Patient: “Lana”, Session 1 – one of Healing Elaine®’s first “Many Lives Many Masters”-esque patient experiences

The name Lana is a pseudonym, ensuring patient confidentiality. The following experience is written from my vantage point, that of the medical intuitive/healer (aka Spiritual Crime Solver!). Typically, patients come to me with one or several reasons as to why they need my help. Upon examining them, many things happen…and they often walk out with answers they didn’t realize they were looking for in the first place.

I met Lana in my Columbus Circle office in 2013. Like a number of other folks, she had come across my website and became generally interested, hoping to address her life’s purpose and issues with procrastination as well as general disinterest in her then corporate career. She didn’t have the usual pressing crisis, such as an impossible interpersonal relationship or undying stress. Lana felt a general malaise. In addition, Lana was what I call a “non-believer” — someone who is quite quantitative and linear in thought, operating from what I call the “programmed” world. She was acutely intelligent, multifaceted/talented, multilingual, healthy, zesty and mid-thirties.

As we sat down and began talking, I followed my “standard” protocol, which consists of both internal and external physiological self-inventory; this type of self-inventory is what describes the patient’s actual disposition, whether they are consciously or only subconsciously aware of it. I felt an initial cloudiness in my own thoughts (reflecting a current state of Lana’s) as well as a subsequent difficulty articulating some of the more “other-worldly” and metaphysical concepts by which I both approach and “tune into” another person’s life. It was at this point that I would attempt to articulate the disposition I had that entire day — from the time I woke up — in preparation and awareness of Lana’s session.

I neglected to physically record much of my aforereferenced disposition on that day, so some of it will be missing from this session share. However I remember waking up the morning of this session and feeling as though I had to somehow brilliantly bridge an ivy league, scientific, cognitive mind with an ethereal, yogic, shamanic metaphysical mind. Not an uncommon experience for me, it felt like two different worlds (as well as sides of the brain) were expected to collide for me in order to demonstrate a rational, evidential explanation and solution for my patient that would not only expand her consciousness, but address underlying dormant issues as well as create tangible solutions. That feeling only increased as we sat down together during “intake”. The intake aspect of my sessions can last anywhere from 2-3.5 hours, and it consists of turning over every stone in that person’s life and looking at it from the combined and well-integrated following types of angles: clairsensient/clairvoyant/clairaudient (as those “unseen” angles are where my first point of awareness draws from), logical/intellectual/cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual.

When a person like myself — who is versed in and immersed in the metaphysical and energetic fields — sits down for the first time with someone who has never heard the terms or notions of the metaphysical, energetic or even holistic fields, it can be overwhelming for the person (in this case, the patient). As I asked Lana questions such as the names of her immediate family members, friends and past significant others, I was as usual downloaded with the feeling as if I knew them and they were right in the room beside us. I recall asking more questions than giving information, so as not to put her off given that this was her first experience. We talked for miles about her general dissatisfaction in this life as it related to her career, soul’s purpose and hypothetical but not-as-important romantic livelihood. I could see immediately that she was like so many others I had met — she fit in with her colleagues at work and her friends, but yet she was different. Exactly how different I had yet to explain or show her, but her purpose was different. Her purpose was unconventional, at least in comparison to the linear life she had carved out for herself. When I begin to explain to someone for the first time of what I see that lies beneath, in their soul, I prepare for resistance or fear; resistance and fear are normal reactions, but in my practice with the patients I choose to work with they are minimal in degree. I saw immediately that she was a wise, wise soul that had been living dormant within a human body. I explained that to her in so many words, and she did not reject this notion. I might add that she was/is not gullible, naive or weak in any sense of those words; in fact, she is quite the opposite. I did, though, feel as well that given her high-intellect and capability for reasoning (given her own learned and programmed basis for such) it would take something close to miraculous to convince her of her unconventional and, for lack of a better word coming to mind right now, honorable imminent post in this lifetime of hers. It would be this post-taking, I knew, that would change her life; if I could just Open Her Eyes…

After we spoke for miles as I do with all of my patients, she laid down for our energy work. I approach each patient differently, mostly through unexplainable guidance/intuition and experience. As I began “working” on her, my hand was immediately drawn from the chakra point of her third eye to her actual eyes. When someone is on the verge of opening their third eye and spirit wants me to help them along, I feel it strongly and know it strongly. As I worked on her third eye, my hand could not stay in place for more than a second before being pulled over her actual eyes. It was in this location that I felt lightning bolts of energy shooting through the middle of my hand. This normally happens to me during a session in a myriad of ways, but this type of pull was different — and it was accompanied by a passing voice (not an audible/hallucinatory voice, but a voice in one’s own head that passes as a mere thought or idea). This voice became louder as it said “Make Her See… Open Her Eyes…”. At this point in my practice, I might have normally written this off as an overactive mind on my part…but the forceful pull of her actual eyes to my hand and the recurring voice activated a profound curiosity in me. Simultaneously, I began to see an old, wise man…a sage, a shaman, a person of knowledge. I blinked several times to recognize her actual face from this lifetime, as it seemed to vacillate back and forth between Lana’s face and an image of a seer from another time. I completed the energy work on the rest of her physical body and let her “wake up” when I was done. She had not gone “under” into another realm, nor was that my intention, but going under is quite a common theme that my patients experience – even first-timers.

As Lana came-to, we discussed other important and solution-relevant aspects of the energy work that would fuel her tangible steps in addressing what plagued her (as discovered during intake). She seemed intrigued by the energy work in general, as she experienced the relaxing and detoxifying symptoms that are associated with my work. Given her very limited background on absolutely everything I have written here, I was initially hesitant to tell her about the loud physical and ethereal experience I had with her eyes. At the last moment, I told her “this may not make sense, but I can not stop thinking about this…and it may make sense to you long down the road, but I have to say this…” and then I told her about what I had felt during our 1.5 hours of energy work. She became pensive for a bit and then paused, telling me “well…this is going to sound strange…” (nothing at Reiki Therapy by Elaine sounds strange!) “but for the first time ever, I went to a psychic early this year…and she told me that I had been a wise, old, blind seer in my past life”. I was stunned. As I looked at her, we both recognized the significance of this experience, initially me more so than her. As I attempt here to re-state the experiences of that day in writing, there is no justice done to credit the loud and raw nature of the message that spirit was sending to me/us.

I am not certain what part of our session drew her back in to see me at least half a dozen more times, but I have to believe it was the mutual experience related to her eyes. I know that had that not happened, I may have never seen her again. Since that day, while working together numerous times now, she has pursued multiple paths toward higher learning in the energy medicine, shamanistic, holistic chiropractic, holistic healing and metaphysical worlds. Not-so-ironically, she is obtaining a high-level psychotherapeutic degree while pursuing the polar opposite of “mainstream” cognitive development and healing. I continue to see her a year and a half later, and she looks like the weight of the world has left her shoulders…her subconscious mind and soul have spoken and been heard. The world is about to birth a “new” true leader and bridge between current old-world medicine and psychotherapy, and modern cutting-edge intuitive energetic therapy.

Brian Weiss’ book “Many Lives Many Masters” suddenly makes all of the sense in the world to me – in first-person experience. This would not be my last experience, or even the most profound, with a seasoned soul, gregariously poking through it’s current human vessel.