Healing Elaine® Testimonial Short Story, a job-quitter success story (aren’t they all?), (& a tech cleanse!)

photo by Babita Patel

I am just coming off of a 24 hour tech cleanse. I succeeded 99% with it. yay! I work 24/7. it never stops. stopping means possibly disappointing someone, not getting to their email “in time”, and not being able to speak on the phone. but sometimes it needs to stop. sometimes it HAS to stop. in order for me to be equipped to do what I do, I must be completely “full”. I risk getting sick before and after every single session I do. it is impossible to even explain. so I am also doing a relaxing physical and mental and no speaking to anyone cleanse for the next 24 hours. part of being full is staying away from tech as much as possible. tech sucks. and it’s also totally amazing. point in case my post here… anyhow —

one of my former patients, one of my former patients, Ashton Symonds, assembled this video. she quit her mundane job (which had nothing to do with production, which is her dream) the day after our session and created her own (production related) business with no funding or security (just the struggle of side-job-city!). she’s just “doing it”. renegade style, my style, the only style I know of to really make things happen. I love her and I am proud of her. this short story video is a nice snapshot of some journeys, all with different details and experiences, and all with the same common denominators.

editing and compilation of this video by my beautiful patient, Ashton ~