fertility challenges, pregnancy success, and my amazing patient Nathalie / (founder of “Fertilust”)

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“About 6 weeks after starting this blog, I got pregnant.” — Nathalie
when I work with amazing people like Nathalie, and they are facing roadblocks, it is because they have a purpose that is trying to make itself known. that purpose is different for everyone. for Nathalie, I saw it clearly — she has a message to convey, both spiritually and tangibly (through sharing her story, experiences and ongoing thoughts on her journey that will help others). I knew that the minute she was able to blow past the intrinsic fear that we ALL face when it comes to being vulnerable enough to be who we truly are (this shows up in different ways for different people — please see my other blog posts which detail what this looks like across the board), she would get pregnant. putting out a blog, putting who we ARE on paper, with the goal of helping others and building a business or brand is not easy. but Nathalie did just that. I never saw any medical roadblocks with pregnancy for her. it has been the same for the others I have worked with (and each had difficulty believing me, until of course they conceived) in the same capacity of fertility challenge.
when we “listen”, when we can realize that it is not just about US, but rather all of those whom we could impact, and when we honor ways of thinking that may be foreign to us (basically total trust in the Universe), the “impossible” happens. it is not easy to get there, but that is nearly always the initiation: ego death on a personal soul level, and rebirth. there are over half a dozen women now, whom I have worked with, who faced extreme challenges with pregnancy — and all of them are scheduled to deliver between now and the end of this year. very different people, very different situations, and all 2017 births.
please check out Nathalie’s other new baby, Fertilust.
stay tuned for my interview with Nathalie (she will be interviewing me live!) on all things fertility, intangible, spiritual and otherwise related.

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