there is no such thing as competition. I repeat: there is no such thing as competition.

photo by Babita Patel

now, I know I came out of the womb a bit different. but I didn’t always think that was a good thing. for years in my youth, I was just hoping to feel like (even to look like) “everyone else”. it was years later when I started to see that maybe my “imperfections” were my selling points and my “curses” might be my blessings.

the first thing is, that there is no such thing as “everyone else”. we see ourselves as different or separate than or less than when we can NOT face our gifts. what appears to separate us makes us special, but there truly is no separation to begin with. and though we are all connected (what we do to others we do to ourselves, and what we do for ourselves we do for others), NO TWO SNOWFLAKES ARE THE SAME. if they were, and if two people were the same, we would fail to have a world in the first place. each of us makes up a piece of the helix of a DNA strand. if only some of us are shining because we are focused on what makes OTHERS shine, we affect ourselves and the group at large.

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