Liz’s video testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

Liz had a very unique experience that I would refer to as enlightenment (by way of divine intervention as experienced through unconditional love), and possibly even a walk-in soul energy braid or exchange. these are not terms I throw around lightly. this experience does not make her better than anyone else, and it doesn’t mean that everyone will have this kind of an experience either. all of our paths are timed according to divine plan. I applaud Liz for openly discussing and sharing her feelings of depression and suicide, as many people feel too much shame or fear to do so. such feelings of suicide are often indicative of a “re-birth” that can and will take place when the soul surrenders, without the physical body having to actually die. what Liz HAS done, and was willing to do, is surrender. I love her so much. her future is incredible and she didn’t even mention her burgeoning talents in the outer world that have been taking shape. I am equally grateful to have met Liz as I have had the pleasure of witnessing and learning from her on many different levels.