11:11 portal weekend pop-up

dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have just returned from a fun creative project upstate. during my time up there, I absolutely experienced time stand still. it was trippy. but it was not my first experience with this (um, it’s why I consistently go upstate actually! – to this one area). my good friend and talented photographer slash art therapist Jennifer was with me to capture our experiences through her photography (reference above cell phone teaser pic as we went into other time periods for fun), and she noted the freezing of time that we were in. this happens a lot during my individual sessions, either in a slow motion or fast-forward experience. someone will say “how did 7 hours just go by!?! no, really? how?” or “how have we only been talking for one hour? it feels like 7”. and then the next day, they feel as though we have known each other for years. or as if the session was a “dream”.  it also often happens after we leave a particular location that strongly holds its own consistent and dominant frequency, with the aid of being sequestered by nature or something else that is particularly ionizing, that somehow takes over our consciously linear experience of “time” — and we may feel like “did that happen? were we there? did we meet that person for real?” — this is what Jennifer felt after our photoshoot the following day while I was still at the location. and now that I am back, I feel it too. as you may have heard already, there is no such thing as time and space (physics, astrophysics).

anyhoo, this weekend we have an amazing portal ahead of us. it is one of my favorite dates on our annual calendar: 11:11. the numerical consistency (which I have posted about previously in terms of portals and wormholes) offers us much opportunity to transcend timelines and our linear consciousness associated with them — making it, in my personal and observational experience, much easier and more exciting to transcend belief systems/trauma/stuckness. I typically use this date or similar dates of alignment to do some major intention setting and so forth. what we have in this numerical alignment is an opportunity. I’ll leave it there for now as this is a rabbit hole topic to elaborate on later or as I already have in other posts.

so, in honor of this special weekend, I will be scheduling just one pop-up session. if you 1) are interested in portals and timelines 2) have read my pre-session and workshop requirement books 3) are very familiar with what I do 4) feel it would be EXACTLY the right “time” (ha) to meet me and work together, please leave a voicemail on 646 470 1178 and indicate that you would like to work together this weekend. as you may have read, I have ceased all one-on-one sessions. there will be rare occasions such as this when I open that window for a specific reason (or date). now, in all fairness I do have about 100 voicemails sitting in my inbox that I have not yet been able to listen to, and I will get to those over time and soonest. that said, the focus of this weekend and my fascination with the numerology of the calendar is prompting me to seek a particular person and session to work with. so even if you have already left a message, if you are particularly interested in the above notion, feel free to leave a second message following all of the instructions. or feel free to leave your first message. as always with my work, it’s got to be the perfect time/person/etc to produce a smash hit transformation (which is typically eventual, p.s.).

on a related (but different from the specifics in this post regarding portals and opportunity) note, please enjoy this Neil deGrasse Tyson video in which he discusses wormholes and blackholes.