uncut random updates and thoughts in no particular order:

yesterday/last night I had one of those sessions that you just know is going to change the planet, the way people think, due to the nature of it and the person I had the pleasure of working with. it became even clearer to me that a LOT of people are waking up, leaving their old lives behind, living authentically, and saying F you to fear/keeping up appearances, doing things they don’t enjoy any longer. it also became apparent that the number of people I see who happen to be in positions of “access”, who are using it for goodness and awareness of the very things I discuss in all of my sessions, is off the charts. when I finally assemble all of these people down the road, it is going to make for some VERY interesting global panels and talks. the potential is…there are no words for what is being created right now behind the scenes via my practice.

in addition, I am tired today. I posted a while back a blog about what happens to me before, during and after a session. unless you are made the way I am made, it is nearly impossible to understand what happens to me during simply returning phone calls or taking on the session and the aftermath. it is a BEAUTIFUL thing, and it is also something that I take through my entire being, fully. when I work with a new person, I absorb all of the things they haven’t been able to let go of, and I absorb all of the things they potentially won’t let go of. this is not an issue for me, it’s how I’m made, and it’s how I expect the process to go. it is to say, however, that each person I see, I literally feel every nuance of their process. often I take a week or so in between sessions so that I can quietly work on that person’s energy field. I often sleep 12 hours a night to stay at the top of my game. this helps me help the other person directly and indirectly. it is so important to me to keep attracting people who are ready to rock and roll and go into the trenches with me. I will also say that when I sleep 12 hours per night, it is often after being awake until 4am returning emails, decompressing after an in person session or a remote, etc. then I do a massive physical detox and jam my body with good food and drink. my time becomes very limited due to my work, and this is one of the reasons I will be ending public sessions soon and focusing on more of a niche behind the scenes that will allow me the freedom to do fewer sessions and focus on multimedia more again. I love what I do…I wouldn’t change anything…I just thought I would express what goes on for me on my end, and why I am often not available to socialize with some of the people I have connected with outside of my session work.

next, I notice a DIRECT correlation between those who carry an attitude of MASSIVE gratitude, and their healing process. I also notice a direct correlation between those who carry a massive attitude of gratitude and the TRAUMA they have endured. the trauma has often made them more empathetic than the average person. when I used to see people who complained all of the time in life, I would always think or even sometimes say to them “well maybe you haven’t had it bad enough then”. it’s true. I think about the times I felt really crappy about my life, and all I did in effort to stay in gratitude was work with people who had it WAY worse than me. WAY worse. boy did this give me an added perspective, AND a bigger heart. working with non verbal and physically immobile adults was a real reality check, and it opened my heart even further. the quickest way to healing is through GRATITUDE. self-focus and blame is the fastest way to a regression. EVERY single person who has done a video testimonial for me could not be more grateful in general. these are people who consistently checked up on ME after our session (imagine that) and were just the most thankful in general, even if their processes were not perfect. it doesn’t mean they are better than those of us who don’t feel that way, but it does show a correlation between the ultimate success of their process and their hearts. opening the heart, moving away from self-focus, and considering how it is possible to improve the life of another will surely point us in the best direction…

finally, I am just very excited about what the future holds for the movement I am either part of or pioneering. there is a massive bridge being built right now between healthcare, science, medicine, technology, finance, and media. I have the pleasure of seeing people who are at the tip top of each of these fields, and the breaking news in each field is fascinating to me. my work goes hand-in-hand with these fields in different ways and though I am not sure what that will look like in tangible terms eventually, it is forming shape as I type. many of those I have met through my work who are still figuring out their place in this world will likely be part of the things that are taking shape long-term…the excitement around this is incredible. I want to be a bigger launching pad for the people I have seen.

that’s about it for the moment.


in a world full of chaos and discord, why are you still playing by the “rules”? and who are you allowing into your life who does not love and honor you? there’s no more time to waste

in a world full of chaos and discord, why are you still playing by the “rules”? and who are you allowing into your life who does not love and honor you? there’s no more time to waste

when I came out of the closet with my practice, into the public arena, in roughly 2011, it couldn’t have been timed any better. inside of myself, I had been imploding as I resisted putting my heart and soul on the line for “everyone” to see. a lot of the resistance I held inside of myself was based on “public opinion”. what does that even mean? I don’t know. without going into detail and explanation over the monumental collective social, economic, political and otherwise changes we have been experiencing at a rapid pace since 2008 in particular, 2011 was the perfect time for me, personally, to reveal my inner world to the outer world. I do not believe that the potential for the practice that I have now (especially in terms of successfully combining medical / science and intangible / spiritual) in 2016 was there for me or the world 10 years ago. so much has changed, exploded, evaporated and so on. old systems began breakdowns a while ago, but our current climate is ripe with evidence of the aftermath of those breakdowns. as a result, many people who would not have been previously open to the intangible realms of my work (and that of others in my arena), are now open. mostly because they have been cracked open. but they are, nonetheless, open.

