experience and conversation. as per today, I think we are all processing the bottom lines from the event — physiologically across the board! I enjoyed writing the event notes as they pertained to the specific group I had.

it has long been my desire to collaborate with medical professionals and respected and achieved persons in traditional medicine and science, because society accepts what they have to say far easier than they will even consider what I have to say. a piece of paper still means a lot these days. and, the experience that a medical doctor or scientist has after a decade or more of clinical schooling is surely to be respected and admired! when I have worked with these professionals because they have come to me for help, I find that the only thing left to do is “turn on” their left side — their intuitive side, the side that their strict schooling and professional environment has worked to shut down because it does not provide substantial evidence. well, right now, across the board, we are seeing a bridge due to our tiny planet’s position through time and space (in the universe, in the galaxy) and how THAT position is changing. this bridge is my tagline: bridging the gap between medical & spiritual ™. my desire to blend these two worlds began when I dropped my psych degree many years ago. now, I am actively blending the two. so when I pair with a talented individual in science or medicine, it is like the left side of a body and right side of a body coming together to create something completely cohesive. we can fill gaps that have never been filled before, both logistically and tangibly.

I am excited to announce my beginning collaborations (such as PE – Pediatric Energy™ – website under construction) with traditional, clinical doctors, pediatricians and practitioners whom I have known now for a very special period of time through my own work in healing and bridging the gap. there have been a range of individuals over the years, who have approached me for collaborations — some in medicine, some in other fields. but the thing with that is, everything has to be in line and feel in line to move forward with such a huge initiative and investment of time between people. timing is key. same page is key. and while technically this merging of my practice with traditional medicine could have taken place 5 years ago, the gestation period that has landed that merger where it is now and with who it is now was super important. also, people were super not ready! I saw and felt across the board with the many industries I work with that they were not ready. most people I work with are still afraid or timid about telling their peers or coworkers of their experience with me. and on that note, every month that ticks by, I see more and more people ready. in a nutshell my collaborations with medical persons will support and cater to hypersensitive and often misdiagnosed young people on our planet. it will cater to our future. it will cater to what is ready to hear and feel and integrate something beyond traditional medicine, but taking into account the studies and confines of traditional medicine as well. oh boy!

on the note of people finally being “ready” to accept the formerly unacceptable or “unseeable” in life until very recently, other imminent game-changing partnerships that have come my way as they relate to integrating my healing modality and “facts” about the unseen (as they relate to each of us physically, emotionally and psychologically) are ready for lift-off. I will again be somewhat elusive about the particulars until they are publicly announced (being careful with legality, basically), but I’m so excited about this that I had to include it as an update. what this looks like is my idea and platform for incorporating the woo-woo in the most linear and conservative environments on our planet to maximize output and, by default, increase awareness and measure of “other” in a way that would have been impossible to do 10 years ago in a particular industry because — we simply were not ready. just like we were not ready to put a man on the moon until a certain time, and we were not ready to discover other continents until a certain time, and we were not ready to accept certain technology until a certain time. it. is. all. changing. now.

as for my personal offerings to others, I have considered something new and random — doing 90min pop-up healings at different locations which I feel support my longer-term initiatives. again, I could have been the “reiki” person at xyz hotel or xyz business years ago, but I could not see the value as it would relate to my specific way of working and measuring. since my traditional general one-one-one sessions (which are about 6-8 hours in person, and encompass at least a month of remote healing sessions, written correspondence and conversations) are extremely few and far between now, I will be offering a less in-depth pop up day here and there. perhaps as early as this week. I will book as best I can, on a limited basis due to how many hours there are in one day. these pop-up sessions will mimic my traditional style of working with someone, but will not include the time or follow-up associated with what has been as of late in my sessions. I will pop my next pop-up on this blog, and include specific booking instructions. please follow the specific instructions included in my blog for an appointment (as referenced here) or workshop. I will do more events/talks, too. at this time, I want to engage in as many new ways as possible, with communities that are on par with my modality and understanding of eastern meets western integrative healing and psychology as it relates to the body, mind and spirit. I will still offer super luxury sessions on a very limited basis, and my timing with those is specific because there are still foundations I am building and do not want to lose focus with (taking on a super luxury session would be all-consuming) in terms of bridging conventional medicine and linear environments that are desperate for “other” whether they realize it or not.

thank you for reading this stream of consciousness update! the momentum has kept me up with excitement very late at night, nearly all nights for the past week.