booking a session with me: how

I want to briefly outline a few or more of the particulars of my session.

first, I have been trimming down the number of general public sessions I am taking because the time in each has expanded into many hours and many weeks of work. there is only so much time in a day, week or month.

second, as my session is incredibly long and always evolving, I do not work the way anyone else does. I don’t know how to. therefore this does NOT mean it is the best session for everyone. there is someone for everyone.

third, the QUANTIFIABLE TIME ONLY (my in-person session and subsequent remotes) of my session used to follow (until January 2020) a very standard hourly rate. that said, I still go above and beyond the quantifiable time. in some cases, I have spent far upwards of many weeks working toward preparing for just one person (including days of prep work, self-detox/release work and so on – related to this, please read my blog about what happens to me before/during/after a session). I do not do this work because it is a “job” or because I can earn income. I do it with intention, purpose, caution (discerning who the session is right for and when), and love. I am bringing a person into the chambers of my heart and personal life. this is why I can go far beyond the parameters or boundaries of what a medical doctor or traditional psychotherapist or the like is able to. if you are expecting a one or two or even three hour fee for my session, you will be best suited to book something with one of my patients whom I helped and now has their own practice (listed on my social media under references or my youtube channel). I have done and continue to do a fair share of pro bono and volunteer work for and with exceptional cases. there are many other practitioners out there who can help someone who can not take a session with me. it is also not my responsibility to work with everyone just because I have decided to crack open my heart and mind and share it for a living.

fourth, keep in mind that it is an INTENSE session – to say the least (and has grown more intense over the last few years, and it grows and expands every couple of months). it requires patience. even for, and actually especially for, the incredibly functional and experienced psychologists/psychoanalysts/MDs etc whom I treat. and, just because you may have had reiki or “energy work” etc before, does not mean you will have a similar experience with me. I use the word “reiki” because everyone seems to be familiar with that word. what I do goes far beyond that in both conversation and actual in person work, and before and after quantifiable work on behalf of the patient. it is not something one should “try out”. at least not with me. it is usually a resounding gut feeling in the person who commits to a session with me that causes them to see me, and that is perfect because the last thing I will do is “sell” a session – in fact I’m more known to talk folks out of one. my patient Michael, who did a video testimonial for me and whom I stay friendly with and in contact with, gets a real kick out of the fact that I do anything but suggest or sell a session. he says I need a business sales manager. ha. but he understands as well as anyone I’ve seen as to why my approach is what it is. it’s not even an approach, but rather a natural and honest way of relating information to a potential patient. this type of commitment has to come fully from the potential patient. my 50% in our coming together is sniffing out whether they are right for the session, and their 50% in our coming together is sniffing out whether the time is right for the session.

fifth, how to book a session with me: if you are serious about booking a session, please read the entirety of my website. please order the prerequisite books prior to calling me. you will need to feel a connection to the material in each book. I can and will answer all of your many questions if/when we speak on the phone. intangible work and advisory work is very personal – therefore whether you want to book with me or someone else, it is important to fully research the process and understand what you are getting and why. after you have done this, please leave a simple voicemail on the business line (917) 985-1221 (current number as of March 2019) with only your first name – not your story or backstory – and the fact that you have picked up and either read or started reading all of the books. in the past, I received so many calls (upwards of 200 per week — and what a glorious and fortunate time that was, before my website theft and subsequent shadowbanning that came for me in 2017) and with so little relative time, that I simply work with a gut intuition as to how to triage my list. it does NOT mean that one person is better than the next, or more important (I also sincerely appreciate people who actually follow my protocol and read the books in advance prior to calling – it says a lot about who would be willing to do the actual work to walk with me to change their life). everyone I communicate with is simply divine guidance/intuition on my part. if I have not called you back, it does not mean that I do not want to see you (note that it is also helpful that you read and follow my protocol if you are hoping for a callback). if you have left only one voicemail and are concerned that your message has been lost (it does happen), leave another one about one week later with, again, just your first name, phone number, and the fact that you have the books. finally, I wish I could take a session every day back to back and accommodate everyone who has ever needed help with anything — I can not and do not do so for all of the above reasons, and my health takes a hit for each session anyhow (no matter how amazing a person is). that said, my prep and release work around a session is intense. if/when we speak, please do not dive right in and tell me all about yourself or why you are calling – I can already feel and sense so, so much. please also do not ask me to cold read you over the phone. I will not, unless something is screaming at me and I am guided to do so.

I am honored to do this work, particularly during these VERY progressive times on our planet in general, as well as in the medical/alternative medicine/unseen realms.

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