watching the collective “awaken” has been a fascinating journey for me. when I have the pleasure of working with top executives of big fives who can no longer stomach another day at their monetarily successful post and need support leaving it to CREATE SOMETHING NEW, I become very excited. when I work with single mothers who don’t have a seeming leg to stand on in society and are afraid to leave their crappy-paying but, paying, and socially acceptable job to do something they love, and fear they might be risking it ALL, I become very excited. when I work with women of color who have been sent the bullshit message that they are just lucky to have had the opportunity for good educations and hence decent paying jobs, yet their true calling is FAR outside the norm and definitely requires remembering the actual calling and transmission of their soul, I become very excited. when I work with housewives of very wealthy “high society” men who are cheating on them and they know it, and they have become a shell of a person yet fear leaving due to the “social shame” and potential loss of a certain lifestyle, however they can NOT go on living this way as there MUST be something better, I become very excited. and when I work with persons of child abuse who have been tricked into being as small as they can possibly be so that their voice is never heard, yet the destiny of their voice is actually MASSIVE, I become very excited. these are just a few examples of what I have the honor of encountering constantly through my work, and they are examples of people who go from playing by the “rules” to MAKING THE RULES. what IS, in fact, very fortunate about the turbulent and unchartered time we are in is the fact that it is indeed UNCHARTERED. as old structures, beliefs and systems burn to the ground, it means that many paths have been cleared for laying down new framework.

so. in a world full of chaos and discord, why would we continue to play by the rules? we don’t need to anymore. look at our collective state of affairs! the time we are in IS the crest of a new wave. things have been broken so that they can be re-presented in a cohesive, divine, more loving and true fashion. as our earth shifts into the higher dimensions, it loses all ability to carry the dead weight of the “old”, the broken and the fear-based. at the root of what is breaking off and away is fear. we are losing a layer of such, and there has NEVER been a better time on our planet to grow wings and fly. if you are even considering a new path, the time is now. it is never, NEVER going to feel like the right time – that is the point of creating a new path. leap and the net will appear. but don’t expect to see the net before you leap. believing is seeing, like it or not. many of us are feeling the core of our soul rising from within us like a volcano that will not die down. this is an indication that we need to take more risks, be more true to ourselves, be the most honest version of ourselves. being the most honest version of ourselves is not always easy, but the rewards are plentiful. what do I mean by honest? I mean honoring thySELF. honoring the soul within you. when we play by the “rules” and the rules negate our core, we are not living honestly. when we accept those into our lives who do NOT love and honor us, we are not living honestly. of course, there is difficulty in creating harmony with honoring our core self. but difficulty is experienced through the CONTRAST of such discord, and contrast equals growth when it is approached and embraced.

like the previous examples of those living in the outer world according to the “rules” of society or perceived society, nearly all of the people I see have been making unnecessary concessions around personal relationships of all kinds. we often fail to remember that we teach people how to treat us. just because someone has gotten away with treating us a certain way for a certain number of years, does not mean that they can or should be able to continue in that fashion. it is up to us to decide how we want to deal with that. people are quite aware of how they treat us, just as we are quite aware of how we treat others. depending on what a human being can get away with, they will either continue on that path or not. so, who are we allowing into our lives who does not love and honor us? throw out the logic here. throw out thinking around “this is the way it has always been…they don’t know any better”. sure they do. just as you have known the entire duration of your contact with them. it’s just that, maybe now, you don’t want to accept that dynamic anymore. maybe you know that they can not and / or will not change. if that is the case, then make the necessary adjustments. there are varying degrees of human relationships and reciprocal treatment, so it will be different based on each mutual relationship. the point is, if someone either is incapable of loving and honoring you, or they simply WILL NOT love and honor you in the way that is true for you, you don’t need them in your life. period. because there is no more time to waste.

