Petra’s video testimonial for Healing Elaine®

I saw Petra for the first time several years ago, back when I was doing either one session only for just a couple of hours, or what I called a “5 series” – 5 sessions back to back, once a week for five weeks – that was in place to produce understanding that would deliver a tangible result/desire (most of these 5 series sessions were pregnancy or serious illness related). now, I only do one big session/program regardless of the issue at hand. Petra is a rare gem, beautiful, and very grounded. I don’t put up many testimonials regarding fertility/pregnancy/etc, even though I see SO many related cases, because in my experience it takes a specific person to understand the challenges around it they are really actually facing (almost NEVER medical, by the way. yes, I have seen doctors themselves who were trying to conceive). and promoting successful pregnancies runs the risk of attracting someone who is SO understandably desperate in their circumstances, yet not READY to surrender spiritually. people spend thousands of dollars on fertility (often very unnecessarily, despite what doctors will say about facts and “statistics”). from my point of view, each person is their OWN statistic. I don’t pay attention to statistics or adhere to them in any fashion. this is why I dropped my psych degree early on and decided not to pursue traditional medicine – I never wanted someone else’s “fact” to interfere with what I KNEW. now I am working on tangibly contextualizing what that intangible “knowing” looks like. whether it is stage 4 cancer, diabetes, crohn’s, chronic miscarriage, “infertility” or something else, the underlying spiritual cause is nearly always (never seen it any other way, in my practice) the gold nugget — not the medical “diagnosis”. it takes a certain person, and a certain time in their life to truly flush out deep understanding around whatever challenge it is they are ACTUALLY facing in order to then move the appropriate energy through their body. this video testimonial represents a fearless person who was ready and willing to dig deep, and look beyond standardized cognitive explanations in life. I admire her in many ways (she is a GREAT mom, wife and professional), and I am so blessed to know her now for the past three or so years.

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