#totd: keep closing doors.

the old phrase “when one door closes, another one opens” is real deal.

I have written quite a bit about the physics of energy as it relates to dismantling and discarding beliefs, and the subsequent “openings” that occur in one’s life. dismantling and discarding beliefs also naturally bleeds into who we allow/do not allow into our life, and who we allow/do not allow ourselves to engage with. we close doors in the form of ideas, beliefs, situations, and people.

early this month, I closed a door. it was the best thing I could have done. but, I didn’t have insurance on the particulars of it being the best thing I could have done until AFTER I did it. because that’s not the way the Universe works. believing is always seeing in this way.

sometimes doors can be difficult to close if we get sucked into ego as to why it makes “logical” sense to keep a door open. if we are always thinking with logic versus gut intuition/our heart (which means surrendering to fear!), we don’t get to see the possibilities. I close doors very often in my life – I always have. I grow quickly and outgrow certain situations very quickly. the only downside is that I am always in some kind of active and inevitable growth or process — which is not easy!

the door that I closed early this month prompted the opening of a door I have been waiting 7 years to open. the two could simply not be open at the same time. the thing about it, too, is that there was no glaringly obvious correlation between the two doors. not at all, actually. the one I closed had only been opened for a few months (but no door is innocuous, by the way!). what was glaringly obvious, however, was the fact that I simply needed to close that certain door. the now-closed door that was keeping part of my creativity in a stasis now only makes full sense after seeing the new open door.

what doors do you need to close?