looking at the current state of human affairs, we might notice the sincere fragility and fleeting notion of human life. it can end tomorrow. it can end right now. how do you want to spend the rest of that time? under the guise of “acceptable” societal living? in a job that makes your skin crawl? in a relationship of ANY variety that doesn’t feel or ISN’T 100% supportive? with ALL of the options out there in the human world, why not consider choosing that which matches you? let the dead, fear-based and dense energies commingle amongst themselves, why don’t you? if there is anything we should be learning from the world around us, it is that we have the RESPONSIBILITY to let go of fear. fear is what keeps us trapped in our own minds and continuing on paths that don’t serve us or anyone else. fear is not easy to let go of – that is the point of fear in the first place; fear is an initiation for true change and honest living. it’s not going to feel necessarily easy or seamless, but we have a choice. every single day we have a choice as to how we want to live, and hence how we want to be treated. when we live in fear and therefore accept that which does not deserve us, we CONTRIBUTE to the problems around us. we become victims and use fear as the excuse. when we let go of fear, we energetically give those around us permission to do the same. the only way we are ever going to help our planet level up is to be the most true versions of ourselves. anything less than that is more of the same. if you truly want to make a difference “out there”, work on letting go of inner fear. so that you can butterfly into the world differently. other people REALLY, really, need your permission right now. not everyone is as strong as you are. how many more days are we going to play by the rules? get out there, dare to stand ALONE for a bit while you let go of the phony illusions surrounding you in the form of people and places, and watch how quickly your soul group finds and supports you. if I can do it…so can you. so can you.


Liz’s video testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

Liz had a very unique experience that I would refer to as enlightenment (by way of divine intervention as experienced through unconditional love), and possibly even a walk-in soul energy braid or exchange. these are not terms I throw around lightly. this experience does not make her better than anyone else, and it doesn’t mean that everyone will have this kind of an experience either. all of our paths are timed according to divine plan. I applaud Liz for openly discussing and sharing her feelings of depression and suicide, as many people feel too much shame or fear to do so. such feelings of suicide are often indicative of a “re-birth” that can and will take place when the soul surrenders, without the physical body having to actually die. what Liz HAS done, and was willing to do, is surrender. I love her so much. her future is incredible and she didn’t even mention her burgeoning talents in the outer world that have been taking shape. I am equally grateful to have met Liz as I have had the pleasure of witnessing and learning from her on many different levels.


unexplainable pulls to a particular person: unresolved subconscious issues, or unrequited past life love? what if you’re in love with a soul who you are actually living out ANOTHER dimensional reality/lifetime with?

unexplainable pulls to a particular person: unresolved subconscious issues, or unrequited past life love? what if you’re in love with a soul who you are actually living out ANOTHER dimensional reality/lifetime with?

past life indian AH
photo by Jennifer Santaniello © Healing Elaine®

there is, indeed, the potential for confusing a soul connection/a love trapped between timelines.

now this is a tough one. a really tough one. because you might be in love with a soul that is a current fragment of an alternate reality or lifetime/timeline of which it is only there and THEN wholly present with yours. depending on the karma, awareness and chosen current lifetime, a situation may present itself where although two souls who traveled together throughout lifetimes or a very SPECIFIC lifetime are together or have met, only ONE of them may have a very strong subconscious or even conscious remembrance of the “past” (there is no such thing as past, present or future – time and space does not exist, it is an illusion formulated to accommodate the 3D experience – which is not the experience of human connection or love). in this instance, one of two things may happen:

1) one person may “awaken” the other person to their entire current soul’s essence, and the pace or timing of such may vary


2) one person may be up against another human who has “refused” to “awaken”, or simply can’t, to who they truly are and “were.”

either way, all things are as they should be. but a navigation tool for these territories would often come in handy.

these days we hear a lot about “twin flame theory”. I am not going to touch that subject here. what I am going to touch on, tap on, pull on, dive into and engulf us in is the thing that makes me feel many of the things that the twin theory suggests, the thing that makes me beg the question: are unexplainable pulls to a particular person unresolved subconscious issues from childhood, or are they, in fact, unrequited past life puzzle pieces? perhaps a little bit of both, which can only add to the confusion. but, we can get close to knowing the difference or potential prevalence of the combination of the two when we are extremely aware of our subconscious states, old ego, and have worked through a lot of our “stuff”.

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