Emily’s Video Testimonial for Healing Elaine® in New York City

Emily is a brilliant actress and she is a SUPER intuitive. it’s always interesting to see someone wake up to their gifts in real-time, and I have been honored to see that with Emily. the warmth, kindness, depth and HONESTY of this young woman is so incredible. she expresses my whole “NO BOXES” mentality — i.e. we don’t have to be either “A” OR “B”; rather we are A, B, C, D, and then-some… like with everyone I get to work with, I am grateful to know her and have worked with her. thank you, Emily, so much, for your candid, vulnerable, personal and raw video share here. I feel like this sharing alone of yours here will help someone.

Emily also wrote a blog about her experience, and I am excited to see how her experiences across the board affect others through this medium – stay tuned for more with her blog here:


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