celebrity & public figure session protocol

celebrity & public figure session protocol

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as I have articulated on my website, in some of my blogs, and in various social media posts, I have a specific way of working with each person who reaches out to me. I ask that all of those interested in a session first read my entire blog site and note the prerequisite books — Power Versus Force by Hawkins, and Dancing The Dream by Sams. I also ask that a voicemail be left on the business line with a first name only (no personal information please) as well as the fact that both books have been acquired. I work with a blank slate for each session and want to know nothing about someone prior.

I am writing this post because of the significant number of personal and professional inquiries I get from those who want to refer their friend, family member, client, patient, etc who happens to be in the public arena. first, I used to completely oppose referrals – for many reasons: for one, this is the kind of session a soul has to be READY for. not the mind, but the SOUL. those are two different things. our intellect cannot heal or help us! just because we are ready for something, does NOT mean that our friend or loved one is. no matter how much we want to help them. we cannot duplicate our experience or internal process and share it with another person. second, the work I do is not simple “reiki” (I use that word simply because most people can connect to it) work, and I am not into robbing someone’s free will by teaching them lessons or giving them access to information that their soul is supposed to first discover on its own – alone. when we rob someone’s free will (this often happens during psychic readings), the person whose will was robbed or interfered with has to learn that lesson HARDER at a later time. there are NO SHORTCUTS in life. this is where it can get tricky when I am approached by well-known or other individuals who are used to having unlimited access to people and things – on many occasions, the inner work has been bypassed via other means of “ease” (financial, a position of power, etc), and I can NOT replace the inner work for someone. it has to be done before, during and after I see them. since the beginning of my time publicly serving others, I have not taken sessions with people who I knew were not ready. even when I was too poor to eat for the day. because there is NO PRICE on integrity and divine order. and there are repercussions when we violate such. that said, I do not care who someone is or what they want to try to pay or offer for a session. I will never use my “gifts” to hurt someone else or myself when I know it is not “right”. all of that said, I am currently opening myself to referrals, but my protocol has to be followed and I don’t initially want to know who someone has been referred by either.

next, there is something special about the anonymity of a celebrity or public figure who does not have to think about me googling them in advance to the session (it’s the last thing I would do anyhow – I do not allow information and “logic” to interfere with my work prior). if you are a person of this variety, I don’t care if you use a fake name when we initially speak and then you give me your birth name when we meet. the reason I want to speak with you and NOT your manager or PR person is because of the FEEL I will get as to whether it is the right session and the right TIME. because again, it doesn’t matter who you are – if it is not the right work or the right time, I am protecting YOU by waiting. I will not return calls from managers, PR persons or any third parties whatsoever on behalf of a potential patient. If you are concerned for your privacy, then this is most likely not the right session or time for you anyhow. I am also protective over my privacy. I work with diplomats and government officials who I have dealt with one-on-one since day one, and the privacy concerns they face are just as great if not greater than anyone else’s considering the scope of their work.

next to last, I have contracted a supportive agreement with a luxury hotel in NYC (and can coordinate in most other cities in a similar fashion) which fully supports and understands my work. if you are interested in a super luxury session, please follow protocol outlined in the about section. as of 2018, nearly all sessions will be super luxury or modified luxury sessions and destination sessions.

finally, go through my blog here in its entirety. check out some of the testimonials to see if it is the right work or time for you. typically there is a gut-wrenching “knowing” that we are supposed to meet that defies logic. then, if you make a phone call (first name only – again, it can be a pseudonym, I do not want to know who you are in advance – and that you picked up both prerequisite books) and I return it and we speak, if you are in tune with yourself you will know if and when I am right for you.

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